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The Walking Dead – S5E15 – Try

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Spend’

Mix Tapes and Mistrust

While Deanna, Reg, and Spencer sit around listening to one of Aiden’s run mix CDs, Carol is at home baking a Sorry Your Asshole Son Died tuna casserole. Sasha is up in the tower looking sleepy as fuck. And a walker with lots of fresh blood on him comes walking up to the gate like he lives there.

Carol drops off the casserole with a knock and run, Deanna burns the condolence note and leaves the casserole on the porch, and Sasha shoots the walker in the head.

That perfectly sets up the tone of the rest of the episode, and probably the bit of the season we have left: Everyone inside is so busy fighting and not trusting each other and the only one paying attention to the real threats is fifty shades of PTSD.

Daryl and Aaron are out at night and Daryl takes out a walker. Aaron comments there are more walkers around than usual. And they’re not running into any people. Not so fast. Daryl spots a small light in the distance.

Interview with a Liar

Nicholas lies, as we thought he would. Deanna watches a recording of him explaining what happened when Aiden was killed and he blames everything on Glenn. Meanwhile, Glenn tells Rick what happened, and admits he wanted to leave Nicholas, but he didn’t. Because they need to make it work.

Sam pulls away from his mom on their porch as Carol watches from her house. Rick joins her and she says Sam told her his mom put a bolt on the inside of his closet so he could hide in there when his dad was being the absolute worst. One day, he found Jessie knocked out after a fight. She doubles down on the Pete Needs to Die plan. Why does she care, Rick asks. He knows why. Ed was Pete. And she knows why he cares because she’s seen Rick talk to Jessie. You know, she has witnessed maybe two conversations out of five, and none of those included the kiss. *deep eye roll*

Rick walks off into the night to battle with his inner Shane. He stands near a gazebo and a pond with a toy boat and red balloon floating in it and I’m like, “Jesus fucking Christ! How nice is this place?”

Pete comes stumbling over and Rick tells him to walk away while palming his gun on his hip. Pete is confused, but not so drunk that he doesn’t walk the fuck away.

People Skills

The next morning, Michonne lies on the bed looking like she really don’t wanna go to work. She looking like you do when you wanna quit your job, but you start remembering how much money you have in your savings account, and you’re like, “Let me take may ass in there and leave early.”

Rosita comes in and says Sasha was in the tower all night. Abraham relieved her, but she went off and no one knows where she is, but Rosita has an idea. Oh, and Tara is in stable condition.

Michonne and Rosita head out into the woods – Michonne with a gun; Rosita has a knife – looking for Sasha. They find evidence she’s hunting walkers and keep following. As they walk, they talk about how weird it is for Michonne in Alexandria. She feels like she’s been asleep. Rosita tells her – much like Abraham told her – it’s okay for it to feel weird, but it’s also okay for her to be comfortable and happy in Alexandria.

Deanna stands at four graves, which look really fresh. Certainly they’re not Noah’s or Aiden’s. Maybe they’re the four who died on the previous run before Rick and company arrived? Or maybe they’re symbolic and it’s where they go to mourn whenever someone dies outside the gates. Either way, Rick approaches and tells Deanna he’s sorry for Aiden, but they have a Pete problem. Deanna already knew Peter was an abuser, but she was hoping it had gotten better.  Then they argue about what to do: kill him or exile him? Do they not even consider he’s their only doctor? A surgeon who has saved lives? Rick says no. Deanna points out she wouldn’t kill him and she’s not killing Pete.


Glenn warns Nicholas he’s not to go outside the gates on any runs because he’s a Grade-A fuck up. He already has five deaths on his shoulders. There will not be more. Nicholas takes it as a threat because 1. he’s an asshole and 2. it kinda sorta is, but Glenn says he’s trying to save Nicholas.

Later, Nicholas digs up a can in the woods and reveals the gun Rick had stashed in the blender.

Lovely. Just fucking lovely.

