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The Walking Dead – S6E15 – East

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Twice As Far’

Damn near every badass in the Alexandria Safe Zone traveled east in search of a reason for this episode, which only exists because someone told AMC this series needs 16 episodes (and 16.5 hours) to tell this season’s story.

Carol can’t go ten feet without having to kill someone – well, several someones. She encounters a truck of Saviors on the road, and despite her sweet and harmless act, and her begging them to just walk away, she ends up killing most of them. Then she disappears into the fields with a Savior not far behind.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

The search party for Carol consists of Rick and Morgan because clearly Tobin ain’t ’bout that life. Along the way, Morgan points out Carol’s desire to change, while Rick points to the bodies she left on the road for them to find as a sign that she is, clearly, still ’bout that life.

They find a few fresh walkers near a barn, and a spear-wielding man searching for his horse. Since Rick is a “pop a cap in the ass and ask questions later” kinda guy, he fires on the man just in case. A quick shove from Morgan makes Rick miss. Morgan finally confesses he kept a Wolf alive long enough for him to save Denise, who saved Carl’s life.

“It’s a circle.”

No, brother. That’s a coincidence.

TWD - S6E15 - Morgan and Rick

Rick takes this news surprisingly well. Since everyone’s in a bare your soul mood, Rick dimes out Michonne for stealing Morgan’s protein car. He, too, receives the news well. Then the two split up so Morgan can continue searching for Carol while Rick heads home in case Negan is there bashing in skulls as they speak.

Daryl also goes it alone this week, hoping to pick up Dwight’s trail and right the wrong he committed in not killing him the first time. He doesn’t get too far before Glenn, Rosita, and Michonne catch up to him because everyone refuses to stay their asses at home. Unable to talk Daryl out of his suicide mission, Rosita decides to join him as she’s also down for some payback.

TWD S6E15 - Rosita, Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne

Glenn throws up deuces because he has a baby on the way, and no one blames him. But when he and Michonne stop to have a heart-to-heart in the middle of the damn woods, Dwight shows up because he’s fucking Batman.

Later, Glenn and Michonne are tied up while Dwight and crew roast marshmallows or something. They think they’re saved when they spot Rosita and Daryl, but Dwight gets the drop on them because Batman.

TWD S6E15 - Daryl and Dwight

For the record, I am not surprised this episode was mostly a hot-ass mess. The Walking Dead is not above writing their characters doing stupid things just because they need to quickly push the plot in a specific direction. However, this particular episode felt especially contrived since damn near every character knew they shouldn’t leave the camp, but they did it anyway. Then, once they were out there, they continued to make questionable decisions.

Carol doesn’t want to kill, but obviously she still will. So, what was the point in leaving? She loves so many at ASZ and she doesn’t want to kill for them, but she damn sure pulled the trigger rather than bring the Saviors back to her camp (at best) or to keep herself alive (at worst). And instead of going back the way she came to warn her family that they’re in danger with Saviors on the way (because they told her they were), she decides to disappear into the fields?

Daryl first and then Rosita decide to take on the Saviors who killed Denise, knowing it’s possible they’ll be captured and used to force Rick’s hand? That’s dumb. Glenn and Michonne had to stop walking to have that conversation? Dumber.

Listen. If this show insists on writing these characters like they’re not concerned for their own safety, you can’t expect the audience to actually care when they’re truly in danger. Also, enough with the death fake-outs. Daryl should be shot in the damn head, but probably not.

Finally, can we trust the Hilltop folks? Rick assumes the group Carol killed had a spear because it was part of the loot the Saviors take from that community. Later, the guy looking for his horse also had a Hilltop spear. Are these Saviors or people from Hilltop forced to participate for their part in the raid?

Speaking of dying? Who meets their end via Negan’s bat? Then leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post and we’ll read them on the podcast later tonight.

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18 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E15 – East

  1. For the podcast:
    This episode was really good. I just can’t get over Rick and Michone all cuddled up in that full sized bed. When Rick took a bite of that apple, I had to collect myself. I need more Richone. If Daryl has fucked this up, I will spit on his grave.

    Nina, Donny, and John do you really think that Daryl is dead? Also, Do you think that Morgan was petty for eternally giving Michone the side eye for taking that protein bar?

  2. For the Podcast:

    I’m going to go out on a limb & say that these last episodes from the mid-season return have been excellent & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every single one so far in this last half of the season.

    Especially compared to the stupidity that was the bottom-half of S5 πŸ™„πŸ™„:eyes.roll’n:πŸ™„πŸ™„

    That being said, I’m kind of up in my feelings about this particular episode & at the same time giving it some severe side-eye.

