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The Walking Dead – S6E13 – The Same Boat

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’

Maggie and Carol’s debate about going to help is interrupted by a man with a gun, who Carol chooses to shoot in the arm instead of taking the kill shot. This, and Maggie’s decision to finish him off, find them both gripped up by three Saviors: Paula, Molls (Molly), and ‘Chelle. Oh, and One-Armed Donnie, the man Carol shot.

We see their side of the walkie-talkie conversation with Rick, and at the end, Paula decides to take Carol and Maggie hostage in a factory elsewhere while they wait for reinforcements. Once the two are bound and gagged, the Saviors leave Maggie and Carol alone long enough for Carol to pocket a rosary and for Maggie to start working on the tape around her wrists.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

When the Saviors return, Carol puts on her Scared Housewife act and begins to hyperventilate. This gets their gags removed and gives Carol an opportunity to add Woman of Faith to her act as she caresses the rosary.

Carol also reveals Maggie is pregnant, which gives their captors pause, but only so Paula and ‘Chelle can mock Maggie’s life choices. Carol lays it on even thicker when she asks Molls not to smoke around Maggie. When ‘Chelle also agrees, this shows Maggie that ‘Chelle is someone who might be swayed later.

One-Armed Donnie’s not doing well and he wants to make the trade – Maggie and Carol for their guy, Primo – so Primo can tend to his arm. Paula wants to wait for the scout crew she called in, but they are 30 minutes out and Maggie puts fear into One-Armed Donnie saying he doesn’t have that long to live without medical treatment.

The Walking Dead S6E13 - Paula and Donnie

One-Armed Donnie is petty as fuck and decides to take out his grief on their hostages, mainly the one who shot him: Carol. When Paula won’t let him, he hits her and begins to attack Carol. Maggie interferes, head-butts him, and gets knocked down. He’s kicking the crap out of Carol when Paula finally knocks him out. She orders ‘Chelle to take Maggie into another room to interrogate her.

The Walking Dead - S6E13 - Donnie grabs Maggie

Maggie’s interrogation is basically a conversation between her and ‘Chelle where she warns Maggie isn’t with the good guys. Carol tries to appeal to Paula as one domestic abuse victim to another, but Paula ain’t having it. She doesn’t give a shit about One-Armed Donnie. In fact, she describes herself much the way the audience imagined Carol to be: a wife and mother who lost her family in the zombie apocalypse and has now become hardened after killing so many people.

Maggie is learning that she and ‘Chelle might also be a lot alike. ‘Chelle was once pregnant, but lost her baby. She was out looking for her boyfriend – one of the men blown up by Daryl. Maggie is smart enough to keep that detail to herself. Although, it doesn’t seem like ‘Chelle is all that broken up. She described the boyfriend as a dick she barely knew.

Rick radios in, ignoring Paula’s orders to wait to be contacted. She’s still not ready to negotiate, though. She asks Carol about their attack at “The Savior” and Carol says they were defending themselves against members of their group who tried to take everything they had. This is T’s group (the ones Daryl killed), which explains their deaths, but Paula knows this doesn’t explain their attack on the compound. Carol admits they were hoping to find Negan, who T. had described as a monster who wouldn’t leave them alone.

Molls says, “Honey, we’re all Negan.”

Carol wants to know what that means, but Molls got some coughing up blood to do.

Later, Carol puffs on a cigarette, too, while Paula tells her life story. She looks down on Carol because this world made her stronger, and Carol weaker. Still feeling the Morgan Effect, Carol pleads with Paula to work this out with Rick. Otherwise, she’ll die.

Paula radios Rick with a location to make the trade, but she suspects something is up when he quickly agrees. Also, the lack of static on the radio tells her Rick is closer than he was the last time they spoke. Maggie and Carol are left alone as the Saviors prepare for the arrival of their backup. Carol gets loose, frees Maggie, and suggests they run for it. Maggie insists on ending it.