Standing in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Carl can’t track for shit and Enid calls him out for following her poorly and noisily. Again. When a walker approaches, she tosses a wound egg timer to distract it. This gives her and Carl a chance to sit against a log and talk about how she scares him (“I don’t know why. You just do.”) and how they’re supposed to be out there so they don’t forget how fucked up everything is. This kid went to the Rick Grimes School of Looking at Life.

When more walkers approach, they hide in a tree trunk. Enid whispers to Carl, “This is their world. We’re just living in it.”

And Carl’s just trying to get a nut! Hey-oh!

This girl apparently took a class in the Lizzie Way of Looking at the ZA and got an A+. There’s a pretty good chance Carl popped a boner in this scene. Enid’s happy to point out it seems like Carl is scared of her, too.

Carl - The Walking Dead S5E15

Michonne and Rosita find Sasha. There’s a small herd of walkers approaching and Sasha refuses to leave. She’d rather stand there popping off head shots like she’s trying to unlock an achievement. Michonne starts having her own flashbacks to when she was out in these streets and the next thing you know, it’s three badass women of color fucking shit up in the ZA and I was so here for it.

After Michonne saves Sasha’s ass, Sasha has a breakdown. She accuses Michonne of not being able to help her and says everything worked out for Michonne.

Not really, Sasha. Look around. It’s pretty terrible for everyone.

On a serious note, Sasha needs help. She’s also feeling guilty over telling Noah he wasn’t going to make it and then he didn’t make it. Oh, Sasha. It’s okay. I think we all had Noah on our death predictions list. Michonne and Rosita are pretty understanding of Sasha showing her ass, and that’s understandable considering what Sasha has been through. And also: her edges.

CSI: Alexandria

Daryl and Aaron are tracking the people who were using the light the night before… I guess.

Daryl - The Walking Dead S5E15

All they find are walker body parts (limbs) and Daryl says it just happened. So they continue on deeper into the woods because why, exactly? It’s two of you. Why would you want to recruit anyone who would do this?

They find a woman tied to a tree. She’s been eaten by walkers and her insides are now her outsides. Daryl says this was fresh, too. There’s a W on her forehead and she turns while Daryl is holding her head.

Can they take their asses home now? I mean shit.

Rick Goes Full Shane. You Never Go Full Shane.

Rick catches Jessie smoking a cigarette in her garage. Why are people smoking these stale-ass cigarettes? The ZA has been in effect for 18 months – 2 years. You know those cigs are gross. She says Noah was a good kid. She doesn’t even pretend to say anything about Aiden because Ray Charles could see Aiden was a douche.

Rick straight up tells her he knows Pete is beating on her and she defends Pete. She also wants to know why Rick cares. Um, how about because he’s a human being? And also, he wants in your panties – and Rick says as much. She storms into the house. He stomps off to an intersection and looks around at all the normalcy – including a kid running around with that toy boat and red balloon. He barges into Jessie’s house and tells her just because it’s nice here, doesn’t mean she just gets to live like everything is fine when it’s not. Oh, and by the way: your son asked for a gun to protect you. He can help her and take care of her and her boys.

  1. You just met this woman!
  2. You sound like Shane, Rick. And I’m gonna need you to settle the hell down.

Rick is sounding a lot like Huck on Scandal, who, even when he’s making sense, you won’t listen to him because he speaks with this cadence reserved for crazy people and serial killers. He tells Jessie all she has to do is say yes. She says yes.

Of course, Pete walks in and wants to know what in the entire fuck is going on in his living room. Jessie tells him he has to leave. Rick does, too. Pete ain’t ’bout that life.

The two fight and eventually go through the front window, taking their fight to the streets. Didn’t Rick say something last week or the week before about society remaining intact as long as the windows are intact? Message!

Everyone comes running to watch, break it up, or stand around looking dumb. Meanwhile, walkers are approaching the gates, but good thing suffering Sasha, operating on zero hours of sleep is up in the tower again! That’s going to end well one day. She takes out the walkers, including one with a fresh-carved W on its head. This is the mini-herd which passed Carl and Enid.

