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The Walking Dead – S6E9 – No Way Out

Previously on The Walking Dead, ‘Start to Finish’

No way out? This episode should have been called No One Knows.

Because they knew the final moments of the mid-season finale pissed off a lot of folks, so much so that viewers most likely didn’t bother to watch the special scene embedded in Into the Badlands, The Walking Dead decided to make a longer version of that scene the cold open for the mid-season premiere. Four minutes of it was also made available a few days ago, but I didn’t watch it because I’m petty and was still pissed about the finale.

Anyway, Claimed Crew 2.0 want everything Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham have and they want it for some guy named Negan.

Everything. The weapons, any food, napkins in the glovebox, loose change in the center console, the fuzzy dice in the mirror, EVERY-THANG. Apparently, Negan is a greedy son-of-a-bitch.

The leader instructs one of his men to take Daryl to the back of the truck to see what they’re hauling, while he threatens to shoot both Abraham and Sasha. After he monologues for a bit, he prepares to do the deed but gets a rocket up the ass instead.

Daryl is so over everyone’s shit. It’s been a long two days.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Jessie & Sons

Remember how the mid-season finale ended with a few of the characters we care about the most forming human sausage links with people we kinda hated like Gabriel, Jessie, and her offspring, all while wearing guts ponchos and quietly navigating through a herd of walkers? And remember how Sam, out of nofuckingwhere started calling out to his mom and we were like, “Oh, my God! Someone eat this kid already!” but then it faded to black and we hated the world?

But then we were all, “Man, that mid-season premiere must start off with carnage!” so we were excited again?

Well… it didn’t pick up where it left off. It picked up a few feet away from where it left off and everyone is still linked and walking, but Sam is no longer calling for his mom.

Uh. What happened?

The Walking Dead S6E9 - Rick and the herd

Did he change his mind and realize now was not the time nor the place for whatever the hell he had to say? Did Jessie hit him with that black mother side-eye when she’s in the store with her kid and he fixes his lips to ask for something but she already told him in the car not to ask for nothing because he wasn’t gonna get it?

No one knows!

Everyone moseys to a quiet spot to make a plan. They’ll head to the quarry, get the vehicles, and come back to lead the walkers away. Everyone’s on board, but Jessie doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Judith to tag along because babies gonna baby. Gabriel offers to take Judith to the church and keep her safe until they return. And even though FIVE MINUTES AGO Rick wouldn’t have pissed on Gabriel if he were on fire, he hands over his child. I mean Shane’s child. Desperate times and all that.

The Walking Dead S6E9 - Michonne Looking Out

Sam should probably go too because he’s a child, but more importantly, he doesn’t know how to keep his damn mouth shut, however he refuses to leave his mom. Jessie hasn’t been a good parent to these kids before and she ain’t about to start now: She agrees to let Sam come with.

Carol v. Morgan, Part 2

Tara is ready to race out after Denise and that Wolf, but Rosita tells her to have a damn seat. They need to make sure Carol and Morgan are okay. They need a plan. The Wolf needs Denise so she’s probably safe for now.

I was just nodding and fist pumping. I’ve not heard a character on this show string together five sentences that made sense in a long-ass time.

Carol and Morgan wake from their naps to discover the Wolf took Denise. If there were no witnesses, I’m thinking Carol would have slit Morgan’s throat right there. Later, when they’re alone, she straight up says she should have killed his ass when she had the chance.

The Walking Dead S6E9 - Enid and Glenn

Glenn and Enid to the Rescue

Glenn and Enid have made it into the subdivision and locked themselves in the church. How? No one knows! They’re searching for hidden weapons so they can rescue Maggie from her perch, but first Enid needs a pep talk. I mean, I thought we were done with this? I thought she was on board. Glenn dispenses some Hershel-level sage words of wisdom and motivation, they find a gun and some fabric, and they’re off.

I hope Gabe has a key.

A Wolf in Creep’s Clothing

Denise and the Wolf haven’t gotten far. They’re chilling by the door, waiting for the walkers to thin so they can make a run for the guard tower. Denise tries to get him to leave her, but he likes her now and wants some company.


