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The Walking Dead – S5E8- Coda

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Crossed’

Running Scared

Officer Bob 2.0 is trying to cut his zip ties on the front of a police car, but has to make a run for it when walkers show up. Rick is hot on his ass, too. Rick hops in the car and chases him, warning him to stop, but Bob 2.0 doesn’t listen. So, Bob 2.0 gets an ass full of fender and a broken back. Rick tells him it didn’t have to go down that way before putting a bullet in Bob’s head.

Gabriel hobbles his way to the school where Gareth and the other Termites cooked Bob’s leg. He just had to see for himself what they were capable of, I guess. He picks through the Termite’s belongings and finds Mary’s bible. Then he has a meltdown over Bob’s maggot filled appendage, but doesn’t get to wallow in his pity party for too long before the walkers in the school break free.

The Walking Dead Mary's Bible

Gabriel stanky legs it back to the church, leading a mini-herd to the front door. He’s begging to be let in, basically yelling that he’s now a believer. “Shit is real! I understand now!” Armed with one of the spikes, he just screams and screams until Michonne busts open the door. If he couldn’t handle those walkers kept at bay then he deserves to die.

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With Judith on her back, Michonne takes out a few of the walkers let in with Gabriel, but they soon have to run for it. Gabriel holds the door while Michonne and Carl escape through the underground railroad. Then they trap the walkers inside the church since they can’t leave the one spot Team Rick knows to look for them.

The Walking Dead S5E8 Carl

More Pew Pew, Less Talky Talk

Now Rick has to go back to the team and tell them how Bob 2.0 needed killing. The other officers are suddenly down for whatever. They’ll tell Dawn that Bob 2.0 was killed by rotters and still try to go through with the trade.

Meanwhile, Dawn is working on her fitness, again, riding the bike while Beth is New Noah, darning her socks and shit. Dawn is a little concerned that Bob 2.0 and them ain’t returning her calls, but not so concerned that she stops working out and then tries to engage in a little heart-to-heart with Beth. She confesses to killing the cop who used to be in charge, her mentor. The purpose of this story is to show Dawn gives zero fucks. Noted.

At the church, Gabriel tells Michonne and Carl that he went to the school because he had to see. He had to know. Yeah, just what I said a few paragraphs ago and it was stupid then and it’s stupid now. The walkers start to bust through the door, but it’s Abraham to the rescue! He parks that firetruck against the door just in the nick of time.

Then Glenn has to tell Michonne that Eugene was a lying liar who lies, and Michonne’s No Fucking Shit face is every.damn.thing. Michonne tells Maggie that Beth is alive at a hospital in Atlanta and Maggie is all, “Who?”

At the hospital, Officer O’Donnell (the one who wanted to take Carol off life support) is bullying Kris Kringle in the hallway and Dawn scoops up Beth because she needs her help with something.

Turns out, the only thing Beth was needed for was a little girl talk by the elevator shaft. Beth basically tells Dawn she’s full of shit, and Dawn tries the whole, “You owe me” bullshit. She says she knows that Beth killed Officer Rapey because of the smashed jar in her office. How that proves a damn thing is beyond me, but it doesn’t matter because Officer McDonnell shows up and decides now is the time to stage a coup d’tat.

They fight and now I see why Dawn is always on that bike. Beth tries to help, but gets slammed to the ground as Officer  Dickhead warns her to “stay in your lane, bitch.” Dawn throat chops him and then Beth pushes him down the elevator shaft and yells, “This is my lane, bitch!”

I’m kidding. She didn’t say that.

Beth starts talking all kinds of shit like her situation changed and I missed it. She tells Dawn she knows she just used her like everyone uses everyone else at the hospital. And she’s blowing this joint as soon as she can. Dawn, once again, tries to appeal to Beth by telling her she knows her and Carol are friends and that they should join them to be a part of something bigger. Ugh. This is so bad. 

Really Shitty Brotherly Advice by Tyreese

Tyreese and Sasha are on sniper duty on the roof when he admits to Sasha that he had White Glenn and could have killed him, but didn’t, and then lied about it. Tyreese thinks they both failed to do what needed to be done because they’re still the people they were before. She’s like, “Maybe you are different… and that’s cool… but… oh, hush. I gotta take this shot.”

