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The Walking Dead – S5E7 – Crossed

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Consumed’

Barely Four Walls and a Roof

Everyone is tearing up the church, trying to make it walker proof. Father Gabriel asks if they’re going to dismantle the cross, too. Daryl is all, “Uh, if we need it, then yes. And?” Gabriel, go sit down.

Rick and Michonne speak briefly about whether he should go into Atlanta for Operation #GetBaeBack. He decides to because he owes Carol more than anyone else in the group. He says goodbye to Judith and Carl, and after they leave, Michonne and Carl board up the front door. Meanwhile, Father Gabriel looking around like, “Well, ain’t this ’bout a bitch?” Judith cries because she’s left with Michonne and Carl, and her daddy, Tyreese, is gone. Yeah. You read that correctly. Tyreese went on the rescue mission and Michonne stayed behind.

Gabriel becomes obsessed with cleaning the blood off the floor of the church. In the truck on the way to Atlanta, Tyreese tries to talk to Sasha about her grief and how she should be behaving. Sasha ain’t tryna hear it.


Tara has tapped out the last of the water in the firetruck and divvied it up into water bottles with everyone’s first initial on the caps. Eugene is still out cold and Maggie suggests they not move him to get to the church just yet. Abraham is being a baby. He’s still on his knees, staring out into nowhere, refusing the water Rosita offers. He slaps away a bottle from her hand, wasting water. Then he jumps in Rosita’s face and Maggie pulls a gun on him. Abraham, go sit down.

The Plan

Team Rick are near the hospital, going over the plan. Fire a shot in the air, draw out two patrols, snatch them, wait till dark, storm the hospital, slit throats. Quiet and fast. Tyreese wants to do another plan that doesn’t involve anyone getting their throat slit. Why not grab the two patrols and trade them for Carol and Beth? Rick is like, “Your plan MIGHT work, my plan WILL work.”  Daryl agrees with Tyreese.

Tyreese asks how

Rick Says Duh

Are You Fucking Serious Right Now

Say what now

Photo Credit: Tumblr

While Gabriel scrubs away at the blood, Carl tries to give him a few survival tips and offers him a weapon. Gabriel finally accepts a machete, but stops all talk on how to use it.

The Walking Dead S5E7 Carl at the Church

One of Dawn’s officers wants to turn off the machines keeping Carol alive. When Beth pushes, Dawn sides with her officer, but later gives Beth the key to the medicine locker so she can save Carol. Awwww. Apparently Dawn just wants to be liked. While talking to Beth, Dawn gets a call over the radio about a shot fired. She sends two officers to go check it out.

To the Creek

Tara, Rosita, and Glenn head for a nearby creek for water. On the way, Tara admits that she’s over what Eugene did. Are they supposed to be mad at him because he used the one skill he had to keep himself alive? “Uh, yeah,” says Glenn and most of the audience.

Tara devises a makeshift tent for Eugene to keep him out of the sun. She tells Abraham (who is still spaced out) to get over himself. Seriously, girl. Tell him.

Doctor Strange

Beth goes to Edwards and asks what medicine she’d need to save Carol. He points out that if Dawn gave Beth that key, she did so with an ulterior motive. Beth brushes off this bit of important info to demand the name of the medicine. He finally tells her what to get. You can’t be trusting this man’s medical advice, but whatever. 

After Rosita tells Glenn and Tara how she met Abraham, Glenn notices fish swimming in the creek. Dinner!

Two hospital cops find Noah, as planned. They zip tie him, but then Team Rick shows up and gets them to drop their guns. Noah claims one of them, Lamson, would be down for whatever since “he’s one of the cool ones.” We don’t get to see how Rick feels about this because one of the white cross cars races in and they’re being shot at by the cops inside. Their prisoners escape, but Sasha manages to shoot out one of the tires and they find the car abandoned around a corner.

The Walking Dead S5E7 Rick

While most of Team Rick goes after the two cuffed cops on foot, Daryl gets into it with another cop. He uses the skull of a still moving walker to beat the guy over the head. When Rick arrives, Daryl talks him out of shooting the cop by saying, “Three is better than two.”

