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The Walking Dead – S6E11 – Knots Untie

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘The Next World’


Immediately after having sex with Rosita, Abraham thinks of Sasha and how she’ll no longer be patrolling with him due to getting a new assignment. Rosita gives Abraham a necklace she made for him because someone will always do something incredibly sweet and considerate for you at the exact moment you’re thinking about dumping them. Science.

Jesus Talks

Jesus escaped from the sheetrock prison to tell the gang they’re good people and he comes from good people. He believes all these good folks should come together to help each other out. They trade with other communities and he thinks Alexandria has things they need (weapons) while they have what Alexandria is lacking (food).

Oh, and everyone knows Richonne is a thing as they witness Rick and Michonne emerge from a bedroom half-dressed. 

As a group preps to drive Jesus home, Denise gives Daryl a to-go cookie so he can stop eating roadside take-out, and Rick assures Carl that he was going to tell him about Michonne, but it just happened. Like, one time. Last night. Well, maybe more than once, but definitely only last night. And besides, Michonne is different.

Different meaning: “I actually know her and we don’t have to worry about her crazy-ass kid shooting you in the face.” Carl approves. 

Abraham Talks

In the RV, Abraham eyes Glenn’s hand on Maggie’s stomach and asks the ridiculously inappropriate question: “Were you trying to get her knocked up?” But he asked it 1000x more inappropriately by turning it into a food metaphor and I will never eat pancakes again. Glenn confirms that he did indeed intend to make his deposit inside the bank instead of using the drive-thru ATM. Abraham is all, “Sheeeit. Not the kid. I double up. Belt and braces.”

Also getting a little touchy-feely is Rick, who can’t keep his hands on the wheel (good thing Jesus is there to take it if shit goes sideways) or his eyes on the road. He wants to be able to drive and caress Michonne at the same time and I have no problem with that.

“You hear me whistle, shoot him.”

They come upon a crashed vehicle on the side of the road. It belongs to Jesus’s group and he convinces the others to help him search for his friends inside a nearby building. Maggie stays with Jesus outside (in case it’s another trick), while the others go inside and rescue Jesus’ people.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

It goes smoothly if you don’t count Abraham nearly choking out this poor guy who later admits that he saw his life (and dead wife) before his eyes when he thought he was on his way to his maker.

Back on the road, one of Jesus’ group (Harlan) reveals he’s a doctor, and as luck would have it, he’s an obstetrician. This, once again, proves it’s worth trying to find others and build communities.

Welcome to Hilltop Plantation

Rick drives directly into a muddy hole and the RV gets stuck. Good thing they’re basically outside Jesus’ front door. After some negotiations with the spear-equipped gatekeepers, Rick’s group gets their first look at this new community.

The Walking Dead S6E11 - At the gate

And it looks like a fucking plantation. Run, Michonne, run! They’re even playing banjo music in the background. At any moment I thought Leo was going to come out and ask if anyone was interested in seeing a Mandigo fight. 

I kid. It wasn’t that bad. 

The main house was a living history museum with a rooftop perch that affords a view for miles in all directions. People live in FEMA trailers, and they grow crops and have cattle.

Jesus leads them into the main house to meet Gregory, their leader. He’s a bit of a dick who insists everyone get cleaned up before they chat. He’s basically like, “Y’all smell like sex and outside.” Rick decides that Maggie should be the one to liaise with Gregory because Rick might shoot him on GP. Besides, this is exactly the type of political diplomat work Deanna thought Maggie should do.

The Walking Dead S6E11 - Hilltop 2

Abe Still Talking

While others are washing their asses, Abe asks Daryl about Richonne, wondering how long they been getting it in. Daryl is all, “Don’t know; don’t care.”

Can we take a moment and talk about how Daryl refuses to wash his ass?

Anyway, Abe asks if Daryl ever thought about settling down, but Daryl doesn’t think anything is settled.

Gregory is gross, condescending, and inappropriate. He tries to get more information out of Maggie than he’s willing to give her. He offers to give them jobs in exchange for goods. Despite Maggie’s attempt to make Gregory see that they can help each other, the first round of negotiations ends in a bust. Jesus pleads for a few days to get through to Gregory.