Rick meets with two officers who come out looking for the officers they have taken hostage. He lays out their terms: Carol and Beth for their officers. Just in case there’s any mistaking that Rick came to fuck around, Sasha snipes out a walker behind the officers. Rick will wait for them to radio their proposal to Dawn.

Carol wakes up in just enough time to go home. And the exchange goes fairly well until Dawn decides she wants Noah back. Wait. What now? Why? This makes no fucking sense. Is Dawn that unreasonable? Power hungry? Just gotta have a win, does she? 

The Walking Dead S5E8 Beth and Carol

Because Noah isn’t a complete asshole, he decides to stay even though Rick and Daryl are telling him he doesn’t have to. While Beth hugs Noah goodbye, Dawn whispers she knew he’d be back. This causes Beth to stab Dawn in the chest with some sewing scissors she swiped. Dawn’s gun accidentally goes off and shoots Beth in the head.

The Walking Dead S5E8 Daryl and Rick

I would have lit that hallway up, but I’m petty as fuck so…

I have to settle for Daryl putting a bullet in Dawn’s forehead as she swears it was just an accident. Officer Shepherd talks everyone into putting down their weapons and then offers Team Rick sanctuary at the hospital. Is she stupid? Rick basically tells her to go pound some fucking sand, and says they’ll also take anyone else who wants to go with them because fuck you, that’s why.

And NO ONE else decides to go! We see this as Team Firetruck rolls up just as Team Rick is exiting the hospital and the only new addition to the group is Noah. Daryl carries out Beth’s body as Maggie falls to her knees and says, “Oh, THAT Beth.”

The Walking Dead RIP Beth


Score | 6/10I’m going to save my in depth review of this episode – including my thoughts on that Morgan scene – for tomorrow night’s podcast. Make sure you get your feedback in on our Facebook page or below and we’ll read it on the air.

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23 Comments on The Walking Dead – S5E8- Coda

  1. David Donovan – you should give the #TeamBeth response. 🙂

  2. Am I the only person who is completely over Maggie? I used to like her character but she has dissolved since leaving the farm. And while I appreciate that she has reigned in Glenn’s reckless instincts, he needs to regain a bit of his original bold demeanor. At this point, I feel they have both derailed from what made us like them to begin with.