While trying to break up the fight, Jessie gets slapped by Pete and Carl gets pushed by Rick. Rick gets Pete in a sleeper hold and watches as that red balloon floats into the sky. There’s a message here, but I’m too annoyed to find it. There goes normalcy and a chance at happiness because Rick fucked it up?

Rick only stops when Pete is passed out and Deanna yells at him. Rick rants about how Deanna’s way of doing things is going to get more people killed than it already has. They’re going to do things his way and his way says men like Pete need to die. They have to be very careful about the kind of people they let live there. Deanna is like, “That’s the first sensible thing you’ve said all day.”

Rick is offended. Downright disrespected. He can’t believe she would even think of exiling him. It’s important to note that the only person looking like they’re cosigning any of this shit is Carol, who’s protecting Sam behind her cardigan. You remember Sam. That kid she threatened to kill two weeks in a row.

Anyway, mid-rant, Rick is knocked the fuck out by Michonne, who then glares at Deanna and the others because Michonne is sick of everyone’s shit.

Rick Hit

Me too, girl. Me too.

Thoughts & Questions:
  • As I predicted on the podcast weeks ago, it looks like our group is going to end up being their own worst enemy. Everyone is so busy doing the wrong thing or going about the right thing in the wrong way, they’re not paying attention to the fact that, for some reason, walkers are frequently hitting up their gates. Sasha out in #DemWoods using up all the damn ammo. No one is communicating!
    • Has Maggie told anyone about the very real problem of Gabriel running his mouth?
    • Has Rick told anyone he has seen the Ws as far away as Richmond (100 miles away)?
    • Is anyone from our group going to suggest a Sasha intervention?
  • Score | 7.5/10Dickless Nicholas has Rick’s gun. We knew we’d see it again because there was no other reason to show an initial carved into it. And I can’t help but think this is yet another way the group’s own sloppiness, lack of communication, and paranoia will come back to bite them in the ass. Glenn has threatened Nicholas, so Nicholas goes out to get a gun he can sneak back into the community without checking it in. Sound familiar? That gun will be the cause of someone we care about getting hurt or killed. There’s no reason why Glenn, Rick, Deanna, and Nicholas shouldn’t have had a conversation about what happened to Aiden. If Deanna is as good at reading people as she said she is, surely she saw through Nicholas’ bullshit. And her words to him while filming even suggest as much. Then why is no one talking about what to do? Why have a Constable if you’re not going to discuss these things? Even if Deanna doubts Rick now, how can she possibly make a decision as to whether or not her mistrust is valid or if Rick should go if no one is talking about these very real problems they’re having? Our people are way too smart and seasoned to be doing this foolishness.
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12 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E15 – Try

  1. Everybody is crazy up in there!

    Sasha has the worst case of PTSD but at least she’s watching the gate. Loved the trio of badass women of color kicking ass! We need more of that!

    Carl had his first date. Awwww. Still don’t know what to make of Enid but it was still kinda cute.

    Not surprised Dickless lied. I am surprised he has Rick’s gun. Was he watching them before they rolled up? And you know he’s about to do some stupid shit.

    I can’t believe I’m surprised the town knew about Jessie’s situation & did nothing. Couldn’t y’all have taken in a psychiatrist too? Clearly everyone in that joint is in need of some therapy.

    So Rick is clearly Shane 2.0. And he’s back to being crazy Rick. Any minute now he’ll start seeing Lori in a white dress. I was so happy Michonne knocked his crazy ass out! Cause damn man!

    That’s it. Trying to keep it short. And I can’t wait to see what Carol does next week! And wtf was that shit Darryl & Aaron stumbled on. Why were they out there at night? And didn’t Deanna tell everyone no guns and no one outside the walls. And yet everyone was out in dem woods. Smh.

    Congrats on podcast #200! Can’t wait to hear John’s Empire tribute. He’s doing his own Legacy Concert.

