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The Walking Dead – S6E12 – Not Tomorrow Yet

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Knots Untie’

The entire point of this episode was to remind you that Gimple and co. don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Throughout the entire hour you were sure someone was going to die, and you knew it could be anyone except Rick. On top of that, even if you’ve not read the comics, you knew that any successes our group had would come back to bite them in the ass tenfold, because Negan.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Carol’s Cookies (Again Open for Business)

Carol is back to baking her famous cookies, with the secret ingredients being acorns, beets for sweetness, and a healthy dash of gives no fucks. She hands out Rubbermaid containers filled with her delicious treats, and you just know everyone will be returning her containers when they’re done because Carol kills people for less. She even leaves a cookie on Sam’s grave. She has no way of knowing her frightening threats contributed to his demise so I suspect this was done because she misses his annoying ass.

Morgan wants to talk about his feelings and we learn Carol hasn’t told Rick about Morgan’s Save-a-Hoe program. She also told the others not to snitch and so far they haven’t, because Carol.kills.people. It’s best to do as she says. Morgan thinks keeping the secret of what he did is akin to carrying the burden as if she played a part in it.

Hey, Morgan. You see that empty plastic container Carol is holding? Yeah, that was her collection of fucks. She’s fresh out.

The Walking Dead S6E12 - RickAll in Favor of Fucking Shit Up, Raise Your Hand

Rick gathers everyone in the church to discuss taking on Negan’s crew. That’s how badass Rick is. He is straight up talking mass murder in the house of the Lord.

The plan is for the captive’s brother, Andy, to go to Negan’s under the guise of confirming that Gregory is dead. Rick and the others will ambush them, kill them, and steal their weapons.

Surprisingly, damn near everyone is down to fight. Unsurprisingly, the only one against the plan is Morgan. He wants to try diplomacy first, but Rick doesn’t want to give up the element of surprise. Also, Rick is not a bitch. No one wants to do Morgan’s plan and he takes a seat, as he should.

Later that night, Carol can’t sleep so she pulls out her journal where she tracks all the lives she has taken. You the know the answer is too damn many when you have to keep a log.

R, K&D, L, Terminus/Courtyard = 3, CandleWoman = 4, and Ws = 7

That’s 18 people.

Question: Who the hell is R? I got everyone else. Is she counting the time she had a realistic dream of killing Rick? Is she thinking of Lizzie and Mika’s dad? He was already dead when she did the knife in the back of the neck thing. Randall from season two? That was Shane’s kill. I’m so confused!

The Episode of a Thousand Ships

Maggie tells Glenn she needs to go on the mission since she brokered the deal. Girl, I guess. I’m so damn tired of one of them being in peril. It’s too the point now where every time they leave their camp you know one of them is going to wind up kidnapped or presumed dead. Enough.

Carol still can’t sleep so she goes for a walk to smoke a cigarette. Y’all done drove Carol to smoking! She chats with Tobin for a bit, and he admits he’s afraid for her. And maybe just a tad bit OF her, too. They kiss and I fist-pump the air since I called this romance way back in season five when Carol used him as a diversion in the pantry.

The Walking Dead - S6E12 - Tobin and Carol

For some reason, Abraham decides to be a complete dingleberry when he breaks up with Rosita. No warning, no real explanation. When she’s all, “What the entire fuck?,” he says (and I quote), “When I first met you, I thought you were the only woman on Earth. You’re not.”

Actual artist rendering of my reaction.

Actual artist rendering of my reaction.

Things are less contentious, but no less dramatic at Tara’s as she tells Denise she loves her for the first time. She and Heath will be leaving for their two-week run immediately after the Negan mission, and she wants Denise to come with. Denise refuses, citing her medical duties, but promises to return Tara’s sentiment when she gets back.

And the entire audience gasped because that means Tara is definitely not coming back.

Armed with a crude map of the compound, the group heads out. Their first stop is to break off into smaller groups and find a male walker whose head could pass for Gregory’s.

Rick asks Gabe why he still wears his reverend clothes and Gabriel responds with an answer that would have earned all the side-eyes if a white person had said it. Rosita confronts Carol about their decision to keep Morgan’s secret. She doesn’t like that Morgan tried to talk everyone out of the mission. Carol defends Morgan distaste for killing, and though Rosita is still pissed, she agrees to keep her mouth shut. While Glenn and Heath hunt walkers, they both admit that they haven’t killed a person yet. Soooo, maybe we don’t pair these two for such a mission, yeah?