Suddenly, it’s nighttime and everyone is still exactly where they were when it was broad-fucking-daylight five minutes ago. But the episode got 199,283 times more awesome so I’ll allow it.

First, Sam gets eaten because he starts remembering all the awful shit Carol told him about being outside with the monsters at night.

The Walking Dead S6E9 - Sam Eaten

Then Jessie gets eaten because she won’t let Sam’s hand go and she’s also screaming her fool head off. Though, this had to be devastating for her so, again, I’ll allow it.

The Walking Dead S6E9 - Jesse Eaten

THEN, Carl almost gets eaten because Jessie has a death grip on him, but Rick ain’t bout that life and breaks out of his Didn’t We Almost Have It All daze long enough to hack Jessie’s dead hand off so his son may prosper.

Buuut, he doesn’t prosper for long because Ron has finally lost his ever-loving mind and picks up Carl’s gun and aims it at Rick. The last time a crazy man was about to kill Rick like that, he got Michonne’s sword through his back. And that’s exactly what happens to Ron. The gun discharges as he dies, and Carl catches a bullet in the eye.

Denise and the Wolf almost make it safety, but he turns back to help her when she’s cornered by a walker. He gets bitten in the process and she convinces him to follow her to the infirmary so she can save his life. When they pause to catch their breath, she points out that he threatened to change her, but he’s the one who changed. As they proceed to the infirmary, Denise is cornered yet again and the Wolf saves her… again, but this time he’s shot in the back by Carol. And still, after being shot twice, he continues to take on walkers and yells for Denise to run.

And 15 seconds after making that Wolf the most interesting new character we’ve had in awhile, the show kills him.

Once Rick and Michonne have taken Carl to the infirmary, he heads back out into the fray with only a machete. After Carl is stable in Denise’s care, Michonne joins him. As does everyone else from their respective hiding places and that includes Eugene and Gabriel. Whaaaat? I know, right?

Glenn and Enid make it to Maggie (another trip that inexplicably took all damn day) and he leads the walkers away so Enid can climb up the ladder and help Maggie down the other side of the wall. Just when you think Glenn is dead – Just kidding! NO ONE thought Glenn was going to fake die again – Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham arrive with automatic weapons, a truck full of fuel, and rockets. Daryl lights the pond aflame, luring most of the walkers to their fiery re-deaths, while Rick and the others savagely kill walkers.

The next morning, Rick pleads with Carl to live so that he can show him this world. Well, half of it anyway.

The Walking Dead S6E9 - One-Eyed Carl

The Walking Dead S6E9
  • 7.5/10
    Plot - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Action - 9.5/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogue - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Walkers - 10/10


The fact that the cliffhanger had no consequences when the premiere began makes it an even shittier cliffhanger. When Sam freaks out the second time, it would have been nice to have Jessie murmur something like, “Remember what I told you before, Sam.” But nope. It’s like it didn’t even happen, which feels like the show writing for these OMG moments instead of writing what makes sense and letting the tension happen naturally.

My only other major complaint is the shitty time continuity. To find out that they knew from before they started shooting the season that they wanted to set the pond on fire only makes it worse. That means they were well aware there’s this ridiculous time jump, but didn’t care because they wanted something to look cool. Hey, just set the events to take place at night to begin with or as the sun is going down. I’m sure some of you will find that a nitpick, but it speaks to how much care is going into the show – at least to me it does – and that’s part of what determines how much I respect and enjoy it.

Other than those things, everything else was great: Rosita dropping bars, Denise handling her business, and Daryl was the real MVP. The best, though, was the death of Jessie and her sons. It was time. Rick’s attraction to Jessie never made sense and always felt rushed. Good riddance.

I didn’t expect to care about what happened with Denise and the Wolf, but damn if it wasn’t one of the more interesting parts of the episode. How far could his redemption go? Though, the way it played out, the payoff will be if Carol is aware that the Wolf was helping Denise and then uses his death to question her kill first/ask questions never way of doing things.

