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The X-Files – S10E4 – Home Again

Previously on The X-Files, ‘Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster’

Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Tim Armstrong, Sheila Larkin, Alessandro Juliani, Daryl Shuttleworth, Peggy Jo Jacobs, Chris Shields, John DeSantis | Writer & Director: Glen Morgan


Scully and Mulder travel to Philadelphia to uncover the culprit responsible for literally tearing his victims apart and leaving no evidence. During the investigation, Dana learns her mother is knocking on Heaven’s door. While looking after dear Margaret in the hospital and attempting to capture a mystifying killer, doubt builds within Scully whether she made the right choice in giving up William for his safety.

Images: FOX

Images: FOX


Mulder and Scully are initially perplexed by the evidence – or lack thereof – at the crime scene. Thankfully, Fox’s keen eyes catch sight of fresh graffiti composed during the night of the murder. His and Scully’s surveying results in discovering a reclusive creator that goes by the moniker Trashman (Tim Armstrong), who inexplicably creates physical manifestations of his artwork. “Home Again” is in a way a spiritual continuation to two previous X-Files episodes that involved vengeful beings conceived from pure thought – “Kaddish” and “Arcadia”, written by Howard Gordon and Daniel Arkin, respectively.

Though “Kaddish” centers more on the intricacies of Jewish mysticism, that episode and especially “Arcadia” featured heaps of social commentary in conjunction with the overlying theme on the strength of one’s will. Mulder mentions the concept of thoughtform, or as it’s known in Tibetan culture, tulpa. Basically it is believed a dedicated, highly practiced mind is capable of transforming thought into form within our reality. Like those previous episodes, “Home Again” presents the penetrating insight of The Trashman, an artist known in few circles for giving the homeless a voice through his artisanship. In his fervor to convey the hardships of the downtrodden, Trash’s ability is warped due to his frustration by those who turn a blind eye.

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Regrettably for them, Trash’s unchecked psychic abilities cause his unfinished project to awaken. The results of which is a creature so terrifyingly brutal, even the streetfolk it’s meant to protect hide in fear when the rumblings of “band-aid nose man” are felt through their camp. Trashman is unable to accept the responsibility of his actions, unlike Agent Scully, who during her investigation comes to grips with the decisions she’s made in the last fifteen years.


Once more, the prevailing notion of William being in danger was looming over Scully, especially after her mother mentioned her wayward grandson immediately after regaining consciousness. A majority of the episodes during this event series have focused on Mulder’s personal quest and pratfalls. Finally Scully has her moment under the spotlight, albeit under grim circumstances.

“Home Again” harkens back to Dana’s familial roots that have always been both a source of strength and boundless strife. Sibling relations appear to be as turbulent as ever with brothers William Jr and Charlie being a no-show to their mother’s possible final hours. Anderson shines during these distressing moments, deftly exhibiting the gamut of emotions nearly all viewers would feel during such a taxing crisis. Margaret Scully (Sheila Larkin) lays before her daughter who is unable to rectify the situation, not out of lack of expertise but due to a do-not-resuscitate order. The notion of death is terrifying in any regard, but to suddenly face it, especially in the form of a fading parent quickly compels one to reexamine every action and any regretful choice of words.

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Scully’s regret in giving up her son has reached vexatious levels. Her mother’s desire to talk to her estranged son coupled with The Trashman’s soliloquy about society’s proclivity to “throw away” the ill and impoverished struck a deep nerve that pulsed to her very soul. Will she and Mulder eventually seek out their son is the big question. The last three episodes have certainly alluded that’ll be their next great secret pursuit. It’s all in FOX’s hands whether another limited run is in the future.

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Score another win for the limited series. “Home Again” was a solid product from start to finish and again dipped into the prolific mythology of the The X-Files. The Scullys received their fair share of episodes throughout the seasons and it appears things aren’t faring any better between the siblings. Gillian Anderson turned in a fantastic performance as a distraught Dana, whose life was suddenly and hastily torn apart in mere days. Sadly, it’s a relatable experience for all of us and one we typically never think of occurring at any time until it’s there in our faces.

Glen Morgan (brother of last episode’s writer/director Darin Morgan) deftly fashioned an impassioned morality tale of sorts about the meaning of loss and the worrisome ease many have in disposing things …as well as people. The garbage golem that sprung forth from Trashman’s mind was scarily effective in making a pile out of his quarry. But in a sense, he also could be representative of his victims’ baser personalities. They were quite comfortable in uprooting entire communities to make their lives less unsightly, no matter the ramifications to others.

Perhaps they didn’t deserve such a gruesome demise. Yet the devaluing of their fellow man was destructive all the time.

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