A head is chosen, Rick roughs it up a bit to help it pass the test, and they wait till midnight to make their move.

Rainbow Six: Alexandria

Some of our group stay behind to guard the perimeter while the others go in for the attack. After Andy gives the head to the guards, one goes to get his brother. While he’s gone, Daryl takes out the remaining guard and hides the body. When the other returns with Andy’s brother, Michonne takes him out.

The Walking Dead S6E12 - Gregory's Head

Inside, the plan is to quietly kill everyone they find, and to locate the armory as soon as possible so they can control it. The problem is that they’re forced to search for it based on Andy’s educated guess – he’s not seen the entire compound.

Glenn makes his first human kill by standing over a sleeping man and weeping as he plunges his knife into the man’s head. Even though it tears him up, Glenn does it again to the other man sleeping in the room, all so Heath won’t have to. Before they leave, they stare in horror at Polaroid pictures of people with their skulls bashed in.

Abraham and Sasha are surprised by one of Negan’s men and they kill him, but not before he sounds an alarm. Outside, Carol refuses to let Maggie run in to help. Tara, understanding that getting Andy’s brother back to Hilltop holds up their end of the bargain, orders Jesus and Andy to head home. In the end, Andy leaves with his brother, but Jesus opts to go inside and help.

Each group inside races to find the armory while shooting their way through Negan’s men in the process. In the end, it’s Glenn and Heath who find it, moments before they would have surely been killed. Jesus appears for a last minute assist, and as Aaron kills a Savior he tells the man, “If it wasn’t going to be you, it was going to be us.”

The Walking Dead S6E12 - Aaron Kills

Outside, Gabriel also kills a man who was making a run for it, but not before he drops a little scripture on the guy.

Everyone’s murder cherry was popped in this episode!

By the time they exit the compound it’s broad-ass daylight. Glenn asks Heath if he wants to go home for a bit before going on his run, but Heath opts to leave right away. He’s had enough of this murdering shit.

The Walking Dead - S6E12 - Richonne

Michonne wonders which of the many men they killed was Negan. Before Rick can even speculate, a man on a motorcycle tries to escape. He doesn’t get far because Rosita is a beast. Daryl’s mid-beating that ass when the guy’s walkie-talkie chirps.

The Walking Dead S6E12 - Rosita

A woman orders Rick and everyone else to drop their weapons because she has Carol and Maggie.

The Walking Dead S6E12
  • 9.5/10
    Plot - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
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    Action - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Performances - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Walkers - 10/10


Another great episode. Even if I didn’t know that Negan is a pretty big deal of a villain in the comic books, I suspect I’d have still felt like this plan of taking him on was a bad idea. But it’s a testament to how good the writing has been these past three episodes that I understand how the group could have come to the decision. The group has come a long way since their season two moral dilemma over Randall. They’ve also lost a lot since then.

I am tired of either Maggie or Glenn being in peril every time one of them steps foot outside the safety of their camp. That said, due to Steven Yuen’s wonderful performances more than anything else, I will still be devastated if something happens to Glenn.

As hardened as this group has become, it’s funny that they haven’t come up with a POW protocol. How insane would it have been if the woman over the walkie talkie was like, “We have Sheila and Cindy” and Rick replied, “Yeah, we don’t know any Sheilas or Cindys.”? Then we realize that Rick understands whoever the woman has from their group, they gave fake names as a way of saying, “Hey, don’t risk the mission for us.”

P.S. I’m saving all of my nit-picky questions for the podcast.

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18 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E12 – Not Tomorrow Yet


    Wow that was an amazing episode. It was tense and nerve racking. How come all of them couldn’t be that good?!

    It also makes me excited as a book reader this departed from the page in the best possible way. Literally anything can happen now! I’m here for it.

    I’m cautiously optimistic for the back half of the season. Don’t let me down Gimple!

    Question for the class what do you think Morgan was welding at the end?

    I’m guessing a cage or cell.

    Love you guys. Take Care!

  2. for the podcast:
    Abraham you dumb asshole. you just gave up the hottest piece you were probably ever gonna get in this world. what the HELL were you thinking? She’d be the first person I’d RUN at to get some of. Also, I’m so sick of this “are Maggie or Glenn gonna die” bullshit that I’ve gotten to the point where I hope they actually do and I’m just gonna sit there on the counch munching on a cookie and thinking “finally” all nonchalantly. finally, Carol, you cocky bitch gonna kill yourself from lung cancer cause you so sure no walker gonna get you. tisk. tisk. theory: Is “R” the other person she stone cold set on fire at the prison?

