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The Walking Dead – S6E3 – Thank You

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘JSS’

Unless you’re brand new, you know these recaps are just that: recapturing what happened in the episode and that means spoilers. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, turn back now. 

This episode is appropriately titled because I want to thank Scott Gimple and whoever else decided to maybe-kill Glenn. It inspired such internet rage and I love internet rage. I moisturize with it daily. Between that and the fact that black don’t crack, y’all don’t even realize I’m actually 72-years-old.

It’s not so much that people disagree on whether or not he’s actually dead – debating ambiguous scenes is fun – but some folks are acting like it’s so out-of-the-question that others may have doubts that they’re going so far as to call people who disagree stupid. STAHP. I see you, internet. I’ve seen some of your own predictions and believing that the guts we saw eaten were Nicholas’ (Seriously, why would Glenn’s intestines be in his chest cavity?) and that Glenn could roll under a dumpster (like Rick rolled under that tank moments before “meeting” Glenn for the first time) is no more or less stupid than anything you’ve predicted.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Glenn’s maybe-death is no different than Judith’s bloody car seat, Daryl being attacked by a walker from behind only to cut back and show Daryl working the dead walker like a zombie puppet and using it as a shield, and Tyreese’s ain’t-no-way-in-hell escape from a small mob of walkers when he only had a hammer. The difference here is that the show found a way to be more convincing than they’ve been previously, and you fell for it. Maybe.

Either way, I was highly entertained and I’m okay with either outcome. Just stop threatening to leave the show ’cause you know yo ass ain’t going nowhere.

“They walk; we run.” 

Now that half the herd is making its way towards Alexandria, following the blaring horn, Rick and crew take off on foot, through the woods, trying to get ahead of them and look for other ways to distract them away from home.

Rick is joined by tried-and-true Michonne and Glenn, and random Alexandrians who are too stupid to live. No, really. They’ve written these people comically bad at living life.

Annie: Trips, falls, and twists her ankle because of course she does. Damn our dainty little lady ankles!

Sturgess: Accidentally shoots Scott (Sasha’s real-life husband, Kenric Green) in the leg and then takes off running, gripping Dale’s Gone Fishing hat to his head and his tail between his legs.

TWD S6E3 - Scott Attacked

Finger-Pointer: Blames Rick for everything, loudly. Then, when no one is looking, he gets caught in a lover’s embrace with a walker. HOW SWAY? How is that even possible? They were spooning on the ground.

Newlywed Guy: He gets attacked by that rare stealthy walker that six other people didn’t notice until it was taking a chunk out of his back.

That’s who Glenn and Michonne are left with (including Nicholas and Heath) while Rick lone-wolfs it to the RV. He warns them that the Alexandrians are pretty much useless and they’ll most likely have to leave some of them.

We just knew none of this shit was going to end well.

Daryl the Flat-Leaver

Despite the fact that they’ve only led the herd 5 miles into the 20-mile plan, Daryl wants to head home to help out with whatever is going down there, but Abraham and Sasha insist on completing the mission. Sasha points out that without him, she and Abraham might be in trouble. Daryl listens, digests, and then does what the fuck he wanted to do anyway.

Sasha watches him ride off like, “Word? It’s like that?”

Richonne Foreshadowing

On the road, bitten Newlywed tells Michonne about being found by Aaron when he had stopped being a person. At Alexandria, Betsy became his first friend. The first one to see him as a person still. They’ve only been married for three months.

TWD S6E3 - Newlywed Guy

Michonne can relate because that is TOTALLY her and Rick. Well, okay, it’s really her and Andrea, but Andrea fucked around and got herself killed messing with the Governor, so…

Rest Stop

The group stops in a small town to look for a vehicle, but have no luck. It’s the same area as Nicholas’ last run before our group arrived – the run in which he and Aidan left people to die. Nicholas takes over in leading the group home from there. On the way, they find Sturgess’ stupid hat and then Sturgess’ stupid body being eaten by fifty-leven walkers.

