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The Walking Dead – S6E7 – Heads Up

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Always Accountable’

Fair warning: I’m pretty much going to be an asshole in this review/recap because I honestly don’t care enough to be serious and this is the only way I’ll get through this (and tonight’s podcast) without weeping. On the plus side, I am about 99.9% sure I will love next week’s episode because we’ll witness AT LEAST three filthy Alexandrians get eaten like a tortoise on the side of the road.

Hate to Say I Told You So, But… I Fucking Told You So

Glenn is alive and it happened exactly as I said it did and for all the reasons I pointed out weeks ago.

Exhibit A: They purposely showed Nicholas falling on top of Glenn.

Outcome: He on top gets munched on first.

Exhibit B: They never showed you where the carnage was happening.

Outcome: Your intestines aren’t directly under your neck, people.

Exhibit C: There’s a big-ass dumpster nearby.

Outcome: Fuck it. Might as well try to scoot under it.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

So, Glenn’s alive and he spends an entire night on his back staring with regret at the man lying next to him. And who hasn’t been there? Amirite, ladies?

After the walkers, bored and mostly full, shuffle away, Glenn emerges and tries to drink some pretty rank walker water. Then Enid appears from above, like an emo angel who can’t throw, and wastes a perfectly good bottle of water. He tries to chase after her, but she’s playing Hide and Seek or something. I don’t know.

TWD S6E7 - Enid

Meanwhile, things are happening in Alexandria, and not all of them make sense. Rick notices the tear in the wall, but doesn’t seem too terribly concerned. He completely ignores the wrecked tower next to the wall, though, even as it creaks and moans. Maybe he can’t hear it over all of his motivational speaking.

After interrupting Morgan’s morning stick workout with the news that “they need to talk… later,” Rick tells Maggie what she (and everyone else who’s been paying attention) already knows. Every time they go out there, it’s tough, but they make it back and Glenn will, too. Oh, and so will Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, all of whom I’d completely forgotten about. Thankfully, Rick is here to remind me.

He proposes they take their time and think up a solid plan to draw the walkers away from the wall so that Glenn and others can just walk right in. Um, what the fuck else were y’all going to do?

Maggie chooses now to tell Rick that Judith is starting to look like Lori. I guess. 

Gabriel is putting up signs around town – like he can’t just fucking talk to everyone – announcing a prayer session. Rick promptly rips down the signs because Rick is an asshole and fuck Gabriel and everything he stands for.

TWD S6E7 - Petty Rick

Rick is training Ron how to use a gun while Carl watches and inserts unhelpful commentary. Ron seems really anxious to have his own gun (Rick obliges), ammo (Rick’s not that stupid), and to shoot something, anything. His body language was saying, “I want to shoot your idiot son in his stupid face and blow his brains straight up into that ridiculous hat.” Rick doesn’t notice.

I notice and I’m low-key rooting for Ron.

TWD S6E7 - Carl

Well, What Had Happened Was

Morgan sits down with Rick, Carol, and Michonne, the three characters most likely to not be here for any of your bullshit. And they ask him straight up if he let some Wolves go and he says yes. And then he explains his philosophy, which should have been explained on day two.

They tell him that not everyone is capable of change, and he tells them believing that and living by this code is the only thing keeping him going, even though Rick doesn’t think Morgan can survive without getting his hands dirty.


Morgan doesn’t tell them about how he has the broke Marc Anthony in a house and they don’t have a serious What the Fuck We Gonna Do About Morgan’s Problematic Ass discussion.

We waited four fucking weeks for that.

But that’s because Rick and Michonne have other, more pressing, things to talk about like how they need to devise a plan to lure away the herd. They’ll need all of their folks, but not the Alexandrians because fuck them, Rick says. Michonne disagrees.

Deanna comes running up with those plans she made. She’s all, “I know there’s about 3,802 more important things we should be focusing on, but dude, look! Alfalfa and pretentious Latin!”

Why Don’t You Have a Seat Over There

Glenn finds Dave the Shitty Note Writer with his eyeball being the only thing tethering him to the gate he died on. He puts the poor bastard out of his misery and picks up the scroll. Too bad Betsy slit her damn wrists and will never read it. Maybe she wouldn’t have if she had that note telling her Dave had made peace with his fate, but noooooo, Michonne fucked that right up.

