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Review: Thor #6

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Thor #6 Cover

Despite there being very little Thor in this issue, it’s excellent. And it’s easy to see why it’s currently selling so well.

Much like the Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel series, Thor proves the heroes can be women – and brown – and people will buy them. The storylines don’t ignore the prejudices (Oh, Odin. Get over it.); they use them to enrich the stories.

This issue in particular, was perfect – even though this is the second issue in a row with very little Thor in it.

It begins with more backstory of Dario Agger. His family owned an island that was taken over by pirates. Everyone in his family was murdered, except Dario, who’d hidden in a cave overnight. While there, he prayed for power and revenge. He wasn’t prepared for what answered his prayers. He sold his soul, but he’s rich and powerful now, and he has the heads of the men who killed his family. Those heads are still alive, and aware, but not attached to bodies, and begging for death. Dario is striking a deal with Malekith: the Frost Giant skull in exchange for access to the oil within the Svartalfheim realm.

On Asgard, Odinson pleads with Heimdall to use his vision to reveal Thor’s secret identity. More than know who she is, he really wants to know what makes her worthy when he is not. Heimdall basically tells Thor there are more important things – dangerous things – going on in the world that could use his attention, and he should worry about himself.


Do you, boo. Do you.

Odinson heads to Midgard to deal with Rock Trolls hiding beneath Texas. Even through the fighting, he is still tormented by learning Thor’s identity and whatever Nick Fury whispered to him to make him drop the hammer to begin with. This is particularly amusing because the Rock Trolls are like, “We have no idea what you’re talking about!”

Odinson and the Trolls

Later, he heads to the moon where the hammer was lost, and later picked up by the mystery woman. He tries to narrow down the possibilities of women who could have been on the moon that day. He’s interrupted with news that Jane Foster has taken a turn for the worst.

He visits her bedside in the Asgardian Hall of Medicine. She has refused all of their magical, Asgardian medical treatment and insists the chemo will help her defeat cancer. Odinson knows all too well it doesn’t take much – a whisper – to lay a strong person low. Seeing how frail she is, he crosses her off his list of suspects.

Jane Foster

Next, he focuses on Roz Solomon and heads to see Agent Coulson to ask about her whereabouts. Odinson thinks he’s on to something when Couslon says Solomon has been on leave from S.H.I.E.L.D for a few weeks. He demands Coulson try to locate her.

Agent Coulson

On Asgard, Freyja is not pleased with Odin for putting his murderous brother in charge of the Destroyer and sending them after Thor. He talks down to her one too many times and she hauls off and slaps the shit out of him. I wish there was a way to watch that in slo-mo.

Odin Slapped

Meanwhile, Thor arrives at Roxxon, and she’s not about to let Dario and Malekith join forces. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to do much before this happens:

Thor and the Destroyer

Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts & Questions: 
  • Not only was Roz the last name on the list that hadn’t been crossed out, this issue seems to imply heavily that she is Thor, but I’m going to hold off accepting this as fact for now.
  • I’m sick of Odin’s misogyny getting in the way of Thor handling her damn business.
  • Splendid issue: the dialogue was on point and, at times, laugh out loud funny. Also, plenty of plot progression.

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