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The Walking Dead – S7E14 – The Other Side

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Bury Me Here”

If only we could get 13 or so of these episodes a season. Were stupid moves made? Of course, but we finally got some sorely missed screen time for characters greatly affected by the events coming off the season premiere. Rosita gives actual words to what she’s feeling instead of stomping around and biting everyone’s heads off; Daryl can no longer avoid Maggie; and Eugene may not be playing along to get along after all.

Images: AMC

Images: AMC

Through an opening montage we see Sasha and Maggie working to get Hilltop prepared for what’s to come, and Maggie settling into the role of the (yet-to-be-appointed) leader that community deserves. It sheds some light on why Sasha was so quick to agree to Rosita’s plan to go after Negan together. Sasha thinks Maggie is safe in a place she’s needed.

Jesus sees through the lie that Rosita is there to train their people, and he and Enid warn Sasha that it’s a bad idea; at the very least, the plan needs work. Simon’s arrival to pick up Hilltop’s Dr. Carson – since their own Dr. Carson (his brother) met the inside of the furnace – cuts off negotiations, and Sasha and Rosita beat a hasty exit to avoid being seen.

Hiding in a storage cellar, Daryl is literally forced to look Maggie in the face and apologizes for getting Glenn killed. She insists it’s not his fault even though it kinda, sorta is. Norman Reedus isn’t asked to deliver on material like this too often, but he was effective here. It’s always nice when characters who go back to the first two seasons are allowed to have scenes that remind us of their bond. We don’t get enough of it since the show insists on breaking apart the group and visiting each set every 2-3 episodes.

The Walking Dead - S7E14 - Daryl

The meat of the episode was Sasha and Rosita’s journey to Negan’s compound. It’s tense and adversarial. Rosita is all for sneaking in and making the kill, even if it means certain death whether they succeed or fail. Sasha prefers to take a shot from a nearby building, which gives them a better chance of surviving and living to try again should they fail. Tensions aren’t improved when Rosita notices Sasha wearing the necklace she made for Abraham. (In all fairness to Sasha and Abraham, he didn’t give it to her.)

The two are finally able to lay it all out while they wait for Negan to step outside his sanctuary. Rosita is finally given a backstory; a woman smart enough to pick up survival skills from men she knew, men too stupid to see that she was surpassing them in their areas of expertise. Abraham was the first man who truly saw her for the capable woman she is, and she didn’t realize they’d grown apart until he was already gone. While Sasha is hurt that Abraham died pointlessly and unable to fight (though “suck my nuts” is a bit of a jab), Rosita is heartbroken she never got to tell him that she was happy he was happy, even if it was with someone else. At the very least, Abraham was able to get his shit together before he died, and that’s not something most people achieve. And Sasha admits that she was very happy with Abraham.

The Walking Dead - S7E14 - Rosita and Sasha

This last confession informs her decision to go in after Negan alone, locking Rosita out of the compound. She’d worked through her shit and found happiness; Rosita hasn’t. Sasha’s okay with this being her time, if it truly is.

I’d said on the podcast for “Hostiles and Calamities” that it’s more interesting if Eugene isn’t faking. He’s found a position of authority with the Saviors, and a measure of respect. When Rosita and Sasha see him giving orders, Rosita assumes he’s doing what he needs to do to survive – much like lied to make himself valuable and worthy of protection with them. But when they can’t get a clean shot at Negan from the outside, they decide to go in and, in the process, they attempt to free Eugene. He refuses to go. For the first time in three seasons, Eugene is finally interesting.

Before Rosita can get away clean (while gunfire from inside signals that Sasha is kicking up a row), she’s spotted by someone whose silhouette looks a lot like Daryl’s, but it’s probably Dwight.

Meanwhile, Gregory continues to be the absolute worst doing the utmost with the damn least. He sees how people are following Maggie and knows his days as Hilltop’s leader are numbered. He pulls Simon aside and plants seeds that he may need some help securing his position in the community since it would be a shame if they fell under new leadership not willing to cooperate with the Saviors. This won’t end well for Gregory; it rarely does for characters like him, and it’s going to be a joy watching him get what he’s got coming.

The Walking Dead - S7E14 - Simon and Gregory

So, what were the stupid moves? Succeed or fail, Sasha and Rosita both acknowledge that going through with their plan means definite retaliation from the Saviors. To do this (somewhat) secretly before the communities are ready to protect themselves – especially Alexandria – is extremely selfish. And since we know Sasha isn’t going to kill Negan, she’ll most likely get caught and cool her heels in Daryl’s old cell. That’s just one more liability their outnumbered and outgunned friends don’t need.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast tonight. Also, you have until 12pm PT to enter for a chance to be our co-host tonight! 