TWD S6E7 - Glenn Alive

Glenn chases after Enid, finding her in a bar. He asks what happened in Alexandria. She offers up little information and lots of attitude. He’s persistent though, because Glenn is still determined to help people… even teenage girls who don’t want it.

Glenn is persistent because it’s what Maggie would want him to do. Hey, speaking of your pregnant wife, Glenn, can you please take yo ass home already instead of trying to entice a teenage girl to go with you?

Then Enid pulls a gun on him and I’m like, I know his ass didn’t survive Dumpstergate to die on this hill.

Obligatory Pep-Talk Break!

Rosita has to pause her machete training class to tell Eugene to man the fuck up. Why does a grown-ass man need this many lectures? I mean, come the fuck on.

TWD S6E7 - Rosita and Eugene

I swear, these people need to file into the church/schoolhouse, Little House on the Prairie-style, and have one big orientation.

  • We can open with Rick telling everyone “how things are now,” and how they need to “fight together or die alone,” and then he can throw in a few “you can come back from this” and “we don’t bury killers within the walls.”
  • Then Morgan can talk about how #ALLLIVESMATTER and give everyone an opportunity to join him in this philosophy and the rest of the group can take note and make sure to put those motherfuckers on kitchen duty or some other menial task least likely to leave their lives in their coddling hands.
  • Then Rosita can shame Spencer’s and Eugene’s balls into dropping.
  • And Carol can teach everyone how to bake a casserole and wield a knuckle knife

The we never, ever have to have any of these conversations again. But, no, that would be too much like right.

Then Rick spends all this time reinforcing a part of the wall alone until Tobin comes along and drops this truth bomb:

“Yo, when you first got here, we thought you were crazy as fuck with all the wife stealing, gun toting, and head shooting. Hell, think you still had some redneck blood and gristle in your beard. But we kinda like your crazy ass now. So, I know our entire town is on some bitchassness, but please don’t give up on us. More importantly, please don’t go Full Shane on us again.”

Enough With the Fucking Balloons

Enid and Glenn find balloons and Enid takes them because she’s a kid and kids like balloons. Or something. Apparently, Glenn is in absolutely NO RUSHATALL to get home cause he just squats on the side of the road, lecturing Enid while she blows up more balloons with a helium tank just chilling in the cut. She is SO over sharing her feelings by the way.

When they approach Alexandria, they see all the walkers at the wall and Enid is like, “Fuck.This.Shit.” She’s taking her balloons and going home.

She’s all, “The world wants to die! The universe is conspiring against us!”

And he’s all, “Um. A dumpster just saved my life. The universe likes me just fine.”

Olivia or Whatever Her Name Is Really Sucks at Her Job

Like, she literally has ONE job: Watch the fucking food and ammo. You know, the two things we need the most after shelter. That’s all she has to do is just sit on her ass and make sure those things don’t disappear and in two episodes we’ve seen her screw the pooch on both. Here, Ron creates a distraction so he can steal bullets for the gun he shouldn’t have.

I cannot wait for him to shoot Carl in his face. Would serve Rick right.

Meanwhile, Denise is trying to be good at her job, but Morgan interrupts. After some hemming and hawing, he asks for her help with someone… that someone being the murderous crazy man he’s keeping in secret.

Impossible White Man(*)

Because white people cannot help themselves when it comes to taking unnecessary risk, Spencer tries to shimmy across a wire, over the herd of walkers. This was from so far out of nowhere that I legit thought I’d either fallen asleep and missed something or I thought I was having a stroke.

TWD S6E7 - Spencer

Of course, he falls and almost gets eaten and Rick, Tobin, and Morgan have to pull his fool ass up. Tara helps by shooting walkers from another point on the wall, but Rick just yells at her to stop risking her life for “these people.”

Then she flips him the bird and became my new favorite everything. Yes, bitch, yes!

Carol spots Morgan walking off with Denise and knows something is up so she dumps Judith off with Jessie so she can put a stop to whatever the fuck he’s doing. We’ve now had more babies playing Judith than the United States has had presidents. Also, this baby only looks like Lori if Lori were played by J-Lo. 

