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The Walking Dead – S5E6 – Consumed

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Self-Help’

Carol Exiled Flashback

Remember when Rick told Carol she didn’t have to go home, but she had to get the hell up out the prison, and she pulled off and I said I thought she was going to hit him? Well, we’re back to that moment where she pulls off and then pulls over on the side of the road to have a good cry. Too bad it’s interrupted by the rudest walker ever. She drives to a nearby town and holes up in a law office for the night. The next day, she’s setting up a contraption to catch rainwater (I guess this means she planned on staying awhile) when she spots smoke coming from the direction of the prison. She hightails it back and watches as the guard tower burns.

On The Run

While they trail the car, Daryl tells Carol about his time with Beth and how she was taken. Their car is low on gas, and Carol suggests running the car off the road and beating the shit out of the driver until he tells them where Beth is. Daryl reasons that if the driver won’t talk, they’ll be back at square one. Better to use the advantage they have to follow them.

And that’s what they do, follow the car north onto I85 and they end up in the city of Atlanta. The mystery car pulls over and a cop gets out of the passenger side, and Carol reaches for her gun because she is queen of the Not Fucking Around Crew. Not really sure why they pulled over, but they’re almost discovered when a walker starts banging on Carol’s window. The mystery car leaves and because of the exit they took, Daryl is convinced they’re staying in the city. Their car is officially out of gas so Carol suggests staying in a nearby place she knows.

The place she knows ends up being a woman’s shelter she once stayed in with Sophia. They’re about to turn in for the night when a noise alerts them to a walker trapped behind a frosted glass door. There’s also a child walker in there. That was rough to watch. Daryl tells Carol she doesn’t have to take care of it. The next morning she finds that he’s taken care of it and is burning the bodies.

Another flashback of Carol and Tyreese burying the bodies of Mika and Lizzie. Carol gazes at the white smoke from the fire that Beth and Daryl lit.


In downtown Atlanta, Daryl sets a fire distraction for walkers so he and Carol can enter a parking garage and access the skybridge between two buildings. Someone is watching them and everyone knows it’s Noah. In the skybridge they discover walkers who died in sleeping bags and tents. They kill a few before moving on.

Once inside an office, they survey the city from the window. Carol remarks that Daryl hasn’t asked about what happened with Lizzie and Mika. He says he knows what happened since they’re not there. Carol is all, “Yeah. It’s a bit more complicated than that.” He reminds her that they get to start over because they have to. Then he spots a van on a nearby overpass. The van has the same crosses painted onto the back windows. They decide to head there, but first Daryl gives his opinion on some wall art.

The Walking Dead S5E6 Carol

Everybody’s Gonna Kick Chris’ Ass

Back at the skybridge they’re robbed of their weapons by Noah. That little asshole! He’s really sorry about it, but not sorry enough to not do it. To make sure they don’t follow him, he cuts open the tents, releasing walkers for Carol and Daryl to deal with. He didn’t take all of their weapons because Daryl takes out a walker with a knife and Carol is about to fire a shot in Noah’s retreating ass when Daryl stops her. 

As Daryl works on a door Noah locked, Carol insists she wasn’t going to kill Noah… just shoot him in the leg, which MIGHT have killed him. *Kayne shrug* Carol don’t know. Anyway, this is why she wanted to leave the group. She just needs to be somewhere else where she won’t have to worry that every action or inaction could mean the death of someone she cares about. Daryl is all, “Well, you ain’t somewhere else. You’re here. So deal with it.”

Another flashback: Carol watches the bodies of Karen and David burn.

If This Van’s A Rockin’, We’re Probably About to Get Eaten

The van Daryl spotted is hanging off of the overpass. They climb inside anyway, looking for clues as to where Beth might be. They’re quickly surrounded by walkers and without their main weapons they’re forced to strap in and allow the van to be rocked over the side. They survive and then wait for it… wait for it… wait… for… it… SPLAT! It’s raining walkers again!

The Walking Dead S5E6 Walker

From a gurney in the van they figure out Beth must be at Grady Memorial Hospital. They head there and watch the building for a bit from a nearby location. On their way out, they run into Noah again and this time Daryl gets the drop on him, letting a bookshelf fall on him. He’s ready to bounce, but Carol says they can’t leave him to die (there’s a walker trying to get in from the next room). Daryl is like, “Fuck this kid and everything he stands for. We got our shit. Let’s go.” The walker busts through and is about to eat Noah when Daryl has a change of heart and puts an arrow in the walker’s head. Noah is appreciative, but says they have to go because the people at the hospital would have heard the shots he made killing other walkers. When Daryl hears “hospital” he asks about a blonde girl and Noah confirms that Beth is still in the hospital.