The Walking Dead S6E13 - CarolFirst, she lets One-Armed Donnie bleed out, but he’s already dead and in the process of turning. They tie him to the wall near the door so that when Molls enters, he attacks and bites her. After Molls kills One-Armed Walker Donnie, Maggie overkills Molls.

That’ll teach her to call Maggie “Magnolia.” 

Carol and Maggie discover an obstacle course walkers meant to keep them from escaping and their group from rescuing them. They’re cornered there by Paula, who wastes all her damn bullets. When a walker gets loose, Carol shoots and grazes Paula. ‘Chelle arrives and fights with Maggie, almost slicing Maggie’s stomach open. Carol finally starts acting like Carol and puts a hot one in ‘Chelle’s head.

Paula isn’t dead and challenges Carol. If Carol was capable of all this, why was she pretending to be afraid before? Carol was afraid of having to kill again, and suddenly starts acting like Morgan again, giving Paula yet another opportunity to almost kill her. This time, Paula dies for good (well, until she turns) when she’s impaled on a pipe near the walker trap and gets her face eaten off.

The Walking Dead S6E13 - Paula Eaten

Paula’s kind enough to stop her death rattle in time for her extremely annoying vocal fry to pay off: Carol mimics Paula on the walkie-talkie and tells the incoming crew to meet them on The Kill Floor. While they wait, Carol blames herself for their situation because she didn’t kill Donnie in the woods (true). She’s already killed 20 people and Carol doesn’t seem to be too keen on killing any more. Maggie is like, “Too.damn.bad. We’re not done.”

Maggie was basically like:

Cat Stop Wont Stop

When the other Saviors arrive, Carol sets the room they’re in on fire and locks them in.


The Walking Dead S6E13 - It's Lit

Rick and crew arrive. Maggie and Glenn are reunited and she tells him she can’t do it anymore. Good, because I’m sick of these two being separated every three damn episodes.

Carol straight up admits she’s not okay to Daryl, who gives her a hug like a son would. She hugs him back, maternally.

Rick wants to know if Negan was at the first location or if he’s there now. Both, says Primo. He’s Negan and he wants to talk. Rick is all, talk to this bullet in yo forehead.

The Walking Dead S6E13 - Rick

Carol grips the rosary so tightly that her hand bleeds.

The Walking Dead S6E13
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Another great episode, even if some things were a little too on-the-nose. We would have gotten the parallels between the two sets of women without so much heavy-handed dialogue.

It seems like we’re being asked to question whether or not the Saviors are actually good people. They’re clearly not all good because we’ve seen and heard enough to prove that false (the men all seem to be abusive assholes and then there’s the collage of bashed skulls), but both ‘Chelle and Paula kept touting the “just doing what’s necessary to survive” speeches. Molls refers to T’s group as putting on a show. And while I’m sure their group isn’t made up entirely of assholes, I don’t think Carol or Maggie should lose any sleep over their actions here. Though, it appears as though Carol will.

There’s something odd about the Savior men/women relationships we’ve witnessed. Assuming the trio Daryl met were running from the Saviors (and it is likely that they were due to the whole stealing/losing a finger for stealing bit), they were overheard to say that he (Negan?) prefers his women willing. Paula was sleeping with One-Armed Donnie, who spoke to her like shit and hit her. ‘Chelle described her boyfriend as a dick she barely knew. Not sure what to make of it yet. Doesn’t seem like the women are slaves or forced to do things against their will because Paula had a lot of authority. Curious to see more of the Saviors.

They also appear to be living in/operating out of several locations. Paula referred to as the first compound as Savior. The location they used to hold Maggie and Carol was called the safehouse, though Molls pointed out it had been awhile since anyone had checked it: their food and weapon supplies are gone and there are “growlers” roaming the halls. Still, they are plenty organized with impressive procedures and protocols. Our group has had a few wins, but I still believe they’re in over their heads.