P.S. That is totally Shane’s baby.

Before Carol leaves she gives Sam, who still won’t bring his ass downstairs, more words of wisdom. Then she confronts Morgan.

Meanwhile, Ron is walking up on Carl, ready to pull his gun.

TWD S6E7 - Ron and Carl

Rick apologizes to Tara, and assumes she helped because she wasn’t thinking. She counters that she helped because IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Rick admits to Deanna that he could have let Spencer die as a distraction to get the walkers away. He claims he only did it because Spencer is Deanna’s son. I so don’t care about any of this, you guys.

Then everyone stops to look at the pretty balloons in the sky, and Maggie is sure it’s Glenn’s signal.

But then that tower collapses on the wall so the reunion will have to wait. We gotta thin this people herd first.

*Shout-out to The Black Guy Who Tips

The Walking Dead S6E7
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    Dialogue - 5/10
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    Action - 4.5/10
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    Performances - 7/10
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    Walkers - 10/10


For the love of fuck. Can we just move on to Negan already?

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15 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E7 – Heads Up

  1. For the Podcast:

    I called it about You-Know-Who not being You-Know-Killed. Did it feel like they reshot the scene though to justify his survival? It’s like if we get a reshot scene of Jon Snow’s stabbing at the beginning of season 6 of Game of Thrones to justify his survival. Either way. Ughhhhhh way to draw it out, Walking Dead!

    Also, Enid needs to stop listening to My Chemical Romance and Sam Smith and get her head out of her ass

  2. For the podcast:

    It was ok. But seriously, the Glenn reveal was anticlimactic. I didn’t want him dead cause I like Steven Yeun & want him gainfully employed. (Side note: he was looking all kinds of hot with all that dirt & blood all over) And I want him to be a daddy to his baby. But this is getting ridiculous!

    Enid is gonna end up crazier the rate she’s going. Yes, the Alexandrians ain’t shit. But canned food is better than raw turtle any day of the week. Plus she’s gets her choice of 2 emo teenage boys. Who doesn’t want that! 😏

    Why neither Rick nor Carl can see the rage bubbling up in Ron is beyond me.

    The Richonne shipper in me lives! I try to let go but I can’t!

    Wtf Spencer! Wtf!!!

    So, who do you guys think will die next week? And will they be able to repair the wall? Please let it be Jessie!!

    All right. That’s it. Can’t wait for the podcast!

  3. For the Podcast:

    I love Glenn but can he for once get over himself? You survive the Nick trip and have been hiding under a dumpster for a day but you wanna stop from going home to help a teenage girl? Come the fuck on! She don’t want your help Glenn so just go the fuck home! No need to be captain save-a-ho every damn day. Like the Empire recaps can we have a “number of times you wanted to slap Spencer” section, because this boy is beyond triflin at this point. I hope all the Alexandrians die next week (except Heath) because my goodness these people are so damn petty and dumb!

    Have a great thanksgiving project fandom people! Make sure that’s turkey and not Bob you’re eating.


    I’m glad we finally got the answer to the most unnecessary question ever. But I can’t even be mad because it was still awesome! I was cheering when Glenn saved himself because he’s a survivor! I was really frustrated at the angsty fan reaction saying how unbelievable it was. Yo! We’re watching a show about the zombie apocalypse outbreak it’s not a documentary! Seal team six could have came down and saved Glenn and I’d be like alright let’s do this! My only issue is how Gimple and company felt the need to be all cute with teasing. But hopefully they learned their lesson but fuck it, it’s their show they gonna do what they want. We can either choose to watch it or not. Hell they been doing this shit for six years I ain’t going no damn where! My nigga Glenn still out here in these streets trying to save hoes!

    I’m glad that the storyline is progressing. I can’t really say much because of possible spoilers but I’m looking forward to the finale and hopefully the second half will be better now that the setup is out of the way.

    My only lingering question is do you think now that Carol is going to team All Lives Matter or stay on Group Lives Matter?

    Love you guys! Peace out!