  3. For the podcast:

    The walking dead has fully redeemed itself for that last half season In my opinion. The cold open was great, and this is the first episode that I felt was perfectly paced. I really didn’t want it to end. The day/night transition in this episode made a lot of sense as well. I only wish they took more than just 1 day to plan their attack. Maybe they could have sent Jesus to take pictures of the compound with Aaron’s camera and bring it back to everyone to make sure they didn’t miss anything. When they were sneaking into Negan’s compound, the music and the scenery reminded me so much of Metal Gear Solid 2, all they had to do was have someone hide inside of one of the lockers! What do you guys think the photos of the exploded heads on the wall meant? Were they trying to make Glenn feel better about killing those guys in their sleep?

    Side note: why doesn’t Heath get someone to cornrow his hair? Those braids look like they have been in since the start of the apocalypse.. >.>

  4. For the podcast:

    Man this episode was so freaking intense! Can’t believe I forgot to get some liquor before it started!

    Ok, so how large do y’all think Negan’s group is. That was about 10-20 in that joint. So where are his other compounds? How many does he have?

    I know a lot of folks hate on Glenn but I still like him and it sucks that his first kill was in cold blood. Should the group have waited for Negan to come at them? Striking first ain’t a good look at all.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! BTW, Abe ain’t shit!


    Our group are some badasses. SEAL Team 6 moving through that outpost was chilling. I think I held my breath for the last 15 minutes of the episode. Everyone pulled weight, and I’m even fucking with Gabriel now, who went full Jules Winfield on that dude.

    I actually felt really bad for Glenn, until I saw those grisly pictures of all the people with their heads bashed in. You’ve got to be a special kind of psycho to sleep with a murder collage over your head every night.

    This is the best 3-episode run of this show since Season 1, and I’m so glad to not be hate watching this anymore.

    great episode!
    The attack on negans compound-awesome! Rick & co definite bada$$e$-I think they could’ve handled negan & his group if there was an attempt on Alexandria. They almost got it completely right but then Ricks bae asked the most important ?-did we get negan? Apparently not aka the capture of carol & Maggie 😧

    Btw what was up w/those photos or paintings of crushed heads in the room of that savior?
    Glenn/Heath-had no idea that was Glenn’s first human kill of that savior & Heath-that hair but at least those edges looked moisturized😄
    Carol/Tobin didn’t see that coming but it was sweet.
    Abe/Rosita-damn! Abe was cold blooded-showed no mercy! I felt rosita’s pain…..😢
    Last but not least the lord worked in mysterious ways-father gabe getting his soldier on w/that savior &
    Jesus saves!
    Thanks-can’t wait 4 podcast!

  7. FOR THE PODCAST: I think I need to have a blood pressure monitor handy during this show because I’m sure I was on the verge of stroking out several times during this episode! I loved how Team Family went all “Seal Team Six”–some Tupac should have been playing in the background, they were that gangsta. I felt so bad for Glenn, but it had to happen sooner or later. Abe was kind of foolish for breaking up with a woman who has easy access to firepower LOL I am not ready for all the mayhem that will surely come to pass, but I am here for it at the same time!

  8. Trivia: The Gregory zombie head was actually cast from exec-producer Greg Nicotero. Due to time constraints they couldn’t get a cast done of Xander Berkeley(Gregory) and went with the closes thing they had already on hand.