They head out, but an injured Noah falls. While Daryl stops to help him, Carol goes outside and is hit by a car. There’s like four running vehicles in the ZA and this chick just got hit by one of them. Noah stops Daryl from going out to help. They watch as two cops from the hospital load Carol onto a stretcher. Noah explains that they have medicine, machines, and a doctor. If Daryl goes out there, he’ll have to kill those guys and Carol won’t get the help she needs. He says they’ll need guns and people.

Good thing Daryl happens to know where they can get some of those.

Score | 7.5/10Thoughts & Questions: 
  • Daryl swiped a book about surviving childhood abuse from the shelter. I like that he’s still willing to heal himself in the ZA. Carol is also carrying around LIzzie’s copy of Tom Sawyer.
  • I loved that we got a look at what it would be like to try and survive in the city – or even a small town like the one Carol went to near the prison. The abandoned buildings were eerie. It was cool seeing places to get resources that you wouldn’t find in the rural areas like, a watercooler in a fancy office.
  • Was Daryl smoking X-Files cigarettes?
  • Rick is going to fuck up ALL OF EVERYTHING.
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23 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E6 – Consumed

  1. Great episode! Sure the way the van fell was ridiculous but I don’t care cause it’s Caryl & all is right with my world! They are so in sync and just so awesome together! They don’t have to actually get it on. I’m happy as long as they’re together. But I did get a little giddy when they were lying in that bunk bed together.

    So now we know why Everybody Hates Chris. He goes around stealing weapons from the wrong ones. And he’s lucky Daryl was with Carol & not Rick. Ricol would have killed his ass & kept moving. And now we know who was in the woods with Daryl.

    So those assholes hit my Carol with a car. They must die. They must die horribly. Can’t wait to see Rick & them kick ass in a very satisfying way. I am concerned about seeing Tyrese in their group in the promos. Really concerned cause he can’t fight for shit unless it’s a walker. He is not the one for this kind of mission!

    So do y’all think Carol is gonna die? She’s been in two car accidents in one day. But she’s Carol! Our BAMF Warrior Queen! Please don’t let her die!

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And the feedback cause I know Leonard will have me ctfu.

  2. While this wasn’t a great episode, it was better than the Bethisode and that makes it a-okay in my book.

    I was happy for another Daryl episode; for a chance to see the growth in his character. On that front, this episode did not fail. He is one of the most compelling characters on this show. His handling the battered walker family, without Carol asking shows what a good person he is. He just knows.

    All the Carol flashbacks had me thinking this is it for her. Instead of a soliloquy, we got these glimpses of what she was doing after Rick kicked her to the curb. I know we said all this in the thread started by Juwan, but I have to say again that I don’t necessarily want to see Carol go. Especially if Beth is who we get in return. It was interesting to see what she did during her banishment, but I think what we were really supposed to see is that not much time has passed. It’s crazy how all this stuff happened within days!! And I don’t usually like nonlinear timelines or flashbacks but I’m here for all of this.

    Noah is a punk. Am I the only one who believes he was NOT going back to help Beth? Brotha was gettin out of Dodge with all due haste. Well, as much haste as one can have on a gimpy leg. Was anyone else disappointed that the big reveal of who was in the bushes with Daryl didn’t happen?? I mean, wtf??

    The Talking Dead very good this week. Can we petition for CM Punk and Yvette Nicole Brown to be on every week?? They are the best superfans; they have great insights and sista girl comes with highlighted notes!! She’s fa’real y’all.

    Can’t wait for next week when Rick gets to that hospital to regulate. I guess now that Bob is gone, they’ll listen to Rick; he knows best. Dawn and her little bitches just don’t know who they’re fuckin with. Can’t wait for the podcast and your thoughts.

