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The Walking Dead – S5E16 – Conquer

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Try’

This was a great finale if you just shut your brain off. I’ll be highlighting (in red) all the shit that didn’t make sense, but only happened either to make the viewer think something bad was about to happen, or set up a completely ridiculous scenario. I will address those things in full on the podcast. (All photos and GIFs courtesy of The Walking Dead on AMC)

Rise and Shine, Asshole

Morgan is back! He awakens in the backseat of a wrecked car and then sits by a fire to enjoy his hot cocoa. But some greasy-haired bastard shows up with a gun and a W on his forehead. He tells a story of the first settlers convincing the natives to hunt wolves. And now, here we are. “Everything returns,” Morgan says, way too calm for someone with a gun pointed at him. This is how W boy should have known Morgan wasn’t one to fuck with, but alas.

Morgan and his Hot Cocoa

W boy says he’s going to kill Morgan and take his shit. His partner-in-crime tries to sneak attack Morgan from behind, but Morgan is quick. He takes them both out with a stick. Like, a broom handle. He’s like Cookie on Empire with that thing! Morgan tries to use the gun on an approaching walker, but it’s empty. That asshole.

Morgan deposits both guys – unconscious, but alive – into the backseat of the vehicle and then honks the horn. He leaves them to suffer the indignity of waking up like they were snuggling.

Welcome Wagon

While tracking a man in a red poncho, Daryl asks Aaron about the people who were exiled. A man named Davidson, (their strong, smart leader) and another man and woman. They didn’t work out so they had to be driven far away and left with just a day’s worth of food and water. Aaron can’t make that mistake again.

The Walking Dead - Daryl and Aaron

They eventually lose red poncho guy, but find a canned goods plant with food trucks in the parking lot. There aren’t a lot of walkers around, so Aaron suggests going in to search for food. If they find people and bring them back, they’ll need food. If they don’t find people, coming back with food means they didn’t go out for nothing.

After Aaron snatches an Alaska license plate for his collection, they open one of the trucks, which sets off several booby traps. The trucks are filled with walkers and Aaron and Daryl have to run. Of course, these walkers were quiet as church mice until the doors were opened. Insert eye roll here.

W Walker


They end up in a car where they make the decision to darken the windows so the walkers can’t see them and will, hopefully, leave once they’re bored. But then they find a note inside which reads bad people are coming and they shouldn’t stay in the car.

Well, there goes that plan. I guess.

While trapped, Daryl says even being in this predicament feels more like him than being behind the walls at Alexandria. Aaron notes that seeing Daryl lead his group to shelter during the storm is what made him decide he had to bring them back. Daryl volunteers to run out and lead the walkers away, but after he finishes his cigarette. Nope. Aaron says they’ll do it together. They prepare to go on three, but when they get to two, Morgan!

Morgan Fights

Morgan to the rescue! They fight their way to the other side of the gate. Morgan helped them because every life is precious. Awww. Morgan on some Tyreese-type shit. Okay. Aaron offers to bring Morgan back with them, but Morgan declines. He’s got somewhere to be, but he’s lost. He hands Daryl the map and asks if they can help him find his way. I mean, you have a map, dude. Anyway, Daryl looks at the map, sees the message to Rick, and looks at Morgan like, “Oh, so you’re that other black guy!’

“You say you want to take this place and you don’t want to lie anymore? Oh, Sunshine. You don’t get both.”- Carol

Also, for all of y’all who said Daryl can’t read: suck it!

Douche Hangover

Rick wakes up to find Michonne watching him. They’ve kept him in an unfinished house and he’s been out all night. She demands to know what he’s doing. He didn’t tell her about the gun because everything happened so quickly. Lies. Carol, Abraham, and Glenn arrive. Carol plays it off like Rick acted on his own getting the gun from the armory. Carol preps a story for Rick to tell at Deanna’s meeting later that night. Michonne questions the need for a lie and Carol says the Alexandrians are children and children like stories. Unless they are stories about being tied to a tree and left for walker bait. 

If shit jumps off, Rick assigns everyone someone to grab and they’ll threaten to slit throats if the Alexandria people don’t go along and give up the armory. Then he dismisses everyone so he can get his nap on.