Nicholas becomes increasingly more unstable, needing Glenn to “snap him out of it.” When they encounter more walkers, the group hides in a pet store.

So, didn’t they plan this whole mission with a big-ass map? Did no one think to bring the map on the dry run? Was that the only map and they left it behind? Why is everyone, including Nicholas, so confused by their whereabouts?

Plans Just Get Worse

Glenn has the bright idea to set a nearby building on fire to stop the approaching herd in their tracks. His idea, so he’s going to carry it out despite Michonne’s protests. Nicholas volunteers to help and points out there’s a feed store close by that should burn well. Before they head out, Glenn radios Rick to update him on the plan. Rick is too busy running his ass off in cowboy boots (ouch!) and getting sliced on the hand by a butcher knife protruding from a walker (double ouch!). If Rick doesn’t see smoke set from the fire, then he knows the herd is still coming his way.

“Good luck, dumbass.”

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michonne realizes that Heath has a problem because he overheard Rick’s “Sucks to be y’all slow asses” speech. Michonne assures him they’re not about randomly leaving people either, but they’ve had to make the hard choices and they know what they’re doing. Heath tries to compare his little pussy-runs with what Michonne and crew have been through and she’s like, “Boy, bye,” and offers him a stadium of seats.

Glenn and Nicholas come across a walker trapped under a car. It’s someone who died because Nicholas and Aiden left him, so Nicholas feels like he’s the one who should show him mercy. Glenn assures Nicholas he’s not that guy anymore. For the record: I do think Nicholas has shown nothing but the willingness to change and not be a human shit-stain.

When they hear gunfire from Alexandria, they put a little pep in their step to get Operation: Burn Shit Down underway.

TWD S6E3 - Glenn and Nicholas hear shots

A small herd passes by the pet shop, drawn by the gunfire. Michonne says they’ll stay put until they pass and then head for the feed store.

Show of hands: Who else thought Annie was going to knock over those dog cages and fuck everything up?

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Newlywed writes a “Betsy, if you’re reading this I’m dead” letter and hands it to Michonne. She writes on her arm that he’s going home. He can say goodbye to Betsy himself. At that moment, we all knew that Newlywed was not making it home.

Turns out, they didn’t need to make another Alexandrian do something incredibly dumb. Two walkers who, for some reason, were chilling quietly in the next room start banging on a door and this draws the walkers outside to the front door of the pet shop.

Meanwhile, Rick makes it to the RV, fires it up, and heads to meet the approaching herd.

Dropping Like Flies

They’re forced to leave the pet store, and Annie goes down almost immediately. She’s eaten alive.

TWD S6E3 - Annie Dies

Glenn and Nicholas make it to the feed store, but it’s already burned down. Who did that? They run from approaching walkers on several sides and end up in an alley with a fence blocking their way. Also blocking their way: walkers on the other side of the fence.

Michonne and the others also get trapped in an alley because of course they do. Heath and Scott make it over their fence, but Michonne and Newlywed get stuck with walkers pulling at their feet. Eventually, Newlywed becomes newly dead and Michonne makes it over. Then everyone spends way too damn long watching this poor man get eaten. Spare a bullet for the brother, please! 

He Not Dead, Y’all

So, Glenn and Nicholas fire at the walkers until they’re out of bullets and then they stab at them until they’re out of steam. Finally, they climb atop a garbage dumpster and try to kick at the walkers nipping at their heels.

TWD S6E3 - Nicholas and Glenn

Nicholas, who was already unraveling, can’t take it anymore. He spaces out and when Glenn calls him out of it, he thanks Glenn and then shoots himself in the head. His body falls into the sea of walkers, taking a stunned Glenn with him.

TWD S6E3 - Nich and Glenn on Dumpster

Nicholas lands on top of Glenn, who screams and cries as the walkers feast on someone’s insides.

I don’t think Glenn is dead, but I will go over that on tonight’s podcast. 

This Is Why You Don’t Let Murderers Walk, Morgan

Even though they don’t see the smoke, Michonne holds out hope that Glenn and Nicholas made it.

