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Throwback Thursday Podcast: Heroes S1E3 ‘One Giant Leap’

Heroes S1E3 One Giant Leap

In this episode:

  • Nicky’s mother-in-law gives zero fucks
  • Hiro and Ando take a trip
  • Peter has mad game with Simone
  • Nathan is an asshole
  • Claire is attacked at an away game
  • Matt has his first encounter with Sylar
  • And at 54:03 Meghan says something highly inappropriate and hilarious

We hope you enjoy our new weekly podcast and join us every Thursday as we cover every episode of every season of Heroes. We should finish this in time to start Heroes Reborn in 2015! To leave feedback that we’ll read on the air you can tweet us and use the hashtags #PFHeroes and #HeroesReborn. You can also email it to projectfandom(at)gmail(dot)com. You can subscribe to our podcast here. Also, don’t forget to leave iTunes feedback if you enjoy the show.

Join us next week when we’ll discuss Heroes S1E4 ‘Collision’

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  1. I’m catching up and y’all just crack me up. I’d make out the @&$* out of that wounded bird….

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