  3. This week?s episode of Walking Dead was pretty interesting.
    There were lots of things going on and we?re all buzzing because of them. Here are
    some of my thoughts on what we saw. I look forward to hearing with Nina, John,
    and the fans have to say. We gotta talk about this shit!
    1. Maggie ? Let me go ahead and get this slander
    out of the way? Bitch, no one believes that you cared about Beth. We don?t know
    how close their relationship was before all this, but some time after meeting
    Glenn, Maggie got dickmatized and said ?Fuck a damn Beth!?. We did find out
    that she assumed Beth was dead last night. But I?m not buying that phony
    enthusiasm she showed when Michonne told her where Beth was. She went hard in
    her pursuit of Glenn after they got separated, but no mention of Beth? Sure,
    the love and relationship you have with a mate is different than the one you
    have with a sibling, but come on. She really didn?t have a real reason to
    believe Glenn was alive for a long time, but she put herself, and other people
    in danger throughout most of last season on her mission to find him. So, why not mention your sister in the midst
    of all that? She could have made finding Glenn her biggest mission, but also
    mentioned Beth and looked for her. All it would have taken was a few ?I have to
    find Glenn, and after that I gotta find my sister? comments here and there
    during season 4 to establish the fact that despite the fact she didn?t know if
    either of them were out there, she was still determined to find out. Especially
    after seeing her father die the way he did. You?d think she would be all about
    family after the things she?s seen in the ZA, but NOPE!!! That fake ass joy when Michonne told her Beth
    was alive and they know where she is didn?t phase me at all. I side eyed the
    fuck out of my TV when I saw it. Then, just when I thought it couldn?t get
    worse, they showed her reaction to seeing Beth?s dead body. That was the most
    bullshit fall out and cry ever. She couldn?t even do that shit right. She didn?t
    do all that when she SAW her dad get his head chopped off. Now she wants to do
    all that shit over a sister she didn?t care about? Get the entire fuck outta
    here. I?m tired of Maggie and Glenn. Either one or both of them can die as far
    as I?m concerned. They make me wanna pour liquor on them and yell out ?CANCEL
    THIS BITCH! I?LL BUY ANOTHER ONE? like Nino Brown.
    2. Michonne/Carl ? What the fuck? Didn?t Uncle
    Ruckus warn us about trusting those new n*ggas over there? Sheesh! Y?all did
    all that to save the new guy. The guy who is still acting shady as fuck. Y?all
    should have left him outside and kept the church safe.
    3. Rick ? Rick really and truly doesn?t give any
    fucks. He is a complete badass now. Although he still makes mistakes at times,
    he has gotten into this role and I think we?re starting to see a bit more
    balance in his behavior. At first it was all about being diplomatic, then it
    was being a pacifist, then shoot first ask questions later. Seems like he?s
    slowly trying to find a way to balance those things while still maintaining control
    of situations. He?ll still blow your head off, but he?s a bit more willing to
    listen to you try to explain yourself before doing it.
    4. Tyrese ? Fuck you. Die already. No one wants to
    hear your fake ass Dr. Phil advice. Sasha was posted up on a roof top with a
    rifle ready to cover Rick?s back. Let her focus on that. You could have waited
    to tell her how much of a lying ass punk you are. Damn-it I hate this dude.
    Every time I see his deer in headlights expression I curse.
    5. Carol ? When the hell did she wake up? How was
    she able to WALK out of the hospital?
    6. Daryl ? These people killed your boo. Set it the
    fuck off!!! Also, the tears Daryl, Carol, and even Rick shed for Beth were
    real. They actually cared about her. Maggie?s punk ass only did it because she
    was expected to.
    7. Gabe Carver ? Fuck you too. I wish this shady
    ass dude would have died by being locked outside the church. That would have
    been a perfect ending for him. Now that he?s been spared, be better wake up and
    get his shit together. It?s go time! You either get down, or lay down.
    8. Morgan ? They need to stop teasing us with
    Morgan. We better see him in the second half of the season. I?d love to see him
    join the group.
    9. Beth ? I never really fully cared about Beth,
    but her death was a shock. I didn?t expect it. What was really interesting was
    seeing the actress on Talking Dead. She was really emotional fact she?s no
    longer on the show.

  4. Dammit, I knew it was coming and I cried like a baby anyway. I liked it, it was over much quicker than I expected which means I was totally engaged.

    The Judith backpack thing though … LOL.

  5. I have to say, I appreciate this season’s willingness to tie things up. I feel like in previous years – Life At The Church would have been a season. Life At The Hospital would have been a season. Life On The Road To DC would have been a season. So even though parts have been draggy, the overall season is progressing much more fluidly than previous years.

  6. First, let the record show that Michonne strapped that child to her back and slashed through those walkers like it was the most natural thing in the world. Never mind that fake-ass baby Judith looked like a bunch of dirty rags, Michonne is everything.
    Rick gave a warning first, but I was a little taken aback when he hit that cop at full speed then shot him. And by taken aback, I mean turned on.

    Okay, here is my thing about hostage negotiations on The Walking Dead: DON’T SET UP HOSTAGE NEGOTIATIONS ON THE WALKING DEAD. They go wrong. For a hostage exchange to work, you have to know going in that you’re dealing with reasonable people working in their own best interest and the best interest of their people. And Dawn’s own people clearly thought she was off her rocker, so of course she pushed it too far to get her favorite slave back. Obviously, I blame Tyreese.

    Did Daryl cry? I couldn’t see his eyes through his emo hair and it’s becoming a problem.

    I can’t believe that damn Grady Memorial Rapespital didn’t get exploded at the end. WTF? They’re slipping.

    Ultimately, I feel like 5A had a few great episodes early on, some good character stuff, but overall the hospital storyline was pretty thin.

  7. Daryl carrying Beth out of the hospital was fucking heart breaking, which unfortunately was followed immediately by the eye-rolling shitshow that was Maggie crumpling to the ground. Fuck you, show. I think I speak for pretty much close to everyone when I say this Maggie thing was NEVER going to be satisfying and it was always going to feel emotionally manipulative.

