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4 Comments on Podcast Fandom Episode 164: The Walking Dead S5E8 ‘Coda’

  1. I’m about halfway through this podcast, and I’m far too lazy to log into the website so I’m going to leave me feedback here.
    This season has been one of the best seasons for me. For a long time, it was becoming a background show for me, I was tired of the prison, I was tired of them walking through the damn woods, etc etc.
    The last few episodes have been great. Although I hated the majority of the hospital storyline, I thought Beth’s death was done really well. I do not feel like the episode or Beth’s death were rushed.
    I think that the whole point of deaths on The Walking Dead are to hit you with them and take you by surprise, and that the show in general loves to give you hope for the characters and then take it right away, whether it’s the character who dies or another character is affected by their death.
    I also think they have their reason for not telling the actors that they’re being killed off until right before they do kill them off, and that they’re probably very good reasons.

  2. Also, I can’t believe that neither of you took this opportunity to announce “I’m Rick Grimes, bitch!” during this podcast. I was waiting for it!

  3. I think the reason Gabriel leaves the church is because he is desperately holding on to his faith, to his core beliefs, and maybe he leaves because he needs to see for himself that the deaths of the Terminus people were justified.
    His faith is all he has left, if he gives in and accepts that what’s he’s built a life on isn’t real and can’t save him, that he has to start slicing up former parishioners to survive, everything he thought he knew and everything he believed and preached is gone.
    That’s why we keep seeing him hesitate at religious symbols, like the cross around the, walker’s neck, the tearing down of the cross in the church, etc.

  4. Man, I didn’t get my feedback read this week? *Slams a sandwich and tracks mud on the carpet*

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