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Episode 290: The Walking Dead – S6E1 – First Time Again

We discuss Rick vs. Morgan, the incredible shrinking baby, quarry white walkers, and the Horn Blower of Alexandria.


The Walking Dead 'First Time Again'
  • 9/10
    Nina - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Donald - 6/10
  • 8.5/10
    John - 8.5/10


Nina and John really enjoyed this episode even though they found the writing and dialogue a bit too on-the-nose. Donald wasn’t as impressed. Nina is sick of Rick’s shit.

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3 Comments on Episode 290: The Walking Dead – S6E1 – First Time Again

  1. Here’s my feedback on some questions/points raised in this podcast:

    1. Re: Rick- he’s dead inside. He’s seen too much, lost too much, he doesn’t have one single second for hand holding or placating. He’s trying to keep what’s left of his family and his people together, that’s what he cares about. He’s pretty dead inside. It’s the ZA, the rules are different and he doesn’t have time to stop and nurse hurt feelings or convince anyone why they should or should not do something and what’s right and wrong now, in this new world. Doing so can get someone killed.
    In fact, he was too easy on Ethan Embry’s character when they caught him in the secret meeting. There should have been consequences for that.
    Re: Carol and Morgan- yes, they have more chemistry than Morgan and Michonne. Also, re: Carols extreme coyness with Morgan- remember, she’s playing the role of the docile homemaker in Alexandria public, she s doesn’t know Morgan well enough to drop her facade. Carols seen and been through a lot too, she’s pretty dead inside at times.
    I think for both Carol and Rick, being dead inside is how they cope and how they survive.

    In any case, there is no reason to hand hold anyone in that town. They gotta either get on board fast or leave, because that’s how people die.

  2. Well that was certainly a testy episode of the podcast.

  3. Morgan and Carol have chemistry yet Morgan and Michonne don’t ? Lol

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