    They bungled the story so much that no amount of throwaway lines from Michonne reminding Maggie that she had a sister was going to fix it.

    Also, the way they had Beth go out sort of wiped away all that time they spent trying (and kind of failing) to make her something more than a useless idiot. Just as it looked like she may have been able to turn the corner as a character, boom she goes right back to being a useless idiot by bringing scissors to a gun fight. What was the point of her arc? To give us Emo Maggie for the next 8 episodes? If that’s the case, you should have just killed Carol.

  8. I spent most of the episode mentally preparing myself for the death of Carol, a character that I really have grown to like. So I kinda got blind sighted by Beth being the one to get killed.
    Her character was always just kind of “meh” for me. I didn’t dislike her, but I didn’t actively like her either.
    That being said, I won’t even lie, I got all the feels watching Daryl carry her body out into the parking lot at the end.
    Curious where the next half season goes, because we don’t really have a cliffhanger to wrap up.

  9. Let me start by saying, I’m not happy Beth died. More on that later. I thought this was a very good episode. I know some people wanted more action and less character development, but I watch this show for the drama more so than the killings.

    Rick is the baddest muthafucka around! That opening scene…damn, he could get it. You need a man like that in the ZA. Kick ass and take names. Or hit asses with cars and take names; whatever works. It’s not lost on me that no one wanted to follow his plan, so as to limit bloodshed, but people got killed anyway. Kudos, group. That’s good thinking and planning.

    I’m so sick of Tyrese I could scream. He gets in Sasha’s head (though I can’t fully blame him because she fell for it) and then he finally admits he didn’t kill Martin. I woulda given him a double tap just for that. He’s the reason for the Bob on the Barbie!! I hate that it’s gonna take a badass like Sasha to die for him to get it together. He doesn’t need to be like he was in the comics, as people keep pointing out; just get rid if him and his foolery. I was mad at Sasha but she accepted responsibility for her foolishness then got right back to business. She’s a helluva shot!!

    Gabriel…can this asshole die already? I’m not understanding the purpose of him surviving; he’s pointless. And Carl, Michonne, and the baby doll almost got got because of him. Damn fool!

    I would not wanna meet Dawn in a dark alley at night. She kicked the shit outta O’Donnell! Then had Beth do her dirty work. What a bitch. It sucks that Beth caught on to the bullshit so late.

    On to Beth. I don’t feel bad that she died, but I don’t necessarily feel good about it. If someone from the group that we care about had to go, I wished for Tyrese. Beth had way more promise and purpose than him. At least she knew that she may have had to kill someone. She wouldn’t have felt good about it, but she would understand that’s what it takes. And Tyrese won’t even kill walkers? What use is he? I don’t understand her leaving over someone from Abe’s group, but I guess they had to get us where it hurts. I didn’t see that shit coming; not even when she stabbed Dawn. And what did she expect to gain from stabbing her??

    I can’t sit through a bunch of episodes of Maggie wailing about Beth. I was never part of the “why doesn’t Maggie care about Beth” entourage, but I have wondered about her single-minded obsession with Glenn once they fled the prison. I’ve never understood it but oh well. To piggyback other people’s sentiments throughout the season, she could have shown some concern. Just once would have done it. Now this grief will seem contrived.

    Like I said, great episode. I wish they have left the death for the end of the entire season, but who the hell am I? Can’t wait for the podcast and your thoughts.

  10. I loved the way the episode started so hard–two men running, desperate to salvage their plans, Good Guy Bob going down the same way Carol did and the Ricktator telling his dead self to shut up. Very effective. Now onto the complaining.

    That said, while I did not originally have a problem with the hospital set, I now do, given the distinctly different impressions of the hospital crew we were given. Are they barely controlled animals under the thumb of the one woman willing to put the original leader down? Are the women sex slaves or just two? Was there just one rapist with a cheering crew or several? Are they half nice guys and women and half animalistic psychos that won’t let anyone go? Were they really good guys if they were out hitting people with their cars and hauling them in? Shepherd seems like a “Better” leader, but if Bob was One of the Good Guys as we were so frequently told and the other hostage is a douche, is she in any better of a position than Dawn? We spent all that time there, yet it’s still unclear.

