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The Walking Dead – S6E1- First Time Again

Previously on The Walking Dead

The 90-minute premiere featured non-linear storytelling – something the show has done before, but not quite like this – displaying events in the past (the days immediately after the last moments in the season 5 finale) in black and white and current events in color. For the sake of flow and the podcast. I will cover the flashbacks first and then start over with the present day narrative. 


Deanna sits in front of the huge puddle of blood Reg left and tells Gabriel he was wrong. Gabriel already knows that on account of Sasha almost putting a few bullets in his ass.

Abraham carries Reg’s body for burial, has a drink, and pours one out for his homie. Jessie sits with her sons, but Ron would rather grieve in peace and storms out.

Glenn and Maggie are happy to find Tara is awake. Glenn doesn’t tell everyone what a piece of shit Nicholas is. Tara finds Eugene’s joy at her being alive a bit creepy and asks for Noah. Awwww.

Carl finds Enid playing with fire, literally. They touch hands and Ron watches from the bushes like a damn creeper.

While Morgan and Daryl eat, Rick tells Morgan they’ll talk in the morning. He also warns he doesn’t take chances anymore, which his way of softening the “we gotta lock you up till we know you’re not cray anymore” that follows. But Morgan takes it well, according to Rick, who tells Daryl the next morning that being separated from the group was Morgan’s idea.

Daryl mentions the Ws and the men Morgan encountered. They are still way too leisurely when it comes to this. Rick’s solutions is an increase in watchers. He’s also going to tell Deanna they shouldn’t send out scouts for more folks, which Daryl disagrees with. Rick sure is forgetting where he came from and taking over Alexandria mighty quick.

Abraham plays Balance the Dead Man’s Wedding Ring on a Liquor Bottle, but loses because he’s drunk.

Morgan is practicing his Donatello stick skills (is that the Ninja Turtle with the stick?) when Rick comes to apologize, again, for locking him up. Morgan is like, “I said it’s cool. Sometimes the safest place is where there’s no way out.”

Eugene is at the gate when Heath and two others arrive in a car. Eugene refuses to let them in, even though Heath says he lives there. Heath asks again and Eugene is like, “Come on in!” Ugh.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Heath’s hair. I want to fight someone over at The Walking Dead for having this brother walk around with his edges so disrespected. Note: I am not upset that his hair looks like a hot-ass mess. It’s the ZA. I get it. I am upset that their special effects team doesn’t know how to make ethnic hair looks mismanaged. You mean to tell me they can make realistic walking corpses, but they can’t handle bushy braids?

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Anyway, Eugene has decided he trusts Heath because he too has a fucked up hairdo – he does this despite the lack of facial hair on Heath.

Rick is in the middle of telling Morgan how soft the Alexandrians are when he spots Tobin and Gabriel burying Reg and Pete. First off, he’s suspicious because fuck anything Gabriel’s involved with. Second, he doesn’t want Pete buried inside the walls. Deanna cosigns and asks Rick and Morgan to take Pete’s body far away to an area they don’t mess with. Ron is lurking nearby because that kid is like a fucking creepy shadow, just chilling.

“Let the trees have him.”

Morgan reminds Rick that they’re both killers as they load Pete’s body into the trunk of a car. He’s not wrong.

When they get Pete’s body to the spot, Rick wants to just leave him to rot in the bushes. Morgan says, “That’s not who you are. I know.” Rick is like, “You don’t know my life!” But Morgan starts to dig a grave anyway. Rick stops him when he hears something nearby and the two find a Flintstone quarry of walkers. Like, all the damn walkers in the world have converged on this spot. They have little time to bask in the WTF-ness of it all because here comes creepy Ron, being chased by walkers. Rick saves him from going off the cliff. The walkers keep going because walkers are dumb.

The walkers in the quarry are kept in place by strategically placed tractor trailers. The herd grows bigger when walkers are attracted to the sounds they’re making and fall into the quarry from above. Rick surmises this is how Alexandria has remained relatively safe. Rick tells Ron, who just wanted to see where his dad was buried, that it’s not safe for him there and he shouldn’t be out alone. He offers to teach Ron how to protect himself like he didn’t just shoot the boy’s father in the face the night before. But because Ron is there, Rick helps Morgan bury Pete’s body.

