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The Walking Dead – S6E8 – Start to Finish

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Heads Up’

Sam has finally snapped, y’all. This child has been so traumatized by Carol and neglected by everyone else that he refuses to leave the second floor. His meals are left for him at the top of the stairs and that’s where he returns his empty plates. Sam sits in his room, coloring pictures of young boys strapped to trees and about to be eviscerated by walkers, and listening to 1950s music on an old Victrola as 10-year-old boys are wont to do.

This mid-season finale accomplished abso-fucking-lutely nothing except explaining how you get ants. Sam leaves half a cookie on the floor and it brings all the neighborhood ants to the yard. The cold open ends with a closeup of the ant-covered cookie because this show doesn’t know the definition of the word subtle.

Run in a Straight Line Never Crossed Their Minds

The tower falls and takes out a portion of the wall. Walkers invade and everyone scatters like roaches when the lights come on. Why did they not just run straight into a house? Why did Rick feel the need to start shooting walkers, knowing good and damn well he wasn’t going to be able to stop more than the amount of bullets in his gun? Oh, I know. So that they can justify all the “confusion” that takes place when there’s really no reason for it AT ALL.

While Rick is zigzagging and shooting, Rosita and Tara help Tobin up off the ground and I don’t even know how he got there. It wasn’t an explosion. (Note: We never see Tobin again.)

Anyway, Deanna helps Rick by yelling and doing some really bad shooting acting. (Seriously. She did everything but say “pew pew” every time she fired.)


Images: AMC

For some reason, everyone is exhausted. They’re stumbling instead of running. Rick looks worse than he did after hauling ass and bringing the entire herd to the gates. Why can’t he run straight? What did Carol trip over? This ridiculous writing, that’s what.

Carol fell on nothing

Maggie, for some unexplained reason, is RIGHT NEXT TO THE WALL (which wasn’t where she was when the tower fell so I’m not sure what prompted her to get CLOSER to the opening once it fell) and doing the Horror Movie White Girl Butt Scoot to get away from walkers. Why can’t she stand? What did I miss? Why is any of this happening? Instead of running to a house, she does a comically bad job of climbing a ladder and is now stranded on her back, on top of the watchtower, watching those green balloons float away, taking with them any chance of this season being good.

Why Maggie

Let’s check in with Eugene, shall we? He’s just fucking STANDING AROUND and watching the walkers do walker shit. And even though he has a perfectly good machete in his hands, all he does is whimper when a walker gets close to him. That’s what you get for not paying attention in Machete Wielding class, Eugene. Daryl’s calling on the walkie talkie, but Eugene don’t give a shit. He’s just happy to be saved by Rosita and Tara because this show still wants this useless character around. Also, the walkers didn’t even react to the shots fired by Rosita and Tara because this show and consistency don’t go together.

The rest of the outside group almost gets surrounded, but Jessie shows up shooting and yelling, “Let’s do this!” and that’s all they need to realize that oh, hey, there’s a house right here. We should run into it.

What the fuck are you talking about, Enid?

Meanwhile, outside the gates, Glenn is ready to enter the subdivision from another area because his pregnant wife and his friends are in there. This makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that Enid requires yet another fucking pep talk/lecture to follow him.

“This is how it happens. This is how it always happens, Glenn.”

What the fuck is she talking about? Her parents died, she ate a turtle, she lived in Alexandria, and then she didn’t. DASSIT. Why is she talking like she’s seen some thangs? More importantly, why the fuck is Glenn working so hard to drag her raggedy ass along with him? Ugh. Boy, get yo ass in there and save your wife and stop worrying about this child.

Jessie is the worst mother ever

Sam just trying to get his Howard Hughes on and these fools come busting in with an injured Deanna. She fell on a saw outside because of course she did.

Sam is pale, sweaty, and has red circles around his eyes. What does Jessie do? She tells him to be brave, or at the very least, pretend he’s someone who is brave. And while he’s at it, he should probably turn off that fucking music because brave people don’t listen to shit like that. And neither do scared shitless little boys.

Well, shit

Deanna has been bitten. Good.

Rick whispers to Jessie. He asks if Deanna understands what’s about to happen to her. Not sure why the fuck this isn’t something they discussed weeks and weeks ago. He’s gonna wait till the walkers wander off before making a run for it to lead them away. And I don’t even care.

Michonne tells Deanna her plans will work. She asks about the Latin, but Deanna doesn’t tell her what it means. Instead, she tells Michonne to figure out what she wants for herself.