  3. Why can’t Beth volunteer as tribute???

  4. I enjoyed the Carrylisode. It was pretty good.
    1. Carol ? I pretty much hated her for a while during the early seasons of this show, but over time I?ve grown to like her. She?s had a great arc, and it?s cool to see that she is a survivor of not only the Zombie Apocalypse, but also the abuse from her husband and the loss of her daughter. Everyone who is still alive on this show has been through a lot and done a lot to survive, but in Carol?s case we?ve seen most of her struggle. So, her current status as a bad ass is pretty awesome. I liked how this episode showed her at different moments from the time that Rick left her at that house. They didn?t spend a ton of time on it, but I did like how they filled in some of the gaps in her time line. Also, it seems like she really is injured, so the theory she is playing possum to get inside the hospital looks like it may be wrong.
    2. Carol/Daryl aka Carryl ? I like them as a team. They COULD make a nice couple, but I don?t necessarily need to see that. I did think they were gonna fuck a few times tho. Anyway, I like seeing them on screen together. They?re both survivors of the ZA and of some form of abuse. I think that might be one of the reasons they relate to each other so well. It was interesting that they ended up in a battered women?s shelter. I noticed the book in there too. I forget what it was about, but it seemed like they made a point to show it because it was relevant to them. Daryl in particular. Anyway, this team is pretty dope and even though this episode was heavy on dialogue and flashbacks, I liked it much more than the Behisode and the Abeisode. The biggest reason for that is because it was about Carryl. These are 2 characters I like and care about. I was glad to see them do fly shit like kill and burn walkers (that was some good ZA foreplay, Daryl. Too bad you didn?t get the drawls tho). I also enjoyed the van jump. The walkers falling like zombie ass Lemmings was funny too.
    3. Noah – *In my Muhammad Ali voice* RUMBLE, YOUNG MAN, RUMBLE! This young brotha is representing himself pretty well so far. Unlike suckas like T-Dogg and Tyrese aka The Terrible T?s, Noah is adapting to his situation pretty well. He, and Morgan have only been on a couple episodes (3 for Morgan if you count ep 1 of this season), but they are repping the black men of this world well. I care about them way more than the Terrible T?s. Even Bob was better than those clowns. Anyway, I like that Noah quickly yelled Beth?s name when he figured out she?s who Carryl was looking for. This new team he?s forming with Daryl looks interesting. I?m sure Merle is turning over in his grave at the fact his brother is a partaking in integration. Whatever the case, it looks like ?Daroah? is about to round up the troops at the church and set it off on Dawn and the hospital crew. REGULATOOOOORRRRRRRR! MOUNT UP!!!!!!

  5. Before I take a shit on this episode and shower afterwards, I wanna this half season of the walking dead has been the strongest hands down!!! Every episode has been compelling in some way that had me hating every time there was a commercial break!!!

    But onto the hate! As I stated this has been the best half season, but last nights episode was clearly the weakest of all!! There was so many perplexing decisions and bullshit outcomes that I wondered if the Internet would survive the hate? But to my surprise the most critical podcasters I know(bald move) loved the episode in their instant cast!! I was wondering how an episode that clearly did nothing to advance the story is so loved, but the bethisode gets so much hate and it had great character development and a completely new cast of characters with their own stories that made them instant villians?

  6. OMG THIS EPISODE WAS SOOO GOOD!. And thank god for that because after the horrible writing of slabtown and the snoozefest of self help they really needed an episode that didn’t make me feel like I was wasting my time and they finally delivered. I shouldn’t be surprise there is no way they could have taken 2 of the most developed characters and made a bad episode, it really seems like these 2 and possibly rick and michonne are the only characters the writers care about. the only thing that I wasn’t 2 fond of was that music in the cold opening it was very distracting but other than that I loved all of it and the scenes for next week has me really pumped for whats 2 come.

  7. How’d all those walkers in the sleeping bags and tents die?

    Mass suicide? Carbon monoxide leak?

  8. I didn’t write in last week but I have a few things 2 say about it. I didn’t really how much I didn’t any of those six characters until I watched that episode the only character that I kind of like is Eugene and that’s only because I like the idea of having some one with aspergers or autism in the zombie apocalypse. and with the whole Maggie not mentioning beth thing they only need 2 have 1 line when Maggie acknowledges that her sister existed or they could even have Glenn sayssomething 2 her about how she feels about beth if shes thinks beth is dead or alive or something like that. it just doesn’t feel right. And now if Maggie and Beth are reunited or Beth ends up dying and Maggie finds that out I don’t know what reaction Maggie could have that would not feel weird or fake 2 me.