  9. I thought the pics of the smashed heads was a reference/foreshadowing of Negan…..still pretty sure it is…

  10. I know it was more annoying for you guys but I thought it was hilarious how in the middle of the last podcast you all turned into a verizon commercial. Can you hear me now? How about now? Donny are you there?
    FOR THE PODCAST: You know what I said about being sad when Abraham dies in this show, nevermind, I’ll be just fine. He was a dick this episode and I’m gonna blame him for fucking up the plan (even though I knew it would eventually go wrong somehow). Does he have no peripheral vison now? Was he too busy staring at Sasha to notice the other door right next to him? Rosita should have at least slapped him a couple of times not only for that “not the last woman in the world” comment but his damn cavalier attitude in general. What a way to treat a woman, who’s saved your ass and put up with your shit all this time. Fuck Abraham.
    Did anyone else catch that weird little tense moment between Sasha and Michonne in the beginning of the episode. The only cause I could think for it, was what happened last season when Rosita and Michonne went out in the woods to find Sasha and if that’s the case, fuck Sasha too, cause her ass needs to get over it.
    Maybe I’m in the minority but I never shipped Caryl together and really liked Carol and Tobin in this episode. I wouldn’t mind seeing them as a couple, but I think Tobin’s not long for this world so I’m not about to get invested. I also don’t buy the reason she gave to Rosita for not telling Rick and the group about Morgan. Let’s say that on the off chance that Rick did kick out Morgan, he would at least know that he was capable of taking care of himself in this world, unlike Denise, who I don’t believe was ever at risk in the 1st place, and this is not including the fact that she saved Carl’s life and is the only doctor in town.
    One thing that does annoy me about TWD is these contrived situations they place the characters in. At any point in time before Maggie left the safe zone, Carol could have talked to her or voiced her concerns before they both went on the mission, the whole arguing in the woods thing about a decision already made was frustrating, also leaving her alone while Carol went to help the others defeated the purpose of her staying behind with Maggie in the 1st place.
    Sorry for this long post. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3
    P.S. Also Fuck Eugene. His moment in last night episode wasn't at all funny or cute to me. Will they ever do something interesting with his character? Daryl recognizing his own bike, meaning Dwight's around, and all that foreshadowing with Glenn makes me believe one of them will die this season. If it had to be one of them, which would you guys preferred died?

  11. For the podcast:

    This episode was awesome.

    I’m her for Glen finally killing someone, it was getting annoying that he always got out of it and people rarely called him on it, not on the show but among friends. With that being said, Glen dead y’all, his arch is complete.

    I also like how Glen killed a dude for Heath; then when he asked Heath to hangout he was still like “Nah playa, I still don’t fuck with you like that.”

    Rick and crew smooth, straight killers, I was pumped as fuck to see them entering that building… then they started killing people in their sleep and ahh, I ain’t like that shit. I mean Morgan’s idea was stupid but I felt a way about killing people who may just be going a long to get by in their sleep. I just didn’t sit right with me. The one exception was dude who had the crushed skull pics, he had to go.

    Oh no they got Maggie… I’m trying to care, I really am but I don’t. When that baby born and she showing it to Walker Glen I’m gonna party!

    Gab’s prayer was beastly. He almost got a little super villain monologue-y but it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!

    Oh, and y’all think Abe was breaking up with people via text before the ZA?how many “New phone who this?” text y’all think he sent? Or did he just change his Facebook status to single? I needs to know!


    Hey girl!

    I’ll try and keep this concise as I can.

    Other than that disaster between Tobin and Carol, this episode was good. But I ain’t here to talk about that. The screenwriters just shat on the oldest ship on The Walking Dead for this arbitrary contrived relationship! How could they?! Carol and Daryl have been built since season 2. From the cherokee roses, the reaction Carol gave when Daryl left the prison to roll with Merle, Daryl’s reaction when he thought Carol was dead, his reaction to Carol’s exile, her grabbing his crossbow at Terminus, that DELICIOUS hug, to all the shit I didn’t even mention!! I have been waiting for the inevitable and they just shat on it! I’ll follow up this comment with specific scenes and episodes so y’all don’t think I’m pulling this outta my ass, too!

    And before you tell me that he sees her as a mom, let me stop you right there! Firstly, Norman Reedus AND Melissa McBride both refuted that. He even went on to say that Carol was his “girl.” Additionally, they’re only 4 years apart! Dammit! Heath needs to apologize to Michonne for not believing her so she can braid his hair properly. And I love how Pastor Gabriel made that dude to lie down in green pastures. He didn’t restore his soul though.

    Hmph. Y’all know I adore this podcast. I’m gonna go sulk now.


    HOLY SHIT. What an episode. That last 15 minutes had me sweating! The show moved away from the comics in a great way and gave us a really intense episode. Sadly, like we all realized last week, this is gonna come back to haunt their asses.

    Father Gabriel is officially bout dat life. Seth Gilliam’s autograph/selfie lines at Walker Stalker conventions just got a whole lot longer. In S4 it was look at the flowers, S5/6A it was Carol’s cookies and right now, it’s “Amen” y’all 🙏🏿🔫. The image of a lesbian confessing to a priest while Jesus was in the back seat was great lol. Side note: we not getting BOTH Tara and Heath back right? :/

    The R on the list had to stand for Lizzie and Mikas dad, Ryan.

