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Review: Thor #4

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Thor #4 Cover

This issue begins with Thor’s reaction after waking up at home, minus an arm and his hammer. He learns the hammer is missing and so is his mother. So, Freyja is the new Thor? Not so fast.

Mom is missing

Now, face to face with the new Thor, Odinson is acting like he has no damn home training. He wants the woman to drop his hammer, because surely she’s a thief. He’s so offended by her presence that he’s willing to completely ignore the Frost Giants, Malekith, and Minotaur Dario Agger just chilling nearby, waiting for a chance to kill both Thors.

Thor meets Thor

In his defense (kinda), Odinson assumes that this person calling herself Thor has done something to his mother. Clearly he’s not falling for what so many readers believe: Freya is Thor.

Only when Mjolnir flies through the air, taking down Frost Giants, and chooses the new Thor does he finally concede. Odinson believes she is worthy and the two make quick work of the remaining Giants. When Odinson finally asks Thor if she’s his mother, she answers with a very definitive no.

Thor Kiss

In the end, Malekith gets away, but not before warning the Thors that smashing the Skull of Laufey doesn’t mean it’s over. Dario – now back in human form – demands the Thors leave his island. Lucky for him, both Thors have more pressing matters. They set about freeing all of the Avengers and other allies trapped in ice.

And there Odinson finds his mother, who had picked up a weapon and led the charge to save Midgard against her husband’s orders. Odinson now has a new respect for his mother and the new Thor. Even though both Freyja and Odinson find new Thor familiar, they can’t quite place why.

Thor leaves

Score | 8/10Thoughts & Questions
  • Okay, so who the hell is she? I don’t know enough about the Thor universe to speculate beyond his mother (now we know it’s not her) and Lady Sif.
  • We learn at the end of the issue that Dario still has the Skull of Laufey and that the other was a replica.
  • I’m excited to see where this goes next. Sure Odinson will be back, but it feels like story going forward will focus on Thor, as it should.
  • Doesn’t Odin look just like Anthony Hopkins in that panel above?
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