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16 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E13 – The Same Boat

  1. A secretary is no match for a survivor of spousal abuse.

  2. For the Podcast:

    We always knew Maggie had the “muscle” — but this episode showed her righteous rage & I was HERE👏🏾FOR👏🏾IT👏🏾!

    Carol never EVER disappoints & the two of them together were glorious!

    I enjoyed each character this episode for so many different reasons, but mainly for the emotions they put on display in a spectacular way:
    silent Fear

    The Neegan Saviors are definitely more complex & nuanced than I imagined — they’re nothing like theWolves; they’re definitely a cult of a completely different variety.

    TWD is on🔥FIIYAAAH🔥


    This had the potential to be the first meh episode of the half season but it was redeemed by some good tense moments and great action by our bad ass ladies.

    I couldn’t tell at first if Carol was faking a freak out at first but she is nothing but calm and calculating and downright dangerous when she needs to be. I really liked the juxtaposition of her character against wack Joan Harris who kept calling her weak. This woman admittedly killed more people than Carol but it took over her psyche and Carol probably now sees that she doesn’t want to completely lose herself like that which is why she tried to get with the Morgan philosophy and spare her. However Carol baby that was not the one to be saved. Glad she came around! Shout out to Maggie for going full beast mode tho!

    Question for the class: Do you think that’s Carol’s last kill?

    Hopefully the final 3 episodes are just as good as what came before. Bring on Negan!

    Love you guys. Take care!

  4. Seems like the saviors are just one faction of Neegan’s group. What do y’all think the smoking lady meant by they are all neegan? Like they all are maniacs too? Or like how some Christians claim they are Jesus? Lol. The woman who talked to Maggie is kinda right about them not being the good guys. They are our good guys because we love the crew. But I’m wondering if the show was centered around Neegan’s group and we got to see their back stories and how the group came together, would we also root for them and see ricks group as being in the wrong? Probably not I presume with just looking at how the savior men treat the ladies in the group and the whole bashing in heads thing. I don’t think the ladies are being raped but it seems like they just put up with the male assholes to be in a group where they have protection in numbers and are more of the predators than the prey. Like s can’t beat them join them situation. Seems like Carol is all messed up. Do y’all think what Morgan said got her or is she just feels like what Maggie said “I can’t anymore.” I wish Morgan would have the same revelations that carol had, realizing that if he had killed those wolves when they first attacked them, then they possibly wouldn’t have found Alexandria.

    Enjoyed the episode though I missed first 10 minutes/some thoughts:
    Carol is gooooood!!!! …..the way she played that role to fool that savior squad.Carol showed emotions & crises of conscious but she did what needed to be done…..still is & always will be a bada$$….w/a heart …..Ditto Maggie! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this bada$$ but she, her baby & carol were were going to survive no matter what!👊🏽
    The hacking savior-did she remind any1 of patty from the GR (leftovers)
    Chell vs Maggie-I winched when chell attempted to stab maggie in the stomach followed by Maggie’s horrified look-thought for sure/hoped Chell would get a major beat down and then carol saved the day w/a bullet to the head.
    Carol/Darryl hug-awwwww! 💞
    Primo, the last savior standing, sealed his fate when he mouthed off to Rick about being negan but I doubt they would’ve let him or the others in that group live. It’s a tit for tat world-the savior group was going to take out Rick & co at the exchange-it’s a kill or be killed world.
    That’s all I have-can’t wait for the podcast!

  6. Another great episode. My heart rate was high from beginning to end

    This is how you do a Bethisode; it was interesting, had exposition, drama, action and developed the characters further

    Hope they use Carol’s struggle in an interesting way and don’t turn her into another Tyrese and Morgan

    I think Rick made a major mistake, he should have used the prison to keep the last survivor and interrogate him
    What do you think?