I don’t like this Rick. Fuck this Rick.

Keeping the Peace

Maggie speaks with Deanna and Reg. She wants to know what to expect at the meeting. Deanna’s gonna do what she has to, which basically means she’s probably going to recommend exile for Rick. Maggie runs off and Reg follows. He tells her a story about cavemen and how civilization only exists when people stop running and sending others away and that’s what he plans to say tonight. A simple, “I got your back,” would have sufficed, Reg. Geez.

Sasha is out burying walkers and decides to lie down in the grave with them. She looks at peace.

Sasha Rests with the Dead

Carol wakes Rick and returns his gun. She tells him it was good he was found out because it provides them more cover. She isn’t sure Glenn and Michonne are with them (even though Rick is), which is why she didn’t tell them about the other guns. Rick doesn’t want to lie anymore. Carol replies, “You say you want to take this place and you don’t want to lie anymore? Oh, Sunshine. You don’t get both.”

Into the Woods 

Glenn is thinking and sitting and sitting and thinking, and being watched by Dickless Nicholas. Maggie tells Glenn she’s going to talk to as many people as she can before the meeting. Apparently, talking to HER people about Gabriel isn’t on her itinerary. When she walks away, Glenn spots Nicholas climbing over the gate, so he follows.

Gabriel also goes beyond the gate, but refuses to take a weapon. He’s just going out for a short walk with God as his protection. Ugh.

Carol punks Pete so damn hard. She takes him a casserole and threatens him with a knife. He needs to get his shit together and care for Tara, that’s the only reason she’s not sticking her knife in his damn throat. Then she tells him he better return her dish clean. When she leaves, he starts mumbling about how this isn’t his house and he drops her dish on the floor. Carol will kill you for less, Pete.

The Walking Dead - Rick Walking

Rick heads home and speaks with Carl, who tells him the people there need them. He’s hoping it won’t have to come to bloodshed for them to stay. Then Rick goes to check up on Jessie who is boarding up her window. She doesn’t think they should be seen speaking. He doesn’t regret what he did, and before he leaves, she tells him he was right. Pete watches from across the fucking street because that’s where they thought it best to place the man who beats her ass. 

Meanwhile, Glenn loses Nicholas in the woods, but Nicholas finds Glenn… and shoots him in the shoulder. When Nicholas goes to finish him off, Glenn is gone.

Gabriel offers himself up to a walker, but when he notices the person it was munching on has turned, he changes his mind and beheads it using the noose around its neck. Then he puts the other one out of its misery and cries in the street.

The Walking Dead Gabriel Falls Out

More Killing Time, Doing Stupid Shit 

Abraham arrives to visit with Tara, but when he sees Eugene sleeping in a chair by her bed, he tries to leave. Rosita convinces Abraham to stay since Eugene is sleeping, but then as soon as Abraham sits down, she knocks a tray on the floor on purpose because Rosita is awesome. Abraham is forced to speak to Eugene – apparently they’ve not yet spoken in all this fucking time. Apologies are delivered and I was bored.

Spencer lets Gabriel back in and since Gabe’s white shirt is still miraculously clean, Spencer has no idea that anything happened other than Gabriel taking a quick walk. He asks Gabriel if they can maybe talk later. He has some things he wants to get off his chest about Aiden. I bet he wants to confess to the Lord that his brother was a dickhole and he’s glad he’s gone. Then he asks if Gabriel would mind closing the gate because… why, exactly? Does he have pressing business? Where the fuck does he have to be that he couldn’t close and lock the gate? The very fucking gate he just had in his damn hands?

Glenn finds Nicholas and beats the shit out of him, but Nicholas gets some shots in and even digs his finger in Glenn’s bullet wound.

Glenn Fights Nicholas

Then Nicholas leaves Glenn to fight off three walkers while lying flat on his back.

Glenn Fights Off 3 Walkers

Glenn’s ass should be dead, but whatever. The only reason he’s alive is because that woman walker above is like, “Did I leave the oven on?” 

Michonne speaks to Rick before the meeting. She urges him to find a way to make this work. She doesn’t need her sword anymore; he can do it. She lets him keep the gun and heads to the meeting. Rick sits with Bob’s last words to him playing in his head. He looks out the window, sees the gate is open, and rushes out. He finds blood on the latch. After securing the gate, he follows the trail.