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23 Comments on The Walking Dead – S6E9 – No Way Out

  1. For the Podcast

    I own that I was not all that excited for the return of the Walking Dead for the first time in
    the series run. During the break I watched a lot of shows that had beautifully crafted
    stories, and that` only seemed to highlight the flaws that have taken root in this series. I set
    those aside in hopes that this would be a new start. I should not have.

    First-it is increasingly problematic that they pick the story up where they want us to be as
    opposed to where they left us since they could have just left us where they wanted us to be.
    What do I mean by this? I mean when we left in episode 8, Sam was calling out loudly to his
    mother. When we pick up in episode 9, we are supposed to believe that this loud mouth
    Did not draw the attention of the walkers on the porch and the incident on the porch did not happen. Unfortunately for the writers, the glory that is modern television allows us to see
    that was not the case. They did it when Gleen fake died for the 100th time earlier this season, and now this time..

    Second-the writing continues to be lazy. I am tired of the scenes written for message
    impact (that end scene with everyone swinging-so damn cheesy. All that was missing was Keenan Ivory Wayans popping up screaming “MESSAGE!” Yes we get it, the town is taking control of their lives. You know what showed us that? The fact that they picked up arms and took to the streets. We did not need the montage. I am tired of the Glenn fake out. At this point as much as I like the actor, I am rooting for him to die off of general principle.

    Lastly, while I enjoyed seeing Jessie and family become Scooby snacks for walkers, Rick’s
    reaction was not earned. Also, since when does someone get shot in the eye at close range not be brain dead or require intensive surgery that an urgent care facility like what Denise is running cannot handle? Stitches won’t take the bullet out of his damn eye or brain.

    Finally, if the writers wanted to kill my shipping of Rick and Michonne, this episode
    officially did it. I know Michonne is a bad ass, but who wants to be partnered with someone
    whose women keep getting eaten by walkers? No thank you!

    I will finish this season because I’m a completionist, but unless it gets better (which it shows no sign of doing since they think this episode was everything), I might have to tap
    out. I will still listen to the podcast though because I love your coverage. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. I for one am looking forward to Carl-clops.

  3. For the podcast:

    Was it just me, or was this episode filmed horribly..? When Sam was bit, I was so confused as to why all of the other walkers weren’t swarming them. And why do they keep threatening Glen’s life? I could care less if they killed him now to be honest. This show has become a soap opera just like what happened to scandal… I’m getting bored with this show and honestly, I’m only watching at this point so I can hear you guys review it on the podcast.

    On another note, why do they keep forgetting about the underground tunnel that leads out of Alexandria?!

  4. In general I LOVED last night’s episode. Got in all kinds of trouble with the wife for watching it “on Valentine’s day” but fuck that.

    I was not a fan of the back half of last season… to the point where I was damn near tapping out on watching the show. But I’m thrilled to say that last night’s episode totally brought me back in.

    Love, love, LOVE the fact that Sam, his mom and brother went out the way they did. Fuck that Sam kid.

    Pumped to see the direction they’re going with Carl. I’ll leave it at that for the non-comic readers.

    Rick returns as the fucking bad ass that I love.

    I do have two major issues with the episode last night.

    1) Right out of the gate, they make their way out of the house through the hoard and just sort of stop for like 5 minutes to regroup? Without being bothered at all? Fuck that.

    2) Glenn making his stand and drawing walkers away from Maggie and gets miraculously saved by gunfire from Abe? Fuck that.

    At this point I’m actively rooting for Glenn to die. Between this and the bullshit last season with Nicolas under the dumpster I’m over that character.


    Decent episode. I am cautiously optimistic. Did I miss something? I came in late so Sam called out to his mom last time did they revisit that or ignored it? If they did ignore it is doesn’t make sense because sound is supposed to alert them but whatever.

  6. short and sweet, for the podcast:


  7. I’m trying to keep this real short cause I’m sure everyone will say plenty.

    For the podcast:

    1) Daryl is awesome! We already knew that but he just reiterated it. However, what do you guys think Negan will do once he find out what happened to his men? And how will he track them down? And I hope that lake wasn’t the town’s drinking water.

    2) Michonne is a fierce mama bear looking after her babies even when their daddy is being an idiot.