  5. FOR THE PODCAST:Overall I really enjoyed this episode, mostly because some of my favorite people were in it. Highlights include: Tara giving Rick the finger, the look on Michonne’s face co-signing it, Michonne in general, Rosita telling Eugene to grow some balls and the tower crashing into the wall. Finally.
    Not even surprised by Glenn, it’s was underwhelming since I figured he was alive this whole time. Didn’t care however, for his scenes with Enid. Get your ass back to Alexandria Glenn, stop trying to save everyone and make people your responsibility. I’m not interested in Maggie and Glenn adopting this emo teenage little white girl with problems.
    Speaking of white teenagers with problems, Ron is totally gonna shoot Carl. And I find it ironic as well as deeply hilarious that both Rick and Carl were giving him tips on how to do it, especially when Ron was being way too obvious, and asking about silencers, OK buddy, I see you.
    LOL @ Rick taking down Father Gabriel’s flyer, Rick is so petty and dramatic at this point he could be a real housewife of Alexandria.
    Also has anyone else noticed how he’s a walking contradiction? Doesn’t want to give Ron bullets b/c of too much noise, yet has no problem banging a loud ass hammer on the walls. This town doesn’t even have a drill?
    Rick to Alexandrian’s: we have to work together
    Rick to Michonne: let’s make a plan to lure the walkers away with only our people so if things go to shit we can just book it.
    Wtf? Really?
    Olivia continues to suck at her job in the pantry/armory.
    I really hated Carol giving Judith to Jessie to look after. Why? This women can’t even look after her own goddamn children. Hate her, and I hope she dies next episode. Sorry but Alexandria Breckenridge is my Shawn Hatosy, bleh. Props to carol for telling Sam, a boy afraid of his own shadow, that killing is the only thing that keeps you from becoming a monster. Okay I guess? This is the kind of logic that only works on children. Did I miss something or was Sam talking to Carol from inside the closet? If so, Jessie is an even worse mother then I thought.
    Also Maggie knows damn well that baby don’t look like Lori. Or Rick for that matter. And yes, Nina, she did look Hispanic/latino in the first episode. Sorry for the long ass post, will keep it short next time. Can’t wait to hear the podcast. <3


    Hey look guys, Glenn’s alive! And he’s bringing balloons to herald his return party! Fuuuuck you.

    While I was prepared for this bullshit reveal, I was not prepared for how poorly that whole scene was shot. Nick’s body is laying horizontally across Glenn’s stomach, which means that roughly 80% of Glenn’s body is exposed to hundreds of walkers. His legs, chest, shoulders, face, and neck are all exposed, but instead they just focus on Nick’s torso despite the fact that Glenn is screaming his ass off right in their faces. I guess that we’re supposed to believe that the plot armor would have been too tough to chew through, and walkers are getting progressively lazier as the years go on, fully taking on the personality of the writing staff.

    Rick has done nothing but be the noisiest motherfucker in Alexandria since suggesting that everyone should be as quiet as possible. This reminds me of the time that Rick said everyone should conserve their ammo and only use their knives on Hershel’s farm, and then in the next episode proceeds to teach 7 people how to shoot all at the same time. “My name’s Rick Grimes, I play by my own rules- Nobody else’s- not even my own.”

    Alexandrians continue to act like giant stupid children so the plot can justify Maniac Cop taking control of the neighborhood. This is what happens when you allow someone whose diet consists of whiskey and crackers to have a grappling hook- You get the dumbest fucking plan since lowering Glenn into a well. And this lady who is in charge of inventory control is doing her job with all the effectiveness of a substitute teacher 2 days before Christmas break.

    I hope 90% of this cast gets eaten in the next episode, and I hope they save Morgan for last so he can watch everyone else die.

    Thank god there’s only one more episode this year, I need a bit of a break from this show, and once again go back to hoping that it gets better when it comes back.

