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Review: Thor #7

Previously in Thor #6

Thor #7 Cover

When last we saw Odinson, he was confronting Agent Coulson on the whereabouts of SHIELD agent, Roz Solomon. She’s the last unverified name on his list of women who could be Thor. Coulson was not able to reach Roz.

This issue kicks off weeks prior when Roz is launching a one-woman attack on a Roxxon facility, even though she’s supposed to be on vacation. Coulson calls with news of Thor losing his hammer, so Roz takes off to find him on the moon where he dropped it. Thor is gone, but the hammer remains. Hmmmm.

Roz Solomon

In present day, on Roxxon Island, Thor does battle with The Destroyer, controlled by Odin’s evil brother Cul Borson, and sent by Odin himself to retrieve the hammer and teach Thor a lesson. It’s a tough fight, and Thor loses Moljinar to The Destroyer. On Asgard, Cul is feeling powerful, but Odin reminds him not to get it twisted: He’s not worthy of the hammer; it’s just a weapon picking up another weapon. This gave me a chuckle as I imagined a giant claw in an arcade being able to lift the hammer.

Meanwhile, Dario and Malekith skedaddle (Why, oh why, don’t villains ever stick around to make sure the hero is truly dead?) and Malekith shows Dario the ten realms, including Alfheim, a world of light elves. The two make their way there to slaughter a bunch of them. If you want to see the incredible panel where he describes each realm, click here.

Above Midgard, Freyja finds Odinson and says they need to stop his father, but they cannot do it alone. They’ll need an army. Good thing Odinson has a list with some pretty badass women on it.

Thor is able to retrieve the hammer, though she is badly beaten. She is determined to win, unconvinced this is how her story is supposed to end.

Good Hammer

She stands and prepares to end it, the hammer shaking in her hand. Suddenly, backup arrives: Thor, Freyja, and their army of incredible women. It’s so fucking on now.

Backup Arrives

Score | 9.5/10Overall Thoughts and Questions:
  • While I appreciate that the army is made up primarily of women, it’s a little annoying that this Thor seems to need saving. As I’m not familiar with the storylines in any other Thor series (except the movies), I have no idea if the original Thor ever needed saving like this.
  • I was a bit concerned that, so far, some of the best issues were ones with very little Thor and a whole lotta Odinson. This one may not have had as much Thor as I’d liked, it was more than before and I loved the issue as much my other favorites.
  • So, Roz can’t be Thor, right? That’s a bit too obvious now. Knowing absolutely nothing about Roz other than what I learned in this issue (SHIELD agent, has a flying car, may or may not be Thor’s girlfriend or ex-girlfriend), that would be a letdown for me. And, again, I hope they’re not that obvious in the storytelling. At the end of the issue, we’re warned to avoid spoilers before next month’s big reveal, so fingers crossed it’s not Roz.
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