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The Walking Dead – S6E2 – JSS

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘First Time Again’

Last week’s impressive 90-minute premiere left us with so many questions including: Who the hell is blowing that horn back at home? Well, this week, the Wolves attacked Alexandria, and in doing so, told us everything we need to know about our group and how things may play out going forward. 

What We Know About Enid’s Parents

They were idiots. If you’re so enthralled by trying to find a fuse for your non-starting car that you’ll ignore your child’s pleas to GTFO in the zombie apocalypse, you deserve to get devoured in front of her.

They may have been some, but they clearly didn’t raise no fool. Enid proves resourceful, staying alive on her own for at least a week before she stumbles upon Alexandria.

She does some hard thinking before she knocks on the gates. I imagine she also made sure her breath didn’t smell like tortoise.

The Walking Dead S6E2 - Enid

Images: AMC

What We Know About Shellie Niedermeyer

She really wouldn’t shut the hell up about that damn pasta maker and everyone secretly hated her for it. Carol ‘No Chill’ Peletier offers to teach Shellie to make pasta with her own two hands if she promises not to smoke in the house. Smoking kills you and it’s for basic bitches who don’t even know how to make noodles from scratch.


What We Know About Sam

That kid has no one to talk to since the new guy killed his dad and his brother is moping around and almost running off cliffs. He just sits on the stoop cradling his “A” stamp with no one to stamp it on. Carol ‘No Chill’ Peletier tells him to man-the-fuck-up. So your daddy used to hit you and fucked around and got himself got. It happens.

Sam hates Ron. When shit got real, he was begging Jessie to hide with him.

“But your brother is out there!”

Sam’s face clearly said, “And?”

What We Know About Ron

He’s still not over the new guy killing his dad so he’s not really in the mood for one of mom’s kitchen haircuts. He also thinks Rick is dangerous.

Also, “Is he your friend?” is the new “Are you fucking him?”

Ron would rather face a subdivision filled with homicidal maniacs than go into the safety of a house that has Carl (with a really big fucking gun he JUST used to save Ron’s life) and Enid in it because he saw her first, damnit!

Not smart, dude. You can’t even lift your left arm over your head. How you gonna take care of yourself?

The Walking Dead S6E2 - Ron Runs

What We Know About Deanna

Homegirl is not long for this world. No matter how much Maggie tries to channel her dad’s spirit and offer Deanna seeds and farming instructions, Deanna may be too far gone.

She opts to stay outside the gates with her son, Spencer, because she’s pretty sure she’ll just end up dead or getting someone else killed if she stays inside and fights.

At this point, I’m thinking she’ll just hand over the towns’ keys to Rick when he gets back. That’s if Carl thinks to give them to her.

The Walking Dead S6E2 - Deanna

What We Know About Eugene

This guy hates Jesus. He doesn’t see why Alexandria needs a church. Why can’t the Thumpers pray in their own homes?

He’s also knows his place. When everyone else was stepping up to head outside and take on the intruders, Eugene knew he’d be of better use watching Denise try to save Holly’s life so he could offer up words of wisdom like, “I mean, it is possible [you could kill her] if you hit like a hematoma or something.”

What We Know About Denise

She’s not even supposed to be here today! Denise’s a psychiatrist who was going to be a surgeon before her anxiety was like, “Nah.” And now that the new guy killed the only doctor, she’s the everything doctor.

She knows that Eugene is a lying liar who lies about being smart about things. Everyone knows that, apparently, and it makes me happy.

She lets Tara and Eugene (of all people) talk her into acting way above her pay grade and attempt to repair Holly’s torn artery.

What We Know About Holly

She’s in the comics.

She’s in the Skybound game.

She’s dead.

The Walking Dead - S6E2 - Tara and Densie

What We Know About Carl

Carl is really the perfect blend of what you need to be in the ZA, minus an occasional slip up… like hesitating to put down the man you just stopped from stabbing Ron.