    I really like the guest stars this week
    Can’t wait to hear the podcast
    Thanks guys

  7. For the podcast:

    Loved all the badass women in this episode! But I’m worried about Carol. I know she’s feeling each and every kill but these are not the fools to show mercy to!

    And Maggie finally got some action! It’s been a minute!

    So the Saviors are way more organized than our group originally thought. Do you think the “I’m Negan” thing is like cult programming or just standard operating procedure for the group? And how many are they? And what do you guys think that still our group hasn’t lost anybody? Does this mean we gonna lose like 1/2 the folks in Alexandria at this point?

    Ok, that’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: Overall I did like this episode. My only issues with it was the writing of the Paula/Carol juxtaposition. It was so on the nose and not at all subtle. When Paula was giving her big speech to Carol about what she did before the ZA, the coffee beans, her boss and him being the 1st person she killed, all I heard was your voice in my head Nina, saying “message!”. The whole thing bored me and I just really wanted Carol to get up and stab her with her rosary beads to end it already. I also didn’t care for Carol’s confession about not killing that man from the group when she first saw him and basically missing on purpose. That was so frustrating to hear and I get how killing has taken it’s toll on her but when you’ve already made the decision to join in and go attack and kill another group, these are obvious, clear cut things you just don’t do. You don’t hesitate because it could get you or others you know killed. Period. She may need to start talking to Rick instead of Morgan, cause judging by the way he killed that savior hostage as soon as he knew Maggie and Carol were safe, Rick Grimes is all out of fucks to give. The other issue I had with this episode was Glenn and Maggie. I didn’t, Awww, when they reunited last night, mostly I just rolled my eyes. I’m getting sick of this constant separate and bring them back together thing the writers do with these two. It’s been happening since season 4 and I’m over it. I’m glad Maggie said she couldn’t do this anymore because I need for her to stay back in ASZ and for them to stay together now, at least for half a season or the next time a separation happens it will have to be permanent one. The groups in for a nasty surprise once they find out Negan’s still alive and the people they killed was only a small set of the Saviors. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3 P.S. Maggie and Glenn better not name their baby Frankie or some other stupid shit because of that Saviors sob story. Fuck her.


    Hey girl! Y’all know I’m coming back with the Carol & Daryl receipts! Firstly, let’s look at the progression. Season 4 episode 2. Right after the meeting about the prison flu. Carol asks Daryl “You okay?” He says “Gotta be.” Fast forward to Season 5 episode 2. Carol is back with the crew. He asks her “You okay?” She says “Gotta be.” Fast forward to THIS episode at the end. He says “You okay?” or “You good?” She says “No.” You KNOW she couldn’t be that way with anybody else in the group. Especially punk ass Tobin, who’s like 6’3″ 250 and hiding back at the group like a baby man. Anyway, Melissa McBride stated on Talking Dead that Daryl is the ONLY member of the group she can be vulnerable with, and actually say “No, I am not okay.” And that hug was not no damn mother son hug either, so I don’t wanna hear it, John!! You don’t gently touch your mama’s chin like that! He ALSO did that in Season 3 episode 6, when he found her in the depths of the prison after he thought she was dead. Daryl is bae, dammit!!

    Other than that, I could have done without like…20 minutes of this episode. I was insanely bored with Impossible Kimmy Schmidt’s monologue. Way too long and much too clunky. It was also great to see Magnolia go full badass! Anyway, there looks to be more Carol/Daryl scenes next episode so expect me back with even more receipts…

    Adore you three!!


    Watching the events from the previous episode told from this point of view makes the whole day/night transition even more absurd, because it means these people stood out in the woods for hours while Rick & Co. Seal Team 6’d everyone inside. This scene would have looked great if it was draped in a pre-dawn glow, but they’re too cheap to do it right and that’s just something we have to live with. I did not like the redhead, and found myself cringing at her line delivery and dialogue in general.

