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Review: Thor #2

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Thor #2 Cover

Thor’s inner thoughts are like, “What the fuck?,” but on the outside she’s all business. She doesn’t waste time trying to figure out how or why she’s worthy of Mjolnir, she just is, and she has shit to do. Having seen the previous Thor do it many times, she quickly masters out how to fly and heads for Earth. She’ll figure out steering another time.

Thor Flies For the First Time

Frost Giants have frozen the Pacific Ocean and built a massive ice stairway. As Thor makes her way to the top, she passes frozen Asgardian armies and Avengers (Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Captain America, and others). if they couldn’t stop the Giants, how can she be expected to when she just got her powers? Of course, this doesn’t stop Thor from continuing upward. She does hold her own against a few Giants, but her smack talk needs some work.

Frozen Avengers

Thor Fights Giants

Meanwhile, Roxxon Island (home of the corporate HQ of The Roxxon Energy Corporation) is under siege, and it just so happens it’s at the very top of the ice stairway. Its CEO, Dario Agger, is sacrificing employees left and right as he tries to make his way to a secure bunker. Ulik the Troll, his paid henchman, quickly realizes the Frost Giants and Malekith are attacking because they want to retrieve the giant skull Roxxon discovered during their underwater dig last issue. Agger ain’t about that life, and leaves his employees to die when Malekith appears and demands the skull.

Dario Agger

Agger’s path to his bunker is blocked by several Giants, but Thor arrives and keeps them from squashing Agger – and interrupts Agger’s transformation into the sometimes minotaur he apparently is. Agger dives into his panic room and orders the door shut. Unfortunately, Mjolnir is locked in there with him, and Thor is about to find out what she’s made of without the hammer.

Mjolnir Lost

Score | 8.5/10Thoughts & Questions
  • I liked Thor’s inner thoughts revealing her fears and uncertainties to us, but she kept a brave face when confronting the Giants. Watching her figure things out reminded me a lot of the early issues of Ms. Marvel.
  • This new Thor has to be his mother, right? It’s so obvious that I’m hoping it’s not her.
  • Another solid issue, though I’m ticking off a few points due to the art during the fighting panels. It got very confusing to follow at times.
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  1. Yesss! I WANT to believe that it is indeed Frigga

  2. I definitely think it’s Freyja! I totally agree with you about her dialogue being reminiscent of the early Ms.Marvel issues. I’m also a bit relieved to know that I’m not the only one who had a hard time following what was happening during those fight scenes!

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