But he will protect his baby sister, save Ron, and still pull your casserole out on time so it doesn’t burn.

He also won’t trip when he sees Enid hugging Ron. (Are you paying attention, Ron? That’s how playas play.)

AND he will serve up all the shade to Gabriel’s raggedy-ass, yet still agree to teach him how to use weapons because he knows the only thing more dangerous than Gabriel now is Gabriel without any knowledge of how to protect himself.

Pretty sad that his bae Enid left after leaving a note instructing him to ‘Just Survive Somehow.’

What We Know About Jessie

Her mama bear instincts work just fine. When she hears Ron has returned to the house, she leaves her hiding spot with Sam to warn her eldest to stay outside. She takes on a Wolf, alone, and kills her with hair scissors.

The Walking Dead - S6E2 - Jesse Kills Wolf

What We Know About Spencer

Yeah, Spencer killing the guy in the tractor headed for the gates is what set off the horn – which is bringing all the walkers to their yards – but he did stop the driver from making the attack a lot worse.

But his overall bitchassness has changed my mind about wanting him to hook up with Sasha. She ain’t got time for that.

What We Know About Rosita

She’s an excellent shot and brushed off the Wolves encounter like, “No bigs. Just another day in the ZA.”

She’s bae.

What We Know About Aaron

He’s brave, a great shot, and is going to have a major case of the guilts now that he knows the Wolves found them thanks to his knapsack filled with a “How to Find and Attack Our Alexandria Safe Haven” kit.

What We Know About Tara

After you fail to save someone’s life, she’s gonna offer up one sentence of comfort. DASSIT. Then it’s all, “Make sure you get her brain.”

What We Know About Morgan

Tyreese 2.0. I mean, really?

Morgan saved a few lives:

  • He saved Spencer from probably getting himself bitten in an attempt to remove the flailing walker off the truck’s horn.
  • He saved Gabriel after Carol was like, “Fuck him,” when they saw him being attacked by a Wolf.
  • And if he hadn’t subdued a few Wolves – who Carol had to later kill – they would have surely gone on to claim a few more victims.

The Walking Dead S6E2 - Morgan With Stick

But that’s really all erased by the fact that he let four of them run off, one of them with a gun.

The only way I will forgive this character is if the episode after next focuses on him leading a group of people to hunt down the remaining Wolves and serve up some Donatello justice.

What We Know About Carol

She’s a motherfucking cookie-and-casserole baking, badass, prophet ninja.

She’s a prophet because she told Shellie that smoking would kill her and damn if Shellie didn’t get her ass killed while standing outside smoking an X-Files cigarette.

Also, we know Carol reacts to seeing a woman get slashed to death by a machete-wielding madman with the same urgency I display when I spot the UPS guy about to leave with my package because he thought I wasn’t home.

Carol pays attention, watching a Wolf paint a ‘W’ on his forehead with the blood of the person he just killed. She does the same and steals the clothes of a Wolf she killed – who was about to get a stern talking to from Morgan.

The Walking Dead S6E2 - Carol in Disguise

She secures the armory, killing a few Wolves who were about to find it AND she hands out guns to others: Morgan, who gave his gun to Gabriel. Gabriel, who can’t use one gun much less two so I’m surprised he didn’t shoot his damn foot off. And Maggie, who was like, “Yes, please and thank you.”

Carol isn’t so far gone she isn’t affected by everything she witnessed and had to do that day. She comes as close to breaking down as we’ve seen her since she had to kill Lizzie.

And even though he shits himself whenever he sees her, Sam still found it in his heart to give Carol’s house his ‘A’ stamp of approval.

What We Know About Judith

That baby can sleep through anything.

What We Know About The Wolves

They just want to watch the world burn.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

The Walking Dead S6E2
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    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 8/10
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    Action - 10/10


This is a near-perfect episode of The Walking Dead. Enid’s backstory was delivered in the cold open, yet it felt full, detailed, and provided great insight into the character. Though we’d joked on last week’s podcast that the horn was probably someone’s dead body who’d died behind the wheel, it was cool that the cause of the horn wasn’t something we hadn’t truly seen coming. Yes, it was caused by the wolves, but accidentally.