    Maggie possibly having the WORST preggo-gas ever —
    (or not 😞).

    Carols letter completely contradicting her actions.

    Daryl choosing the absolute worst time to be reckless & vengeful.

    Me, already getting ulcers over my crew being captured.

    My blood pressure is spiked & I’m already SuperNervous just THINKING about what I think I saw that finale trailer!


  3. For the Podcast: Hi Y’all! This was such a stressful episode which I guess means the shows got its shit back together for the most part. I should have known with that leave it to beaver opening it wasn’t going to end well. I loved the opening with Richonne and could watch it on a loop for hours, loved the shower scene with glenn and maggie, who knew they had showers like that in Alexandria. Did you guys notice how Abe and Rick seemed to be loosing their strength the longer the ladies were away? 2- Fuck morgan, and it hurts me to say that but mannnn Rick should have punched him at least once this episode. When he stopped Rick from shooting that guy I honestly thought Rick was going to kill morgan with the spear and just say he got attacked by the saviors and I would have been fine with that. Caryl pissed me off this episode and everyone who went out to look for them. Its going to suck if we loose glenn and the baby though. Thank you guys for this great TWD podcast, its the highlight of my week. Donnie please keep the puns coming.

  4. For the podcast:

    Despite my love for computers and AC I still find time for hiking and being outdoors. Here’s the thing about being in the woods, you don’t live there! Any animal you see in the woods has already seen, heard, or smelled you. I consider Neagan’s crew as woodland animals, they see you before you see them. So why the fuck are SEVERAL of our crew stopping and talking loudly in open fields? Obviously Morgan has everybody caught in their feelings and having to communicate them outside the wall in unknown territory. I don’t even have a question other than what the fuck is our crew doing? At this rate, Neagan will be able to hack and slash the group because they’re all split up!

    Carol is too gangster. Anytime a person starts crying and tells you to leave, just leave. Those dudes tried to mansplain and got wasted. Can’t wait for the podcast.

  5. For the podcast: Putting several members of Team Family on my prayer list and stocking up on my whiskey for the season finale! I am *so happy* that the characters themselves addressed the foolishness of every damn body being out there looking for Carol at the same time! Glenn was like “Welp, Daryl, we tried. You on your own, bruh, Michonne and me got spouses to get back to” LOL I also loved the first formal meeting of The Swirl Love Club at the gate with Rick and Abraham. I felt so bad for Rick at the end–he didn’t even know bae had been kidnapped and he was anguished just over her not being back yet. I also liked that it seemed some kind of unspoken understanding occured between Morgan and Rick. I think Morgan will be thankful to have that gun later on. 6B had been the bomb!

  6. Hey guys, I enjoyed this episode and felt it set things up well for the highly anticipated season finale.

    While I felt that too many members of Alexandria left, I felt most of them had valid reasons for doing so. I think as the leader, Rick shouldn’t have left at all. The head of the community shouldn’t be out wandering in fields looking for one person.

    I’ve been 50/50 on Morgan all season. Seeing and understanding where he’s coming from despite believing whether or not it’s the right time and place for that ideology. I feel that when he actual gets to explain his POV to people and use examples, I tend to agree. And it’s not like he’s gotten anyone killed, if anything it’s the people who kill who cause the group more harm. Like he said to Rick, “you started something”. I love him and Rick scenes together and how their car ride mimicked the car ride with Shane and Rick from S2.

    I didn’t realize it until a second watch that Carol put the gun (Mac 11 Sub machine” into her jacket right before she left. The car she was driving looked cool as fuck on some Mad Max zombie shit.

    I hope most people calmed down and realized Daryl got shot in the shoulder. My timeline erupted from that moment.

    Can’t wait to FINALLY see Negan & Lucille next week. From what was shown in the promo, the people behind the show got it right. I’m curious to see how they will handle his ‘foul-language’

    (Spoiler Free Comic Stuff – if you don’t want to read you can stop here Nina,)

    I think Glenn is the one who gets killed next episode and be the first main death to stay as it is from comic to show. Daryl’s already been shot, should Negan kill an already sounds man to teach a lesson? Plus I feel they can’t just end the issues between him and Dwight like that

    Maggie cutting her hair is such a small thing that leads to something huge for her character so I’m happy the show is adapting that story to the show.

    I’m hoping the guy who was wearing the armor who ran away is a tease for another group in the show. On the Talking Dead they referenced him potentially being from another community that’s in the comics so I can only hope that he was just a tease for more to come.


