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The Walking Dead – S6E14 – Twice As Far

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘The Same Boat’

Well, we knew we were going to get at least one episode of wheels spinning as we head into the final three of the season. This was it. And it’s not so much that nothing happened. Plenty happened. None of it needed to happen though, and the fact that it all happened on the watch of some of the most seasoned and capable members of our group made it even more frustrating to witness.

Things are pretty quiet in Alexandra as they take stock of their loot gained from helping out Hilltop. Whether or not they’re still concerned about Negan and the Saviors never comes up. Instead, Eugene and Abraham set out on a secret mission at Eugene’s behest, and Denise tags along with Rosita and Daryl to search a pharmacy for medicine.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Eugene is sporting a new haircut and a new attitude, and the latter is mostly directed at Abraham. He waits until they reach their destination to tell Abraham they’re scouting a place to make bullets since they will eventually run out and no one is making any more. To our knowledge, no one within the group has ever thought of this (or if they have, they don’t have the know-how to accomplish it), which is why it makes zero sense that Eugene wouldn’t lay this out before they left. You know, in case he dies out there, leaving Abraham with no idea why it was worth it.

When a stray walker approaches, Eugene insists on killing it, but Abraham steps in when it looks like Eugene can’t handle it. Eugene explodes and tells Abraham his bodyguard services are no longer required.

The Walking Dead S6E14 - Eugene Tries

We know Abraham isn’t one for ass kissing or coddling, so he leaves Eugene alone to head back to Alexandria on his own. If Eugene is behaving this way because he disagrees with the way Abraham treated Rosita, that’s fine. I just wish this group would learn to sort through their personal drama (debating Maggie’s involvement, debating whether or not they will kill, etc.) before they leave the camp and find themselves in life or death situations. Now’s not the time for petty.

This brings us to Exhibit B. Denise refuses to be left behind since the pharmacy was her idea and she’ll know which medicines to take. Grabbing everything would be the smart thing to do, but not as smart as leaving your town’s only doctor at home in relative safety, but all of that would be too much like right. Don’t even get me started on the fact that once they found the medicine, Daryl refused to let Denise identify anything, saying it would be faster to just take it all. 

Maybe Daryl’s distracted by his new surly (surlier?) attitude and Rosita’s not thinking straight because her current bed warmer (Spencer) seems to want an actual relationship. Either way, they take Denise with them and that was mistake number one.

The second mistake came on their way back with the meds when Denise ignores their warning about going into a car with a walker inside to see what’s in a cooler on the passenger seat. It takes her a bit, but Denise saves herself when the walker gets loose. Scoring a can of orange soda pop for Tara leads Denise to lecture how the risk was worth it. She’s doing more moralizing when an arrow enters the back of her head and protrudes through her eye socket. If she had a point, that arrow proved that it was a dumb one.

The Walking Dead S6E14 - Rosita and Daryl

Daryl and Rosita are surrounded by Dwight (the man who stole Daryl’s crossbow in the front half of season six), who is now sporting half a burned face, and others with guns. And they have Eugene. Again, this didn’t need to happen, but here we are.

With an assist from Abe who was hiding nearby and Eugene’s mouth on Dwight’s crotch (not as sexy as it sounds), our group is able to survive the encounter, though Eugene is grazed by a bullet.

So, now they have medicine and Daryl has his crossbow back, but their doctor is dead and Eugene is injured. And for some reason, all of this leads Carol to leave a Dear Tobin letter and hit the road. On the bright side? Abe has had too many near-death experiences lately to waste anymore time and we finally get Sashaham.

The Walking Dead S6E14 - Denise Dead

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Walking Dead S6E14
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So much of this episode felt like a waste of time, despite some fun dialogue and high-tension action. Morgan has finished building the jail no one asked for, Carol bounces with instructions for no one to follow her, but we know good and damn well people will (and she should know that as well), and now we have no doctor. Damn it. I liked Denise!

I suspect we’ve experienced the last few of our quiet moments heading into the finale as Dwight made it clear his group knows exactly where the Alexandrians live. If I thought anyone learned a lesson from these poor decisions, that would be one thing. But this is The Walking Dead, so we know they didn’t.

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17 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E14 – Twice As Far

  1. No real comment other than the smoking is bothering me since any cigs left over at this point would be so dried our they’d be intolerable.

  2. This would be the second time in recent weeks that an openly gay female character has been killed off in a popular television show. Like you, Nina, I was fond of her, and I’m upset she’s gone.

