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The Walking Dead – S6E10 – The Next World

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘No Way Out’

It’s been two months since stupid Jessie and her two dumb sons were the only people fool enough to die while wearing guts ponchos.

Alexandria is rebuilding, Rick is so thin he needs to make a new notch in his belt, and Michonne is out of toothpaste. Good thing Daryl and Rick are making a day run for supplies. Michonne puts in a request for spearmint and baking soda, looking all clean and well moisturized in her bathrobe. I see you, girl.

Denise asks Daryl to bring back the soda pop Tara’s been mentioning in her sleep, which means #DeyFucking. Maggie is concerned because she never sees Enid around, and tells the teen to come talk to her if she needs to.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Mommy Issues

Michonne notices Spencer entering the woods with a shovel and follows him. What is he doing out there? Burying his feelings?

He won’t tell her what he’s doing, but Michonne had too much respect for Deanna to let her son die out in the woods so she continues to tag along.

Carl and Enid are also up to their old tricks of sneaking out into the woods just because, though Enid seems to be over it. When they encounter a walker that they clearly know and Carl refuses to kill it, Enid has had enough. She heads back to Alexandria, probably to talk to Maggie about how silly boys are.

TWD S6E10 - Deanna Walker

Michonne spots Carl just before a walker shambles into view. It’s Deanna. Michonne holds her while Spencer tearfully puts her down. Then, they bury her by a tree with her initial carved into it.



Spencer has lost his whole family, but Michonne reminds him he still has family and a home, so how ’bout they get back to it.

Later that night, Michonne confronts Carl about being out in the woods and playing hide and seek with walker Deanna. He knew Spencer had to be the one to kill it. He’s been there. It should have been someone who loved her, and he’d do that for Michonne.

Only in the ZA could “I’m willing to be the one who puts a knife through your brain” be an expression of love.

Jesus Take the Wheel

On the road, Daryl points out they haven’t had much luck on their runs in recent weeks. They haven’t found any people and Daryl thinks that’s probably for the best. What happened to the Daryl who understood they need people? I guess after blowing up Negan’s goons he’s like, fuck people.

Rick and Daryl hit the jackpot with a truck full of supplies, but lose it to a slick stranger named Jesus. They take off on foot after him – because they left their car where they first found the truck – and eventually catch up. After a fight, Jesus hands over the keys instead of getting shot.

TWD S6E10 - Jesus at gunpoint

They’re back on the road for awhile when Daryl realizes Jesus is on the roof of the truck. Rick stops short in a field, sending Jesus flying. What follows is a Benny Hill-esque chase through the countryside that leaves Jesus knocked the fuck out and the truck of supplies sinking to the bottom of a lake.

Happy, boys? Now no one gets to play with it!

TWD S6E10 - Daryl chases Jesus

They head back to Alexandria with a snoozing Jesus. Daryl has definitely changed his mind about their need to find people, but Rick informs him that he had the right idea the first time. They take Jesus to Denise for mending, and then leave him in their makeshift prison with a glass of water and a note.

Rick says it’s pretty stupid of them to keep going out there and Daryl agrees. But they’ll be doing it again tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

TWD S6E10 - Rick and Daryl bring Jesus In

Breath Mints & Chill

Like an old married couple, Rick and Michonne rest on the couch, each too tired to talk about their day. Rick struck out on the toothpaste, but did get a roll of breath mints from the vending machine. They giggle, and hold hands over the mints.

TWD S6E10 - Richonne

Then they lock eyes.


Tentative kisses turn into passionate kisses. There’s face holding and smiling. Pants come off.

Then the heavens opened up and blessed upon us: Richonne.

TWD S6E10 - Richonne Kissing

Jesus Frowns Upon Your Pre-Marital, Post-Apocalypse Sex

Rick and Michonne are butt-ass naked and boo’d up in bed when Jesus rushes in, wanting to talk to Rick.

I wonder if this is another time jump.

The Walking Dead S6E10
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    Walkers - 8.5/10


This episode was a breath of fresh, spearmint scented air. It was light and humorous, while still keeping the element of danger that always exists in the ZA.

I’ve been highly critical when they show characters leaving their safe zone just because. At least in this episode, they finally acknowledge (first Enid, then Rick) that it’s pretty stupid.

The walker Deanna story was handled well, though I wish they’d have resisted the urge to have Spencer say, “So, that’s why I came out here.” The Walking Dead can’t seem to help itself when it comes to overdoing it or stating the obvious.

It seems they can’t ever have everyone on the same page. The role reversal of Daryl no longer wanting to bring in new people and Rick being for it was fine, I guess, but it felt like we’ve done this before. What saved it in this episode was the introduction of Jesus. Their encounters with him were hilarious.

Of course, the highlight of the episode was Richonne. I tip my hat to Gimple cause I didn’t think he’d have the balls to do it. Their passion and affection were palpable, and smiling at each other while getting it in was the perfect touch that shows what many of us have been saying all along: They just make sense together.