Daryl Fighting

Skull Grab

Photo Credit: Tumblr

There’s holding on to your humanity, and then there’s taking unnecessary risks.

The two cops manage to talk Team Rick into allowing them to help since they hate Dawn, too. I’m going to blame their willingness to listen to this bullshit on the fact that Tyreese is with them. Also, Lamson is played by the guy who played Sitwell in the MARVEL movies and we all know he turned out to be a Hydra spy. Fuck him.

Gone Fishing

Team Glenn make a fishing net out of the belongings of some trapped walkers and manage to catch one. Woohoo! Also, good news: Rosita knows how to clean fish. Tara finds something in a muddy backpack, but won’t tell us what it is.

Michonne tries to talk to Father Gabriel who has locked himself in his office, but he’s too busy digging an underground railroad with the machete Carl gave him.

Beth bribes a ward with some strawberries so he can fake a coughing fit and provide a distraction while she gets the medicine. Strawberries in exchange for a diversion? I’ve done worse for less. It works and she administers it to Carol.

Change of Plans

Sasha is up in her feelings because she wasn’t the one to drive a knife through Bob’s brains. Tyreese tells her there’s no shame in letting him help her and they hug it out.

Gabriel escapes the church only to step on a nail IMMEDIATELY. He limps off into the woods and this is, hands down, the worst fucking plan in five seasons. Where the fuck is this brotha going? I’ll tell you where: into the forest where he comes across a walker, which he body slams, but doesn’t kill because she’s wearing a cross. You big dummy.

Rick gets some negotiating with Dawn advice from Officer Friendly, whose real name is Bob. And Sasha is back in her feelings. Then, when Sitwell Lansom Friendly Bob 2.0 is left alone with Sasha, he convinces her to walk over to the south side of the building so she can put down one of the walkers melted into the asphalt. He was a cop, a friend of his, and he feels like he owes him.

Score | 7/10Tyreese’s stupidity has infected the group.

Abraham finally accepts water from Maggie and admits that he thought he wanted her to shoot him. He’s clearly been making some life decisions in his head. Then Eugene wakes up sounding just like a walker and Maggie rushes over to him.

Sasha’s detour with Officer Lying Motherfucker goes about as expected. He knocks her out and takes off. *sigh*

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12 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E7 – Crossed

  1. Why bring Judith’s Dry Nurse on the rescue? Michonne wouldn’t have let that mess go down.

  2. Not ready to leave my feedback yet cause lunch is over in 5 minutes. But do y’all think that cop knocking Sasha out will finally wake Tyrese up? His non violent ways caused injury to his sister. Will that FINALLY get him to change his tune?

  3. Lesson Learned This Episode: “No one has time for compassion during the Zombie Apocalypse.”

    However, I understand why Rick left Michonne at the church. He knew that Carl and Judith would not stand a chance against an attack if he left both Tyreese and Father Gabriel. Those two guys are a long way off from their characters on the Wire…sof-T!

  4. Do y’all think Daryl loves Carol as a mother figure or as a romantic partner?

  5. MEH

    I was so excited to see the rescue mission but they built up all that anticipation for a slow letdown. You know what I blame Tyrese for this. Hell Rick and them were about to go in and wreck shit but bitch ass Tyrese had to open his mouth trying to be all reasonable and shit. And Daryl I expected better from you, you’re Merle’s brother you know better than to let a Black man overrule the white man.

    They could have kept that B storyline with Glenn and them because literally nothing happened. Abe broken up ass still on his knees like Sasha Grey waiting for the finish. Side Note: That camera angle looking up at Maggie had me like I AM DELIVERT! WIMENS WIMENS WIMENS!!!

    So they just gonna yada yada Daryl got bit/scratched. It looked like it may have possibly happened when he grazed his hand on the Walker teeth and then in the eye sockets but it was so subtle that it probably didn’t happen. Maybe that’s why Norman Reedus was crying to prepare for the finale, we shall see

    What the fuck was Father Gabriel thinking?! His weak ass gonna get “Tetanus behind this shit!” And what’s up with Judith and her Black nannies. Hell between Tyrese and Michonne Judith gonna grow up thinking she just lightskinned.