The action was relentless – from the first surprise attack (Later, Shellie) it didn’t stop. Even when we thought things were over, Morgan re-encounters the Wolf whose life he spared.

That brings me to the one glaring negative in an otherwise fantastic episode: What the hell is up with Morgan? I don’t take issue with the fact that someone who feels this way exists in the show’s universe. I am fatigued because this feels way too close to what Tyreese went through last season. And I feel about this the way I felt then: It’s fine to not want to kill, but then you need to be on your own. Or at the very least, you let your group know there’s a pretty good chance you’ll let homicidal maniacs leave with a gun.

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22 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E2 – JSS

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: well THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY FUCK. my girl Carol going assassins creed on all those motherfuckers. Morgan: “hey can you tell us why you guy are-” Carol: -BOOM HEADSHOT- “stop fuckin’ around, dumbass”. Morgan really messed it up this week. well done telling the wolves all about Alexandra and their weapons. also shoutout to rick’s side thing for stabbing the hell out of that wolf with scissors. girl know she had some mad rage to express. not so sold on the “I’d rather be an angsty emo teenager than go in your house and be safe” thing Ron was fucking about with. also Enid is a crazy bitch.

    the whole time I was watching I was just excited to hear the podcast cause this episode was fucking crazy so can’t wait! love you guys always <3

  2. You can call me Josh. Hearing Joshua makes me think I’m in trouble.


    Carol aka Carol Rambo aka Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel) aka King Kong ain’t got shit on me. Carol was out there killing and saving the town all before her stories went off and her casserole was done.

    My favorite part was when Carole went and stabbed ol dude while Morgan was getting ready to fight. Carol ain’t got time for your kung fu shenanigans while its folks that need killing outchea.

    Y’all can keep defending Ron, imma sit here and sip this tea while he finds new ways to get killed and be a little shit. He better understand like Carol told Sam “fuck yo feelings and fuck yo sadness”

    I think Dandelion should have stayed in the closet with her son but I’m not mad at the results. Especially that she did it in front of Ron.

    Also I’m kind of tired of the Black men being pacifist. I guess it’s the alternate of being the angry black man but give me a bad ass any day like Michonne. Hopefully Morgan learned his Tyrese lesson when that wolf escaped with the gun.

    And i really thought Enid was gonna try to kill Carl or steal the baby when Carl wasn’t looking but she’s not a wolf so there’s that.

    Sorry for the long post but love you guys and the podcast


    Holy fucking misdirection Batman. This escalated quickly and I loved every last bit. Totally didn’t think the horn was going to go off the way it did. And this is the second episode and all this shit popped off? I have nothing but great expectations for this whole season.

    Yes there is much to talk about. But this post is mostly a Carol filled love affair. When Gabriel spoke to Carl, I wanted Carol to pop up and shoot him from long range like she did in terminus. I can’t stand that man, I hope he gets his head bashed in asap. Also, I KNOW this is wrong to say but I don’t have a better phrase. Morgan need to man the fuck up. I need him to fucking kill all this season.

    Alright Carol. she gave no fucks and was the MVP of this whole damn episode. I loved that she shot and never asked questions she was perceptive and wrote that W on her head and went to town. She even had Morgan on the chain like a slave. I see you AMC. I see YOU. I kid. Anyway, as much as I love Richonne, I liked not seeing them there and having Carol fuck people up. I bet Carol is glad she doesn’t have to hide how fucking badass she is after this because ain’t no turning back. I fucking loved her and every second of this episode and I just love the progression of her character. She is by far my favorite character. BUT next week I want to see Michonne fucking shit up or I will be pissed the fuck off.

  4. -For the podcast-

    Yo. This episode was fucking crazy! Episodes like this, the Grove, the Shane/Otis episode or Live Bait show that while this is Rick’s story, there are other characters who can hold down an episode with either little to no Rick, Daryl etc.