Oh, my God. This is so fucking bad. 

Ron is finally out of fucks

Oh, shit! Something interesting is about to happen. Ron slinks off into the garage and Carl follows. Ron is talking crazy. Everyone’s dead and shit is terrible. Rick is just going to get more people killed because he’s the worst. Carl is like, “Your dad wasn’t shit either so…”

Ron locks them in the garage and tries to shoot Carl, but Carl ain’t come this far to go out like that. They fight, the glass door is broken and walkers come a’walkin’. Rick and Jessie finally break in and everyone hustles to keep the door closed because now the walkers are in the garage. Nice going, Ron.

Carl ain’t no snitch and claims he and Ron just knocked over a shelf. While Jessie and Rick block the door with a sofa (like, I can’t even), Carl and Ron go off in search of nightstands to reinforce the sofa. I’m not making that up.

Carl refusing to be a tattle-tale would have been fine if he calmly shot Ron in the head once they were alone, but he doesn’t. He just demands Ron’s gun and tells him his father wasn’t shit. Again.

I really hope Ron tries to kill EVERYONE the first opportunity he gets.

Then shit really got ridiculous

Judith starts crying because she was left upstairs alone with a mortally injured woman and a little boy who probably has pee jars in his closet. WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?

Rick walks in on what he thought was Walker Deanna eating his baby, but it’s just regular old weak-ass Deanna on her knees by the playpen. That bitch almost caught an axe to the head, but that would have been too much like right so the show didn’t go there.

She says she just wanted to “see her one last time.” Um, lady. You just met her. If you don’t get yo dying ass back to dying and stop trying to hold people’s babies…

Also, didn’t your mother tell you to turn that fucking music off, Sam? What the fuck? How has Jessie allowed this shit to go this far? How is your son living with ants in a funky-ass room, coloring macabre shit, and looking like he’s going through meth withdrawals and you’ve not addressed this?

Anyway, Deanna passes Rick two notes for Spencer and Maggie, and asks him if he’ll look after Spencer. Rick says yes.

She’s like, “No, will you look after him despite his bitchass ways? Will you look after him like he’s someone who doesn’t make poor life choices that puts others in danger? Basically, will you look after him like he’s Daryl? Like you actually give a shit? Please and thank you.”

Deanna tells Rick everyone there is his people and he says, “We haven’t had a chance to make it that.” Yeah, Rick. You were too busy plotting how you could take the place away from them and fuck their wives. Every opportunity you had to make them your people, you didn’t. 

It’s Rosita’s Turn for a Pep Talk

In the garage, while Eugene reads a world history book by lighter light, Rosita has had just about enough. She wonders if this is how it ends and Tara delivers a pep talk because this show has a three-pep talk minimum per episode. It’s in their contracts. Rosita thinks Abraham is dead. Nope. He’s alive, girl. You worried about him and he’s tryna get in Sasha’s drawers. Tara’s words work and Rosita is ready to get about the business of surviving.


Eugene chooses now to reveal he can pick locks. Good thing they were holed up in the makeshift school so there’s a paper clip handy.

This fucking show. 

That bullshit IKEA couch

The house Rick and crew are in becomes overrun with walkers so everyone heads upstairs and they use the couch to block the stairs. I thought walkers couldn’t navigate stairs? Oh, well. We all know this show has never met consistency. Also, that couch is light enough that one person can just lift and move it, but sturdy enough to hold off those walkers? Okay.

Carol is still the baddest motherfucker

Inside the house with the wolf, Carol is sure Morgan is hiding something. She fakes dizziness and a concussion and Morgan is too damn stupid to realize it.

Downstairs, Denise is with the wolf and she is now on some Morgan shit. She tells him he wasn’t born an evil son-of-a-bitch and can change. Then she starts to treat his wound. She needs her ass kicked.

When I tell you I would let that motherfucker die of sepsis, I mean that shit.

Carol gets the drop on Morgan and rushes into the basement where she finds Denise tending to the wolf.

Carol is all, “What fresh hell is this?”

Morgan steps between Carol and the wolf, who just looks amused. Carol has a knife. Morgan has his peace stick. The show then asked viewers to go online and vote on Carol v. Morgan. They didn’t give you the option to vote for the wolf cause he would have won handily.

Carol v Morgan

All up in them guts

Rick and Michonne inform everyone they’re gonna need some sheets. It’s arts and crafts time, and they’re going to show everyone how to make Guts Ponchos! They get busy pulling out walker innards. Jessie and Gabe look nauseated. Ron looks aroused.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips still plays in the background and I kinda wanna beat Sam to death with that record player.