Rick arrives at the point where he expects to run into one of the herds to lead them to the group with Sasha and Abraham. He radios this and Sasha is like, “You hear that, Daryl? You flat-leaver!”

Rick explains, over the gunfire at Alexandria, that going back would be for them, but continuing the mission would be what’s truly best for the people at home.

Rick is about to jump on the radio again when two men enter the RV, one shooting at him. It’s the assholes Morgan let walk up outta Alexandria. *sigh*

Rick takes them out ’cause he’s a fucking G and fires wildly into the side of the RV when he spots others trying to sneak up on the door. He found some baby food in one of the dead guy’s pockets so he knows this group has been to Alexandria.

Once he tries to start the RV, it won’t. Could it have something to do with firing into the side of it? Probably not, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not starting and the herd has caught up.

It’s not all bad news though. Daryl did the right thing and returned to Sasha and Abraham.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. Do you think Glenn is dead?

The Walking Dead S6E3
  • 7.5/10
    Plot - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Dialogue - 8.5/10
  • 10/10
    Walkers - 10/10


Upon a re-watch everyone’s decisions don’t seem that stupid, but still… there were some pretty dumb calls. Rick should have taken someone with him. The “let’s slow down to find a building to burn” plan would have been okay if they had maybe, I don’t know, burned down the building they were in and kept it moving. However, every plan isn’t going to go perfectly – even the best laid ones so I’ll deal.

Overall, great episode with lots of zombie action. Can’t wait to see how this herd situation resolves, but it looks like next week’s 90-minute episode is all flashback to Morgan’s time after ‘Clear,’ so wait I shall.

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15 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E3 – Thank You


    Glenn’s death was the most ballsy and interesting thing this show has ever done. If it turns out he’s still alive it will be the most egregious bullshit writing that has ever taken place on a show full of egregious bullshit writing.

    Having one of the longest-lasting characters on the show die in “red shirt” fashion is something that was desperately needed to get away from this insanely played out notion that the Alexandrians are new born baby level useless. Alexandria was perfectly fine before the Maniac Cop showed up.

    These writers have played it way too safe for way too long, and as somebody who hate-watches this show every week, this was an absolutely perfect way to kill off an established character. He didn’t get to have an overly-Hollywood goodbye with his terrible actress of a wife who he is rarely ever seen on screen with or being a husband to, and he didn’t go out guns blazing in a slow-motion shot. He went out like I expect people to go out in the ZA: by getting themselves stuck in an impossible-to-escape situation. For the first time in a LONG time, this show depicted a believable death.

    Of course, that could all be ruined by revealing that he survived. If that should happen, I will definitely be walking away from this show.

    Sorry if this was a little long, I know you ask us to keep it short, but I think you’ll understand the inability to keep it brief this week.

  2. All I want to say is: BOOOOOOOO Give me back my Glenn !!!

  3. For the podcast
    We need a drinking game for when rando characters show up just to get eaten 5 minutes later. That floppy hat guy (among others) came out of nowhere.

    What did Darryl think Rick was going to do when he found out he left his post? Stop trying to be in all the action Darryl!

    I just want to give praises to Michonne who held it down even when the world (and Heath) was falling apart.

    It’s so hard to say goodbye to my G GleeeeeennOoooooo!
    I do want for him to be dead and gone because anything else is bullshit. I’m okay if he comes back as a walker. Hell I’m OK if he comes back alive I’ll just call bs and keep watching.

    I’m probably one of the few looking forward to Morgan’s story next week but I don’t want it to drag for the whole 90 minutes. I think someone else might die or Walker Glenn will appear.

    At this point I think all the punks of Alexandria gotta die. Michonne should do it in one good swing at the next town meeting. Talk to you later. RIP TO MY G.