    Dawn also: she seems like a hardass, then is sympathetic, then a hardass, then sympathetic, then dies being petty after killing Beth accidentally. I’m unsure how I feel about how that all went down as a result. When Beth said, “Now I get it,” I wanted to ask, “So what is it that you get?” There are so many possible answers. That Dawn is too petty to live? That there’s always a price that can’t be paid? She looked like the mouse stabbing the lion with a thorn, so it was obvious the writers meant it to lead to accidental death… but is that how BETH meant it to go? The ultimate moment of this half season deserved more definition, but I did like the execution of it from that point forward.

    The facts that Carol walked out, Maggie finally cried, etc. don’t bother me that much. So many of the Maggie complaints could have been solved by a few sentences here and there through the season, but no. The final scene was a beautifully tragic tableau and I honestly feel bad for Emily Kinney getting the pink slip.

  11. Oh now I like Beth, and all it had to take was her stabbing Dawn (out of nowhere) and getting a hole blown in her head. It was pretty shocking but it all felt a bit clumsy, like the edits of Han shooting first/second at the bar. Even though her story arc didn’t get me to like her, I thought Beth went out the best way we could have hoped, trying to play Beth Tubman one last time.

    Rick killing Sitwell was the best part of this episode, I just pictured him getting close and whispering in his ear “hail hydra” before shooting g him.

    Gabriel what made you think Bob was lying when he said they ate his leg? Even if he was lying what the fuck do you think happened to his leg? Did he cut it off himself and came back to the church to pass out in the lawn? If it was so minor why make it such a mystery, fuck the father!

    Oh Maggie now you remember you had a sister? A couple of lines of dialogue in a couple of episodes could have helped me believe her reaction. “I hope she’s safe” “I don’t know where to start looking” “in this world there may not be much hope” anything like that would have helped so much more than not saying shit about her sister since episode 1.

    Morgan’s back and getting closer to our group especially now that he knows who he’s following! Sloppy ass!!!

  12. This recap has me in stitches!! Do people still say that or am I showing my age?

  13. Operation Get Bae Back! Half successful.

    I’ve never been so proud of Shane 2.0 AKA Rick in my life! I hollered something serious when the cops asked where his people were, then Sasha took that walker out and Rick said “They’re close.” Hilarious! But no Rick is officially Shane reincarnate. I find it so interesting that the writers made it that Shane’s method wasn’t so bad after all. It just took everyone else longer to realize that fact.

    Reverend Carver needs to DIE. He went on his little vaycay, almost died, then brought all those damn walkers right on back to his church, endangering everybody. Now look at God’s house. Look what your punk ass did.

    Maggie’s reaction hurt. Unfortunately she was probably sadder that she gave up on her sister too early running around chasing penis and going on road trips. Bye girl.

    Daryl is 1 for 3! That’s more than likely why his reaction was so emotional. He couldn’t save Sophia, he did get his bae Carol, but couldn’t save Beth. I’d be hurt too. Plus she was like a baby sister. I chuckled when they wheeled Carol out and he stepped up like “I’ll take her. Move.” That was hilarious!

    Tyreese should feel like flame broiled shit. If they went with Shane 2.0’s plan Beth might have lived!

    What’s interesting for me is, I’m actually sorry to see Beth go. It took me 5.5 seasons to like her (yes…didn’t like her until this episode) and then bam. She’s gone. I want to know what she thought she was going to do with those baby scissors stabbing Dawn in the shoulder.

    Dawn is the WORST! The entire plan was great until she felt like she wanted Everybody Hates Chris back at her slave plantation. I’m so glad she’s gone.

    And now we wait for February.

    • I’ve been singing the Rick is Shane 2.0 tune for awhile now but my cousin reminded me of one big difference. Shane would’ve shanked Tyreese (or anyone from the group that didn’t agree with him)while Rick only goes psycho on non group members.

  14. We hardly got any Rick or Michonne this half season and the series suffered. The hospital was so boring. I didn’t care about the people except Beth and it went way to long. Hell give me Gareth and Terminus – at least I understood them. I am really sad about Beth. They finally give her some character development and then she’s gone. And now we are left with people we don’t care about or are just plain stupid. Abraham, Mullet head, Maggie & Glen, Ms Yo Yo, Tyrese and Father frickin Gabriel. Just so dissatisfied and disappointed once again with their mid season finales and season finales. Sigh.