    Late S5 up to now is the most I’ve ever liked Carol. While she still does questionable shit to me, she is easily the group’s hitman. I think she’ll put someone down quicker then Rick.

    I laughed that they turned Holly into a redshirt just to troll comic readers lmao. Oh well, TV viewers you not missing anything special.

    Jessie’s badass / momma bear scene came off to me as: “See Beth? That’s how you kill a bitch with scissors”.

    I’m glad they showed Enid’s backstory prior to coming to Alexandria and hopefully killing the theory that she’s a wolf. The wolves didn’t know about the place until they had Aaron’s bag people.

    Motherfucking Morgan lol. Black Twitter turned on his ass 😂. I will say that I disagree with the full-on Tyreese comparisons. People write him off as some punk yet when a group has attacked his people, he’s always been ready to shoot or has shot back. Hell back at the prison, he killed a few of the Governor’s people. His thing was if he didn’t have to, he wouldn’t. Hence his plan for the trade at the hospital that Beth/Dawn fucked up. I believe he would’ve killed wolves if he saw them chopping people up. I don’t mind Morgan’s POV but with people like that, there’s no negotiating bruh. Plus, why doesn’t Glenn catch all this slander? He’s killed NO ONE since being on this show and has resisted to esp when it came to people who tried to kill him like Merle or Nicholas.

    Last thing. What do you guys think the Wolves are doing with the people they took on chains?

    This was an awesome episode. I had a lot of fun watching and live tweeting it with the people.
    1. Carol – Carol is the mutha fuckin TRUTH!!!!! We’ve seen her be a badass before, but Carol In Wolves Clothing might have been the illest thing she’d done so far.
    2. Morgan – What the fuck are they doing with this man? I REALLY HOPE they DON’T turn him into Tyrese 2.0 with this pacifist bullshit. He doesn’t need to be Bat Shit Crazy Morgan, but this Teenage Mutant Nigga Turtle shit ain’t working either. All that talking and trying to reason with a pack of wild, crazy people who are killing everything in sight is NOT the move. Don’t make me hate Morgan. Please.
    3. Ron/Carl/Enid – Fuck 2 of these 3. Carl is the only one of them I like. I’m waiting for Ron’s butthurt ass to run up on Carl at some point, and for Carl to lay his bitch ass down. You know he’ll say or do some greasy shit to Carl over Enid and Carl will put the heat on him. Run up, on my boy, Ron. Run up! Also, Carl is on that Bran Stark shit. This kid is getting tall as shit. His voice is getting deep too.
    4. Jessie – Get some, Jessie! Stab that bitch!

  6. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Sweet Jesus! I’m gonna break this up in sections.

    The Bitch Ass Cowards: Spencer had a rifle in his hand and couldn’t take a walker out? I’m SICK. I hope he dies soon. Deanna is a top tier whole hoe. She’s running that entire community but she can’t even shoot a gun? She won’t even TRY to save her town? At least Father Gabriel is TRYING. Ron’s bitch ass was saved by Rick and his son and he still wants to be a dick. I hope he gets eaten worse than Dale and Noah. I’m not even going to mention Dana’s ass. You’re a doctor. ACT LIKE IT.

    The semi-woke: While it was stellar to see Morgan work that bow staff, I’m really nervous the writers are going to make him Tyreese 2.0. I don’t wanna see all that. But I think he’s coming around. I hope he actually killed that guy who tried to take his Kool-Aid last season. That bro head nod he gave Carol…I hope that’s him finally waking up. And Jessie! All that domestic violence rage came out when she stabbed that chick! That’s exactly how Carol killed Ed too.

    The woke: Carol is too good! My God! She, Carl, Rosita, and Morgan saved that whole town while the others hid like the hoes they are. I was nervous that someone was going to kill Carol when she had that Wolves costume on. So glad they didn’t do that. I’m glad Rosita basically told Deanna and them “We tried to told you WTF we were dealing with.”