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8 Comments on The Walking Dead – S7E14 – The Other Side

  1. For the poddie: Hey Nina, Mystery Co-Host, and John…. Let’s talk about this stupid ass suicide mission. These two idiots outchea doing this like they really have a chance. Smh! If they die or when they die, I won’t be sad. I think Eugene stayed at Negan’s place because it made him feel like his former self, before the world went to shit. He’s in his element. Daryl gonna Daryl, but at least he was able to hold back this time. Hard lesson to learn, but he learned it. I didn’t know the Dr Savior was Dr Hilltop’s brother. Him dead now. Finally, Sasha locking out Rosita… I don’t know why, they’re both gonna die. Stupid plan from the beginning. That’s all! Be easy! ✌

  2. For the podcast:

    My black ass has a degree in computer engineering. I chose that major because I’m better at writing code instead of fictional literature. Having said that, can AMC give me a writing job so I can help this show?

    The episode wasn’t bad at all, I’d even say it was good if we ignore reality. If you decide to live in reality then you can see that we only have 2 episodes left and nobody knows about Oceanside or if the Junkyardigans will get up up up off their asses and fight. Every week Negan’s crew gets more guns and food but Sasha is going to take 7 bullets from Jesus and attack the saviors? Rosita knows that war will come from this attack but can’t wait another week for more guns, ammo, and maybe people? Come the fuck on!

    John, that was a great pun last week despite the episode’s fruitless endeavors.

  3. For the podcast:

    First of all, Rosita and Sasha’s “some kinda suicide squad” was annoying, because Rosita deserved to be read her wrongs for most if not all of the episode.

    Rosita got introduced in the back half of season 4, and it’s only now that we are getting a grip on her character. And for what? She’s got multiple people killed, more if you think about the people she learnt from and then got killed in the past, but for some reason we “need her” in the group??? Let her friend-killing ass leave.

    And props to Doctor Eugene Porter. I know if I saw the Angel of Death Rosita that I’d run the other way.

    Finally, anyone else catch that Rosita was trying to get off the show, but Sasha was like “BITCH MOVE, I’VE GOT A TREK TO STAR IN!!!”


    Sup fam, I enjoyed the episode and have a couple of questions

    1. Why does everyone say that Maggie needs to lead hilltop..? She don’t know these niggas? Yeah Gregory is 🗑 but that ain’t our problem!! And now that the dr is gone shouldn’t she go byke to the crew…?

    2. It started as a suicide mission for Rosita, bc Sasha wanted to go D.C. Sniper! Then it turns into a unified suicide mission when they became sashita(that’s there😉 new name) then it turns into a solo suicide mission again… did I miss something? Why did Sasha change her mind? Is it bc of her cbs show?

    3. Lastly is Rosita rouge or the pattreli brother from heroes? Bc her nootsie absorbs people’s powers!! I always said it was undefeated!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast and I bought 🌶 💻 from the store and it was 🗑!! ✌🏾

  5. For the podcast.

    The good. The character moments. The bad. Everything else.
    Darryl. It was your fault. It was. 100% the fuck your fault Negan whack-a-moled Glenn. It was.

    And this sumbitch was straight going to kill that dude, at Hilltop just prior to that. If you have guilt about your actions causing a death, WTF are you picking the THIS time to Sam Shepherd this guy? Without a doubt that would cause more deaths.

    This is thr 3rd episode from the finale and no momentum at all. In lieu of that Eugene plays Reek for a sec and Sasha has an unearned hero sacrifice with none of what little story she had giving us enough to grasp at least a why?

    And that plan was stooooopid.

  6. For the podcast

    I got nothing. This did nothing for me other than prove Eugene is definitely Negan, Sasha has a death wish, still can’t stand Rosita and Maggie is more forgiving than I am. Oh, and Daryl is still a dumbass.

    I wish I had a question for y’all but I got nothing. How soon will Sasha die? Who will kill her? Is that Dwight or Daryl who found Rosita? How soon will Gregory die?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  7. For the podcast

    For me the episode was slowww. I don’t mind the build up but make it worthwhile. Last few episodes have been excruciating 😆
    1. Let’s start w/Gregory-the coup should’ve already occurred -don’t think it’d take much to overthrow his weasel-whiny sniveling ass.
    2. Saviors are some evil mofos-the scene w/Enid-that savior went from mr. rogers like to evil-creepy in seconds. Exchanging Doctor Carson for aspirin?!? Many of them will get their comeuppance cause as they say god don’t like ugly.
    3. Maggie forgiving Glenn-I suppose we needed this scene. I don’t think Maggie blamed him- seems like Glenn needed 2 make peace with or forgive himself.
    4. rositas come 2 Jesus moment, if it can be called that, was nice….still even this storyline w/Sasha did nothing for me-Sasha had her superhero moment when she told rosita 2 save herself because she was needed
    That’s all I have. Saw previews for next week-hoping there’s a spark of excitement going forward.

  8. For the podcast. Why am I still watching this show? It continues to disappoint me each week. On the plus side, love you Nina, Donald, and John. The truth you preach about this show and how terrible it has become is the only reason I continue to watch it. Fuck TWD

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