  15. Beth is gone!!!!!!! Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!!!! I blame all this emotional wreckage I’m going through right now on the rest of you and your hatred of beth and the bethisode!!! If you guys wouldn’t have made me defend that episode so hard maybe I could be like maggie and only fake care about beth but alas that’s not the world we live in!!! Again I will repeat THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS!!!(yes I’m blaming you Nina and john!!!) lol

    Speaking of maggie I think the show really dropped the ball handling Maggie reaction, bc even though I felt Lauren Cohen really did a great job portraying emotion of the situation, the whole time I was thinking I’m more hurt then you are!!

    As far as the whole episode I liked it especially the ricks rundown in the cold open!! But I will say this episode mostly reminded me of the mountain and the viper bc the whole time I didn’t give a fuck about all the talking they had dawn doing, I just wanted to get to the end bc I knew some shit would hit the fan!!

    Also why the hell did Derrick Rose need to investigate the school it made 0 sense?!?!? And I’m also glad Sasha is done with Hodor and all his softass emotions!!

    Lastly how surprised were you guys that dawn wanted Kunta back on laundry duty?!?! When he and beth embraced all I could think was, man another brother being ripped away from his snow bunny(what a cruel world the za must be!!)

    Anyway that’s all I’ve got and can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!

  16. Let me just get this out of the way first. I know it was funny to give Maggie shit about not caring about Beth but last night when Beth was killed and Maggie broke down I damn near cried too. That scene was so heartbreaking. And in retrospect I kind of get Maggie not asking about Beth, I’m just going to chalk it up to her coping with it. I know its not the popular opinion but I’m going with it. So Rest In Peace Beth. I tip my 40 to your memory… take a drink and I start to think and I… um I digress.

    Rick ran out of fucks long ago. The way he bounced fake Bob off that bumper was funny as hell. And then when he shot him in the head I cheered.

    I’m officially over Tyrese ever being a badass again. I’m just gonna say it Your little sister is nursing a concussion behind some weak shit that you put on her spirit and you still trying to preach that forgiveness shit! N-Word fuck you! Ol’ weak ass punk ass ho ass bitch! But no disrespect…

    Father Gabriel is so lame. He single-handedly caused the fall of the church he’s utterly useless. Maybe there’s some hope for him next season but I doubt it.

    Fuck greedy ass Dawn and her redemption story. I’m glad Beth took down Dawn’s slave trading ass before getting killed, and our boy Daryl finished the job, that was awesome!

    Now that the band is back together and getting back on the road I’m excited for the next 8 episodes too bad we have to wait a couple months but I suspect it will be worth it.

    Much love and respect to the the Project Fandom crew y’all take care!

  17. LOVE THE
    EPISODE! It wasn?t Terminus great but made up for the 3 weeks of slow stand aloneepisodes.
    * Rick Grimes = Get Shit done! I laughed so hard when he hit the runaway cop and said “Shut Up” after he shot him. Rick isn?t here for BS. And if Rick yelled if you want to follow him leave now ? you bet my ass would be running toward his fine, lanky, grizzly ass. J
    * Michonne (The Walking Dead) was a better babysitter than Tyrese. She threw that baby on her back and took
    out some walkers without breaking a sweat. LOVE that woman!
    * I was never so happy to see that ginger Abraham roll up in the fire truck!
    * Dear Tyrese, Sasha don?t want to walk down memory lane and talk about picking flowers and running around without a care in the world. She?s here to survive ? you should be too. Your plan ? failed. So when Rick wants to slit some throats to save his people, just do as the man says cause the death of Beth rests on your shoulders. In the words of the Arrow Tyrese you?ve failed this city!
    * For those BITCHING about Maggie not caring about her sister ? see she cared. (ok I think I was one of the complainers for a hot second but I figured if she was taken she, Maggie just assumed she died) But to get hope that shes back and then see her
    dead body?..damn. I actually teared up and I don?t even like Beth? tears were for Maggie and Darryl.
    * Honestly I have mixed emotions about Beth dying?.at first I was like DAYUM! No! No! No! a second later I let out a sigh of relief because it was not Michonne or Darryl. And then i saw Daryl cry?.ugly cry and once again I felt bad.
    SIDENOTE: And doesn’t the actress who plays Beth look like Luna from Harry Potter but with the dull acting skills of Kristen Stewart? Anyone?
    So now I have to wait until Feb? URGH!!