    Also- did you guys notice the “A” on the porch step? Is Terminus back? And RIP to the turtle. Her nasty ass could have at least put some fire to it.


    This episode was great. It literally went from 0 – 100 lol.

    Carol being a sheep in wolves clothing and taking those crazy bastards out. She’s still kinda fucked up for almost letting Gabe die.

    Interestingly enough, the other abused wife Jessie, snow queen bae had all that rage built up and let it out on that wolf who has a horrible dental plan. I hope she lives but walking dead do blonde women just as grimey as they do black peoplol

    I like this Denise chick and I’m already shipping her and Eugene #BigPeopleNeedLoveToo

    Carl is getting way too old for this ZA to have only started a year and a half ago. Nicoterio has said it’s only been like two months since the prison yet Judith big as shit, let her walk

    Nina this is for you: It’s weird to me how people will give people like Tyreese, Morgan hell yet Maggie, Glenn, Beth Tara etc do the same shit and for the most part think the same way? I don’t think any of those characters are ” soft ” and bring good POVs to the table to contrast the likes of Rick and Carol. I truly believe if all of our group were just like them the show isn’t as interesting since it’s more so about the ppl not the zombies. Why does it seem like black chAracters are shunned off in a way that others are not? Like how alot of the fan base hated Sasha in the second half of S5 yet several characters went through the same thing she did and no hate. All their previous badass moments are forgotten. Tyreese and Michonne have taken out herds of walkers by themselves, add him saving Ricks child yet one mistake and now he’s soft, pussy etc. despite forgetting the hunters were tracking them either way and Bob was gonna die regardless. How is Glenn letting Nicholas stay and not telling any different from Morgan?


    Loved this episode so much!

    As always, Carol is the BAMF WARRIOR QUEEN!! The town would have died without her. Maggie, Carl, Rosita & Aaron would have held out only for so long. But Carol saved everybody & still made dinner!

    I love Morgan and he’s great with that stick and all. But when crazed, homicidal maniacs come in & start stabbing people, you gots to take them out! Their lives are not precious! They’re crazy mofos who need to be put down! And was it really necessary for him to save Father Gabe? He better have killed that last wolf too!

    Fuck Ron! He needed to be kidnapped so he could see how real the world is! I’m not even pissed at his mom this episode. She handled her business and correctly killed someone with scissors.

    I hope turtle eating Enid will be ok. Carl needs a little gf and clearly she’s a survivor.

    That’s it. Tried to keep it short. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Btw, is it bad that I’m kinda shipping Denise & Eugene?

  9. So they had the foresight to scope out the compound before attacking, even managing to print pictures somehow. Yet they still hit the place like a bunch of amateurs and were surprised when Carol-in-disguise had a gun?

    Also, what were they stealing from homes? It looked like they were just grabbing random crap.


    Hi Nina & co! This is my first time posting, but here goes with a few quick thoughts/comments…

    Do you think that it’s a plot-handy coincidence that the Wolves struck just as the community’s baddest asses were out on a run? Or do you think they had been watching the place, waiting for an opportune time to strike? I prefer the second explanation, but with as unstable as that group was I find it hard to imagine that they would have everything that well planned out. Thoughts?

    Also, my husband and I interpreted Jessie’s quick recovery in her fight scene to mean that she had learned how to fake being injured as a defense mechanism after years of abuse. I don’t know if that’s something that actual abuse victims do, but it’s interesting if they spin that into a strength for her instead of a weakness. Carol 2.0?? (She WISHES.)

