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Review: Thor #5

Previously in Issue #4

Thor #5 Cover

First, look at that cover. Gorgeous.

Remember how last issue I said that we probably wouldn’t be seeing much of Odinson for awhile? Well, I was wrong. This issue was good, but there wasn’t enough Thor for my liking.

The All-Father is an All-Asshole. He commands the Omni-Runes to reveal to him Thor’s true identity. He has her labeled as a fraud and a trickster, and a thief to boot. This even after Odinson and Freyja tell him that she isn’t.


Meanwhile, Thor is on Midgard kicking the shit out of Crusher Creel. When his girlfriend and partner in armed robbery, Titania shows up, she refuses to fight Thor. She has nothing but respect for what Thor is doing and the road she has ahead of her. However, this is a one-time deal. When she gets out of jail, and should their paths cross again, Titania will have no problem throwing down. Thor agrees.


Back on Asgard, Odin has brought in his creepy-ass brother, Cul Borson, to serve as Royal Inquisitor and Minister of Justice. His first order of business is to find Thor and retrieve the hammer. Odin even sets out to abolish the Congress formed in his absence as their approval would be needed for such an appointment.

Odinson heads to the royal dining hall to seethe over his father’s actions and finds Lady Sif drowning her sorrows in mead. She’s a little shitty with Odinson for having sex with her and then bouncing without so much as a thank you post-it. They smooth things over long enough to share a drink and Sif shares her fears of what Asgard will become now that Odin is back. But things head south again when Sif realizes Thor suspects she may have taken his hammer. She leaves after tossing mead in his face and warning that she better not catch him on those Asgardian streets.

He crosses her off his list.

Thors List

Freyja meets with Thor on the moon and warns her of Odin’s plans. She also makes Thor promise to be worthy of the name. There’s a tender moment when Freyja asks longingly, “How does it feel to be Thor?”

Odinson has to be carried out of the dining hall by his friends because he’s drunk. He’s also up in his feelings over whatever it is that Nick Fury whispered to him and caused him to drop his hammer in the first place. While he sleeps it off, deep in the bowels of Asgard, Odin reveals his plans of bringing in Thor to Cul: The Destroyer.

The Destroyer

Score | 8/10Thoughts & Questions:
  • It’s safe to assume that my #1 question each issue – until they answer it – will be, “Who’s Thor?” But aside from that, this issue reminded me of a question I had back in issue 1: What the hell did Fury whisper to Thor?
  • I gotta get MCU canon out of my head because I was like, “When did Sif and Odinson smash?”
  • Cul looks like Gaston on Asgardian steroids.
  • Freyja’s conversation with Thor was great. I love to see the women working together behind the scenes.
  • I enjoyed this issue way more than I thought I would an issue with so little Thor in it.
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