  4. I don’t believe Glenn is dead. Though I kind of thinks it’s cool if they killed him off with no fanfare in the way they did, because it would deviate the way they killed off major characters in the past. I really don’t care if Glenn is gone or not at this point, his character hasn’t been that interesting for a while. I wondered why they weren’t putting things in their pockets, like antibiotics, in the pet store even though I know they had other things on the mind. The other thing was that they were going to torch a feed store, another place that has medicine, even though it’s for sheep and horses, they are basically the same as human, mostly antibiotics. I got mad at this show before with something like that, when Hershel had the gang look for meds a few seasons ago. Loved that whole bit with Michonne and Betsy’s husband.


    Damn, damn, damn Let’s pour some liquor out for Glenn. For the record ever since last season when Alexandria had that dinner party I knew somebody from our crew was going to get killed. These Alexandrians are the worst. I’m still not sure about Glenn being gone but like the recap said it was very convincing, I can’t wait to hear what y’all say about it. I’d say the best moment of show was Michonne busting some black motherhood over Heath’s dreads. I enjoyed Rick’s RV fight but I’m so damn mad at Morgan for letting those wolves get away. All in all it was a great episode can’t wait for the podcast.

  6. For the Podcast.
    first of all Fuck Optimum online .My internet froze the second Glenn hit the ground so i was in a complete state of confusion. So when i finally saw it again i thought the death was well done. Tho i think dude is still alive People were complaining that he should of had a more grand death since he was a season one character. I disagree i think the way he “died” was just fine . Now i know everyone wants to say fuck nicholas but i really liked how the actor portrayed him in this episode. You see a guy really trying to step up but failing miserable on every turn.
    i’ve seen people break down with a flat tire not sure how much better


    Man what an awesome episode!! I can say my experience was little different from most bc AMC & the WWE hate me!! I think we all know the decision I made was to watch the rasslin live and just stay away from social media!! Well that didn’t work bc I got the dreaded “did u see the walking dead text” so I knew something bad happened!!

    As I watched the episode the only thing I was thinking was who was gonna go! Was it Dr Dre michonne Glenn or my guess Darryl!! As soon as he decided to spilt I thought he was a goner!! I didn’t know if it was just in my head but i swear it seems this whole season they’ve been teasing a Darryl death?!?

    Onto the real “death” I just don’t believe it!! I was in dis belief when I first saw it!! Although he is colored so realistically I shouldn’t be surprised I kid kinda!! But after sitting with my thoughts for a minute I’m under the belief that he is still alive, there has to be more, it just doesn’t seem complete!! Idk I’m totally in a glass case of emotion!! And I just hope I somehow conveyed my thoughts semi accurately during this trying time!! Please guys make me understand!!! 😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Oh I’m not here for an hour and a half of Morgan’s Jedi training either!!


    I didn’t see it coming. R.I.P. Glen. I liked this character so much I almost went & got a t-shirt made in his honor. I just hate how he continuously tried to help Dickless for it to only end in his death because that ass couldn’t deal anymore. Honestly, I think that’s the real reason why that kid ran. He shot the black man #4 to have an excuse to run off when he got a feeling that Dickless might be put in charge. I kid though. He was bitch to & deserved to be Walker food. Now I didn’t like how Dr. Dre was all up in his feelings with Rick’s plan on moving forward & not looking back because Dickless even said they had to leave people behind as well like that one eyed teenager. Oh he can stab a helpless Walker trapped under a car but your useless when one comes at you in slow motion. Ugh! I just hate that character. Now to Daryl. The rebel without a cause. He follows no man rules. Not even his own. He was given on thing to do. I’m pretty sure his motorcycle is much louder than that lemon the other two were driving but he’s just like nope y’all got it. I’m needed else where. Like no your not. Rick took out 5 people by himself. & last, fuck Morgan! Rick almost died cause of a guy he let getaway using a gun that he just had to mention to why they cant win again their group. Excuse me sir. They almost did because of him. Ugh! I’m done. That’s it… Still love the show though.

  9. This is probably too late cause the stupid post didn’t show up until now!!


    Last night I thought Glenn was dead. After some thought & discussion, perhaps he isn’t. I don’t want him dead. Just not sure how I’ll react to his possible comeback.

    WTF Morgan! You don’t let killers go!!’ Lucky it was Rick they ran into. He handled it.