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19 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E10 – The Next World

  1. I wonder how much Chrysler paid to get their nice shiny clean car into this episode.

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: (must be sung)
    Everybody look around
    ‘Cause there’s a reason to rejoice you see
    Everybody come out
    And let’s commence to singing joyfully
    Everybody look up
    And feel the hope that we’ve been waiting for
    (skip to chorus)
    Can’t you–feel a– brand new day
    Can’t you–feel a–brand new day

  3. I’m still mad at Rick for getting out of the truck. Now we don’t have groceries, toothpaste or soda (pop).


    Rick-I officially forgive you for about 80% of the stupidity you have shown all season.


    That is all.


    I enjoyed watching this episode with all of the black women cheering this on. I had no idea until the end. GET IT RICHONNE! Don’t y’all kill her off! Imma watch this shit again!

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: Great fun episode but I don’t care about anything else that happened except for Richonne. They were so cute and happy in this episode, it was really refreshing to watch, especially Rick’s new attitude. He did a complete 180 and surprisingly so did Daryl. That scene with Carl and Michonne and than Rick and Michonne was everything. And apparently according to Danai it’s been two months since “No Way Out”. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3

  7. Since everyone is gonna be talking about the obvious….I’ll focus on Jesus’s introduction
    At first I thought they were gonna mess it up but it really didn’t disappoint. They kept him mysterious enough that would make you question if he’s supernatural or just that good .
    It also showed a growth in Rick as well . If this was a month a go he would of shot him in the head no questions asked .
    My questions to you guys do think Rick found out what Morgan did due to the time jump . If so do you think it had an effect on him not shooting Jesus out right ?
    The one thing I’ll mention about the Rick and Michonne getting together, I like how they did it with the time jump.This establishes that they spent some time together establishing this. ..I’m just hopping it wasn’t something the writers thought of last minute because everyone was so pissed about the whole Glenn storyline. Cause I’m seeing allot of people saying that they forgive the writers now because of this . ..Nope, this is awesome …..but all that stuff you hated still happened . Now if you excuse me I’m late for my meeting for low key Hoteps

    *****Not a spoiler but if you think so don’t read on cast … the book from what I can remember when Jesus gets caught .. both his hands were tied behind his back as Michonne and Rick were actively shooting at him and he still managed to kick their asses. He was pretty much NEO. I’m kinda glad they toned him down a bit in the episode. ****

  8. For the podcast:

    Did you guys have an issue with the fully stocked van loaded up with a full tank of gas in a garage that wasn’t locked?? This show makes no sense sometimes.. It’s what, 3 years into the apocalypse? Can I see some more creative ways for finding food?

    I think it’s hilarious that as soon as people say “I don’t even want richonne anymore, Rick doesn’t deserve her”, that’s when the writers decide to make them hook up..
    I didn’t like Chris Hardwicks joke about it either on the talking dead. Ugh I can’t stand him.

    Oh and a Random side note, shouldn’t Judith be walking and talking by now or is she still only 6 months old?


    Fucking finally. Finally we have a great episode of TWD. This was everything I wanted from this show for once. Snappy and funny dialogue, everyone talking to each other like human beings, and going back to doing important shit like coming up with plans for the future, expanding the neighborhood, figuring out what they’re going to do for food, and going on supply runs.

    There were a handful of genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Daryl chasing Jesus around that field like Rocky chasing chickens is the hardest I’ve ever laughed at this show. And Rick turning on that awful music and the look on Daryl’s face was priceless.

    The ending was perfect and since everyone else is going to be talking about it, I’ll just say that I didn’t think I wanted it anymore, but once Michonne started giggling my heart just melted and I couldn’t even be mad. I don’t expect or even want this show to be this light and fluffy all the time, but it was such a great time-out from the avalanche of shit and misery and awfulness that we normally get from TWD.

  10. FOR THE PODCAST: I just want to say that I’ve never seen a fanon ship infvoving a black woman go canon, so I’m OVER the moon right now. I I really enjoyed he episode. th Anyway, I like the scenes between Maggie and Enid. I believe enidE is taking the Sophia role, whick i’m interesting in seasoeing h. 9fffrom the comisc, which I’m ined

  11. I’m really keeping this short this time! I got an outline! Lol

    For the Podcast

    While a little slow, I loved it!! Richonne!! All Michonne’s scenes were fantastic! I even empathized with Spencer for once.

    Ok, so how the hell is Walker Deanna outside the walls roaming the woods? Who put her there?

    How did Ninja Jesus get up on that roof? Cause wha?? But that was very cool character intro.

    That’s it. I really can’t wait to hear this podcast!