Carol v. Morgan

Morgan says they are no better than the wolves if they kill. Someone needs to explain to Morgan that killing to protect yourself does makes you better than killing for the sake of killing, then hacking up body parts in the street. I mean, why is this so hard to grasp?

Carol is all, “I don’t want to kill you, Morgan,” and I low-key thinks she’s lying. Cause I wanna kill him, too. He says she can’t kill him and I’m like, Morgan, you have clearly not been paying attention.

They fight, Carol gets knocked out, then the wolf knocks out Morgan. Denise begs for their lives, and he’s just about to kill her when Tara, Eugene, and Rosita walk in, guns drawn. He orders them to drop their guns and slide them over as he holds a knife to Denise’s neck.

Remember how he was like, “When I get loose, I’m killing everyone”? Yeah, well, that turned out to be bullshit because once he has the guns, he just leaves with Denise.

Wolf takes a hostage

This show is so fucking ridiculous. The entire threat with the wolves was that they were crazy killers. You can’t negotiate with them. Why the fuck didn’t he kill everyone? Why does he need a hostage? Does he need access to the vault? A chopper on the roof? $5 million in unmarked bills?

But the bigger question is, why didn’t Rosita shoot that motherfucker in the forehead?

You gonna tell me what that Latin means or nah?

Michonne goes to tell Deanna that shit has gotten the realest, but Deanna is not ready to go yet. Um, bitch you better get ready. Deanna has a gun and will take her own life when she’s ready. Then she tells Michonne what that Latin means, finally.

Deanna Takes Forever to Die

Everyone is getting into their Guts Ponchos and I’m like, “When is Jessie going to tell Sam what’s going on?” I mean, there’s no way she forgot her other son, right? Hell, that music is still playing. He won’t let her forget.

And then Sam walks in the room and sees his mom digging in a walker’s chest cavity.


“Who are you again?”

Kidding. But really, when were they going to get this child?

This kid is understandably freaking out. Jessie advises him to just pretend he’s brave. She’s officially a worse mother than Lori, and she was pretty fucking terrible.

Pretend to be someone other than yourself, stupid! 

Everyone is ready to go. Gabriel promises Rick he won’t punk out again and for some reason, despite all his unaddressed animosity, Rick says he believes him. Say what, now?

A Montage of Stupid

Remember how Deanna was going to kill herself? She does not. She decides to shoot a few walkers first and then let them eat her because that’s the way to go, and now we got one more fucking walker to worry about that. Thanks, Deanna. Good riddance.

Glenn and Enid climb a tree and spot Maggie on the tower. That’s something. I guess.

Glenn and Enid Sitting in a Tree

The Guts Poncho crew hold hands and begin to slowly walk outside, cutting through the walkers. This plan might work!

Wait. Sam has something to say, everyone. And it apparently can’t wait until they’re not surrounded by walkers.

I hate that fucking kid.

Gabe in guts

The Walking Dead S6E8
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    Plot - 3.5/10
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    Action - 8/10
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    DIalogue - 2.5/10
  • 10/10
    Walkers - 10/10


Man, fuck this show.

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35 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E8 – Start to Finish

  1. This was hard for your to write, wasn’t it?

  2. Instead of being excited about the show I was dreading it and after wished I had gone to bed early.

  3. All I could say at the end is OMGosh, he said mom… I am so worried!

  4. Can’t wait for the podcast!
    This effin’ show. So uneven. I know they can do better they just refuse to do so.

  5. 1) After all this time they’ve been chilling in bougie-white-people-utopia and there’s not ONE SINGLE BABY BJORN or Eco Baby or a FUCKING BABY BACKPACK? No. I don’t buy that. ALL THIS TIME they’ve known that a) schmearing yourself with zombie guts works to get through crowds of walkers. WHY HAVEN’T THEY DONE THAT to get the cars to sound loud horn to lead the zombies away? Because they are fucking stupid and this writing is dog shit. b) why don’t they get some walkers and make them their bitches LIKE MICHON DID IN SEASON 1?? They could clear through crowds and have them carry their shit? WTF. 3) the scene with the wolf guy (AKA who gives a shit about that cracker ass motherfucker?) was totally lame and unnecessary. Oh, he manages to get control? SHOCKER?!? Ugh. 4) I just can’t let it go WHY DIDN’T THEY CROWD CONTROL THE ZOMBIES DAYS AGO with the gut schmear?!??! It’s so bloody stupid I can’t get over it. 5) WHY NOT GO STRAIGHT TO A HOUSE and not waste bullets? 6) Why doesn’t Hot Coral (that’s what we call that dumb twat Carl in our house) shoot that dumb fuck kid? He’s USELESS. Also, finally. 7) Fuck Sam. Fuck that kid. He’s a waste of space on the show and he’s a terrible actor.