At the town meeting, Rick explains the danger of the walkers in the quarry: they will eventually get out and head for them. He proposes they let them out and herd them away. Carol, still playing innocent, agrees with Rick. Carter (Ethan Embry) ain’t ’bout that life. He’s not really here for following the guy who just got here and went crazy in 48 hours. But Deanna backs Rick, again. They need volunteers so Sasha, Abraham, and Glenn step up. Glenn whispers to Maggie she needs to stay behind and keep an eye on Deanna, who looks like she’s about one more stressor from a breakdown.

Gabriel ties to volunteer, but:

Others step up, including Nicholas, who gets death rays shot at him from Glenn’s eyeballs.

Carter wants to go over the plan, many times. Rick proposes they use cars like pinball machine bouncers to keep the walkers on the part they want. Carter’s like, “Nah.” Eugene suggests they use the metal plates they have from the construction site to build walls along the route and Carter is placed in charge of that since he helped Reg build the town’s walls.

The town works to dig ditches and build walls along the route. Rick nods at Jessie like he didn’t kill her husband the other day. Carol offers to go out with them when they kick off their plan, but Rick wants her to stay behind and take the temperature of the group. Daryl tells Rick that taking care of the group means going out to get more people… and then just walks away. Morgan questions Carol, who tries to keep that happy housewife facade, but he’s not fooled. He recognizes Carol as someone who will handle her business if shit jumps off.

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Morgan

As Tara side-eyes the fuck out of Nicholas for getting Noah killed, Maggie tells her what Nicholas did to Glenn. Glenn told her she could tell the group if she wanted, but so far she’s only telling Tara. Maggie compares the compassion she showed towards Tara with what Glenn is doing and Tara agrees to follow Maggie’s lead.

They’ve made progress in building the roadside walls so Rick focuses on getting Deanna to agree to armed citizens in their town and extra training. She agrees, but wonders what else Rick wants. He wants the entire team ready and that includes setting them up to be attacked by walkers while they work. When things get a little too real, Morgan jumps in to help Carter and the others, who clearly don’t know how to protect themselves.

“You said you don’t take chances anymore. Neither do I.” – Morgan

Eugene is getting supplies when he overhears Carter trying to convince others they need to kill Rick before he kills them. Eugene stumbles and falls, making his presence known because he’s the worst. Carter pulls a gun on him, realizing Eugene has heard too much, but Rick interrupts, knocks Carter down and takes his gun. Carter says he was the only one talking mutiny. Instead of killing him, Rick gives Carter the option of working with them.

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Eugene

Later, Morgan is cleaning his death stick on Rick’s porch when Rick offers to let Morgan move in with them. Guess his probation period is up. He introduces Morgan to Judith, who has somehow gotten younger from last season. She looks at Morgan like, “Black Daddy, is that you?” #RIPTyreese

Morgan tells Rick that the man who spared Carter is who he truly is, but Rick admits that he really wanted to kill Carter because it would have been easier than waiting for him to screw up.

The night before the dry run, Rick runs into Jessie and they talk about his run-in with Ron. She rightfully points out that Rick is not the one to discipline or teach her son. In fact, she got it handled. She got her own gun and Rosita is teaching her. In other words, back the fuck off.

The dry run starts at the end point where Abraham asks Sasha if she volunteered because she wants to die. She smiles and says no. The next point is a tractor store where there are walkers trapped inside. Since the noise they’re making will distract the herded walkers from the path, Rick says they’ll come back on their way home that night to take care of them. Glenn pulls Nicholas aside and says he’s not ready to be out with them the next day. Soon, but now, and Glenn will make sure of it.

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Now we’re at the quarry where Rick begins a speech about coming for the walkers before they come for them. And that brings us to…


The group’s dry run of clearing the quarry turns into the real deal when one of the tracker trailers falls. I guess the disruption pushed the walkers forward, compromising the two trackers holding the mob in place, so Rick decides they need to work the plan now and not tomorrow.

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Carter, Morgan, Rick

Everyone is instructed to hit their jobs, despite protests from Carter. Flares are fired to start moving the herd, Tobin drives one of the trucks forward, and we’re off!