Meeting of the Dangerous Minds

Suddenly, it’s nighttime! 

Sasha is in the church when Gabriel arrives. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s losing her damn mind and she thinks she wants to die. Gabriel won’t help her and says of course she wants to die. She’s a terrible person. Her whole group is terrible. He truly sees himself as keeping the unworthy from having salvation. The two fight and struggle over her gun. She finally gets the drop on him and points her gun at his head.

Glenn isn’t dead, but he should be. He attacks Nicholas, who is still just wandering through the fucking woods, and beats the shit out of him, but doesn’t kill him. For reasons.

Rick finally catches up with the walkers who made it in and takes them out. He’s struggling with the final one and ends up putting his hand up through the walkers neck to grab and squish the brain. You know he got some of that in his mouth, right?

“I was thinking, how many of you do I have to kill to save your lives.” – Rick Grimes

Deanna wants to get the meeting started, but Maggie asks if they can wait since Rick and Glenn aren’t there yet. It’s already dark, so Deanna wants to start now. Everyone has something to say:


Rick just wants you all to live. He saved my life. Rick Grimes is who you will all be.. if you’re lucky. (Gee, thanks. Michonne. Not helping here.) I mean, sure he’s gone a little fucking crazy, and has been crazy before, but… this time is different!


I’m just a helpless housewife with a pixie haircut. I don’t know my ass from elbow or a revolver from a semi-automatic, so people like me – I mean, like us! I’m one of you! – need people like Rick Grimes. Please don’t send him away. *smiles*


There’s a lot of fucked up shit out there and you people don’t know shit about it. Rick Grimes knows every corn-infused grain of that shit. Rick lives in that shit. Rick Grimes IS that shit. You people need Rick Grimes and his shit.

They’re all saying all this nice stuff about Rick, and he’s gonna show up at the town meeting looking like Carrie at prom. 


Rick is a dad. Dads are awesome! My dad was awesome. Pete’s a dad… wait. Bad example. Anyway, we are family. You can be family, too!

Then Deanna does what Maggie should have fucking done TWO DAYS ago: She tells everyone the stuff Gabriel said about Rick’s group being ain’t shit. Jessie defends her new man by basically pointing out that Deanna is on some He Said/She Said shit. And while Gabriel isn’t there to speak for himself, neither is Rick. Maggie then excuses herself and you just know she’s like, “Let me go find his ass.”

She finds Sasha holding her gun on Gabriel with him begging to be killed. Maggie takes the gun away and helps Gabriel to his feet. He’s crying about how all those people died because of him. Maggie is like, “You right.” Then all three of them sit, hold hands, and pray. For reasons.

Maggie Sasha and Gabriel Praying

Rick arrives at the meeting with a walker over his shoulder and covered in blood. He drops it on the ground. Rick’s I Am Not Crazy entrance needs work. Spencer is sent to man the gate while Rick delivers an I Told You So speech. Walkers will find a way in. People will, too, and they will try to kill them. They need to be prepared and stronger.

While he speaks, Carl is playing with Judith, Tara wakes up and smiles at Rosita, Glenn helps Nicholas’ raggedy ass home.

“I was thinking, how many of you do I have to kill to save your lives. I’m not going to do that. You’re going to change. I’m not sorry for what I said. I’m sorry I didn’t say it sooner. You’re not ready. But you’ll have to be. Luck runs out.”

Rick Grimes

Then Pete’s luck runs right the fuck out. He shows up with Michonne’s sword and is raving like a Rick Grimes. Carol whispers to Rick to shoot him. Reg steps in front of Pete and gets his throat slit for his efforts.

Everyone is shocked. Abraham wrestles Pete to the ground. Deanna cries as Reg bleeds out in her arms. Then she tells Rick to “do it.” And he, without hesitation, puts a pullet in Pete’s head. I hope Abraham got to move his hand first. 

Someone calls Rick’s name. He looks up to find Aaron, Daryl, and Morgan looking at him like, “What in the entire fuck is going on?”

Later that night, Michonne starts to hang the sword back above the fireplace, but changes her mind and straps it to her back instead.

