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8 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 154: The Walking Dead S5E5 ‘Self Help’

  1. I *completely agree* with you about explaining backstories on Talking Dead. They’re almost exploiting Talking Dead to make up for poor story telling. If it’s not on TWD, it’s NOT ON THE SHOW. You can say his motivation all you want off show, but it is not canon if it’s not onscreen, and that’s just sloppy. That leaves a huge question hanging over his character that either will be covered later, which should be held off for the show then, or not at all, which is lazy.

    Also agree that I didn’t care for Abraham’s wife’s reaction. Maybe that is the first time she’s seen him kill a living man with his bare hands, and yes she’s in shock. But to take the kids out into the ZA with no defense at all and a suitcase? There are a million justifications for it, but I didn’t like it. Sue me.

  2. Karen had me CTFU!! And for the record, I said the show is trying to break up with ME!! I’m the one hanging on in this relationship. It’s not downhill for me like it is for other people. It’s the fifth damn episode; people need to learn patience. There’s not one show that’s perfect all the time.

  3. New FB page banner-Project Fandom: we’re easy over here

  4. Really enjoyed the podcast and I did enjoy the episode. Refreshing to hear some positive perspectives with a lot of comedy gold. Kinda getting a little tired of Bald Move being so down with everything TWD does unless it’s killing walkers. I love more background and character development.

  5. Two minutes in and I already love me some Karen.

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