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: What the fuck was that? THIS was the way these jackasses decided to go away for a few months? THiS? Fuck these people.

    1. Deanna – This heffa took all fuckin episode to die and didn’t fuckin die! Every time we saw her it was “OUCH, this mutha fucka bit me”… “Hey Michonne, let me give you a pointless speech”… “OW, this bite really hurts, guys”… Michonne, let me holla at you again”… “Hey, still remember me? Yeah, I’m still dying here”… And after all that, this old bird still hadn’t croaked or been killed. Nope! Her ass got up, shot a few zombies and yelled like she had Rabies. Watch her old ass be alive in February.
    2. Carl/Ron – Why the FUCK do they have Carl acting like Glenn? This is a repeat of the Glenn/Nick thing. I’m gonna be pissed when Ron finally shoots Carl, the show trolls us for weeks, and we find out Carl slid his ass under a dumpster, healed himself of all wounds, and then goes on a stupid mission to save Enid who he secretly impregnated off screen.
    3. Morgan/Carol – My heart skipped a beat when I saw Carol do the classic white woman in a horror movie or show fall. I was SO scared she’d die. Also, FUCK this show for making me wish a white woman would kill a black man so much. It was so hard to go against my blackness in the moments when this all lives matter ass nigga was trying to beat up or kill her in order to save that Wolf. I fuckin yelled at my TV. FUCK MORGAN! HE HAS TO DIE!!!!
    4. Morgan – FUCK HIM, HE HAS TO DIE!!!!!!
    5. Finales – This was a shit show for a midseason finale. It was another pointless episode that could have been condensed or omitted completely. It was ANOTHER episode that didn’t do much, if anything to move the plot forward. I hated everything about the Glenn situation, and how it was handled, but THAT would have been a better midseason cliffhanger than this bullshit Deannasode. At least with that, you’d have the real drama and emotions of people trying to figure out if Glenn survived and how Rick was gonna escape the RV. But NOPE! They fucked everything up. Assholes!


    This show and me and through. And we are never, never getting back together. I don’t know why this show thinks it needs more than one episide to drive a point home? Alexandrian are stupid, hope is lost, not fighting makes you a punk, Rick is a dick…WE GET IT!

    Speaking of assholes, can someone tell me why Peter being an asshole was a reason to be killed? I mean, if that’s the only prerequisite, Carl, Rick, Morgan, shit all of them should be put to death.

    I didn’t think anyone could be a worse mother than Lori. Enter Jessie! Had ahead paid even a moment of attention to her offspring, Ron wouldn’t have tried to take out Carl and Sam wouldn’t be a walking zombie snack.

    Of all the things that pissed me off last night, those stupid fucking balloons attached to the hashtag on twitter was the fucking worse. NO ONE LIKES THE FUCKING BALOONS, ASSHOLES!

    This show can go fuck itself, hard, with a chainsaw.


    It is sad that I feel like this show wasn’t as bad as the previous two, but that even that wasn’t saying much. I appreciate them trying to throw Michonne some screen time, but it was not worth it in the end. The story did move forward a bit more than previous episodes, but not by much.

    Problem 1-They decided to turn Morgan into a woman being jerk? Whose idea was that? Let’s consider what he did. He would rather body slam a woman into a concrete floor and possibly injure her critically than allow the guy we know was recently as of a few hours ago murder indiscriminately, and who has also stated that he planned to murder children? Okay. Way to ruin a good character.

    Problem 2-Drawing out Deanna’s death, Tovah Feldsuh’s acting aside, was a poor choice. Yes it gave Michonne an opening for a storyline of her own (FINALLY!)-still, not necessary. The fact that Michonne and Rick weren’t strategizing until towards the end of the epi and he spent his time strategizing with Jessie? Why?

    Problem 3-They need new writers. Or they need to decide to bring the show to a close. There are only so many places you can go with a ZA storyline if we are being honest about it. This season is showing what happens when the writers fail to realize that.

    I’m still in it…but we might have to catch it the day after because…this is not cool.

  9. FOR THE PODCAST: Reading this recap just reaffirmed my happy decision to give up on actually watching this show a couple years ago. This thing is way past Emperor’s New Clothes at this point.