Score | 6.5/10The Wolves:

The two wolves from earlier show up at the food plant, looking to see what they’ve caught with their traps. They have red poncho guy with them and slit his throat at the gate. 

They use a remote control to lure the walkers back into their trucks. One wolf looks through Aaron’s pictures. Later, we see “Wolves Not Far” spray painted on a car.

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14 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E16 – Conquer

  1. Overall I enjoyed the pacing of this season finale because it seemed to match the season itself. That said, the Pete arc didn?t really work for me. It felt very dilute and comic-book directed. They didn?t do a great job establishing his menace?even with a knife in Carol?s hand, with that little respect for women and that kind of rage and knowing his own strength, I feel like he would?ve tried to hit her. Then he just had a giant tantrum. The ?This Is Not My House? tirade would have made more sense if he?d said something about My Property or My House all the times that Carol or Rick came to the door. Or how about more of a possessiveness about his community to preface the ?He?s Not One of Us? hissy fit? The writers passed up every opportunity to directly show the receipts and that annoys me. Let?s not even talk about the nonsense of somehow getting Michonne?s katana from a locked house. As a result, I simply don?t care about him dying. I enjoyed watching Rick?s zen, emotionless face carrying it out, and it was satisfying to check off a major comic book plot, but that?s it. Props to Reg for that Hand Acting as he died, but the writers really let this storyline go to waste.

  2. This was a good episode, but it disappointed as a season finale. That may be because it wasn?t what I expected to see, but I also think that it wasn?t as exciting as the end of season 4. It didn?t end on a ?They?re fuckin with the wrong people? type of vibe.
    1. Deanna – Was it Pete she told Rick to shoot? Most people assume it was, but in the moment I actually thought she was telling him to shoot Reg so he wouldn?t turn. She might not be aware of how regular people turn into walkers though, so I could be wrong. But, for the sake of this feedback I will say it was Reg she had shot. I think she wants Pete alive to put him on trial and exile him. Killing isn?t her style? Yet.
    2. Gabe ? FUCK YOU!!! This dude has to die. Who the fuck does he think he is? You let your congregation die. You were sitting on top of Plymouth Rock while the ghosts of slave owners past were trying to kill you, and were saved by Rick and his people. Then you lied on them to Deanna. Then, THEN you have the nerve to yell at Sasha and judge her? Blaming her for Bob & Tyrese dying? I didn?t even like Tyrese, but he didn?t deserve to be disrespected like that. Especially by a bitch like Gabe talking reckless to his sister about him.
    3. Sasha ? This bitch is CRAZY!!!
    4. Maggie ? WHY didn?t she tell the group what Gabe said about them? They made a point to show she heard it a couple episodes ago. Once again bad writing is biting this character in the ass.
    5. Carol ? I am convinced this woman has Thug Life tatted on her stomach. She?s a beast!
    6. Morgan ? I?m glad he found Rick. Seeing him unlock that Prince Akeem Beat You With A Broom Stick Achievement was awesome. I hope we see more of him next season.

  3. For anyone that didn’t enjoy this finale, I’m calling you out on your privilege. Stop acting like you thought this show had consistently good writing. Don’t pretend that this performance was anything new. This was a good episode for TWD. As a Jaguars fan, I’m used to great potential yielding disappointing results. This finale is like the Jaguars 2014 record, 3 wins and 13 losses. Why can’t you enjoy that the show won the last game of the season? You already knew we weren’t a playoff team! Just be happy about we got a high draft pick and were able to sign the ZA’s most scouted player Morgan. Carol is even going to the Pro Bowl as team MVP!
    I’m keeping it short so just my top moments. Carol channeling her inner Celie to totally own Mista McPunchems. Morgan doing a fantastic Donatello impression. Michonne’s sword sword has seen as much action without her as it has with her. If it was a gun, the serial numbers would be filed off. I did hate the lack of communication about important stuff. This show continues to do that. And Morgan’s compassion is going to cause a LOT of trouble. When Rick let Andrew live, that guy cost them Lori & T-Dog. IJS.

  4. This episode had me feeling what the whole season put me through some good thangs but some pretty awful thangs. From the clumsy Beth death to the red balloon some of this season was just clumsy and trying to be clever.

