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Review: Thors #2

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Thors #2 Cover

Ray is laid to rest in a service befitting a decorated Thor. Then, led by Ultimate Thor, his brethren hit up the usual suspects (Hulks, Sinisters, Ultrons), looking for who killed him. All they get, though, is the satisfaction of cracking a few skulls and the name Jane Foster.

Ultimate Thor questions a nurse who worked with Dr. Jane Foster, and learns she disappeared months ago. Not only that, but a Thor already came around asking questions and gathered her belongings left at the hospital where she worked.

It was Thor the Unworthy, or as I call him, “The Thor I know.” He has a replacement arm so this tells me it’s the Thor who dropped his hammer only to have it picked up by the new Thor, who happens to be a woman. When the two Thors meet, it’s not pretty.

The Thors Meet

Thor warns Ultimate Thor to forget the name Jane Foster before he ends up like him or Ray. That goes over about as well as you’d expect and the two fight. Thor makes cryptic remarks about what Ultimate Thor has forgotten (more than he can imagine) and tells him he’s wasting his time searching for Jane Foster because they’re all dead.

Later, Ultimate Thor is called to a crime scene much like the ones where various Jane Fosters were found: the body had been dead for months, but someone dug up the bones and left them for the Thors to find. Except this time the victim is man named Donald Blake. The name is familiar to Ultimate Thor, but he doesn’t know why. Hmmmm. 

At the crime scene, the Thors sense they’re not alone and Ultimate Thor finds Loki lurking nearby.


Score | 10/10Overall Thoughts: 
  • In the several Secret Wars tie-ins I’m reading, I always enjoy it when it’s hinted a character is aware the world isn’t as it should be. How this gets fixed, or if it’s even possible, is a mystery. The introduction of Thor the Unworthy gives this storyline a nice jolt as it raises questions about how much he knows and paves the way for the introduction of the new Thor, whose secret identity we just recently learned. 
  • It appears as though someone had taken out all of the Jane Fosters, and now someone else is leaving their bodies to be found. I’m assuming it’s two separate people: one who wants the true origins of Battleworld hidden and one who wants people to wake up and remember. That’s my theory, but I’ve been wrong before. A lot.
  • Still enjoying this blend of The Wire meets Marvel. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages from a major comic book event such as this, is the creators get to have some fun and experiment with stories and styles not always available to them. At least, that’s what it feels like and it’s been a pleasure to read.
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