The Walking Dead S6E11 - Maggie and Gregory

Negan Has Spoken

A group sent to trade with Negan returns with nothing and short three people: Negan killed two and kept one. He claims their drop was short and has a message for Gregory. That message is a knife in the gut from the brother of the guy Negan is now holding hostage.

The Walking Dead S6E11 - Gregory stabbed

Rick and crew step in. Rick stabs the attacker in the throat and Daryl breaks the arm of a guy strangling Abraham. On his way out, Abraham hears Sasha’s voice and doesn’t even notice when he leaves Rosita’s necklace lying in the dirt. MESSAGE!

After Gregory is tended to, Daryl and the others offer to take on Negan in exchange for food and supplies. Now that Maggie has the upper hand, she tells ole pin cushion Gregory that now she wants half of what they got.

That’s right. Half, Eddie!

The Walking Dead S6E11
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    Walkers - 8/10


Another solid episode that blends all the elements of the show that I love: action, walkers, interpersonal drama, and missions that may be risky, but are necessary if the group is going to actually try to live and not just survive.

Abraham’s current predicament is an interesting one: He’s watching others around him choose to start a life that means something beyond killing walkers and just waiting for your turn to die. It’s forcing him to confront what it is he truly wants and who he wants it with. This makes me think Rosita might not be long for this world, but I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t know if it’s the actors or what, but I am instantly drawn to these new Hilltop folks in a way that was missing from the Alexandrians. Sure, both groups seem to be just barely hanging on, but aside from Gregory, characters like Jesus and Harlan are likable. That Hilltop fight was hilarious in a very good way.

Our group may be a little too cocky in thinking they can take on Negan. Dismissing him and his people based on sucker punching five guys with a rocket launcher isn’t smart. At the same time it makes sense that considering how much they’ve been through, they have the kind of shorthand with each other that they can make these decisions without three episodes of them debating what to do. And their confidence isn’t necessarily unwarranted. However, Morgan’s going to be a fucking problem. Y’all know that, right? I mean, this whole Negan mission is straight up killing those who need killing. Morgan’s not down for that.

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14 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E11 – Knots Untie

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: The last couple episodes have been pretty light and fluffy. Lots of cotton candy, unicorns and waterfalls… Who y’all think is gonna die next week???? I think Abe is a goner for sure. All that fantasizing about Sasha is gonna have him slipping Who else does PF think is outta here? Also, shout out to the obligatory Bloody Rick waiving his gun at people in their mutha fuckin house scene. I laughed out loud at that part!

    Really enjoyed this episode!
    Abraham-I tuned in on the #PFWD EC Twitter feed for a few mins-saw references to bisquick & im thinking Alexandria having a community pancake breakfast???” until I watched episode later😄-he’s with his babe rosita w/Sasha on the brain then loses necklace-this hookup may have run its course
    Hilltop-enjoyed the interaction & negotiations w/ricks group over supplies but I couldn’t help but think if negotiations continued to drag, Rick & co at some point would go from negotiating to taking what they needthough the hilltoppers do have a friend in Jesus.
    Loved the brief return of savage Rick gutting the hilltopper then looking around with blood strewn all over his face & body saying “wut???”😄 I laughed too Nina.
    I liked the actor portraying Gregory who comes off skeevy -Maggie played him good!
    We finally hear more of the “N” word aka in nee-gan or is it nay-gan & how ricks group will take the fight 2 them-be careful what u wish for
    Still in the afterglow of richonne-the looks/smiles, touching, Rick worrying for his boo on what is to come though she could kick
    a$$ including his! 😄
    That’s all I have-apologies if too lengthy.

  3. “Hey, let’s do that thing again where we cover Rick’s face in blood and leave it there for the rest of the episode.”

    ~TWD writers probably


    Another great episode. It took 6 seasons, but we’ve finally opened the door up to a whole new plethora of story avenues. I really loved the look and feel of The Hilltop and the juxtaposition with what we know of Alexandria. The blacksmith stations and livestock really felt like something we’d see in Vikings or Game of Thrones. THIS is the kind of stuff I love about post-apocalypse stories- the return to more medieval type politics and trade and the relationships between different communities. I don’t want to get too giddy but I really think this New World is going to do wonders for this show.