    Morgan being back got me so excited but then he didn’t kill those “W’s,”!!! Morgan is terrible at the ZA! His wife and son are probably still wandering around as zombies. Either Morgan let them live even though he knew they have killed or kidnapped people or he left them to die a painful death by hot car. They lived but either way Morgan is better off killing these people!

    After I saw Sasha in the hole I lost my shit and had to take a break from the awful! They have been beating us over the head with her crazy for the last half of the season! We get it she’s crazy, putting her In the hole it was too much, and not clever!

    Rick tripping over umm his “love” for Jessie. Give me a break, you are a cop Rick. Officers deal with countless victims all the time, you like some more than others, but you do the best for them regardless. Rick was a shitty cop if he let his feelings interfere with his job.

    Anyway you’ll probably be going off on much the same things I had problems with. Loved following along with the podcast all season! Shout out to my Podcast Fandom Crew, love you all!

  5. Did anyone else find it completely insane that Daryll, the master of tracking, had no idea he was walking into a giant trap? The weird hanging cans of food didn’t tip him off? I guess that’s what a week of living in Alexandria does.
    Also, when Glenn told Maggie “I love you” at the end of their convo, I was 100% convinced one of them wasn’t making it.

  6. This was a fine episode if it was episode 5 or 12. There was so much forced tension with zero payoff. NONE. And now that they have remixed the finale by not killing anyone we give a damn about, I assume they will punch us in the gut during the season opener in October.

    But will it really feel like a gut punch after 7 months? Will the deaths we anticipated last night have the same impact in the fall? I don’t know; I feel like they did this for a gotcha effect and all it did was leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    It wasn’t all bad of course, the evolution of Carol is probably one of my favorite aspects of the show.

    Morgan, the sweet return of Morgan. I’ll never tire of Lennie James’ performances. And last night on the Talking Dead couch really brought into focus why I adore Morgan, he was our tour guide into this new world of the undead. He reminded us that everyone of the now walkers were people, this is something even as viewers we forget.

    This finale was lackluster and left me unimpressed. I know there are all forms of baddies around the bend, but they are taking the scenic route to get there and I am not always enjoying the ride.

  7. I thought it was a good episode, considering the bullshit we saw last week. The back end of this season has been like Mary J. Bilge records; one good, two bad.

    I wish the writers could understand they can get where they want the story to be without making characters we know do stupid shit. They completely re-wrote most our group for the back end. Clearly they wanted to get back to a comic storyline, but they couldn’t do it in an organic way. Various writers have spent a lot of time creating characters that are NOTHING like how they are in the comic and you can’t just fix that in two episodes. In that context, they dropped the ball.

    I’m can’t wait for next season, but not as much as I normally would be.

  8. I actually liked this episode, yes there was bullshit but this show always has bullshit since season 1. I think I watch this show the same way I watch AHS and pretty little liars, I turn my brain off a little. I get not everyone can do that so for all the people who hate the episode I get it but it just doesn’t effect me anymore. FAVORITE MOMENTS: Carol going all thug life on Pete and telling him to come at her and telling him he better give her back her dish. Carol has no more fucks to give and I’m so here for it. My second favorite moment was Morgan being reunited with rick, I didn’t realize how much I wanted this to happened until it did and I felt this overwhelming sense of joy. LEAST FAVORITE MOMENT: Anything involving Gabriel. His scenes were so pointless to me and I think that mother fucker left that gate open on purpose. THE WTF MOMENTS: so Glenn is the impossible Asian man now? How the fuck do they expect us to believe he got out of that walker pile up. Did Pete have michonnes katana? That’s what it looked like to me, did they show a scene of him taking the katana because I don’t remember seeing that. Killing reg was a bullshit way of getting Deanna on bored for killing Pete (it was Pete he shot right? Some people were saying rick was shooting reg before he could turn) and lastly I am all aboard the DARRON ship. I can’t help it, those 2 actors have so much chemistry together and they would make such a good looking couple ( does anyone else think Eric looks like the tales from the crypt keeper guy or is that just me?) And I think the world needs another bad ass gay character like Omar little.