“We’ll do it live!” – Abraham

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Abraham

Abraham and Sasha head for their location and Abraham checks once more that Sasha isn’t on a suicide mission. She’s all, “What did I say? Question asked and answered.” She wonders why he even bothered to get in the car with her if he thinks she’s still crazy.

Rick, Morgan, and Michonne reach their checkpoint and Rick assures them that the walls they erected (reinforced with parked cars) will hold. Morgan’s more concerned with asking Michonne if she ate his last peanut butter protein bar that time she was at his place and he was crazy. She says she didn’t. He doesn’t believe her. She’s like, “Oh, well.”

Note: I am pretty sure she didn’t. I could have sworn we only saw her eat chips.

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Rick, Michonne, Morgan

Daryl does his job, luring the herd of walkers with the roar of his motorcycle and he eventually meets up with Abraham and Sasha. This shot was cool as hell. 

Glenn, Nicholas, and Heath get to the tractor place, but their plan to let one or two walkers out at a time isn’t going to work since the shop is barricaded by more than just a locked door. They have no choice but to break the glass and take out the dozen or so walkers as they spill out. Nicholas isn’t completely useless nor does he betray anyone. Progress! 

The Walking Dead S6E1 - Nicholas

The walkers are being herded with the group firing flares in the air to keep them moving in the direction they want. Carter’s walls work. The walkers who hit it bash their own heads in.

Abraham notices some stragglers veering off the path and without another word he hops out to get them back on track. Back in the car, he talks about seeing Reg’s body and having Pete’s face blow away while they were cheek to cheek. He reckons he might still have some Pete brain matter in his ears. He certainly has a way with words, that Abraham.

“I just grabbed the bulls by the nutsack. I’m living, darling. Just like you.” – Abraham

Abraham is clearly the one with the death wish.

The group meets up in the woods, the walkers are on track and now it’s just a matter of keeping them herded. Carter runs off to take his place along the front of the route and is promptly eaten by that one random walker that is always hiding behind a tree once per season. Rick kills the walker and tries to get Carter to shut the hell up, but in Carter’s defense, his face was just eaten. Rick puts a knife in the back of Carter’s neck and that does the job. The gunfire Rick ordered lures the walkers headed for Carter’s screams back to the road. Morgan and Michonne don’t look too happy with this turn of events.

The herding is almost done when a horn starts blaring in the distance. It’s coming from Alexandria and it’s luring the walkers off the path and right for home.

The Walking Dead S6E1
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 10/10


Great way to kick off the season. Though the problem (quarry walkers) seems a little too conveniently manufactured, it was the perfect task to work through the tensions of last season – the most extreme team-building exercise ever. Rick’s abrasiveness is getting a tad out of hand. Hopefully, Morgan’s calmer approach will clash in all the right ways. I enjoy their friendship, and don’t want to see them at odds, but Rick does need someone to tell him when to take a damn seat. And that sure ain’t Carol. And I’m gonna need Enid and her cohorts to lay off the damn horn.

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15 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E1- First Time Again

  1. Now that is what I call a premiere. I was on the edge of my seat, my butt was clenched (shout out to Devin), and I swear my heart stopped beating a time or two. I loved the use of black & white to differentiate the flashback from the present. There were so many people on Twitter who didn’t get it. I mean, the blood on Rick’s face in one and the bandages in the other should have been an indicator, but I’m no Rhodes Scholar. The B&W also made the situation a little more scary in my opinion. (Side note: I love when AMC replays the season in B&W; good shit) Did anyone else notice the music at the quarry was very similar to the FTWD theme?

    Rick gets the side eye for some of the shit he did this episode. Let that boy grieve his ain’t shit dad, damn! He had almost a whole season to grieve his harpy, bitch-whore wife; have some compasssion. I did love his Travis Bickle moment with Carter. Rick all kinds of crazy; how would Carter know who he is? I’m gonna be more than a little pissed if Morgan and Michonne give Rick a hard time about the Carter situation. What the fuck was he supposed to do? Let him keep screaming or let him turn? GATWTFOH. Speaking of Morgan and Michonne, the show can just stop with that bullshit. I ain’t hear for them as a couple, so put the kibosh on this shit and let’s get Richonne going.