    Right about now, Zombie court is in full effect
    Judge Rick presiding
    In the case of The Group vs. the Police Department
    Prosecuting attorneys are Sasha, Tyrese, Noah, and Daryl Motherfucking Dixon

    Fuck the police coming straight from the underground!

    Sasha, damn girl. I thought you were smarter than that, but it ain’t really your fault. Again that was Tyrese punk ass in your ear talking bout you gots to trust dem cops! When is he gonna learn?! I can’t with this weak shit anymore. Get in the game man!

    I’m cautiously optimistic about next week’s mid season finale. I hope this slow build is leading to something good!

    Keep up the great work guys! Love ya!

    Hashtag Free Adnan

  6. From the previews last week, I thought this week?s episode
    would have a lot more action. Maybe on the level of the season premiere. What
    we saw this week was pretty good though.
    1. ?Gabe Carver? (Yeah, I combined the names of
    this character & his character in The Wire) ? Man, what the fuck are you
    doing? Something isn?t right here. I?m not sure what it is, but there?s more to
    this guy.
    2. Abe ? Man, what the fuck are you doing? This cat
    is acting like a kid who just found out Santa isn?t real. Get up, Red. Damn!
    3. Tyrese ? Man, What the FUCK are you doing? This
    doesn?t just apply to this episode for you. What the fuck are you doing,
    period? Also, am I buggin out, or was Tyrese looking and acting a bit slow in
    this episode. No disrespect to anyone who is mentally handicapped in anyway,
    but there was something about Chad Coleman?s performance in this episode that I
    hadn?t ever noticed before. Has he done it before? It seemed to me like he was
    more than his normal chump ass self. Did anyone else notice that?
    4. Rick/Carl/Michonne ? Welcome back, guys. It?s
    been a while. It was nice to hear Carl speak more than 5 words. Snce the cast
    is so big now, they haven?t really done much with him this season. Carl hasn?t
    been around and hasn?t bodied anyone in a while. The same is true with
    Michonne. She has been in the background a lot to this point in the season.
    Also, it was interesting to see her trying to reach out to Gabe. He?s holding
    something back tho. Rick is the only one of these 3 we?ve seen be the complete
    badass we know him to be.
    5. Noah ? Noah needs to get that leg fixed soon. It?s
    gonna be a liability if he can?t at least block the pain out and move around a
    bit better.
    6. Beth – I
    hope you know what you?re doing in that hospital. Your life and possibly Carol?s
    life depend on it
    7. Carol ? Bitch, you better not die!
    8. Sasha ? In this episode she proved she is truly
    her brother?s sister. What the fuck was that? Did the fact the cop?s name was
    Bob rock you to sleep? Come on. This dude bounced her head off that glass like
    a tennis ball in a game of Burn Ball. She?s lucky he didn?t stomp her to death.
    Sasha has been a pretty smart character since we met her. She was dumb this
    time tho. In the ZA you don?t get too many chances to fuck up. Tighten up, Ms.

  7. I’m gonna need people in this group to start using their brains. Or have they been eaten by zombies?? My initial questions: Why did Tyrese go and not Michonne? Why did they listen to tyrese’s stupid ass plan? Hasn’t this idiot proved himself completely unreliable at this point? Why is Sasha listening to him?? Can this fool please get bit before we lose someone worthy??

    Rick: damn, I love me some Rick! That man gets sexier, the more ruthless he gets. He’s pulling no shorts and is ready to fuck a muthafucka up: no questions asked. Then here come Tyrese with his misguided, “no bloodshed please” whiny ass, pussy bullshit. I could not believe Daryl was in agreement with that ridiculous plan! That’s a weak point for the writing to me; I don’t think Daryl would have agreed to that shit.

    Tyrese: I hate this dude. He is the epitome of a bitch baby! I hate even talking about him. But I think it should be noted that everything goes wrong because people are listening to his weak, wack ass. Why couldn’t Michonne go?? Please say this means Tyrese will be the one to die on this mission. I can’t even stomach the thought of someone else dying because of his foolery.