  10. Lol! I noticed some of the walkers looking down at the steps while walking up them to make sure they wouldn’t trip 🙂 at least THEY have some sense.

    Seriously I have staunchly defended this show even lowering my expectations to enjoy it but they are dragging things out sooooo much it is seriously pissing me the fuck off.

  11. Hey Nina! I Hope it wasn’t too bad podcasting for 2 hours about this shitty episode! Here’s what I have to say:

    1. I was actually rooting for Maggie to get eaten so that something interesting would happen.. Was that just me?

    2. Why can’t they just all go to that sewer tunnel?! Or are daryls boyfriend and Maggie the only ones who know about it?

    3. Why didn’t the Wolf just kill them all after he gets BOTH their weapons in the basement?! 2 handguns and 1 knife ? Come on…

    4. Why isn’t Judith crying from being under that disgusting sheet covered in guts.. There’s no way in hell a baby wouldn’t be screaming in that situation.. Also, with sam yelling “mom”, it makes no sense that the walkers aren’t trying to eat him!

    5. I’m so sick of the dialogue in this show. People don’t use complete sentences and talk in haikus.. This is annoying.

    We should make a petition for new writers for this show because these guys do not deserve the position. Anyway thanks for the recap and looking forward to the podcast!

  12. Why can all the women suddenly not manage to walk?

  13. I was trying to dig up something to say about this mess…


    I can’t stand Morgan. I can’t believe everything he’s doing to “protect” this wolf dude with the bad teeth. How you gonna hurt your own just to protect an enemy’s life? And Jessi, my goodness you suck. Jessi is woke now but hadn’t taught anything to her damn kids! Sam is now as useless as Eugene and Ron is shitty just like his dad. And where was my boy Heath? At least I know this recap will be good.

  14. FOR THE PODCAST: I’m sorry Nina you subjected to write a recap for this piece of shit show. I was so bored I started pacing so I could get my steps in on my FitBit weekend challenge. I hate Sam, I hate Jessie even more for being a bad baby sitter, and Rick for being a bad parent – YOU REALLY LEFT YOUR BABY UP THERE WITH SOMEONE ABOUT TO TURN?! If Deanna did turn I was hoping she’d take Sam and that pathetic song out. Morgan….needs to go be Mr. Miyagi somewhere else. everyone was USELESS. I was cheering for the walkers at one point. My favorite scenes had to be between Carl and Ron. Whenever Ron tried to say your Dad is a killer & terrible, Carl was like yeah he is but your dad….way worst and doesn’t beat on women for the helluva it. Okay that’s all….smh….I can’t believe they aired this shit.

  15. PODCAST:
    Why was the tower built OUTSIDE OF the camp and not INSIDE? Deannas husband was a shite architect.
    Writing was the worst I’ve tolerated of the whole series.

  16. Excellent review! It must have “pained” u to write it 😄
    mid season finale-meh/disappointed/expected more
    Carol vs Morgan-best part of episode for me-i so wanted carol to kick his simple simon a$$ but his tae Kwan doe skills may have been too much-of course he’s taken out & would’ve been filleted by the wolf he so desperately wanted 2 save
    Rosita/Tara/Eugene vs the wolf-Rosita should’ve gone crazy rick mode & shot him b4 he opened his mouth-collateral damage be damned
    Glenn/Enid/Maggie–he saw Maggie-did she notice him? Those balloons may have come in handy.
    Jessie/Sam/Ron-walkers should’ve feasted on all 3. why didn’t they turn that#% music off? It was annoying me.and yes Jessie is not a good mom-hope she’s on the walker dining menu 2nd half of season.
    Carl vs Ron-Carl dropped some truth & kicked some butt
    Deanna should’ve been put out of her misery but michonne has a heart 😄
    No Darryl/Sasha/Abraham-if Eugene yelled sos perhaps they get there in time to slow the carnage.
    That’s it-i can wait for 2nd half of S6.