    Michonne is our BAMF WARRIOR QUEEN! She handles her business, defends her man and is awesome.

    Happy Sasha’s real life hubby is alive. Actually a little shocked by it. Who would’ve thought the 3 black folks would still be alive after all that.

    The Alexandrians suck. Blind luck kept them alive for 2 years. Seriously blind luck.

    Ok. I know this is too late. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  10. *For The Podcast*

    I probably said cursed more times during last night’s episode then I have ever in my life. This episode really caused so much divide on Facebook & Twitter. People stopped being cool over a show. The power of television huh?

    We finally get atleast 3 Alexandrians that are like able, and of course, they all died in the same exact episode. I really wanted Annie & David to live and the show made me care when they met their gruesome deaths. I don’t even fault Nicholas really in taking his own life. He thanked Glenn for seeing something in him and rather have gone out on his own will then be devoured. Shout out to the two walkers who went down face first and just layed on Annie’s boobs while every one else stayed in character. Y’all ain’t slick 😂

    While Michonne dropped the mic on Heath, I get where he was coming from, if I heard the leader of an outside say to leave my people when shit gets hot. I’d probably be pissed too. Any one notice how the people who made it back to Alexandria were all black? ✊🏿.

    Seeing Rick on the verge of tears at the end of the episode was kind of weird. Do you think he may be questioning himself?

    The Glenn “death” was shocking to say the least, too bad I kinda got spoiled on it a day prior. Shout out to that asshole on Twitter. A nigga was in tears but watching the Talking Dead just made me go “Ok… Y’all asses got me”. Talking Dead laid it on way too thick that Glenn wasn’t dead.

    1. Him being apart of the ‘Atlanta 5’ but no on as a special guest
    2. Not being in the Memoriam
    3. Scott Gimples statement

    Add that apparently he’s still filming. They did their own verison of “Is Jon Show dead or alive?!” and I say by people’s reactions, it was a success.

    Question for you guys: if Glenn is truly dead despite all that, and since you all are aware of his fate in the comics, which one do you think is a worst way to go out?

    Can’t wait for this week’s show with Morgan’s flashback & the podcast.


    3 Questions-

    1. How in the fuck did Nicholas shoot himself in the right side of the head and then fall forward and to the right with his arms flailing?

    2. Why the fuck did the alley have a chain link fence blocking the way for absolutely NO FUCKING REASON?

    3. When did TWD ever show Nicholas develop these phase outs from PTSD before this episode?

    Bonus Q:
    Was it(the PTSD) simply an easy out to push this angle?

    Love you guys! Love the podcast! Peace!

  12. This was an exhausting episode.

    Glenn’s death was upsetting but he brung it on himself. Should’ve killed punk ass Nicholas. And of course people give Glenn a pass for fucking up, just like they have for 6 seasons smh lol. Maybe they gave him a different death from his comic counterparts because it seemed like everybody and their mother know about that and the person who did it.

    This season has been really gory with deaths each episode thus far I don’t think they’ve ever done that. I’m keeping this short so I’ll end it here. Can’t wait for the podcast and i’m very happy to see the Morgan episode this Sunday

    Rip Pizza Boy 🙁

    my reactions ranged from WOW to sitting on the edge of the couch to STUNNED
    The ending-I don’t know what to believe-while I didn’t want it to happen, if he is truly gone, so be it….I won’t whine but I’ll admit to side eye glance if this is a misdirect/clues were there-dumbass comment/watch but were they red herrings!?

  14. Did anyone else notice Greg Nicotero as one of the Dumpster Walkers, they had the camera on him quite a bit.

  15. I know it’s past time I just wanted to be with my fandom family as I am grieving Glen. I literally cried y’all. Ugh. Maggie is going to be devastated. And hindsight is 20:20, but Glen should’ve trusted his instincts and not let punk ass Nicholas take the lead and he should’ve just killed him in the woods. And also I don’t know what the hell Rick is going to do. Also I was confused by what Darryl and Rick were trying to do. Were they trying to redirect the walkers? I was totally confused on that part

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