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The Walking Dead – S5E5 – Self Help

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Slabtown’

The Walking Dead S5E5 Abraham

The Wheels on the Bus

The church bus is headed for D.C. Rosita is playing in Abraham’s hair, noting it might be time for a haircut. Tara takes the opportunity to ask Eugene if he might want to calm down the party going on at the back of his head. He’s not interested. Maggie makes herself feel better by suggesting Rick and company could be right behind them.

Maggie tries asking Eugene about what he’s going to do in D.C. and he starts with more of the “it’s classified” mixed with the plot of some video game talk. After they pass a small group of walkers, one of the tires on the bus blows out and Abraham loses control, flipping the bus.

Damn. They JUST got that damn bus.

Via flashback, Abraham beats four men to death in a supermarket. When he awakens in the bus, he’s calling a woman’s name that isn’t Rosita. He comes to and calls for Eugene. The bus has overturned and walkers are surrounding it. They jump out to fight and Tara kills a Santa Claus walker in order to save Eugene and get him out of the bus safely.

As the group kills walkers around him, Eugene holds a knife and starts making life decisions. He snaps out of it long enough to give an assist on a walker kill.

Abraham orders Rosita to check Eugene for bites or scratches. Eugene is fine, but Abraham’s hand is bleeding. Too bad the bus blows up with their supplies and first aid kit. Someone makes the mistake of suggesting they go back to the church, which is only 15 miles away. Abraham ain’t bout it and freaks the fuck out until Glenn has to calm him down, and assure him they’re still heading north. Everyone is super optimistic despite the burning bus. Before they take off, Eugene hocks a loogie on the walker he kinda sorta killed.

The Walking Dead S5E5 Burning Bus

Self Help Section

Via another flashback, after killing those men, Abraham goes to the front of the store to find his wife.

The group settles into a bookstore for the night: Tara boils toilet water, Rosita uses book binding to stitch up Abraham’s wound, and Glenn talks to Abraham about how the world has to change for the better. Abraham reasons that they’re approaching a point where everyone left should be strong. Then he excuses himself to go get some ass and Glenn is like, “I didn’t need to know all that.”

Tara busts Eugene watching Rosita and Abraham have sex, and thanks him for saving her life. Eugene admits that he sabotaged the bus. Tara is pissed, but agrees to keep his secret after he says he was just worried that if he got to D.C. and couldn’t save the world, they’d refuse to help and protect him. He promises to never do it again. Considering this is the second time (you KNOW he purposely shot the tank now) he’s done this, I’m on Team Fuck You, Eugene.

Maggie feels guilty about leaving the group and wanting to start something new. Glenn is like, “Girl, please.” They kiss and fall asleep while walkers roam outside.

It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin or Else It Gets the Hose Again

Flashback: Abraham’s wife and two kids are totally freaked out with his appearance and what he’s done.

The next morning in the bookstore, Rosita tries to wrap Abraham’s wound again and suggests staying in the bookstore another day to rest. He refuses. When the rest of the group tries suggesting the same thing, she’s the one who says they need to keep moving. Tara notes they’d have to take a detour to a lake she found on the map, but Abraham points to a fire truck across the street, which should have 500 gallons of water.

The truck is covered in blood and gore, but it starts. Abraham pulls off, opening a door the back of the truck was keeping closed. He only gets a foot or so before the truck stops. The intake that feeds the engine is clogged. Before Abraham can climb atop the truck to clear it, a group of walkers come out of the firehouse. They might have lost the battle except Eugene turns on the hose while standing on top of the truck and pulverizes the walkers with the water. It’s pretty fucking gross and awesome.

The Walking Dead S5E5 Fire Truck

Glenn wants to head over to the Goodwill to get some supplies and dry clothes, but Abraham is like, “Get your asses in the truck and the wind from how fast I’m about to ride the fuck up outta here will dry you off.” When Abraham reaches the top of the truck he sees a sign painted on the ground that warned not to move the truck due to the dead inside.

Nice place for a note, asshole.

The Truth Shall Set You Free to Catch a Beatdown

Another flashback: Abraham awakens in the supermarket and finds that his wife and kids are gone, and she left a note asking him not to look for them.

The fire truck dies on the road. While Abraham tries to fix it, Maggie and Eugene have a conversation. I have no idea what it’s about and I’ve watched the episode twice.

They’re hoofing it again until they come across a farm filled with walkers. So many walkers that they smelled the farm well before they saw it. Everyone is down to turn back and look for a detour, but Abraham insists they figure out a way through. When the group stands firm, Abraham freaks out and grabs Eugene’s arm. He starts to march on. The group tries to stop him and things get messy. Only when Eugene shouts that he’s not a scientist does everyone stop what they’re doing.

“I’m not a scientist!”

“Really? I totally thought you were a scientist,” said not one damn person watching this show.

“But I saw you do things,” said Rosita.

Girl, like what? Was he walking around with Bunsen burners and beakers. I can do things. I’m no scientist.