  3. The premium service is well worth the cost, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.


    I didn’t realize it until this half of the season but Rosita is easily one of my favorite characters. I love how she could be in the dumps over the Abe breakup but she don’t have time for that. She was awesome during the firefight on the railroad. One second, do y’all smell that? I think that’s the funk Eugene must be smelling on himself because he really thinks he’s at Rick’s level now. We all know Eugene is just a little better than Judith but I appreciate his bullet manufacturing idea.

    I’m really enjoying these episodes because I knew the Neagan raids had been going a little too nicely and our group was going to face some kind of counterattack.

    With everything we know now, would you guys have done anything different relating to the original raid, the kidnap negotiation, and the supply runs? Can’t wait for the recap.

  4. For the podcast: a few questions… Is Carol about to be captured and killed by Neagan/his people? Or will we see her again, but not until next season? If she dies, how pissed will you be that this is the way she goes out? I have a very bad feeling that this is the last of our beloved Carol, and on a scale of one to absolutely livid, I’m absolutely livid that they did this to her.

  5. Mad about what Carol did, and sad about Denise. That was dumb.

  6. What are yall’s set of skills that would be useful in the ZA? I am a biomedical engineer so I have some medical knowledge but nothing along the lines of suturing people up. Rid bit: they filmed the scene with Abe and Eugene in a machine shop at Georgia tech where I go to school! Where they hell was I lol? How do y’all think carol will come back to the show? Captured by Neegan’s group? A walker ? It needs to be something compelling bc it can’t be a repeat of her just rescuing them again especially since she said she won’t kill for them anymore. If they do that, it will be terrible story writing. In the apocathery, did someone drown their baby bc it kept crying ( hush written all over the wall) or perhaps a mercy killing to save it from this world? How did Neegan’s group find where they stay?

  7. FOR THE PODCAST-good episode-
    I wasn’t expecting Denise’s demise-sorry to see her go just as she was adjusting 2 then new world.
    Dwight-was his face always burned? Tough guy w/his group-it was funny watching them turn tail & run when it got 2 hot 2 handle (insert clucking chicken sounds) Darryl should’ve fired an arrow in his ass for good measure!
    Abe & Eugene-do they remind any1 of a apocalyptic abbot & Costello? Kudos to Eugene for grabbing the family jewels to help his family!
    Whither to Carol? She’s a survivor-does she end up @ hilltop or will she infiltrate negans group?
    In “shipping” news any1 surprised about rosita/spencer? Abe/Sasha?!?! That scene @ the gate with Sasha & Rosita on patrol-potential awkward!!!
    Still in bliss w/richonne sneak peek
    That’s all for this week! Looking forward to podcast.

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: Denise’s death was horrible, not as bad as some of the others on the show but still. An arrow through the eye and she kept talking too? It reminded me of how they say chickens still run around even after their heads are cut off. It was also on the same side as Carl’s injury. Irony. This is sure going to suck for Tara, she wasn’t even there for the death of her first gf and now this. So, whats the logic behind Carol leaving Alexandria, the 1st safe place shes been in since the prison and when there is still a group out there? They have to know by now that Negan or at least some of the Saviors are still around, don’t they? I’m guessing Morgan is going to find her and they’ll come arcoss some saviors. Props to him btw for that prison/jail he made. Did they say what his job was before the ZA? And props to Eugene for doing whatever it took to survive, even if he had to bite a dick. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. Do you guys think Denise’s death will be the catalyst for Glenn and Maggie moving to the Hilltop, since they have no doctor now? And ewww to sashaham.


    I might be the only one, but I could listen to Eugene and Abraham talk to each other for an hour every Sunday night. I imagine every one of their patrols is them just playing an absurd game of colloquialism one-upsmanship.

    Other than the incredibly shocking death of Denise, this episode pulled ZERO punches when it came to trotting out those insanely stupid and time-honored tropes of The Walking Dead. Creating conflict that there didn’t need to be, having characters act like imbeciles to create tension, and putting characters in situations that didn’t make any sense for them to be in.

    Which leads me to Carol. What. The. Fuck? This is the fastest character turn I have ever seen on a TV show that has 16 episodes every season to tell compelling and interesting stories, and instead they just shove this nonsensical character development into the back half of a season. She just left? Oh okay, sweet story guys. And now of course our group is going to run out looking for her Emo ass and probably all get captured. Again. This whole story has happened way too fast. It would have been really interesting otherwise.