  9. Can someone explain the T-Dog hate? What did he do that was so bad? Tyreese I get; and not as a “black man” not representing but as a weak ass punk who doesn’t realize what’s up. T-Dog killed when necessary. He also risked his life to save carol’s life. He even stood up to Merle when everyone else was too scared.

  10. one last thing was anybody else afraid daryl and carol was going 2 hook up when she got into the bed with daryl or was that just me? and im so glad Melissa McBride has finally learn how 2 run properly because I was getting tired of the run for 2 steps then start heavy breathing like she ran a triathlon.

  11. Damn, those cops hit Carol HARD. They gotta GO.

  12. I need to re-watch cause I know I missed something in this episode! It wasn’t big stuff it was little things but over all this not how I envisioned Noah meeting Darryl & carol but it makes sense. Yeah Carol is a bad-ass but she can’t go gangbusters on every rescue. Until the next episode….

  13. I wanted Daryl and Carol to kiss in the episode. When is she gonna get her some redneck loving?

  14. Sarah Sarah Duncan Powers I don’t think its going 2 matter anyway because she is most likely going 2 die by the end of this half season.

  15. Devin Lamarr Priester I agree with what you said about the bethisode but I can’t get behind what you said about this episode sorry

  16. Was I the only one to tear up when the book fell out of Daryl’s bag? I feel like Pre-ZA, his reading would have consisted of Guns and Ammo and where the Playmate of the month hails from. Now he’s trying to heal himself with a book. He not only acknowledges his abuse but he wants to address the damage. I love Daryl.

  17. Mizzez Weeks you had me dying talking about Beth volunteering as tribute lmao

  18. Best line is when Noah says “they have guns” and Daryl responds “so do we”. You know Noah is like “what’s this redneck talking about?” I almost feel bad for Dawn and the hospital crew, Rick is gonna make sure they have their health insurance cards ready.

  19. I loved the use of fire too and comparisons between Daryl and Carol. Daryl was trying to help her get her some of her humanity back and burn await the past abuse and guilt. Apparently Daryl has been to move forward and continuously try to improve without giving up hope. The chemistry between those two is just off the hook. Love Darol aka Caryl.

  20. Great episode!!!

    Loved every minute of it and definitely better than the last two. It even made the Bethisode better in retrospect! It was rather predictable in terms of where everyone thought it was going but the journey was awesome.

    Also a special thing was as a former resident of ATL like Nina it was cool to see familiar locations. I was geeking out when I saw Downtown Peachtree, Marietta Street, Buckhead, and Atlantic Station.

    I can’t wait for next week for the rescue mission I want Noah to bust in on Dawn like No Flex Zone No Flex Zone! They knooooow betta! They knoooowww betta!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Peace out!

  21. Even though it was slooooow as shit, I liked this episode. I’ll forgive Noah just because he almost got ate but I can’t forgive Carol. Carol, you were able to ride into terminus on a white horse with your zombie army and tear everyone a new asshole but you cannot cross a damn street without getting hit by the only running car in all of gotdamn Atlanta!!!

    What the entire fuck!!! It must have been hiding behind some plot bushes. Anyway slow but good not enough for me to forget the Bethisode though maybe next week. Love the podcast, miss you Meghan.

  22. I can’t be the only one who heard Sebastian from The Little Mermaid singing “Kiss The Girl” when they were lying on that bed! I got so mad at those cockblocking walkers too! I’m not going to say it was sexual tension but, there was something going on there.

    As far as Noah goes, we found out right when he stole Carol and Daryl’s weapons why Everybody Hates Chris. I found it interesting how Daryl stopped Carol from shooting him, then when her life was put in danger, Daryl almost left him to die then Carol stopped him. Ugh they’re just so perfect together.

    So was not expecting Carol to get hit by a car either. I guess my theory was wrong about her faking an injury. Either way, Daryl and Noah are about to raise hell with their “Get Bae Back” missions for Carol and Beth! Love it.

  23. Nice episode. yeah we didnt get the A team with rick and co. But this was easily one of the better character development episodes. Those writers arent slick either, you see how they keep teasing us with that carol and darryl hook up? i thought my dog Darryl was about to get up in those unwashed zombie apocalypse guts! Darryl should had let the Walker eat everybody hates chris face off. Can’t believe some orderly jabronies took out OG Carol. when Rick the Ripper finds out, he and crew are gonna pearl harbor’d that hospital while it rains walkers.

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