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Review: Thors #3

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Thors #3

Ultimate Thor really didn’t stand a chance.

When he has Loki in the interrogation room, Loki has all the power. He knows more than just who killed all the Jane Fosters – and we later learn, all the Donald Blakes – across Battlefield, he knows why. And I suspect the why has a lot to do with Doom’s charade.

Even without knowing their true relationship, Thor reacts to Loki exactly as an annoyed brother would. Loki frustrates him and even sees through Thor’s own lies. Loki also manages to shock him when he reveals there are a lot more victims than Thor originally thought.

Loki Interrogation

Loki’s revelation leads Thor to The Deadlands, where he works through his thoughts on the case while searching for the remains of the other victims – he also dispatches of the zombies who live there.

But Thor finds more than the bones of the dead. He discovers who killed his partner, Beta Ray Thor, and it’s quite the betrayal: two fellow Thors.

I have a theory: Doom has entrusted a few Thors with eliminating all of the Jane Fosters and Donald Blake’s because he somehow became aware their existence, their connection, would lead to the unraveling of all he’d built. Who could possibly go digging for that information? Thor the Unworthy, of course.

Thor in the Deadlands

It was brilliant to fashion the Thor police after the likes of The Wire, and the case of the dead Fosters and Blakes makes for just the kind of story you’d have seen on Homicide: Life on the Street. Aaron perfectly captured the nuances of the modern day police procedural. We even have police corruption!

Score | 10/10Many of the Secret Wars’ tie-ins have been brilliant but this is, hands down, the most clever story unfolding – and there’s one issue left to find out how it all ends! There’s no reason for this series to continue after Secret Wars, and that’s a shame.

The only negative I can find with this issue is that it went by way too quickly. It hit all the right crime drama beats, yet I was still shocked when it came to its necessary cliffhanger. I am very much looking forward to seeing Thors vs. Thors in the finale.

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