    3) so how soon before Morgan meets a questionable end? Or do you think seeing that the wolf kidnapped Denise will wake him up from his “all life is precious” mantra. Did love what Carol said to him tho about him doing it for himself and not others.

    4) I’m ok with the town & Gabe & Eugene growing a pair. I think really witnessing Rick go all out to protect the town woke them up. Far fetched, yeah. But fun nonetheless. However, I swore Spencer was about to see his moms as a walker. Good to see Heath is still around tho.

    5) last thing and the best part of the night except for that one part. Jessie and her crazy ass sons are GONE!!! That makes a whole lot of people very happy. Unfortunately Carl has lost his eye. Damn! At least he’s not dead but how will this change him?

    That’s it. Excellent action packed episode! Yes there were some flaws but they’ve killed off some dead weight and maybe we can get actually good leader Rick back. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! I know it’s gonna be awesome!

  8. For the podcast: It was awful. When Daryl killed Negan’s guys all I could do was laugh. It felt SO overdone. And I’m usually all-in for anything Daryl does. At one point during the episode, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “when did this show get so trashy?” I think I’ve decided, for myself at least, that things took a wrong turn when they got to Alexandria. Aside from Carol killing all those wolves, nothing good has come out of this chapter in the show. Hopefully getting rid of Jessie, Sam, and Ron is a step towards better things, but probably not. I’ll continue watching but I won’t be defending it’s worth to people anymore.

  9. I was so happy to see the Jessie clan tidied up but it should have never gone down like that.

    SHE suggested Judith wouldn’t make it out of town but everyone just agreed Squealing Sam was a safe bet because he said so? That’s ridiculous.

    I am sick of Rick being Protector Of All Except His Own Children. He crumbled with Jessie but shrugged off Carl getting shot in the face?

    So Glen was the only person to think of guns in the church. Nobody considered that during the great weapon round-up of Alexandria?

    I loved Michonne. Otherwise, it is sad when Gabe and Eugene are an episode’s MVPs.

    Even Daryl…and you know I hate to say this… we are supposed to believe he went for a rocket launcher over a match? Get outta here!


    I think I have finally made peace with the fact that this is never going to be a show that holds up to any kind of meaningful scrutiny or intellectual discussion, which I realize is a funny comment to leave on a podcast that is supposed to do exactly that, but what ya gonna do?

    The second you go back for a rewatch or start discussing the episode with other people or trying to parse out themes or metaphors, it falls apart like pie crust. The continued disregard for continuity is comical at this point. They can’t even depict a logical passing of time within a single episode, no wonder why they can’t do it across an entire season.

    That being said, this wasn’t a stinking shitpile of an episode, which is quite an accomplishment for this show at this point. Or maybe it was, and I’ve finally figured out what people mean by “turning your brain off.”

  11. Loved the episode!!! I’ll be brief.

    For The Podcast:

    I was a little worried that they were going to deviate from the page again but I’m glad they delivered! The episode was LIT from that point on. Hopefully the show can keep this momentum going for the remaining 7 episodes. Bring on Negan!

    Don’t fuck up Gimple!

    Love you guys. Take care!

  12. For the Podcast:

    The action in the show is still top notch when is happens, tonight’s episode highlights that, but the plot and writing still sub par. Between them reshooting the Glen scene and ignoring Sam calling out for his mom at the worse possible time. A scene which lead us all to believe that if was going down, then we come back and… It doesn’t mean anything. Emotional attachment to characters officially dissolved.

    Neagons guys were corny and annoying. They seemed like trouble in that scene last year, but they were really of no consequence.

    They tried to fake kill Glen and I now hate Glen.

    Carol seen that wolf change and she about to move to the center between what she has been and what Morgan is… Now if we can just nudge Morgan to the center as well… Cause I don’t think they’re gonna kill him off yet.

    Overall it was enjoyable, but I have concerns.

    Y’all remember Rick bit that guys throat out and Carl said he was a monster too? Do you think 1 eyed Carl will be that monster?