    Melissa McBride on the other hand is everything, and is without question the best actor on this show. She moves between who Carol was, who Carol is, and who Carol wants to be with about the same amount of effort and difficulty of changing a shirt. She seems to be having a genuine crisis of conscience and she better figure that shit out quick because it nearly got her killed twice.

    We got a lot of interesting world building again this week by getting a look into how organized The Saviors are. They’ve got safe houses and radio jargon and management protocols, and seemingly a standing order to go into Spartacus mode every time someone asks about Negan. Even though our group has comically killed 35 of them while losing 0 themselves, that’s a pretty big advantage to have in most situations. It’s going to be interesting to see how Negan & Co. absorb this initial Blitzkrieg from our merry band of lunatics.


    Really enjoyed this episode, and of course the recap!!

    But guys you’ve got to stop with this mother son relationship with Caryl!! Never in the history of niggadom has a son caressed his mom chin like that!!! NOT NEVA!!! How can y’all see that richonne 💩 but miss the real 🛳!!

    I hate that Morgan has broken carol!! I need this situation fixed asap please, bc losing carol is unacceptable at this point!!!

    Also once I actually listened to Paula long winded ass story I realized I’m a carrot no doubt! Soft a baby 💩 tbqh I do wonder what you guys believe you are Carrots, Eggs, or coffee?!?!

    That’s all I got cant wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️!!!


    Loved this episode. I feel like the Saviors should be wearing jerseys that say Negan on the back. If I was Carol, I would tell Maggie she’s cut off from my sweets for not just getting the group in another jam but also for getting us kidnapped. I get it. They’re human & have emotional outbursts but when was the last time a plan went well without a hitch because nobody got up in their feelings? Anyways, can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

  13. Hopefully i made it in time.. For the podcast: Another nerve racking episode! The back half of this season has been lit!!! 😂😂

    I know I may be in the minority, but I don’t think Carol was fooling them the entire time. I think she was crying, not because she was scared of them but that she was scared of herself. Carol knows she’s a beast and I think it scares her. Once she realized that she couldn’t talk these dum dums out of killing rick and crew her entire demeanor changed. I think that was my favorite part (short the killing at the end of course) was when they left the “weak” one alone and she started sharpening her cross on the ground. She acted the fuck out of that scene. Melissa McBride is the GOAT on this show!

    I gotta say that i was scared for most of the episode tho. All I kept saying was ‘please don’t eat your gun, please don’t eat your gun’ cause that’s where I really thought it would go. I bet suicide is really high in a zombie apocalypse.

    Side note: I was really tired of sick granny. She talked waay too much shit to be coughing blood in a napkin. Emphysema is a bitch boo.

    Oh another side note: Negan is about to be a problem. Honestly, if he’s cutting off digits for stolen gas… Sheeet! Our group is is trouble.

    OK, that’s all I got. Love you guys and I can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

    I’m glad Carol is having an attack of conscience. I’ve never fully bought into her killing machine persona. That’s not who Carol is. She became that way due to circumstances, but I believe people always revert to who they really are after they’ve gotten the opportunity to grieve or whatever they need to do to get over trauma. I think seeing Carol come full circle would be interesting to watch. Will the audience still love Carol if she decides that she doesn’t want to be a killer anymore? My guess is people will start hating her the way they hate Morgan which is so freaking fascinating to me. LOL. This show really brings out the blood lust of it’s audience. Only on TWD are people with higher ideals so hated.
    Anywhoo you guys are awesome, can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  15. Hey guys, I had an original post but for whatever I wasn’t allowed to post -_-.

    I really enjoyed this episode but I wish they would’ve kept atleast one of the women alive, especially Paula or Chelle. Hopefully we get more interesting women in Negan’s group in top positions.

    Anyway, I’m interested and worried for the next episode. Episode 14 seems to be the episode where one or more deaths are expected. From S3-S5 we’ve lost Merle, Lizzie & Mika and Noah in 14. If this continues this season, who would you predict goes out next episode since it’s essentially a safe bet we lose someone big in the finale?

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