    This was a good episode imo but not a good mid-season finale. Deanna was the best thing about this episode other than the walkers finally invading Alexandria. I really enjoyed her scenes and laughed at her reaction to being bitten, “well, shit” indeed Deanna, throw in a couple fucks and that’s how I would react too. I really enjoyed her scenes with Michonne, (both played by great actresses) who we haven’t seen enough of this season and I liked how Deanna asked her “What do you want? and to figure it out” not just for the group or Alexandria but for herself. I don’t think Michonne has really focused on her own personal needs outside of staying alive and finding a place to live. Judging by the comments Tovah (the actress who played Deanna) made on the talking dead, this might set up Michonne as a co-leader of Alexandria and I’m excited to see how that plays out.
    How many people does it take to kill one wolf? No, seriously. The Morgan and Carol fight was stupid and forced, I feel like they are deliberately making Morgan look dumb or are wanting people to actively root for his death. I did not anticipate this character returning all last season just to see him die this season or others wishing he died after knocking out Carol. In that moment they were both equally stupid, Carol had a concussion and was literally shaking as she was holding her knife, plus there was a herd just outside and she thought now would be the best time to fight Morgan on this issue, Morgan even said this could have waited. Shit, if I was Denise I would have just let him die right there and then made sure his ass didn’t turn, but no, that would be too logical for this show. They forced this story line on us, so now this is just an unnecessary extra problem in the middle of a shit storm. The only one who got anything out of the fight was the wolf, who escaped with Denise, and tbh are we really supposed to care that much? We don’t even know Denise like that and Tara and Rosita could have easily just shot him.
    Jessie continues to be an awful mother to her kids, basically calling Sam a pussy to his face and giving him shit advice in the process. Both her and Carol have really messed this kid up, LOL. Plus until that scene where he came out his Ron, Jessie forgot she even had another son. Wtf? if he hadn’t of come out was she just going to leave him behind? She will probably regret not doing so later on because it’s totally obvious now that he’s going to die along with his mother and his brother in the middle of that herd. Besides the fact that Ron even said it to Carl in the garage before their fight, the opening scene was of those nasty ants on that cookie in his room (Nice mothering Jessie) and it looks like because Sam doesn’t know he needs to keep his damn mouth shut during a walker herd, all those walkers are going to be swarming him and eating his ass soon. Subtly is the walking dead’s specialty.
    Eugene is still useless, except when a lock needs to be picked apparently but I did laugh at him when the wolf specifically told them to slide the guns over and Eugene who only has a machete on him, just does it too. And according to Tara, Abraham isn’t dead because she didn’t see it. We, the audience know he isn’t dead, but what kind of logic is that? How about offering something more comforting to Rosita, like idk Abraham can take care of himself, he’s with two other people who are badass, like Sasha (who he’s going to dump your ass for soon enough, so don’t worry you’ll wish he was dead later) and Daryl.
    Overall as a MSF this episode was underwhelming. Deanna should have done a Nicholas and saved a bullet, and it was a bit of a letdown because all this season, I felt like I have been waiting for something to happen and for the past 3 weeks I’ve just been given boring filler episodes and now the fact that I have to wait almost 3 months for things to really kick off, is frustrating to say the least.
    Anyways, can’t wait to hear the podcast. I hope you guys have a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you again for the mid-season premiere of TWD on Valentine’s Day 2016.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. Also-Nina-you gave this show a 6/10? Is you crazy? I’d watch a binge-a-thon of American Idol from 2004 over that hot mess. I’d give it a 3.5 if I’m being generous.

  19. For the Podcast: Fuck this show for giving Carol glass ankles. That was too fucking stupid. How dumb do the writers think we are? We all know she’s too tough for that shit. Stop slinging this shit at us TWD writers, just stop!

  20. When did Maggie tell Glenn she was pregnant, I though that was a surprise she was waiting to tell him when she got back?

  21. Also, fuck Eugene and Morgan.


    I don’t have the energy to dump the mountains worth of shit on this episode that it deserves. I’ve been at it for like 6 weeks now and I just don’t care enough to do it for a 7th, and I have a feeling more than enough people will be picking up the slack. Instead, I want to talk about how Scott Gimple is the worst thing to ever happen to The Walking Dead. I used to think it was Glen Mazzara, but I would watch the entirety of Season 2 before I would ever watch this half season again. This is absolutely the worst The Walking Dead has ever been.

    Ever since Gimple took over as show runner, The Walking Dead has been so bizarrely reluctant to just tell the fucking story and get to the good parts. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years of watching television. Everything is so needlessly dragged out to its absolute breaking point. Whether it’s the Governor attacking the prison and then inexplicably driving away before killing all of his people so that he then has to come back the next season and find a whole new group of people, just so he can go back and attack the prison for realsies this time. Or whether it’s constantly bringing the group together just to separate them again and spending entire episodes on each separate group that covers the exact same amount of time so that the actual story isn’t fucking moving forward. Or whether it’s ending the mid-season finale literally MOMENTS before everything crumbles into insanity. They make the absolute 100% wrong decision every single time.