    Stuff and thangs are finally happening. Not the least of which being Rick’s total dick move of pimping out his “family” for military service. I’m sure that’s going to go over well, especially with someone like Morgan. Looking forward to the podcast!

  5. Nina, your recap has me laughing my ass off on the train and people looking at me funny.

    For the podcast

    I liked it but I feel really uneasy about the whole Negan thing. Our group is a little too cocky. We are definitely gonna lose some people. And of course Morgan is gonna act a fool. It will probably get him killed.

    So do you think Gregory has always been a douche or did the zombie apocalypse bring it out of him? Clearly some folks don’t agree with his management style so maybe they’ll leave and come to Alexandria?

    Since Abe is already halfway out the door to Sasha, do you think Rosita might be pregnant?

    Ok, that’s it. Loved the beginning and folks finding out about Richonne. And Jesus won me over. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  6. For the podcast- Hey I just got home and I’m about to watch but just wanted to clear up my super short feedback last week. I’m all for Michonne getting love just not with Rick cuz I hate him. (This may change once i finish watching) I kept my feedback short cuz I thought I’d missed it. Al love over here! See you in an hour!

  7. I think it’s really weird how many untouched communities there are in Virginia. Seems like most of the state doesn’t have any experience with walkers

    Daryl and Jesus are gonna be a couple I can totally see it!

    Why does Rick keep trying to give Judith to Gabriel?? Where is Carol?

    I hope they don’t bring Morgan on this hunt to kill negan and the saviors.

    Rick and Michonne = Donnie and Nina
    John= Carl

  8. For the podcast: Am I a bad person for not wanting Sasha with Abraham? I don’t like the way he is pursuing her while still with Rosita who seems like a nice person.
    I didn’t get to celebrate last week so I have to give a Richonne shout out… They sexy and all the little touches this episode had me all caught up. How adorable was Rick trying to explain himself to Carl and did y’all like Carl’s reaction?
    I am not here for the Hilltop it’s giving me plantation vibes and Gregory is the plantation master 😒 Anyone think Daryl is going to die soon? He offered up the group to kill the Saviors way too swiftly

  9. Hey guys! I really enjoyed this episode. 90% of it was basically comic-to-screen more so then most of the episodes they’ve done on the show. The comic essentially came to life and it was amazing seeing how on point the Hilltop and characters like Gregory were.

    I liked the little show in maturity that Carl has shown. I personally find it strange how there are people who still hate the character and see him as that kid from S2.

    I feel Abraham’s pain, how can you choose between Rosita & Sasha? 😩. How about about sister wives?

    Glad we finally have a new Asian character on the show, wassup Kal.

    Our group has become WAY too cocky. It makes it worst reading the comics because you know your favorite characters are walking into some shit lmao :/. I feel we are all going to look back at this episode in hindsight and think “When Rick and crew fucked up”.

    Question for you guys: Looking at both groups situations, would you rather stay at Alexandria or The Hilltop Colony?

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  10. FOR THE PODCAST: I just wanted to ask what did the spear chucker* dude think he was gonna do to Rick and his revolver?

    Since Carol has been absent lately, do you think she’ll be a badass in this plantation war or a pacifist like Morgan?

    *Only Nina can say “spear chucker”


    This was a good episode, basically setting a some stuff up for later on but not bad at all. My only quibble is about the Abraham stuff. It kind of felt out of place like it was just shoehorned in. So apparently he and Sasha aren’t going to be getting together (Question Mark) then why float that out there as a possibility in the first place?! Whatever then.

    So we not gon talk about how Hilltop is a plantation, complete with a slave auction house! I know y’all peep the sista doing the laundry old school in the back. Dem some sharecroppers yo!

    I am not here for Gregory!!! Fuck that Trump ass nigga! I swear I wanted to punch him in the gotdamn face within the first two minutes of him being on screen! Just kill him and take his shit Rick! Glen better keep his eyes open! And shout out to Maggie keeping shit from the group again!

    That’s all I got! Love you guys and take care!

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