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Throwback Thursday Podcast: Heroes S1E5 ‘Hiros’

Heroes S1E5 Hiro

In this episode:

  • We all agree that Nathan’s flying escape from HRG and The Haitian was awesome. Also, he looks good shirtless and wearing PJ pants.
  • Nina is no longer feeling Ando, but loved Hiro’s interaction with Nathan in the Fly By Night diner.
  • Matt discovers it sucks when strangers silently eye-judge the contents of your shopping cart.
  • Claire’s dad is a badass mofo.
  • Nicky rocks Nathan’s world, but he gets $4 million.
  • Isaac thought he was going to score… but no.
  • Peter paints a picture.

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Join us next week when we’ll discuss Heroes S1E6 ‘Better Halves.’

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