    (FEEL FREE TO CUT IF THIS IS TOO LONG :)) For the record, you can’t just switch from training to be a surgeon to being a psychiatrist because of anxiety. One, psychiatry isn’t necessarily “easier” than other med programs and two, psych related grad programs usually tend to frown upon applicants who are there for very personal reasons. Just a small nit-pick! (I’m about to finish my PhD in Social Psychology, so it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine…)

    Thanks so much for the show and this group! I LOVE hearing perspectives from such a diverse fangroup. <3 <3 <3

  11. For the podcast: Carol letting the kitchen crew know they have źnever been broke not even college broke for turning up their noses at noodles and cream of celery soup. You’re too soft for this world.
    Gabriel and Morgan – bad with guns – Really.
    I have an uneasy feeling Ron is going to kill Carl, mostly for show reasons bc the kid is growing too fast for the timeline.

  12. For the podcast
    Keeping it short
    I know i might be alone in this but I’m #teammorgon.
    Would of it been cool if he was killing fools left and right? yea ..carol proved that and it was epic. But Something critcal had to of happened between him being the crazy writing shit on wall Morgan ,to the one we see now.
    Was it frustrating as hell that he let those guys go yea . ..but im eager to know what made him choose this path ..I’m not gonna just write him off over one episode and I don’t agree with people calling him worthless . He held his own, saved lives (even tho it was Gabriel bleh).

    1 Morgan was just like these guys at one point . Not wolves but crazy and killing people and someone came along and helped him come out of it

    2 Morgan has one of the wolves locked up somewhere.

    3 your gonna see allot of Carol cotumes this Halloween.


    A couple of funny moments I enjoyed throughout the show.

    Carol to Sam- Get over your father’s brutal murder or die regretting things. You will get no more cookies from me with an attitude like that. Also, get off my porch.

    Eugene just keeps making Denise more and more uncomfortable in her new lot. He could at least marinade his foot for 10-12 hours before sticking it in his mouth. They’re totally gonna bone.

    Deanna to Maggie- Please don’t make me go in there! There’s some real life shit happening and I just can’t right now. I’m unna cop a squat in this nearby rig instead, where I can do my community the most good.

    To the newest of new Zachs, Ron. You get no quarter, even in the Z.A. If I catch ya cursing at your mama even one more time, you’re gonna get a face fulla slap witcha dumb ass.

    All of that being said, I loved this episode. The way that Carol and Morgan did things were so violently different, but somehow so sadly symmetrical. Everything else was just chocolate frosting on the yellow cake for me.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  14. This shit was LIT! Loved every minute of it except one part which I’ll get into….


    Fuck that Kumbya ass nigga Morgan. He got a side eye from me last week but I was willing to give it a pass but that shit last night was unforgivable!

    We’ve been debating this in the group but I can’t side with #TeamMorgan. It’s one thing to take prisoners, that might be useful to question the person later to gain information on a possible second attack or to form a offense (but you know that’s not why he did it) but to just let a whole group of them go!!! Muthafucka what?! And with a gun!!!

    We’ve seen this shit play out in every season. You don’t leave possible and known threats to your group alive because that shit will come back on you 10 fold!

    As far as I’m concerned all this shit is his fault for not killing those dudes in the finale. That wolf even said as much! Yes Aaron messed up too but at least he got some kills in. Morgan basically let a small attack force leave with their weapons + 1 and then left town before the herd (which he also indirectly caused) come to finish the job.

    Fuck that Kumbya shit and fuck Morgan!

    Love you guys!

    Peace out!

    P.S. Fuck Soencer too!


    I love that this episode was all about contrasts. Our group and the Alexandrians (specifically people like Mrs Pasta Maker). Killing or mercy. (So much for that Morgan/Carol speculation by the way.) The peace of the community, where the biggest worry for someone like Denise was being a good doctor and then the dripping blood of chaos. Staying to fight or running to survive. The use of the timer was perfect and even though TWD is great at quickly escalating situations, this massacre was for the books.

    I loved watching Carol work. How her mercy killing of an Alexandrian reflected Rick the episode before and how we’ve already seen her camofluging ability at work back at Terminus. Her 30 second explanation of how to use a gun should be on a t-shirt, along with “Hams my biscuit”. I originally thought that Enid was helping the Wolves but now I think that she’s so focused on her own survival that she just didn’t care about anyone else. Deanna was just as bad, literally sitting out the massacre, and they both can die. I’m certain we’ll see her again.

