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Review: Thor #3

Previously in Issue #2

Thor #3 Cover

When The Ice Lords Make War begins with a bit of Frost Giants history. When The Mother Storm arrives – and that’s basically what it sounds like: the mother of all storms – they hurl their children out into the snow, ice, and wind. The ones who successfully find their way back home are greeted as warriors. The ones who don’t… well, it’s like they never existed. In a nutshell: The Frost Giants are fucking cray.

A few days before the events of the first issue, Malekith informs Skrymir that he’s located the Frost Giants’ revered Skull  of King Laufey: The Roxxon corporation has it on Midgard. Of course, Skrymir is like, “You want us to attack Midgard so Thor can put his hammer up our asses? No thank you.” Then Malekith drops the bomb that word on them Asgardian streets is that Thor no longer has Mjolnir.

Oh, dip.

Skyrmir and Malekith

Back in present day, Thor is given all the respect you’d expect Frost Giants and Malekith to give a woman, which is to say none. Malekith boasts about killing Thor and leaving him at the bottom of the ocean. To add insult to injury: He’s talking crap while wearing Thor’s arm.

Even though she can feel her power diminishing the longer she’s separated from Mjolnir (it’s in the panic room with Dario Agger and he’s not opening the door any time soon), she still talks all kinds of shit, giving them one opportunity to walk away before she jumps up asses. That doesn’t work even a little bit.

As Malekith uses his powers to enter the panic room, Thor is left to take on the four Frost Giants before her, including Skrymir. While three of them argue the best way to kill and/or eat her, Skrymir freezes Thor and promptly swallows her… then almost immediately wishes he hadn’t.

Malekith and Thor

Skyrmir Eats Thor

When Malekith finally makes his way inside the room, he confronts Dario, who shows his true minotaur form. While they fight, Thor manages to break up the ground between the giants, sending all but one to their deaths. She struggles to get the door open and the remaining giant creeps (as much as a Frost Giant can creep) up behind her, ready to stab her in the back.

She’s able to pry the door open wide enough for the hammer to come flying through, and it flies into the giant’s mouth and out the back of his head. And it is glorious.

Hammer in hand, Thor interrupts Malekith and Dario by smashing the skull to pieces. Welp. So much for that.

Malekith warns that the Frost Giants will attack Midgard with all their might.

Dario the Minotaur

Hammer Through the Mouth

Then the original Thor arrives with a brand new arm and a nasty attitude.

Thor Returns

Score | 9/10Thoughts & Questions: 
  • I’m gonna need OG Thor to go sit his ass down somewhere. Glad he’s not dead. Glad he got himself a bionic arm. Not happy that his first order of business is to tell the woman to unhand his hammer – not a euphemism – and not help her get rid of Malekith and Dario.
  • Thor was worried that she was “changing” as her powers faded. She didn’t know how long she had before she changed back to– they’re not telling. I didn’t expect them tor reveal her secret identity this quickly, but this tease is killing me.
  • When Malekith suggested Dario was not THE minotaur from ancient times, Dario’s thoughts gave a bit of background into how he came to be. Sounds like he prayed to something evil.
  • The Frost Giants would be successful if they resisted the urge to monologue so damn much.

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