    Is Abe crazy or nah? Like really for real crazy? I mean, they’re all nuts to some degree but he was a little off the deep end. I guess brains in your face will do that.

    What’s up with Gleen not telling everyone about punk ass Nicholas? I need some understanding about why he would do that. They have a right to know what kind of person he is. This shit will end up biting them in the ass; quite possibly literally.

    Two last questions: I think they were they saying “you were right” to Rick so much because pretty soon they’re gonna be saying the opposite; thoughts? Is anyone else upset about the lack of use of an actor like Ethan Embry? One episode?! We had to deal with 3.5 seasons of that hack, Emily Kinney, but he only gets one episode? Maybe he’ll be in flashbacks…

  2. Walking Dead Podcast:
    Overall I enjoyed the episode. I thought the use of black & white in the flashbacks was good. It helped distinguish the different timelines.
    1. Heath aka Dr. Dre – It took me a few minutes to realize who this dude was, but after that I figured out he’s the guy who played Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton. It was good to see him on this show. I hope he lives long enough to get someone to tighten up those braids tho.
    2. Judith – This child was born at least 2 seasons ago. Why the fuck is she STILL an infant?
    3. Maggie – Tara is one of the most important people in the world to you?? Really? What about… You know what? Fuck it and fuck her.
    4. Marches – Saturday was the anniversary of The Million Man March on Washington. Sunday was the Million Zombie March on Alexandria. Coincidence? I think not! Stay woke, black people. Stay woke!

  3. Omg, we’re back!!! In all its zombie goodness. We even get to start off with what I would think is the biggest zombie horde we’ve seen since the highway in the beginning of the season & the farm. & how amazing (& at the same time creepy) was it seeing that walker (we’re back with the OG’s so I’m calling them Walkers) skin rip off from squeezing in between those two trucks. With the beginning of this episode, I already can tell I’m not going to be able to eat & watch this show at the same time this season. Anywho, I personally thought it was funny when Deanna looked at Gabriel & said, “You were wrong.” Cause he looked @ her back like, “Well.. Not the first time I’ve heard that. So… Sorry.” Next we get the “looks who’s alive” scene. As more of our crew make their appearances & we get to see Eugene is back & the mullet is still holding up nicely. I wonder how much product he got his hands on in the Z.A. to hold his hair up. & with that being said he obviously isn’t sharing with the women. I relished in the fact that even Deanna admitted to Rick he was right (smh @ Gabriel-get. He’s just one of those guys when he speakers, you always wanna say get out my face & go sit over there. Ugh, just useless). Anyways, we turn to Sasha & Abraham. Now I might have to take back my previous statement cause Eugene might be sharing his gel with Abraham (I mean he does owe him for lying that whole time). & when Abraham chuck the deuce to Sasha. I was like that’s my dawg (in my Smokey vc). He earned the syllable in his name (“brah-bruh”). Also, I like that we get another character training & who was thought martial arts after the outbreak through Morgan. If I was Rick, I would be happy as hell to have two ninjas (no pun intended) on my team. So let’s run a quick checklist. that’s two ninjas, 3 gunmen, an egghead, & somebody who’s quick on their feet & that can run. Is it just me or do we got Rick (instead of Nick) Fury & his Avengers now. I mean Abraham did Hulk out on Eugene last season & did it again for a couple of minutes to draw the Walkers back on course. Now I wanted to ask do y’all think that Deanna was talking in code when she told Rick to head west & to let the trees have ol’ boy? Anyways, I really love Rick but he needed that talk from Morgan. Especially when he said, “I’m a killer & your a killer to.” Like both of y’all hands are too dirty to start being hypocrites. But my favorite line had to be when Morgan ask Michonne did she eat his peanut butter energy bar. I was thinking to myself, “Ya, cause i know you ninjas need your peanut butter energy bars (wink, wink) Rick was looking like “Borderline”. & that scene in the house. I think that’s the first time I seen a brother volunteer to be on a team & the captain says no & no one bats an eyelash 😂 & When Glen saw Boo #number 1 & 2 hug he was smiling his ass off. But that ending though. That had be the biggest Fuck You I ever seen in a show &/or movie. Like come on. Rick spent a whole hour & four minutes plotting & scheming on how to get the Walkers before they got them & some ass is like, “Oh, yeah Rick? Well I got this here horn back at home so fuck you!” (Then presses the button with all their pettiness) but I personally thought that was a nice line cause the first time Rick said it I thought he was talking about the next bad guy who was coming but he was talking about the Walkers & I say a hour & four minutes because they extended the episode (yay!!! 🎆🎉🎊) but that’s it from me. Sorry I been slacking on recaps it’s because I been slacking on our shows. Now I gotta tell my Main B that my Mistress is back. I’m talking tv shows & sports people get your heads out the gutter lol luv y’all & can’t wait to hear your thoughts