    So I was inspired to associate key character moments in the show with popular song titles/lyrics that should’ve been playing in the background like a soundtrack. Hope y’all can sing along.
    1. Glen being alive: “I’m a survivor” by destiny’s child. 2. Carol epically snitching on Morgan (loved it! ): “Snitch bitch, snitching ass bitch” from empire.
    3. When are we going to get a back story on rosita? And Rosita was right about survivors guilt. Eugene need to man up. Rosita dissing Eugene: “back to back” by drake. She need to say that stuff to Morgan.
    4. Glen Leave Enid:” Don’t save her , she don’t wanna be saved” by J Cole. Also didn’t someone have to had just blown those balloons up right? The helium would’ve seeped out after a few days. So who put them there? And for what purpose? Mark their camp? 5. I knew Ron sneaky ass couldn’t be trusted: “they smile in face all the time they want to take your place, backstabbers backstabbers ” by the O Jays.
    6. Spencer ole dumb ass: “chain chain chain, chain of fools” by Aretha Franklin. Do y’all think his momma would’ve killed herself if he would’ve died?
    7. I loved Tara flipping Rick off: “I don’t fuck with you” by Big Sean.
    8. Rick feelings toward Alexandrians : “No new friends” by Drake.
    9. So Morgan gone waste good ass medicine on this wolf fucker!!!! Hell no he got to go: “hit the road jack” by Ray Charles. Do yall think the wolf will still be trying to kill people if he gets out in the walker confusion or will he just try to escape?
    10. Carol approaching Morgan like a G: “knuck if you buck” by Crime Mob. 11. Maggie seeing the balloons:”I saw the sign” by ace of base
    12. The end: “it’s the end of the world as we know it” by R.E.M. I didn’t get in the middle of the show of why they were showing the watch tower breaking down. Did y’all? Any death predictions for the mid season? I predict that Sasha, Darryl, and Abe get back with the gas truck and are able to distract and round the walkers up somehow and then blow them up with the gas in the truck.

    Loved the show and looking forward to the podcast!

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: The Glenn shit was wack. The show fucked that up by being dickbags and trolling us all. I’m sure even people who like Glenn and wanted him to live feel a bit cheated with what we saw. They really had this man slide his happy ass under that dumpster. And he was clean too. No bumps, bruises, no limp from falling off that other dumpster on to the street. None of that. Just some dirty clothes. Anyway, what the fuck ever… Morgan can kiss my ass. Fuck him. I’m 100% on the Fuck Morgan steelo. You want to get medical attention for the man who said he’d kill everyone in town if he survives? OK. Fuck you, die slow… Fuck Ron too. He gotta die. I can tell he’s plotting on my boy Carl… Two more quick points and I’m Audi. First, is people are gonna get real tired of Rick barking on them. Shout out to Tara for talking shit back. Finally, fuck Maggie. I had to toss that in on GP.

  9. I’m going to try keep this kinda short since this was my third try and for whatever reason this bullshit as phone keeps deleting my feedback… the fuck…

    *For The Podcast*

    I really liked this episode.

    People really mad over the Glenn thing as if this show hasn’t tricked you before (Tyreese fighting the herd, and “Is Judith alive”? From Season 4).. and the way he survived was the only realistic way and the most simple. Some yall theories we were wild as shit. For the “why didn’t the walkers go after him”. 1. Walkers are stupid as shit. 2. When have we ever seen a group of walkers multitask on meals? When they stay on or are focused on one meal, they stay on that ONE meal. This has been consistent throughout the entire series. Jesus, I swear some people just hate watch this because they have nothing better to do.

    *Sigh* anyway, I love the interrogation scene. Everyone in that were great IMO to the point that I was like “you know what, let Morgan keep his little wolf experiment”. In a show with some many characters it’s nice to have several different POVs esp within our main group so it doesn’t come off as Rick and company .

    Damm, Nina really isn’t enjoying this season lmao, i think your one of the few who I’ve seen who didn’t like this lol. No fucks given about Alexandria huh 😂. It’s cool, i like differing opinions and enjoy hearing the viewpoint

    Next episode is based around a big event in the comics and I’m very curious to how they will adapt it to T.V..

    I’m done can’t wait for the podcast



    Aite, so here’s what should happen next week. With all the commotion, Ron should shoot Carl and then Michonne sees it and slices Ron’s head off. Jesse will see this and try to kill Michonne. Michonne then slices Jesse’s head off.

    Then Carol should shoots Morgan, that dirty ass nigga tied up and maybe Father Gabriel and Eugene’s pussy ass just because.

