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Review: Thor #8

Previously in Thor #7

For some reason, Marvel revealed Thor’s identity a day before this issue was released. I don’t know why, since I refused to read any of the articles talking about it. My fear was people would ruin it on social media before I had a chance to read it, because people gonna people. Thankfully, I was able to avoid being spoiled.

Leading up to the big reveal there were several clues, like Thor’s inner monologue hinting at the type of profession she’d chosen after watching her mother die as a child, and her first reaction to receiving help was not gratitude, but fear for the others being in harm’s way in her fight.

Thor #8 Cover

As the army of women badasses take on The Destroyer, Odison tells Thor they’ll leave her to this fight if she’ll just tell him who she really is. Priorities, Odinson; get some. 

Thor vows to die protecting her secret, but that won’t be necessary as Freyja has had just about enough of The Destroyer and her husband’s chauvinistic ideals. Odin’s brother, Cul, cannot believe Freyja would know he is the one controlling the Destroyer, yet still take up arms against it – and stab him the face for good measure.

The Destroyer loses an arm before Odin finally tells him to stand down, cursing his wife for making him the villain. The stones on this guy. 

Freyja Fights Destroyer

The women warriors put out the fires around Roxxon’s oil fields and say their goodbyes – some reminding Thor she now owes them a favor or two. Freyja and Odison prepare to Bifrost it home, certain there will be consequences awaiting them, but Odinson wants a moment alone with Thor.

He claims to already know who she is, but needs to see and hear it from her, Rosalind Solomon. He also offers to share with her a secret of his: what Nick Fury whispered to him. That’s fine, except, she’s not Rosalind. The real Rosalind arrives at that moment and gives Thor an earful for almost (inadvertently) getting her killed. Agger is hers to take down and if Thor wants in on that, they must work together – not against each other. When Rosalind turns her attention to Odinson, Thor takes the opportunity to dip out, much to Odinson’s dismay.

Rosalind Solomon

Meanwhile, on Jotunheim: Remember those light elves killed by Malekith and Dario? Well, their deaths have helped Malekith raise King Laufey. I don’t know much about Thor lore, but I know this ain’t good when I see it.

Finally alone, Thor sends Mjolnir away as she prepares to transform into her true self. She regrets having to lie and keep this secret, but she knows others will try to stop her from being Thor if they knew who she was – and Thor is very much needed. And she knows they would try to stop her because she’s Dr. Jane Foster, and being Thor is killing her.

And now on to Secret Wars to see how this all ends.

Jane Foster is Thor

This has been a fantastic ride, and I’m dying to see how what comes out on the other side of Secret Wars. Though there were a few issues that had way more Odinson than Thor, his going through the process of accepting his new role and figuring out who she was seemed necessary.

Score | 10/10Like Odinson, I dismissed Jane as a possible Thor due to her illness. Now we see why her illness has taken such a toll on her body – it’s not just the cancer.

Freyja is a rockstar. A queen. Can she get her own series, please? From slapping the taste out of her husband’s mouth to fearlessly taking on The Destroyer, Freyja proved you don’t have to wield Mjolnir to be worthy.

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