  2. I’d like the record to reflect that I am posting this at 8:40am EST. Which makes me second to Shelita, lol. Anyway…
    1. Rick ? Rick has lost his damn mind. It was already gone, but now it?s gone for real. This man is actively trying to break up a marriage, kill the husband, and take over the town. He hit shorty with that ?I likes ya and I wants ya? look. Plus he hit that CeCe Penniston ?Keep on walking? joint when Pete tried to talk to him. Then later he tried to smooth it out with Jessie by spitting that Floetry ?All you gotta do is say yes? line. Uhh Rick, what they were talking about in that song & what you were asking her to agree to are totally different things. I saw people saying they thought he was letting Pete get the best of him when the fight started so he could justifiably kill him later. To me it seemed like Pete was just great at whipping ass, especially the asses of people smaller than him and he just took Rick?s cookies for a minute. But in the end Rick was on top of Pete giving him the business like Raphie did to Scott Fargas in A Christmas Story. You even had other people trying to come in and break it up catching bows like when they tried to pull Ralph Dogg off of dude. Anyway, Rick needs to cool out. He?s becoming a serious douche bag.
    2. Jessie ? RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your kids and get the fuck away from Pete and Rick!
    3. Pete ? So, Pete IS the abuser we thought he might be. Yep, he needs to die.
    4. Deanna ? Damn, she and other people knew Pete was whipping ass, but let him do it because he?s a doctor? That?s fucked up. Also, is it me or does this woman seem crazy? Something about those eyes. Plus, she?s almost a bit too calm. I think there?s more to her than we?ve seen. I also think that Rick?s actions have made what Gabe told her seem true. She has to be looking at that shit like ?Yeah, Gabe was right about these mutha fuckas?
    5. The Alphabet ? No disrespect to anyone with dyslexia, but I need people to learn the difference between W?s and M?s. Those are clearly W?s on those walkerss heads. W?s people!
    6. Sasha ? Sasha is buggin out. She?s not Tyrese, and has proven that, but her recklessness has put herself and others in danger the same was his reluctance to kill did. Fuck that family.

  3. I didn’t like last night’s episode. Clearly the writers wanted to get us to a certain place, but I think they did a bad job getting there. Every other iffy episode up to this point made more sense than this one, to me.

    I need someone to explain the evolution of Rick. Yeah, I know he’s crazy, but what happened last night was out of left field. So he’s now full Shane, complete with adultery and the Kung Fu grip. How? Why? Wanting to take over for these Alexandria fools makes perfect sense. Everything else? I’m at a loss. Someone in another group said I’m only seeing Rick on the surface. Nope, I’m seeing what the writers and the show have presented. We KNEW what was up with Shane because they made it a point to show it. Why not with Rick?

    I would argue that Rick and the gang have gotten as careless and weak as the Alexandrians. Communication in the group has failed. No one is talking about the “W”s, where’s Maggie with the info about Gabriel? Why isn’t carl telling anyone the crazy chick leaving the camp all the time? And why isn’t anyone other than Michonne concerned about Sasha? Why have the writers suddenly made these characters so fucking dumb?

    I feel like the show just changed gears and I don’t know what’s going on. And I don’t like it.

  4. Rick truly disappointed me last night. Sasha needs meds and therapy. Michionne knocked Rick ass out and I loved it. Michionne was like, you were supposed to be MY bae, not Jessie’s. I’m not here for no ZA teen love. That shit will get you bitten.

  5. I want to focus on one thing I hated about this episode, one thing I missed in our Podcast Fandom Crew poll last week about tropes we hate: that damn red balloon floating into the sky to signify the loss of innocence. The balloon kept popping up all over the episode and it makes no sense that it even exists. Why would they even have helium? It has no practical use in the apocalypse. I’m sure it goes to Glenn’s speech that people like Nick shouldn’t be alive in the ZA, that the balloon is this whole community that’s not supposed to exist, and now the utopia is over. And frankly, I hate that. It’s just too on the nose, too clever and cliche. The speech to Nick was enough without a nonsensical red balloon, and we are way past innocence being lost, even in Alexandria. Ignorance is more like it, and that’s nothing to be wistful about.
    We keep it 200! Woot!