Score | 7/10Eugene believes D.C. is the safest place for them, but he knew no one would go along (or protect him) without the lie. He apologizes and starts to say that he’s smarter than Abe (I’m not sure where he was going with that), when Abraham jumps him, punching him in the face several times. The group pulls Abraham off and Eugene hits the ground face first.

Abraham walks up the road a bit before falling on his knees in tears. Our final flashback shows Abraham finding his families devoured bodies. Just before he’s about to shoot himself in the head, Eugene comes running up (If you want to call it running), being chased by walkers. Abraham kills them and is about to get back to the business of killing himself when Eugene stops him by saying he has a mission.

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8 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E5 – Self Help

  1. Here are my thoughts and reactions to this week?s episode of The Walking Dead, or as I call it, the Abeisode.
    1. Abe ? You Big Dummy!!!! *Fred Sanford Voice* Son! Did you REALLY think Eugene was a scientist? Naw, for real? Did you? Of ALL the people in the world who could have the solution this ZA situation, THIS is the person you think the fate of humanity depends on??? You are a dumb ass. You went hard as shit for this dude and this story he made up. I get that he kinda, sorta, saved you from blowing your brains out after your family left, but, come on! Speaking of Abe?s family. I didn?t give a shit about them. The flashbacks were just there in my opinion. I know the point they were making about his loss, and motivation, but he?s a character I really don?t care about that much. This episode was full of those. For Abe?s family to be like ?Fuck it, we?re outta here? says a lot about the kind of guy he is. He must be related to Del from Freakshow. Both are big, stupid, angry, and full of ?Roid Rage. I?ve always looked at Abe as stupid for going so hard for what was clearly bullshit. Now that it?s clear to the characters that Eugene was lying, I wonder what they?ll do from here on. Even though I don?t really care about this group to much, that may be interesting to see unfold.
    2. Eugene ? Fuck Eugene on GP. I NEVER believed this man?s story. Never. It seemed like complete bullshit from the beginning. He always sounded like someone who was just spitting out random things he heard on TV, the internet, or in video games. He?s Rain Man with a mullet. A book reader friend told me the way Eugene is portrayed in the books is much better, and that he is much more believable. If that?s true, the show writers fucked up, because none of that was the case on the show. The so called ?Big Reveal? that he?s not a scientist was a surprise to only 5 people on Earth. The 5 dumb asses who were with Eugene when he said it. The rest of us already knew he was full of shit. Also, there was that whole ?But, I?ve seen you do scientific things? shit that everyone kept yelling. What things? The show didn?t show him doing shit that made us believe he was real. What the hell did he do to convince them?
    3. Maggie/Glen ? Fuck both of y?all. I used to like y?all, but now you?re both annoying and you keep doing dumb shit. You two are probation with me until further notice.
    4. Tara/Rosalita ? I don?t care about either of you. Rosa is cute tho, so there?s that. Tara is there for Fist Bump Support and that?s pretty much her role. Speaking of Tara, am I the only one who thought that she was gonna give Eugene some Sympathy Pussy at one point? Like on some “Hey, I usually don’t like men, but if you really can save humanity, I’ll give you some pussy if it’ll help take the edge off and keep you focused” type shit, lol
    5. Abeisode vs Bethisode ? I?m gonna give this one to the Bethisode. I actually liked that one better than this. The Bethisode only had one character I didn?t care about. The Abisode had 6. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the ?Big Reveal? in the Abisode wasn?t a shock to anyone not IN the episode. We all knew Eugene was lying and were frustrated by the fact these people believed his story for so long. Plus, the Bethisode gave us cool shit like a black man running to freedom, Zombie/Human Unity, the violent death of a rapist, and the intrigue of how Carol ended up at the hospital. Name 4 positives we got from the Abeisode. Don?t worry, I?ll wait?

  2. This was another meh episode for me. Didn’t bother watching again.

    Well, Eugene finally said what we’ve all known since we met him. He’s no scientist. Smh. We see why Abe believed so strongly but seriously, why did everyone else buy that BS.

    So Abraham is a dick. He’s a dick with a sad back story. What do you guys think about his wife booking like that? On the Talking Dead Cutlitz said those were friends of his & they’d raped his wife. I couldn’t tell that from the show. But if they had attacked her & the kids, then Abe did the right thing. I guess seeing him kill someone freaked them out but if those assholes attacked me or my kids, I’d be damned happy that my husband killed them! But maybe it was in the early days of the ZA when it happened & his wife never got to that point where you did what was necessary to survive. Shame her & the kids got eaten. But Eugene did save Abe’s life but hysterically running into him right before he killed himself. It gave him a reason to keep going. It also has him acting like a major dick to everyone who wasn’t down with going to DC. Now that his mission is a lie, is Abe gonna finish what he was doing before meeting Eugene or what?

    Clearly I need a new tv or glasses cause I couldn’t tell what was smelling so bad off in the distance.

    Now we know effective way of killing a large group of walkers! Use a high pressure hose. That was gross and really cool at the same time! Plus Eugene finally killed some in his own!