  9. Since last week’s epi I’ve had some serious anxiety when it comes to this show. I think i paced a hole in my living room the last 20 mins of the show. It wasn’t overly exciting I was just worried Rick was going to lose his ever loving mind and was going to surpass Shane. Gabriel ass needs to die in such a horrific way, it’ll make Noah’s death look tame. I think others have mentioned it seems the woman on the tree was a W…at least that’s my theory. And when the Wolves found the pic they didn’t see surprised to see the pictures. Hope Morgan will talk Rick down from the Shane-eqsue ledge and I did not know he was British!!! Overall I was happy with the finale because I noticed the finales are good but its the season premiere that gets the heart pumping. Sorry to see Reg die cause drunk ass Pete. And Glenn was way nicer than me cause I would have killed Dickless Nick.

  10. I’m sure I’m too late but I really enjoyed this finale. Probably cause I’m mostly a passive TV watcher unless they do some seriously stupid stuff i.e. True Blood. If I’m entertained I’m good. And I was entertained. They had me screaming “KILL HIM!!!” At my tv all night!

    Glad Morgan’s back. Yeah, he didn’t kill those dudes but he f&cked them up good. Rick will get him in killing shape.

    Carol is awesome! That can’t be stated enough.

    I love Glenn but he really should’ve killed Dickless! That would’ve been self defense! Nobody saw Dickless climb the fence to get out. They ain’t have to know!

    How is no one mentioning the Richonne moment that happened?

    And Rick definitely killed Pete. But do they know about the fact that everyone is infected and that Reg will come back if he’s not stabbed in the brain?

    Wtf are those wolves guys doing? Cause I don’t understand their motivation. But I do like how they rigged up that trap. That was pretty ingenious. But why are they doing it?

    That’s all. Can’t wait for the podcast. And your Red notes were on point Nina. They were some holes in that sucker. But there always is. Accept it and move on. I no longer have faith that TV writers really pay attention to most stuff and just do what they wanna do. Consistency be damned.

    And thanks for this awesome podcast! Can’t wait for Dem Thrones!

  11. That red poncho guy? What does it mean? Why was the poncho red? Was it to show us that these people were using the dead walkers for some purpose, and perhaps these were their victims? Why were so many characters in this episode so dumb? Looking forward to more Morgan next season. He got badass.

  12. I thought it was eerie when Sasha rested her head on the zombiepedic mattress.

  13. I watched it a second time and liked it even more. For me it was the personal touchstones with each character reminding me why
    I love them.

    Maggie really moved me. When she reached out a hand to Gabriel it was beautiful. I felt Hershel and Beth and everything they stood for being personified in Maggie in that moment.

    Other highlights would be Eugene sitting vigil for Tara and Rosita bringing Abe and Eugene together.

    Rosita watching over Tara and her smile when she opened her eyes.

    Glen helping that dirtbag Nicholas back after the shit he pulled.

    Bobs words coming back to Rick — Bob really had an impact.

    Michonne’s concern for Rick. She has his back even if she needs to give him a big time out on the back of the head 😉

    Daryl’s humanity and the way Aaron seems really touched by it.

    Rick’s people are GOOD people. That is what I got out of it. It was good too see that, to be reminded if that. More than the horror and action this is why I stay up until 12:30am on a Sunday night to be with them 16 weeks out if the year.

    Yeah. I’m a sap and proud.

  14. Overall, I liked this finale simply because it defied all of my predictions and assumptions. It didn’t have the fall of Alexandria and the blood bath that I expected. Nor did it have the splitting of the group and people having to pick sides. After all of the explosions and deaths that we’ve seen in previous finales, I felt like the writers sat down and decided to give us something that wouldn’t immediately be a fan-pleaser but would set up an amazing future season. Undoubtedly, the mended fences of this episode will dramatically be torn up in the coming Wolves storm.

    The hiatus will be long but worth the wait. The suspense last night was off the charts and while there were no dramatic deaths, I was able to simply enjoy the story and those Easter eggs they planted of earlier episodes. Also, the little Richonne moments gave me life! If Jessie still wants to get with Rick after he put a bullet in the head of the father of her children (despite Pete being a monster), the writers are smoking some good stuff.

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