  6. I truly don’t know how to feel about last nights episode! I will say I enjoyed bc I love the show, but also I felt like there was so much stuff left out that needed to be shown!

    1. Where the fuck is Maggie and how could they not have that pillow talk scene where they talk about their days!! Glenn’s gotta be like, I saw our new black son get his face eaten off!! And Maggie can say I can beat that, “this trifling ninja gabe outchea telling Deanna we the problem like he wasn’t eating s’getti rings while snow bunnies are outside dying”.

    2. As much as I get the fact they are trying to show us that Sasha Fierce is at a breaking point, I was just really annoyed by her this episode!! Even when Michonne went all cray at least she had Walker cover!! Sasha out here in clean clothes probably smelling like Irish spring with 1 gun and a knife, and yet she gonna take on a herd by herself? GTFOWTBS!!! Luckily she had the rest of Charlie’s Angels to help her dumb ass bc, she is 1 more step to being dead to me like her dumbass brother!! Then when she falls knowing she got Bob’s baby in her oven, she got the unmitigated gall to yell at Michonne? Bitch get yo life together!!!

    3. Ole Rick!! First I wanna say back in season 2 when Shane was “tripping” about the barn business I was fully in his corner!! So to compare, I’m also in Ricks corner!! These people are lucky as hell they are alive!! But I do think he shouldn’t have been in this streets monologuing about how they don’t know shit and telling Deanna that he runs shit there they just live there!! Also if Pete could do that much damage to Ricks ass sloppy drunk, then Rick needs to get back in the gym, bc Alexandria has made him way too soft!!

    Last thing I’m glad to see the writers showed yall Jesse Spano is the victim here, and Ricks got his cape on bc he’s captain save a ho and I’m totally here for it!! (It being saving a ho, not wife beating)

    That’s all I got loved the recap, congrats on 200 shows, and can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  7. This episode left me with a huge feeling of meh. They’re going to jam a million things into the season finale and are flaunting all of the unresolved plotlines that will be left hanging for next season. That’s frustrating. The Walking Dead writers have disappointed me yet again.

    There’s no sense of urgency about these W marked walkers. Cmon people! When you see weird stuff in the ZA, its a school bell letting you know that murder and mayhem class is starting. Its not an M either. Anyone who believes those jokes must have a mother who got fired from the M&M factory for tossing out the W’s.

    When did Michonne get highlights? I’m loving that Rosita got camera time and dialogue this episode. I like the Walking Angels group, but Sasha is a mess. She’s wasting ammo like she bought it on a Black Friday sale. Someone please slap this sister.

    Rick. Poor, Rick. Whenever a character does out of character stuff, blame the comics. The irony of his behavior is that even Jessie saw the pile of crazy that Rick was sliding down. Also is Rick weak against tall guys? He went toe to toe with Shane, bit a man’s neck out of the same height, but got owned by the Govenor. For him to have so much trouble against a tall, drunk man seems kinda lame. Drunk rage or not, I’d have pistol whipped Doc McDrunkens.

    I still don’t trust Ennid. Sure she didn’t steal Ricks smoothie gun, but she’s leading Carl into danger. Where did she learn to move like a ninja? The only teenaged American girls that have those skills are Power Rangers. Ennid and Carl hiding in a tree seems cute but it was very stupid. We’ll see where they go with this. The last time Carl had a girl he liked wander into the woods, he got shot.

    Aiden’s should remind all of us to delete embarrassing things from our phones and PCs. Do you really want a horrible techno playlist to be the last reminder your mother has of you? And Deanna, what hapoened to Carol’s Fancy Feast casserole? Speaking of that, where are the cats in the ZA? We’ve seen dogs and horses. Cats can climb trees and are made of liquid. There should tons of them around.