  13. For the podcast: Liked the episode but was a bit underwhelmed by it. Possibly because I got spoiled by a couple of deaths that happened in this episode. Still, at least Jessie’s dead. Michonne was awesome and I enjoyed how she neutralized Ron as a threat. Damn, but Jessie should have listened to her son when he said Rick was dangerous. I’m wondering if she thought about how Rick was her friend as he was chopping her arm off. Poor Carl. It was so cute how Michonne kissed his forehead before going to help Rick with the herd. I am left wondering one thing though; what the hell were those stupid Jessie flashbacks about? Guilt. Because I do not believe for 1 second that he loved her. So happy TWD and your recaps are back. Hope you guys had a great Valentine’s! <3

  14. I just wanted to say I’m glad to see everybody back! Can’t wait for the podcast recap.

  15. For the podcast: I truly and thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I mean it was dope, lit, and fire all in one. I am now willing to forgive them for the whack ass mid-season finale. From Daryl to Sasha and Ginger to errybody pulling their own weight. Ah man… it was everything! I saw the Carl eye issue coming because of the comics and the Jesse/Sam/Ron demise was errything! I did think Gabriel was gonna go too, but I’m satisfied.

    Be easy ✌

  16. Maybe I’m comparing the graphic novels to the show too much, but as often as Glenn is dangled before certain death and yanked away at the last second, I’m really starting to think it’s going to be a bait-and-switch. I see a baseball bat in Daryl’s future.

  17. Short and quick

    In oprahs voice You get a redemption Arc and you get a redmption Arc ….. You telling that murdering sociopath grew a consciousness in that 15min stoll . Sure what ever .
    I love this episode in all its silly glory .


    1. I now know why so many of the people on the Walking Dead keep making irrational decisions…their circadian rhythms are all fucked up due to the fact that at 5:00 pm, it’s still bright as shit outside. Then, at 5:01pm the sun says “The fuck with this…I’m out!”

    2. When Abraham and Sasha bailed out (t.v. induced suspense of disbelief) Glenn, I smiled like the Grinch in that gif…you know the one.

    3. When Michonne takes Rick’s zombie guts parka off of him, the first “thang” he does is wipe his eyes/face/mouth…you know…all possible orifices above his neck save for the earholes. How the fuck is this guy NOT a zombie yet?!?

    3. Just like with the Flash, maybe now that Jessie no-no and clan are out of the picture, maybe things’ll start to pick up!

    5. There is no “I” in Carl!

    Overall, I’m liking it so far. I’m still shipping Richonne and Darol (Caryl?). Keep up the good work, and thanks for entertaining the lot of us!

  19. For the podcast
    Good episode w/ a couple of OMG moments but I wasn’t feeling it.
    Thought Sasha & Abraham were goners for a sec but Darryl is still the bad ass
    Happy the excess baggage that was the Anderson family (Jessie/Sam/Ron) has been jettisoned but ricks reaction angered me-barely knew the woman but acted like she was the luv of his life…..& some reviewers call their demise heartbreaking-Carl’s getting shot was more heartbreaking to me
    btw carol indirectly responsible for Sams death-he freaked out recalling her threats while surrounded by walkers
    Michonne still the baddest badass of all
    Denise must’ve had a guardian angel-how did she not become walker food! 😄
    Any1 think writers were giving critics the finger by Glenn’s second near demise
    Ok I’m done-sorry this is a tad long.

  20. For The Podcast: I don’t have much to say, but I did enjoy the episode. It was what this show does best. Lots of action, and it didn’t try to get too cute. It was also a PSA to all the fellas that our dicks are not our friends. You see what that shit got Rick. His new boo and her kids got eaten before he even had a chance to hit. Plus, one of those punk ass boys shot Carl. Happy Valentine’s Day, Rick.

  21. I can’t wait to hear this podcast!


    This show is not about to trick me again with these explosions and trying to throw all these zombies at me. They got a couple more episodes to try and hook me. I’m just here to see all these people get chewed.

    What the hell would Rick do without Michonne. He doesn’t deserve her. She better not die protecting him. He looking all stupid and shit watching Jessie get chewed. Nigga you have only known her for like 2 weeks. Gimple tried to throw in them lazy ass flashback headshots of her.

  23. On the edge of your seat episode! Fantastic!

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