    Why is Sasha so dumb? I guess everyone in the ZA is so hungry for personal connections, they lose their shit over he death of someone they barely knew!! In this episode, she proved she and Tyrese are related. Couple of dumbasses.

    Daryl: that was an awesome kill, but I thought for sure he was gonna die. My heart was about to give out! They have to quit scaring me like that.

    Beth: insert huge eyeroll. I’m so over her. Why would she trust Dawn or that doctor? I guess she forgot he gave her the wrong medicine last time. I had an interesting conversation with a coworker, discussing the awfulness that is Emily Kinney’s acting. She said she thinks people might like her character more if she were a better actress. I agree with that. And I think that’s why she has to die. As Nina said last week, Emily Kinney can’t handle anything more than what she’s been given because she’s so bad. They can’t give her substantial material because she can’t pull it off! At this point, I feel like we should have seen some discussion about her suicide attempt, her mom or boyfriends dying, something! but she can’t emote, so what’s the point? She needs to invest in some acting classes. I have to wonder about the people who do like her “acting”; are they high, crazy, or just wanna fuck her?

    This shit with GREATM was pointless to me. Other than to show that Rosita is more than a pretty face and Glenn is trying to get an orgy going, I didn’t get it. What’s in the bag???? Stop playing with us, writers! And yeah, I thought Eugene sounded like a walker, too.

    Back to Rick for a minute. I seriously would like to know why they don’t fully listen to him and why they continue to do things without first thinking WWRD? They need him to hold their hand and tell them to not believe the prisoner they’ve captured? Does he cut their food in little bites, too?

    I’m kind of hoping they save whatever death until the second half of the season, since we lost Hershel on a midseason finale.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  8. I was so happy to have Rick back. He looks like Hillbilly Jesus on a bender and I’m here for it.

    Just want to say I’m glad Michonne stayed at the church with Carl. First, I think it makes character sense – her most developed relationship is with Carl. To me, it was pretty well implied that if Rick’s going into a dangerous situation, he and Michonne both agree that she’s the one who should take care of the kids in both the short term and the long term (and it’s where she wants to be because she genuinely cares for them). It would have been nice if they made that more clear through dialogue, though. And if he’d checked out her ass just once before leaving because you know he wanted to.

    But I’m mostly glad Michonne stayed behind because the writers are determined to make members of the group disagree with Rick when he wants to slit throats and get shit done and it’s not doing them any favors as far as I’m concerned. Sure, I’d like to think that if Michonne had been there, she would have called bullshit on Tyreese’s plan, but unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case. After all, Daryl backed Tyreese and this is after he just personally lost two women he cares about to Rape Camp Hospital. I know he’s been exploring his softer side, but I have a hard time believing in his life choices here. My guess is that they’re setting Daryl up to experience some serious guilt when either Beth or Carol dies (that’s just speculation) because of this plan going sideways.

  9. I thought last nights episode was clearly a set up episode so I just a few points I wanna make!!

    1. How in the blue hell do u let tyreese(Hodor) extra sensitive ass go a rescue mission?

    2. Glenn continues to have his swag set to its highest levels bc now I’m over just a threesome wit him and tits mcgee, but now a foursome wit rosita!! Tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw that look after they caught that fish?

    3. Father Gabriel must be related to Derrick Rose somehow!

    4. Last thing is who is a bigger liability to the group at this point? Tyreese being all up in his emotions, father Gabriel and the unknown with him, or eugene and his complete lack of physical skills?

  10. Ok. I gotta say that I was expecting more action than we got.

    Loved the part with Daryl using whatever is handy as a weapon. And I don’t think he’s nicked or anything cause he pulled his fingers away before the walker could chomp down.

    Loved the special effects of the napalmed walkers. Very nice touch.

    But meh on the rest.

    1) when will they learn to trust Rick. When Rick says mofos gotta die, mofos gotta die. But I’m not surprised Daryl actually backed Tyrese’s plan. Daryl doesn’t have that kill first, ask questions later mentality that Rick & Carol have. And he doesn’t sound like a punk when he suggests it either like Tyrese. Why was he there again? Who thought that was a good idea?