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager for the next week’s episode. Who left the gate open? Although Morgan apologized to that Wolf, did he actually kill him? I predict not. He couldn’t meet Carol’s eyes in the end. How will Rick and Co react when/if they return and will what happened solidify the Ricktatorship?

    Love you guys! Thank you and keep up the good work! ;P


    This episode was GREAT!!! We had action from all over. People versus Walkers. People vs. People. Girl vs a turtle. That turtle didn’t stand a chance the moment those two locked eyes. Oh & parents. There’ comes a time when you’ll have to take your kids word on something.


    I see you got a lot of feedback so 2 quick things

    1. Ain’t no way in hell im eating raw road turtle neck!! I will never be that hungry

    2. Morgan believed #blackwolveslivesmatter but Carol was like nope everybody gets a hot one in the head and just continued to dickwreck!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

    I’ll keep this short. Carol was awesome, Spencer is a punk (fine as fuck) but a punk nonetheless. I HATE JESSIE! I wanted her to die so bad last night. Why comes this chick can butcher a lady but didnt do nothin’ when Pete was beating on her kids??? I can understand not defending herself, but her kids??? And within days this chick is murking ppl like a pro??? PLEASE!!!!! I been done with her. How long has she known Rick that he’s “her friend”? Listen I need her to get bit. YESTERDAY. Sick of her on my screen. MAKE IT STOP!!!

  19. I love Carol almost as much as I love Daryl. That is all.

    On Morgan the do good Ninjaturtle: This is some bullshit!!! I can’t stand the direction that the writers are taking Morgan’s character. Do we really need another lame, once bad ass overly moralizing sucker on the show like Tyrese? No, of course Not! This is the mother f–King apocalypse and this Ninja has a problem with killing people!!! Naw, fuck that. That’s wack and the writers need to be smacked for even bringing this crap to the table. Way to mess up a good character people! On a good note at least Carol was badass this episode. I love her and I so wish the writers would allow other characters (especially the black men) on the show to grow and have a real story arc like they continue to do for her. Oh well, perhaps that’s expecting to much from a show like this. You know that they say when somebody shows you who they are; believe them the first time. Love the Show! 🙂

  21. FOR YOU, NINA ET ALL: I can’t wait for you podcast, and actually tried to listen to another one on TWD and the host had so little understanding about what was going on that it was clear that he didn’t pay attention and that they only had a podcast of this show, because it was mandatory for the popular fall lineup. Now, I officially wrote him off for all things because he wasted my time and happiness. All that to say, you all (especially you) are much appreciated. You vigilance to try to understand what is going on from all angles and the fact that you are passionate and give a fuck about what you are doing means the world to me as a listener. Thank you.
    FOR THE PODCAST: What is up with the tagging in TWD (the A (for Alexandria and Terminus), the W, JSS) . . . the use of this device I mean? Any thoughts? Is this a way of connecting some overall theme?
    When Morgan had to kill and Carol broke down crying at the end, it made me think that maybe they were teetering from their stances and might in the future change their ways, each more towards the other’s views? Not as fun for Carol, because she is the epitome of bad-ass, BUT when they met at the end and went off in opposite directions after doing things that seemed uncharacteristic of a pacifist and an unfeeling killing machine that’s what came to mind.
    If you all could choose one person to be for Halloween from the show, who would you be? Carol meets assassin’s creed would definitely be mine.

  22. See, all that handholding and coddling the Alexandria residents did nothing. Rick was right pushing them to learn how to fight.
    Loved when Carol told that kid straight up that his Dad was a bad man and died and he needed to let it go and go home. Again, it’s the ZA. Quit coddling those kids, everybody has got to let go of the idea that they have to let kids be kids, it doesn’t apply anymore.
    Morgan let all those fucks go right back out that gate so they could reorganize and come back another time. Morgan needs to buck up and learn to use a gun.

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