    Don’t get me started on them putting a 2-minute stinger scene during that ninja show, or Gimple’s promise that “a bunch of people will die in the 2nd half premiere.” This guy is so fucking tone deaf and out of touch with the problems his show has that it’s comical at this point. This is the most pretentious and self-indulgent show on TV, and it’s about god damn zombies. Someone figure that out.

    Anyways, looking forward to the podcast and all the delicious hate that will surely be flowing in abundance. See you guys in February for what will surely be another 8 episodes of crushing disappointment. But hey, Negan’s coming!

  23. I had to hold back laughing at Nina’s recap score.

  24. For The Podcast-
    First time I’ve written in but long time listener. The one question going through my head all hour long was: Why hasn’t someone told Sam to turn that Got Dam music off??!! And who’s he channeling, Walter Brimmly in Cocoon?! Why’s he playing some ol’ 1929’s moonshine music in the modern day z-pocalypse?? Too many questions bout that kid- I hope he dies soon. Doesn’t even have to happen on screen, just bump him off Sophia style. That kid’s become my Sean Hetosey ( or whatever that guys name was in Fear the Walking Dead. Blaaa!)
    Did anyone else wonder why Carl didn’t question how Ron suddenly had bullets in his gun? I mean, he saw his dad give Ron an empty gun like, 1/2 an hour early, now ol boys got bullets in it?? And he’s Not even gonna blink an eye? Ok Walking Dead writers, ok. SMH
    When did Carol the bad-ass become a typical white woman in a horror movie stereotype? After aaaaallll the ass kick we’ve watched this woman do she suddenly couldn’t out think or out move Morgan and his stick? I mean this IS the same Carol that took down Terminus, right?
    And Morgan… I’ve really tried to ride with this guy but hey, let me off at the corner cause he’s on some Bull Shi… Even the Wolf was like, dude, you should probably kill me and Morgan kept on caping for the guy. Tell me what sense this makes- Morgan’s willing to hurt, maybe kill Carol so that she won’t kill someone who JUST GOT DONE HACKING UP YOUR NEIGHBORS AND TELLING YOU THEY CANT WAIT TO KILL AGAIN ??? Uuugh!! This show man… It’s not good.. I just… **insert disgusted sigh here***
    Sorry for the mini rant.
    Ps what times the show and can I listen live on Spreecast?

    I was so fucking frustrated with people this episode.
    1. Eugene old scary ass can’t even kill one sole walker with a machete and he keeps getting saved.
    2. Sam old nasty ass too damn to scared to even walk an ant-covered cookie downstairs. And at the end he gone get them all killed shouting mom like her ass ain’t right in front of him! Shut your ass up!
    3. Why in the hell wouldn’t Carl tell that Ron tried to kill him! So we gone just recycle the whole nick and Glen storyline huh? Ron can’t be trusted. I know you don’t like her Nina, but Jesse the only one left in that family with some damn sense.
    4.Morgan you gone body slam carol, one of the most valuable people in the group, over some guy who has killed your people!!!!!! And now Denise is as good as dead. I hated this shit

    5. I get wanting to go out in a blaze of glory, but I mean shooting 5 walkers when there’s a hundred on the house is really not helping anyone. I would’ve went out with a bullet rather than getting eaten like Deanna. Also the actress on the talking dead says the Alexandrians were innoncent not stupid. Bullshit! Also again felt like the talking dead was just patting itself on the back and not addressing the problems with the actions of the characters. I mean they actually said Carl was mature in not telling on Ron! People need to know he is unstable! He is the damn reason why the walkers got into the house in the first place.

    Just a random thought: would Judith and Maggie’s baby , after it’s born, turn into zombies when they die? Like is the virus still around to infect the next generation? If so the world is utterly fucked because walkers will always be around.