    Once Glenn and Enid go into Alexandria to help, Glenn and Maggie should meet up and Enid should push a walker into both of them. I been done with them since they were acting stupid as shit trying to find each other. Now that would be a great midseason finale.

    Anyways, shoutout to Nina and Donald for you guy’s first Premium show. It was really good. Looking forward to more of your great content. It wasn’t racist Donald, his hair does make him look like The Weeknd.

  11. Hey girl! Keeping it short today…FOR THE PODCAST:

    Every time I saw Deanna, I wanted to say “Bye Felisha.” She kept coming up at random ass times talking about random ass shit. Just like Felisha did in Friday.

    Rick and Michonne are worried about the walls and all that- here Deanna go tambout expanding. Really? You wanna talk about this shit with 50 ‘leven zombies outside? G’on somewhere. Bye Felisha. Rick apologizes to Tara…here Deanna go tambout “Thanks for saving my son’s life!” He was in the middle of a conversation. G’on somewhere. Bye Felisha.

    Dassit. Love y’all!

    Worst kept secret glenn is alive-dragging out the obvious was annoying but I enjoyed the episode.
    Enid/Glenn-their interaction was cool though she was an annoying at times-don’t know if I’d be as patient as Glenn esp after she ran away then held a gun on him. I had a duh moment when she had the balloons-was she going to float over Alexandria 2 signal glenn is alive-DUH!! 😄
    Spencer-his a$$ should’ve been walker food after that stunt though his motives were pure.
    Tara/Rick-kudos to tara for the finger wag but I would’ve gone “ratchet” on his a$$-like FU Rick! 😄 then he apologizes yet he lectures again-he’d get my “say what now” look especially after I just said we’re all in this 2gether…..
    Rosita=boss in training the alexandrians & the way she handled or scolded Eugene or my nickname 4 him pillsbury dough boy
    Morgan-unrealistic as it is in this new world, I respect his zen but it’s ultimately may get him banished, killed or both & bring additional danger to the group.
    Father Gabriel-what is his purpose? No one seems 2 like or want his help-rick ripped up his signs-thanks no thanks???
    Ron=trouble on the horizon-watched the side eyes exchanged b/to he & Carl-Carl May sense or know Ron is not who he appears 2 be
    Eagerly looking forward to the podcast

  13. FOR THE PODCAST: This is the 3rd episode in a row that I kinda don’t care about. Glenn is alive…no big surprise there. Did you guys notice that when Glenn chased Enid, he went through an open window that was literally adjacent to the dumpster??? An open window that him and Nicholas just apparently glossed over. Also, I would have bought into Glenn’s concern for Enid if the writers gave them significant interaction BEFORE this episode. Glenn spending so much time and energy trying to convince this girl to come back with him to the community, just seemed odd considering that he just barely escaped death once again and has a pregnant wife waiting for him back home—Tara flipping off Rick was well deserved considering that he has been an ass ever since he stepped foot into Alexandria. Also, his treatment of Gabriel is borderline bullying. Considering everything that Rick has been through, he is really acting this petty over Father Gabriel talking bad about him behind his back??? Get the fuck over it Rick!—Also (and it pains me to say) Morgan can die now. I am just over him—The only thing that gave me solace was that Rick and Jessie didn’t have sex. Although it was not confirmed, Rick and Jessie did not share any scenes together in this episode and Rick is still a tense, uptight asshole…so yeah, he definitely did NOT get laid.—Last but not least, I am a bit salty over The Talking Dead, I almost feel like the viewers were being slightly scolded for thinking that Glenn’s fakeout death was anything but brilliant storytelling. I have to keep reminding myself that Chris Hardwick is on AMC’s payroll so of course he is not going to say or do anything that will hold this show accountable for the epic failure that was the Glenn bs storyline. Based on Steven Yeun’s body language, I can tell that he wasn’t a big fan of this crap either.

  14. “The only way to not be a monster is to kill.”
    Here, let me leave this younger, helpless baby at your house. Because we all know that kids don’t kill kids on this show.
    “Just look at the flowers Sam.”


    I’m late as fuck, kno u got a ton of feedback so all I wanna kno is can I eat lunch wit y’all or nah bc I liked the episode?!? ✌🏾️

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