    Although I agree that the characters in this episode did some stoopid πŸ’©, I will say I enjoyed it immensely!!

    As dumb as Darryls plan is I do understand where he’s coming from!! I mean personally I wouldn’t give a good got damn as long as I’m safe but we know Darryl is a grizzled softy that needs to atone for “mistakes” he’s made in the past!!

    As far as Carol goes, I love her dickwrecking nature but yea I can’t defend her line of thinking so I’ll move onto the real point of my feedback!!!

    The RICHONNE πŸ›³ is headed straight to that berg!!! This episode screamed it’s over and I can’t wait til next week when Negan kills Michonne’s ass and all y’all cry!! It will be delicious!! Just don’t mention me bc I’ll be enjoying wrestlemania bc clearly amc & the wwe hates me!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾️

  8. For The Podcast: Why can’t they come up with plausible ding dang reasons for these people to be in danger? I mean it IS a zpoc. Daryl is going to run around the forest and leave his home unprotected, Carol’s gonna run around God’s green acre to have her nervous breakdown when she knows damn well they are going to come after her at a time when they need to be fortifying their home? None of that is in character for these people. It all just seems like half ass excuses to put characters in place for upcoming events. I just think they could come up with more believable scenarios. But aside from that I am totally shipping Daryl and Rosita. (Don’t kill me for it) Can we call them Rosaryl???? Can’t wait to hear ya’ll’s take on the podcast. Thank you!

    Great episode-kept me on the edge of my seat…..
    Carol will be fine-see how she took out 4-5 savior w/weapons-is hyperventilating her new way of gaining superpowers to kick a$$!!
    Rick/Morgan road trip debate-Morgan, who like Luke from ROTJ, sees the good in people;. Rick’s like kill em all 2 protect his familyπŸ˜„
    Loved all the bae action this week-Maggie/Glenn shower scene, Sasha/Abe at patrol-btw any1 notice rosita throwing shade-Does she know??? And of course the main course Richonne!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ oh yes lawd!!!
    Darryl getting shot was a surprise! Saviours thisclose to Alexandria-scary! Our group so caught up in drama (Darryl/carol leaving) & not keenly aware that saviours are upon them!
    Lots of foreshadowing-Carl holding gun w/Lucille symbol on handle among them.
    Thanks-eager as always 2 hear podcast!


    Well, it was fun while it lasted. I held my breath through 5 great episodes waiting for this show to come back, and it came rearing its big stupid ugly head in spectacular fashion, as only The Walking Dead can do.

    Carol kicks shit out of the ASZ under the cover of darkness, and within the first hour and a half of her new life of peace, has already iced 4 people. It’s a good thing she left Alexandria so she wouldn’t have to kill in defense of Alexandria, or she probably would have done all 5 of these fools at the gate. As it stands, one is left alive, and as we all know from our fearless leader Morgan, where there’s life there’s opportunity. Fuck you Morgan.

    I said this in the show thread, but Alexandria has to be under some kind of magical spell of delusion, because these people spend their whole time within these walls baking cookies, smoking cigars, laying in bed eating apples, Denzel struttin’ around the streets with a rifle over their shoulder, soaping each other’s ass cracks and getting sweet new mom hair cuts.

    The second they step out and that gate closes behind them, the spell is broken and it is almost immediately time for some morose monologues and ruminating on life in the new world. Every single time, it never fails. Nobody can ever just shut the fuck up out there, where the survival rate is greatly impacted by your ability to do exactly that. We’re all just STOPPING. Stopping to talk, stopping to yell, and stopping to be sad in the middle of every god damn place we could ever stop in the middle of to do all the exact wrong shit.

    There was a point in this episode where Morgan is giving one of his repetitious and nonsense diatribes, and Rick is standing there with the most vacant look any human being could ever have on his face and I couldn’t help but think that he was standing in for everyone listening to this bullshit at home. It was just the most meaningless, empty, diarrhea-of-the-mouth dialogue ever, and this is ALL Morgan ever talks about.

    This is the stupidest fucking show on TV because it continues to make the same stupid plot conceits over and over again. Whenever we need everyone to be outside and in danger, it’s because everyone in our group is suddenly a fucking idiot. It’s a real shame that Negan can’t kill Scott Gimple in the finale.

    Sorry if this was a little too long, I tried to shave it down some but I can’t believe how quickly this show plummeted back to Earth. Bye.

  11. For the podcast

    Liked the episode. Some parts more than others.

    Anything bad happens to the group captured by the surprisingly stealth Dwight, I’m blaming Daryl and his vengeance quest. If they harm Michonne, I’m gonna have to hurt somebody.