  4. Hell yeah! It’s back. I was orgasming like Wells.



    I’ll keep this one short because I know this one will have all the comments and I have grad school shit I have to do. The beginning was great. It had action, new scenery and a new black person (heath? I haven’t heard that name in years) with that raggedy hairstyle was great and I also laughed when he walked away on Eugene when he said he respects the hair game. The ricktatorship was everything. Fuck Jesse. Andthat is probably the most walkers we will see all year.

    Those cars weren’t dirty. They have month old dust on it if that. I love me some Morgan but when he was swinging the broomstick around in the room practicing, I was laughing. It wasn’t believable. Still love him though. When he asked Michonne about the peanut butter bar? I died. Morgan has been giving Rick the dirtiest looks and I love it.

    The Gabriel “I wanna help” line with Rick was great. Rick is a badass! I just loved it. One last thing, I still don’t trust the dirt ball who fought Glenn. I just don’t. Overall, th

  5. NOT for the podcast:

    Sweet Jesus, that picture right there solidifies why I don’t watch this show. *** shudder ***

    But I’m glad y’all got your show back! 😀

    Enjoyed the episode tremendously-loved the black & white/color to contrast past & present eventually coming 2gether.
    Other thoughts-
    after 1 episode I’m team Morgan-loved the scene b/t he & rick on porch-Morgan still sees the good in rick(as luke does in Rotj 😄)
    Quarry-initially confused-quarry was a settlement eventually overrun by & turning residents into walkers
    When Tara learned about Noah I was like who?!?! 😄 totally 4 got about him-😄

  7. I haven’t seen the all the seasons I started at season 5.5. But I realized last night biggest difference between TWD and FTWD is TWD has a good blend of humor, suspense and gore. I laughed more last than I did the entire season of Fear.

  8. YES! My show is back!

    If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed with the Walking Dead is that they always deliver when it comes to premieres. This along with the Season 5 premiere are tied for being my favorites. It’s crazy yet cool that a good majority of the stuff from the trailer was in this episode which keeps both TV viewers and people like me who are caught up with the comics on their toes.

    I really liked how they using the black and white to differentiate between past and present. It was weird that a lot of people didn’t catch on to this #TheUnwoke

    While I love crazy Rick, he had too many “you need chill bruh” moments. Let that family grieve man! He tryna teach Ron how to be a sharp shooter and Ron is just there like “bitch, you just killed my dad last night, fuck yo help.” Rick still tryna get it on with Jessie and she’s like “nope”. Can’t blame him though ❄️🐇.

    As much as I like Morgan, I saw a lot of hypocrites last night. Some of the same people who gave Tyreese hell for not killing White Glenn & for Actual Glenn letting Nick live were now the people all in love with this new Morgan. I guess that Ninja Turtle stick won y’all over 🐸☕️. I do like that he was aware of Carol’s little “I’m all innocent” game and I’m glad that At least Nicholas is showing progress and being helpful now.

    There seemed to be a lot more funny moments in this show then usual. From just conversations between certain characters (Heath/Eugene and Morgan/Michonne to name 2) had me laughing more then usual during a WD episode. They also seem to be teasing a lot of things such as tension between Rick & Daryl and a possible romance with Morgan & Michonne. Black love y’all!

    Finally happy that Heath is finally on the show and enjoyed his intro. With all the dumb shit the Alexandrians will do, bringing his smart ass comments to the show is perfect timing. I wish they stop name dropping Holly and just show her already.