    But other than being extremely amused by Eugene’s behavior, not a great episode for me. I would rather have had the whole group around them to learn this stuff.

    Next week looks like it’s gonna be crazy! Can’t wait!

  3. ? Overall pretty decent episode but I knew Eugene was full of crap! I remember the other Doctor who was with the Governor and how he was trying to find a cure – he seemed legit whereas Eugene was full of it. And when he met Glenn ?D.C.? is suddenly no longer communicating. Was he speaking to aliens again? He may be book smart but dumb as fuck when it comes to people
    ? Abraham?s back story now makes sense why he didn?t bat an eye when he had to savagely kill the termites ? he had to kill his own people! Sorry his wife took off but she was an idiot. He doubt he killed those people cause he was bored.
    ? Hopefully they will back track to Rick or something because just getting to DC seems impossible and unnecessary.

  4. I listened to one Bald Moves podcast and now my thinking is different! The biggest problem with this episode and the previous, has been the writing. And for some reason, the powers that be at TWD, keep giving the reins to people with very few writing credits which results in a mixed up jumble of ideas that cause mass confusion for the audience.

    I did like this episode more than last week, but marginally so. There were a few too many holes; just a little finesse with the writing could have fixed that. I liked the character development for both Eugene and Abraham and I have to say, I actually felt bad for Eugene. I know John was the only person who thought/hoped he wasn’t lying, and I felt bad about that, too. I sorta think Abraham was subconsciously aware Eugene was lying, but wanted to believe he wasn’t. I didn’t like the wasting of water to kill walkers, but I guess there had to be a way for Eugene to prove his worth.

    I didn’t get why Abraham’s family was so scared of him, so much so she bounced while he was asleep. On Talking Dead, Michael Cudlitz explained why Abraham killed those men. Why couldn’t the writing explain it?? Instead, anyone who hasn’t read the comics (and maybe even some who have) are left scratching their heads about why he did, what could have happened, why the kids and his wife were beat up, etc. Bad fuckin writing.

    I read some comments on the Bald Move thread and it got me to wondering. Why are people looking for exact reality on a TV show? It’s make believe. Some things are going to be totally unbelievable; maybe I get this because I love James Bond and 85% of the shit he does is so fucking unrealistic. But it’s good entertainment. I think I could overlook a few unrealistic things if the writing holds up. I love this show and I want us to work out, but right now I think it’s trying to break up with me. But it’s just like any other flawed, contentious, volatile relationship; the more people speak out against it, the more i defend it. Can’t wait for your thoughts and the podcast!

  5. I must say, I haven’t been overly thrilled by the last two episodes.

  6. It was a good episode, not great but better then the Bethisode. The whole thing was predictable but well done by the actors. I kept trying to figure out why Abrahams wife left him and was so scared and the only thing that makes sense is that the men he killed weren’t zombies. Now they have to go back to Rick and co.

  7. Another good episode, I was so glad to read I wasn’t alone in rewatching the episode this week!! Bc I was prepared to come in again blaming all of u for your wrong opinions!

    On to the episode. Abraham, I can’t even begin to start with how much he has been on my last nerve. The fact this entire group has pacified him to the degree that he feels no hesitation to continue to wild out in the manner he does is ridiculous!! I know glenn has experience dealing with crazy but cmon son! The fact this group is only 15 miles from the church and they continue moving forward is beyond dumb!! The only decision Abe did this episode was

  8. I hope it’s not too late for feedback. I had new daddy issues to attend to whew!

    Overall I think this is the weakest episode of The Walking Dead yet which is surprising because it focuses on characters that we like and the previews showed promise. It was OK but in comparison to last week’s episode I think Slabtown was better in retrospect. I’m not nervous about the rest of the season because I’m all in but I hope they step their game up.

    A few observations:

    As a comic reader I always knew Eugene was full of shit but I wonder if show watchers only believed him at any point. No reputable scientist would wear a mullet. I’m glad Glenn called him out on that!

    I wish we would have gotten more context behind Abraham’s flashbacks other than the lead in to him meeting Eugene. I don’t quite understand why his wife and children were shivering terrified of him that they would risk going out in the zombie apocalypse alone. He killed a few dudes in that Publix for some food and that may have been jarring but maybe he was abusive as well. His wife did have a recently healed black eye.

    Rosita is fine as hell! That sex scene was explicit. I almost thought they were going to take it there and have a big orgy with Tara doing the fluffing. And Eugene fapping in the corner like a cuckold. Speaking of, Eugene was in the self help section watching Abraham beat the brakes off of Rosita singing “I’m a creep. I’m a loser. What the hell am I doing here. I don’t belong here” and Tara stay trying to terrorist fist bump folks for solidarity.
    Eugene going all Birmingham circa 1963 on the firehouse walkers was pretty cool set piece.

    That scene with Abe attacking Eugene reminded me of the last scene in Friday “You got knocked the fuck out!” Abraham beat the shit out of him though for bringing up that old shit. I don’t know why they stopped him cause Eugene deserved that ass whooping!

    That’s it! Love you guys keep up the great work! Catch ya later!

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