    Great episode
    enjoyed adventures of light hearted Rick & Dour Darryl a la butch/sun dance
    Enjoyed intro of Jesus-Alexandrians can use some Jesus in their lives 😌
    Zombie Deanna (thought it was Ron-duh me)
    Carl/Enid though can’t they find solo time within the compound?!?!
    But 4 me this was all about michonne & richonne-their bond was strong-never believed it would be consummated-and it was a wonderful scene!
    Michonne’s interactions w/Carl & deanna’s son were touching.
    Take a bow Michonne-2 quote the great Chaka khan “you’re every woman!!” πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜€

  13. For the Podcast:

    Rick got that black girl magic, I still brush my teeth everyday in the ZA industrial strength muscle relaxer pussy you know it’s πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦! I bet he can’t even remember Jessie name no more. Of course he was knocked out when Jesus walked in pussy too bomb, I’m surprised he was able to stand up to be in the next episode. Don’t be surprised if Rick knees keep giving out over the next few weeks.


    Hey guys, I enjoyed this episode and the different feel it had to it. It was a rare light and kind of funny episode. (For Nina: Very minor, and basically irrelevant comic-to-show spoilers at this point but if you feel they are too much you can skim over it)

    I like that Daryl, after getting jacked for his crossbow by Dwight and almost getting killed by The Saviors, he’s sorta gone back to being Season 1 / 2 Daryl who is a smart ass but atleast now is happy to be apart of a group. Some of the looks he gave Rick and Eugene were hilarious.

    Loved the way they introduced Jesus into the show. I’ve noticed a trend, that I like, on the show where they are starting to intro fan favorite comic characters in the 10th episode. Abraham, Eugene, Rosita in S4, Aaron in S5, & now Jesus. I’m glad they 1) changed his last name (Monroe) so people wouldn’t start up wild theories of him being related to Deanna. 2) They, for now, toned down the martial arts skills. We need that Morgan vs Jesus mortal combat fight right?

    While I didn’t care for the whole shipping aspect, I really enjoyed the “Richonne scene” and felt it was definitely earned. I guess you don’t know what you like until you actually get it.

    I even liked the subplot with Spencer. I hope they do more with his character on the show since he’s the last remaining member of his family.

    Question for you guys: Which character has developed, grown or had the better arc in you guys opinion, Michonne, Carol, Morgan or Carl?

    Can’t wait for the podcast

  15. FOR THE PODCAST:I really liked the mention of Rick and Denise trying to get their boos some treats on the run. It had some feeling of a little bit of normalcy and how people in the regular world try to court their love interest. So I want to know what the hell they do with all them walker bodies? Bury them? Burn them? Took them outside the wall? How in the hell Jesus get on the roof when he was tied up? I don’t think he would’ve had enough time to get loose and then climb the roof. Do y’all think Jesus is friend or foe? How did he get away from Darryl watching over him? And what do y’all think he has to tell them? Maybe he used to be apart of Neegan’s group. Also, Where is Scott ass? He been stuck in bed with a bullet wound for forever. I did like that because of Darryl experiences with that
    couple and with neegan’s group that he is now on the no new friends team. Now at the end of the show is the first time we saw richonne but do y’all think that was the first time for them to have sex since the War of the Walkers?

  16. I think I’m much too late but FOR THE PODCAST
    I am willing to go on record as the only black woman not excited about Richonne. I liked her as her own person not concerned with Love but loyalty from Rick and co.
    Carl has yet to walk into a wall and I’m annoyed.
    That’s all.



    Rick and Darryl were dumb for leaving their car

    They were dumb for stopping for a vending machine

    Spencer is dumb always

    And lastly I hope the richonne ship hits an iceberg and one of them selfishly hogs the door, while the other freezes to death!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️

  18. I love love love Richonne!! To quote my bf, “two of the most killingest badasses on the show. They need to be making babies!” To which I said, “No more babies, they never grow up. Must be something in that ZA water!”
    Also, Jesus?! Yes please. He was bad ass and sexy as Fuck!!!!
    The truck in the pond just pissed me off. I can’t even think about it. Wtf?!


    I usually try to go with stuff nobody is really talking about except for my O.C.D. when it comes to logic. So…

    5 things-

    1. After all the in-fighting, training, building, protecting, and killing over keeping Alexandria safe, this episode is all about six motherfuckers just walking around outside the gates now.

    2. Why would Carl, who is now missing his right eye, be sitting on the forest floor, on the right side of Enid, with nobody watching his blindspot? Can’t you see you’re in danger? (Lol) Ask Ethan Embry about those ninja forest walkers!

    3. It was a good thing that Rick and Daryl had the wherewithal to chase the truck down the road on the off chance that it would get that one in five thousand flat tire. Their clairvoyance astounds me.

    4. When Tango and Cash were chasing Jesus around the field, I was literally embarrassed to be watching. This was easily the dumbest moment in the history of this show. And how the fuck were they not mad about the truck sinking???

    5. Deanna not only had no marks on her to speak of, but she also escaped the entire city when her zombie nature should have kept her there to slaughter or BE slaughtered during the horde attack. Details are important, people!

    I put into writing my shipping for Richonne in last week’s feedback. I’m not saying it was because of me or anything, but it probably was.

    Love the show…thank you for the quality entertainment!

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