    2) wtf is wrong with Gabriel? Seriously tho. How you gonna leave w/o taking the machete with you? I get it. You’re traumatized cause Team Rick & them slaughtered some folks in your church & then proceeded to tear said church apart. If it weren’t the ZA, I’d be upset with you. But times have changed. You change with them! I still can’t believe he didn’t kill that walker cause she had a cross on!!!! The Christian thing to do would have been to give her some peace. Leaving her to suffer like that is horrible. When 14 year old boys know the proper way of dispatching folks, clearly things have gotten bad.

    3) New Bob was kinda cute. Between that and her punk ass brother trying to talk her down, Sasha was a little slow on the uptake last night. I’m hoping Old Bob grief and residual stupidity from her brother is what caused her dumb ass actions. I really do hope that’s the wakeup call that Tyrese needs to get his head out his ass and starts killing!

    4) Beth is really learning the ways of the hospital. And has some allies. Nice. Still hoping she dies next week.

    5) did we really need to see how the GREATM was doing? I honestly don’t think that was even necessary. Abe is still butt hurt by Eugene’s lies. And apparently has really good knees cause mine would have been killing me as soon as I knelt down on that concrete. And I’m guessing everyone saw a look between Glenn & Rosita. Hmmm. Maggie will jack some shit up if he cheats!

    I guess we’ll finally get our big battle next week. Sigh. Let’s hope all the hospital folks die and Rick and them move on. And we get some more Michonne. Slicing & dicing.

    Ok. Clearly I’m getting long assed here. Just want to end with how gorgeous were Sasha & Rosita on the Talking Dead! And I can’t believe she’s 8 months pregnant! Wow!

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And Carol better live!

  11. Over allthis episode was good and I realized HOW much I missed Rick and Darryl back together. I nearly choked on my beer when I though the burnt walker was going to bite Darryl cause if he dies after I?ve fallen in love with him?.I will need more Xanax.
    Maybe because we didn?t see a lot of him but Carl didn?t get on my nerves in fact he showed a lot of maturity in trying to help Preacher man. I?m glad Michonne had her eagle eye on him?.at first I thought he was going to gut Carl but then got all squirrelly can ran to the back. She knew he
    was full of shit.
    As i was watching the scenes with the Preacher….I knew he was up to something. I don?t get why he had to go on the run like Carl, Michonne and Lil Kickass was going to chop him into bits. Listen if he can’t hang then let the walkers get him.

    And fucking ?Boo-Hoo? Tyrese with his grief counseling sessions in the middle of a rescue mission ? HELLO we need Sasha good and mad so she can take some bitches down. Now she?s all soft and got bitch slapped in the back of the head. OMG Sasha?.Sasha girl?.hasn’t the ZA taught you not to turn your back on a stranger? Why you acting like a newbie?
    Stop acting like your dumbass brother.
    Since I?m new to the Walking Dead TV viewing not sure I?m supposed to survive the long break and so much can happen in next week?s episode?.wondering who will die. but I wonder will Rick take over the hospital?..just random thoughts.

  12. Dammit, Tyreese. I’m halfway certain that without this flowers and sunshine plan he offered up, Operation #GetBaeBack would have been over and successful by the end of the episode. And Sasha wouldn’t have gotten knocked out! Maybe this is what it will take for Tyreese to get his ass, and hammer, in gear.

    I’m a little confused as to why Tyreese was even on the mission anyway! I was half glad to see that he wasn’t stuck babysitting Shane’s daughter, but c’mon. Judith was SO not happy to see her black daddy go, either.

    Reverend Carver (Sorry, I’ll never see Father Gabriel as anything but Caver from the Wire) was outside of the church but 2 seconds and already got a nail in his foot! Crucifix symbolism maybe? At least he body slammed a walker! Didn’t kill it though. Baby steps.

    I’m more or less uninterested in GREATM and that stupid name. Daryl using that melty walker head as a bowling ball THEN a weapon was so great! Beth better have been told the right meds this time. Dawn is way too weak for words. She’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
    Didn’t mean to write so much, love the podcast! HEY GIRL! 🙂

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