    Yes, I’m talking about cats. This episode was THAT exciting. Have faith Richonne shippers. Your new Commodore believes that hard decisions must be made in war times. A woman sometimes has to knock some sense into her man. Keep the faith. Never surrender.

  8. I think we all knew Dickless was going to lie about what happened in the warehouse. I also feel like Maggie hasn’t told anyone about what Gabriel said and that Glenn hasn’t told Deanna his side of the story. Maybe it happened off camera.

    Did Rick say something about keeping the windows intact to keep society intact and then Hulk smash Pete through the front window? If you’re going to walk into someone’s house and threaten them, you should be able to handle it quickly.

    This is at least the 2nd time Glenn said living in Alexandria HAS to work. He seems very desperate about this. If Rick were to be exiled, do you think his group would leave with him?

  9. 1. I loved seeing Michonne, Rosita, and Sasha being all bad ass in the woods. It was one of my favorite scenes. Although I do love Sasha she’s starting to annoy me. I know she’s hurting about her brother and Bob (even though they were in love for about 2 minutes), but she needs to get a grip and let her family help her get through the pain.

    2. Speaking of being in love for 2 minutes: what the hell, Rick?! Now I agree Pete’s gotta go because he’s an abusive asshole, but he has been after this man’s wife before he knew about the abuse. I can’t hate on Jessie even though she’s causing my Richonne not to flourish. Being abused and having psycho, creep Rick wanting her to be his “trophy” wife to replace Lori (even though he has a beautiful, badass goddess living in the same house) is a no win situation.

    3. If Pete’s always drunk how good of a doctor can he truly be. Poor Tara.

    4. I almost stood and clapped when Michonne knocked Rick out. He wasn’t wrong about what he was saying about the community, but he was out of control. Nobody is going to listen to the crazy man ranting in middle of the street. He may have started shooting up the place if Michonne hadn’t come through.

  10. Nina, John, I thought after Glen told Rick what happened with Noah Rick would respond ” What do you know about a hostile takeover?”

    These Alexandrians are killing me. Deanna is supposed to be so good at reading people but hadn’t noticed that Dickless Nick has lost 5 people in a pretty short period of time? And c’mon Nick, you really think you’ve been “protecting” the community since the beginning? Don’t yall hate people who can’t seem to criticize themselves when they do something wrong? Alexandria is full of these types of asshole. This town deals with such petty BS considering what is outside of the walls. They really thought a man who was beating his wife before the ZA would magically stop during the ZA. Has anybody noticed that it might be a bad thing Sasha is getting so many headshots on these walkers? There were a few walkers with the “W” on the forehead but you couldn’t tell anymore after Sasha got done with them. And why hasn’t Rick said ANYTHING about these markings?

    I feel bad for our group, they’re actually trying to help but they look crazy while doing it. Rick’s manifesto at the end of the episode made perfect sense but it was hard to hear over all the blood splashed on his face. All this does is give Deanna more reason to exile some of our group members. Unfortunately I think Alexandria is going to be attacked right after Rick leaves the walls. Can’t wait for the recap.

  11. I think I may be the only one who really liked this episode but my taste in entertainment is usually stuff that everyone seems to hate Eg. Cloud Atlas and The Fountain . People seemed upset to the lack of action in the show or missing characters. Well I do agree that there should of been some mention of Gabriel’s actions from the previous episode . I really don’t think we need to see every member of the the group each week. Sometimes you need to let things breathe and settle for a week. The one negative I can put on this ep. , is when Jessie asked Rick if he would do this for anyone else he said no, it just rang a little too hollow to me .

  12. I’m ready the comments and it sees me and only two other people enjoyed this episode lol. Maybe because I just get real happy whenever they adapt a cool comic book moment to the TV series.

    – It’s weird that people were thinking Jessie would’ve been the abuser. It’s been clear since that party that Pete had something going on with him. #TeamRichonne is not having nun of it! Let Rick get his blonde snowbunny and let Michonne get Morgan. (just to fuck with y’all I hope her and Father Gabe have a one nighter

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