    Speaking of Tara, on second watch I noticed her reaction to Rick saying “Kill Em All” and someone reminded me how the Governor said the exact same thing while attaching prison. That Governor comparison heightens when they are basically doing what he did to them in S3 by getting rid of a potential threat. While Rick’s assault comes from a reasonable place, it was still chilling seeing our group kill people in their sleep especially when it was several of the character’s first human kill.

    Those pictures on the wall tho.. It’s sad thinking about how that will be someone we know ending up like that.. #LucilleIsComing

    Since that was Daryl’s bike that they have, I’m curious to see what happened to Dwight (the guy who took his cross bow) and his girl.

    I’m glad on the show that Kirkman and Gimple are allowing women to apart of Negan’s group as soliders which should balance things out as some of the audience may not have liked how the majority of the women would’ve been portrayed if they fully adapted it to the show.

    Question: Do you guys think that Morgan will just give up and leave the group? I don’t see Rick kicking him out based off what Morgan did for him in the beginning. (I believe he’s building a jail cell btw)

    Well that’s it, can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    First your recap made me lol several times so thanks for that!!! Onto to this episode!! My gawd that hour of tv gave me the strongest case of lemon booty I’ve had since that banshee episode(you know the one)!!

    Man I hope Gabe’s new M.O. is to quote scriptas right before he puts a hot one in you!! Go wit gawd should be his new catchphrase!! 🙏🏾 #blest

    But as you mentioned they bet not kill tits!! I need this new love between her and Denise to last a bit longer!!

    Also im with my homie Jamelle on this Cobin 💩!! GTFOWTBS Carol needs to be with Darryl or maybe Morgan, but not this soft ass Alexandrian!! Can Negan take him please?!?! I’m asking for a friend!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Oh and @ me with the richonne 🛳 hits dat berg ✌🏾️

    1. Rosita J. Blige – Is it wrong that unless I know the exact country a person is from, I assume all Latinos are Puerto Rican? No? Great. Anyway, Abe was talking shit to Rosita like Puerto Rican women WON’T cut you. Good luck with that, Abe. Rosita J. Blige gon fuck around and kill you on purpose and pretend it was an accident.

    2. The Notorious C.A.R.O.L. – Glad to see my girl Carol on screen this week. She was giving out cookies and shit. Baked cookies and Carol Cookies if you know what I mean!

    3. Too Easy? – Is it me or did bumrushing the spot seem a bit too easy for Rick and them? Seems like there will be hell to pay when Negan finds out.

  16. For the podcast:

    Love the episode. hHppy when I get some character development. Even though some are stuck in their ways cough cough(Rick, Morgan, & Maggie). Carol still cares & I think she feels responsible by placing that cookie on Sam’s grave. I think it would’ve been cool if they showed ants eating the cookie at the end. Even though everybody got one but Morgan. But thats what happens when you bite the Baker’s hand that feeds you. Abraham didn’t have to do my Boo like that. Maybe she should’ve worn her hair down. Things might’ve turned out differently. & why would they think that Negan would be lounging with the help? I mean it would’ve been a good Ocean’s meet TWD plot if they just wanted the weapons from the armory room. But once again our group flies too close to the sun & they almost gets away with it to but of course Carol & Maggie can’t just stick to the plan… Smh. Can’t wait to see how this hostage situation plays out though. Last, how do save 1 hostage but then loose 2 in the same day to the same group? Smh. Looking forward to hearing y’all talk about this episode.

  17. For the Podcast: This episode had me so tense it was good though. I only had a few questions like who is allowing Heath to walk around looking like he had a weave in for 3 months then took it out but left the braids??? Is Michonne still mad at him? Is that why she won’t teach him her ways? Abraham dude I knew you were going to pull some bullshit like this they way you talked to Rosita was disrespectful. Do you not kno ,hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? I hope she shoots him accidentally on purpose. Oh and Father Gabriel is officially out of the doghouse! My ninja was out in these streets quoting the bible and gunning people down! So I’m starting to get the feeling they are going to kill Maggie in a very gruesome way what do y’all think?

  18. For The Podcast
    3 quick takes:

    1) I loved Carol’s “I’m too old for this shit” face

    2) Neagan’s men sure did cuss a lot. This bodes well for the King of the Profane

    3) Oooh that foreshadow was everything “Because you-know-who, did you-know-what with you-know-who. But let’s keep that between me and you ” – Jay Z

    Love you guys and the podcast

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