    I was on Twitter and watching reviews on YouTube and I’m happy that I’m not the only one to be thinking that the new Judith looks like Shane lol. Also she saw Morgan and was like “you ain’t my black daddy, IMPOSTER!” #RIPTyreese

    Poor Gabriel…that’s all

    Last thing. When Glenn and Maggie where having that conversation during the meeting. Glenn told her to stay back to check on Deanna then I believe she says “it’s for that other reason too isn’t it?” What do you guys think she meant? I’m just gonna throw it out there and say she’s pregnant.

    Great episode and can’t wait for the podcast.

  9. don’t need to read this out cause its just a sentence but my reaction for the whole episode was “what the FUCK is going on???? I think i missed a lot of shit”

    end feedback

  10. Did I miss the part where Maggie and Tara bonded?


    Loved it! The B/W threw me for a minute cause my old ass TV does do that from time to time but it made things very interesting.

    Trying to keep this short, loved the hilarious scenes between Morgan & Michonne and Heath & Eugene. Yes Heath’s hair is fucked up. And Gabe still ain’t shit. Love seeing EVERYBODY call him out on his ain’t shitness!

    Love that Morgan can see thru Carol’s act. Love it! All that ninja training is paying off.

    Rick is still crazy but at least he’s not just shooting everyone for disagreeing.

    Ron is going try and learn to be a sniper just to take Rick out. But kid, where was you when your mama was getting beat down by your daddy?

    Loved the premiere! They had ALL THE WALKERS coming thru there! And it was either Ron or the wolves blowing that horn.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  12. Who knew Jessie was an En Vogue fan? Cause she sure was signing “No you’re never gonna get it, never ever gonna get it” about her lovin’. I hope she means that, I’m not here for Rick playing step pop to the kids who’s father he killed.

    Did y’all see Morgan read Carol? Then he went and Jedi mind tricked Rick info burying the body? Morgan good he and Glenn are gonna bring Rick and Carol back to believing in humanity, I just know it. What brand of protein bars you think he eats, of are they homemade? I might need that recipe homie.

    It’s good to see Master P getting work again, I wish he was still rolling around in that No Limit tank in the ZA, but that might be unrealistic… Just like his hair or Eugene letting him in without checking with anyone.


    This show needed to come back strong bc it’s lil brother kicked it’s ass!! And I must say it delivered, although I HATED that black and white shit!! There’s a reason the good lord blessed us with big ass TV’s and HD, it’s so we don’t have to watch shit like savages no more, anyways onto my highlights

    1. I was not feeling Ron this episode, bc didn’t he know his daddy was putting them hands on Jesse Spano?!?! Ain’t no way imma be mad about a hot one in his head, and tbh I would’ve been trying to figure out how to do it myself!! Then he mad his dad don’t get a home goin..? Rick and Morgan both better than me, they’d have been lucky if I slowed the car down when I disposed of the body!!

    2. I was so happy to see the mega baby BYKE!! You know her inner monologue was all “yaaaaasssss, it’s been far too long since I’ve been in the caring arms of a black man” so now Morgan gotta die!! Bc Judith is a black widow( see what I did there)😉

    3. Lastly speaking of deaths I’d like to add dr Dre to my death predictions, along with the other 2 colored red shirts we saw this episode bc… Well y’all kno 😂

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

  14. Loved it. I realized so much stuff in the trailer for S6 happened in the show already so my predictions are all in the trash for the most part lmao

    Badass Rick is here to stay, Morgan saw through Carols bs, Jessie, Sasha and Maggie still looking, my nigga Heath is finally here, and the walkers are taking over. This episode was everything. They’re remixing storylines while also saying on track to with what the comics did.

    Speaking of that, I’m sure every one who’s read the comics had a nerdgasm when Morgan said “no way out”!!

    Can’t wait till next week.

  15. I loved this episode!!

    I know some people didn’t like the B&W back story, but I did. The way Glen just forgave Nicholas was a bit much, but someone has to be the counterpoint to crazy town Rick.

    Speaking of Rick, the flawless shade he gave Father Gabriel…if Rick was black, he would’ve said Nigga Please!

    Lastly, the plan to move that heard was genius, until that prison dude came back to avenge himself once again…lol. I loved how they ended with that noise and arial shot.

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