    I asked in the first half of the season “Why did they bring Morgan back just to ruin his character?” And now I’m wondering why they brought him back to also ruin Carol’s.

    That 12-and-a-half-minutes-too-long push in on Morgan’s face with the swing creaking in the background was shitty and terrible and I hated it. Fuck you Morgan.

  10. For the podcast

    Definitely my least liked episode since the show came back in February.

    WTF DENISE? Why did they think it was plausible for her to leave? I could see if she’d gone with Tara but not for this bullshit! The Zpoc is not where you go outside to prove somethings to yourself! Since it was pointless, I didn’t even get upset when she was killed and I liked her character.

    Why is Carol leaving? What have they done to her character? It makes no logical sense for her to just leave. I know she’s been struggling with her identity since s4 but wtf?

    Eugene has finally completely proved his usefulness. And he’s willing to take one for the team!

    This is getting long so that’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

    Btw, so is Meth Dude now known as Dwight’s gf still around?

  11. FOR THE PODCAST: These mutha fuckas made my girl Carol leave. Fuck them all for this shit. The Co-baddest bitch on the planet (shout out to Michonne) is leaving????? What the fuck? I mad about that shit, son!!!!! Denise got on my nerves this episode and I literally laughed out loud when she got shot through the eye. Whoever did that actually did Rick and them a favor. She was getting reckless and it would have gotten worse… Rosita looked like she was gonna do her own remake of Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principles” video. All she needed was an empty dance studio and a chair… On another note, I am NOT here for everyone in Rick’s group falling in love with each other. These people are like a big ass family, I don’t want to see people who are family fuckin… WAIT, they ARE from Georgia. Maybe that’s par for the course (Sorry, John!)… Where the fuck is Bushwick Carl??? Where the fuck is Negan? They’re REALLY gonna fuck around and make us wait to meet his punk ass, aren’t they? Name dropping all season, and we’re gonna get like 30 seconds of him on screen in the finale or some shit. Every one of these writers needs their ass beat for that. Anyway, my last point is fuck these niggas for making Carol leave. Sons of bitches!


    Gonna try and keep this short but I’m coming back with more receipts! First of all, RIP Denise. I had a feeling that was going to happen because she kept making silly decisions but it still shocked the hell out of me. Tara’s going to be so hurt when she gets back. I also wonder how long Abe was standing outside of Sasha’s house. Was he waiting for her to walk past the window and see him? He’s so hilarious and weird. Okay now to receipts.

    Carol’s last couple lines: “Rick sent me away and I was never going to come back, but everything happened and I wound up staying.” This was to Daryl. Why? Because Tobin don’t know shit about Rick banishing her. Moreover, Rick doesn’t even know she contemplated leaving once she came back.

    “So I’m going. Like I always should have” ties ONLY Daryl to this part. Why? He is the one who caught her leaving the church the first time she thought about leaving. He is the one who asked her about it in the Atlanta shelter in Consumed. He is the one she admitted to thinking about leaving and why.

    “Don’t come after me please.” is for Daryl because we all know punk ass babyman Tobin isn’t going to do anything. And he’s come after her before…twice! This will make a third time because we all know he’s going to implement “Operation Get Bae Back 3.0” again. That last part of the letter AND what Denise said about taking a chance on love is finna hit Daryl so hard. I can’t wait!

    Love you guys!


    Yo, I could feel you rolling your eyes at the stupidity of this episode as I read your recap 😂😭

    Anyways despite the ignant levels of stupidity displayed this episode, I still enjoyed it!! I mean clearly they’ve found a Virginia slim factory off screen bc they stay smokin in Alexandria!

    Also I love how the walking dead gave a shout out to game of thrones when they let Viserys try to kill Eugene!! I was waiting for Ned to come out next oh wait nvm 😁

    Last thing is all the 🛳’s!! Yay for sashaham, he bout to get him some nigga love like that Slave master at candi land on underground! Then there’s Caryl, dis can’t end well 😒! And finally FUCK richonne!! (Notice I didn’t mention Rosita and that lame nigga)

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️


    Rip Denise. You can’t monologue in a standoff this day & age. People don’t have the patience & time for that. I feel like the Walking Dead should be using Gotham’s season 1 theme. “A gang war is coming…”

  15. Is anyone else having trouble downloading the podcast for this episode??

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