  18. Everyone pretty much stated all the high & low lights.

    1) Rick is a BAMF. Don’t fuck with him. Or his people. Cause he will run your ass down. Tell you off. Shoot your ass and still tell you to shut up after you’re dead. Don’t fuck with Rick.

    2) Tyrese’s punk wimp ass needs to die. A piece of shit termite threatens little baby Judith & you still don’t kill his ass. Either sit your big ass down or get killed! Since everyone loses siblings, maybe he’s next.

    3) thankfully Sasha shook off that nonsense her brother was sprouting and rejoined the badass women of the group.

    4) speaking of badass women, Michonne was up there slicing & dicing with a baby on her back! That’s my girl! Fierce mama bear protecting her young!

    5) Gabriel can die. The only thing he’s good for will be done next week. At least poor Beth will get a proper funeral.

    6) Noah is officially part of the group. Hopefully he’s not a punk like Tyrese & Gabriel. Tho Tyrese can at least kill walkers. And watch the baby. Lol.

    7) I had a moment of respect for Dawn when she and Beth took out asshole cop #507. Cause all they ever hired on that joint were bullies. But she lost any minute props she received earlier by trying to get poor Noah back & then shooting Beth. Accident or not, her foolishness got her ass shot in the head by Daryl.

    8) Beth. Poor little thing was in tears on the Talking Dead. And Kirkman couldn’t even hold her hand or anything. At least Chris Hardwick have her a hug. But what was she doing with the scissors. Time & place sweetie. That was just a convenient way to kill her. But cold blooded. At least she went out like a G.

    9) Daryl. When he cries, we all cry. That’s all I’m gonna say.

    10) MORGAN!!! He’s so close now! He’ll catch up! And then Tyrese can die and we can have a badass brotha on the team!

    Since this is long ass and y’all probably got a ton of feedback, I’ll end it here. Can’t wait to hear the podcast & I’m so glad y’all do a lot of different shows so we don’t have to suffer through the drought season for podcasts otherwise known as the holiday season.

  19. I don’t get all the hate on Beth. I think of all the characters on the show she had the most thankless role yet somehow managed to grow the most. For me, her dying hurt worse than the dying of any other character on the show, even when the inevitable happens and Daryl and Rick die.

  20. Rick really not taking no shit off nobody! Carl told him he had to give people a chance, but second chances? Nope! Rick the Ferguson PD out this motherfucker, if you gotta chase you, you’re not gonna live.

    But really, I guess he couldn’t return dude all injured and expect to not have a problem, so it was for the best.

    Tyrese gotta go! I didn’t like him when he was putting the group in danger, and now he’s admitting he didn’t even try to kill white Glen? But that’s not the worse thing, the worse thing is him trying to pollute the mind of the hazelnut goddess, Sasha!

    I’m so glad she not having it though. No more replacement Bob slip ups though!

    Dawn was struggling to keep power, most of those officers feared her but didn’t respect her. I think she knew that that’s why she tried to beg when that gun went off, ain’t none of those officers even try to take a shot and gave up quick. They might as well have played Big Sean IDFWU in the background.

    They gave Maggie hope, then took it and she hamed it up! She was asking God to take her instead, all in the church with one leg in the casket and her wig coming off.

    And Morgan, I thought he was following Rick somehow but when he found that map you see it was just a big coincidence. First I thought he might go to DC but Rick ain’t got the map so he probably knows to stay put. I can’t wait to see Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Morgan fucking things up!

    Come on February!!

  21. Agree Eddie… I don’t get the Beth Hate. Her character was there to show us the vulnerability of the situation and times. She had hardened since her drunken night with Daryl. She was basically a shining bit of honesty to stupid, living in a fantasy world Dawn. I enjoyed what Emily she did with what she had…

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