    Why did Carol leave? It still makes no sense to me. But nice to know she’s still our badass warrior queen even when she doesn’t want to be.

    Loved all the couplely goodness we got at the beginning which of course was my fav part. Btw, I saw folks question the shower scene between Glenn & Maggie. Where was the washcloth?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. Btw, if they make it, will Morgan say something to Michonne about that peanut butter protein bar? Cause that’s still funny.


    Hey girl! No receipts today.

    Let me first start off by saying that Tobin is a whole entire bitch. That man is 6’6″ 280 and hasn’t been on one mission. He hid in the church when the walkers took over, he didn’t go on the Saviors mission, and when his “bae” went missing he made a sad face and went home while others looked for her! That nigga is a BITCH.

    How stupid can Glenn be? After they unsuccessfully tried to get Daryl to go back where it’s safe, he and Michonne did what- went by the river to talk about feelings? GTFOHWTBS. I’m not saying Daryl was smart for leaving, but everybody going out to get him? I hope he dies. Not Michonne though. I need more Richonne scenes.

    Carol is a damn hypocrite. She left the group because she didn’t want to kill for them. The very first thing she does after she gets in that Mad Max car…is kill like FIFTY PEOPLE for them. You might as well take your ass back home. Stray thought: The Saviors asked her “Why does everyone assume the worst?” BITCH YOU SHOT MY CAR UP. THAT’S WHY.

    Morgan made me chuckle. He told Rick about the wolf and Rick had that super scary angry face and Morgan said “Yeah. I did. And what?” Morgan ain’t scared of you, bruh. I’m not mad as some that Morgan stopped Rick from shooting that guy. Daryl did the same thing to Carol when she tried to shoot Noah and we didn’t bat an eyelash. It is what it is.

    Abraham and the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missle) comment made me laugh.

  13. ALSO…Who told Morgan about Carol killing the sick people at the prison? The only person who knew about that besides Tyrese was Daryl. And I can’t see Daryl kiki’ing about shit like that with Morgan.

  14. For The Podcast: I hated the majority of the things that happened in this episode. This episode just reaffirmed for me what better people some of those in the group are than me, because If I was Rick, Glenn or Michonne, I would have let both Daryl and Carol go and just shrugged it off if they had never come back to Alexandria, and assumed they died on the road. That’s how stupid I find both of their characters at this point. As for Morgan, I would have let him go searching for Carol on his own and prayed he came across a mini herd so I could finally be rid of his dumb ass. Most of the things he was saying in this episode did not make sense, especially about Denise and the wolf, and the only good thing he’s done so far since he came back was build that jail cell. Also I’m going to need this whole Karen and David discussion to be over and done with, along with the Rick banished Carol thing. It happened, it’s over, they were both wrong, let’s move passed it already. And I’m going to need for Morgan to not talk about shit he wasn’t even there for. No one asked for your opinion. That scene with Sasha and Abraham was hilarious, did y’all catch the side eye Rosita was throwing? Sasha did, LOL. I hope this doesn’t turn into some big fight with them because Abraham is just not worth it to be perfectly honest. They both could do better. I honestly feel like Glenn is going to die in the finale and it pisses me off because it really should be Daryl. That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3 <3

  15. I JUST watched the episode. Get the entire fuck out of here, lol First of all, that love montage was DISGUSTING!!!! And they end with Rick and Michonne SHARING an apple? NOPE!!!! Sending everyone after emo Daryl. Come on… Glen and Maggie need wash cloths. Rubbing raw soap on your body, and in their case in ass cracks is disgusting. Stop that shit, white people! Carol with a secret sleeve machine gun? Come on, son! I saw people upset that Morgan pushed Rick and made him miss his attempt to shoot that man. WHY? Rick was wrong. The man was running away. See, this is proof Rick was a cop. He was way too quick to shoot an unarmed man in that scene. Luckily for Morgan’s black ass it wasn’t him. Also, let us not forget these idiots having loud ass theater in the park sessions that got them caught. And the cherry on top of the stupid ass cake, Maggie cutting her hair, proclaiming she needs to move on and not let anything hold her back, then CONVENIENTLY having a miscarriage was complete and utter BS. Good Lord, man! The only thing this episode got right was Morgan picking the gold Lincoln Town Car. That was the blackest thing they’ve ever done. You KNOW Morgan had one of those before the ZA started. Daryl, you stupid. Oh, and why do they have Sasha out here looking like a home wrecking hussy over Big Red? Come on, son.

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