  26. FOR THE PODCAST: Overall 6A has been a major disappointment, so much so that I am beginning to question if I want to continue to live watch this show. This particular eps was pretty bad and probably the worst mid season finale of the series 1) Why was Glenn trying to guilt trip Enid into going back into the community even after the walls were breached??? Enid is still a kid and here we have a grown man making her feel like she is selfish for not wanting to walk into a death trap. Enid does not have any strong ties to this community, so the stakes aren’t as high for her as they are for Glenn. 2) Rick told Jessie that he planned to go to the armory to retrieve the flares in the effort to lead the walkers away…WHY WASN’T THIS THE PLAN WHEN THE WALKERS WERE STILL OUTSIDE OF THE WALLS?!? 3) We all know that Jessie is a horrible mom, but what kind of mother tells her kid to “PRETEND to be brave”. Wow that is so encouraging. 4) While I agree with Carl, that Pete was an asshole, he needs to take a look at his own dad, Rick is an asshole too 5) I respect that Deanna wanted to go out on her own terms, but instead of taking out a few walkers in the hallway of Jessie’s home why not do this in front of the house to create a distraction, to improve the chances of Rick’s group making it to the armory??? Also I LOL’d when she did her little battlecry 6) How come in one shot we see Rick and the others barricade themselves to the top floor because walkers poured into the house but in another scene, they are back downstairs covering themselves in walker guts. Did I miss something??? The only brightspot in this episode were the interactions between Deanna and Michonne. I feel like Michonne has been sidelined quite a bit throughout the show, but I get the feeling that she is going to have a more of a leadership role within Alexandria, which would be wonderful for her character…besides that I could care less about anything that happened in this episode.

  27. For the podcast


    I thought we were gonna get this action packed midseason finale. But we don’t. Sigh.

    I didn’t enjoy it tho for some reason my brother did. Go figure.

    I liked Deanna but what they had her doing last night was ridiculous.

    I’m with George from Seinfeld. Sam’s gotta die. And can he please take his whole family with him!

    I don’t want Morgan to die but he’s being completely stupid. I can’t with this shit!

    That’s it. Nothing happened. But I noticed you didn’t have the prologue as part of the recap. Or did I miss it. I don’t know. Either way, I can’t even get excited about that cause it’s been so long since the show was good.

    Thanks for putting out this awesome podcast even when the show is acting a fool. Can’t wait to listen!

  28. For the podcast
    Things I should’ve done instead of watch this episode:
    Washed my hair
    Taken my black ass to bed
    Read a book
    Penned some prose
    Ate a slice of pie with whipped cream
    Watched The Leftovers live

    I’ve always been steadfast in my support of The Walking Dead. It was must-see tv for me. It is currently walking a fine line between watch live or watch 3 days later. We really need two months to wash the bad taste from our mouths. ({Hugs})


    Everyone is pretty much hitting on the topics, so I’ll keep it to these three things I took from the episode that HAVEN’T been said, to my knowledge.

    1. I never thought Gabriel would be my favorite black man on this show at any time, ever. Maybe it’s more of a “what have you done for me lately” type of thing. Cuz Morgan ain’t doing shit with his life, Sasha’s RL boo is on the shelf(?), and Heath tripped on his hair and knocked himself unconscious episodes ago, cuz I ain’t seen that motherfucker nowhere.

    2. Where the fuck did Rosita and Tara take Tobin after the wall fell??? Those bitches were in one spot helping him and running off with him to ‘plot-holes-ville’, then they Dr. Who’d their asses back to Eugene for a threesome. And not the good kind. And THAT motherfucker was reading a WORLD HISTORY BOOK IN THE DAYTIME WITH A FUCKING ZIPPO!!!

    3. Speaking of Tobin and plot holes, where the fuck is he now? Where’s Aaron? Heath? Denise? Spencer? Sasha’s RL boo? Where the fuck is the writing by these ‘PROFESSIONALS’ supposed to be taking us? What, back to Rick and fill-in-the-blank for a ten minute talk about what to do instead of fucking DOING SOMETHING?

    Well played, Scott Gimple.

    And by well played, I mean go back to creative writing class, you fucking hack.

    Don’t make me get up.

  30. Can we talk about why the fuck are you reading by zippo lighter in broad daylight?

  31. How do we even know Deanna is dead, because as Tara or the other one put it, “we didn’t see her die” at least that’s the logic used for Abraham Nukem

  32. The best thing about this crap episode was that it made great fodder for true laugh-out-loud reviews.

  33. For the podcast. Every charecter in this show is fucking STUPID! Hey guys, um about 1000 or so walkers busted through the gates, so I thought it be a good time for a heart to heart. Oh and could we doing in front of a god damn window?!?
    Also Jesse is worst mother ever! Worse than Lori, and that’s saying something. If Sam hadn’t paused his insidious soundtrack and walked out of his room Jesse would have left him.
    The show made me lol. Was that what they were going for?
    ❤️ the podcast. Donny Donny Donny you there?

  34. The best thing about this show are Nina’s reviews, hands down. Every episode is just a long, drawn out wait until the action happens in the last two minutes of the show.

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