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Antebellum Marvel: Thunderbolts #104

Previously in Civil War: Front Line #3

I’m traveling the road to Civil War with Marvel so I can be caught up by the time this storyline hits the big screen. Please do not comment with spoilers if you’re familiar with this particular story arc, but you are welcome to provide non-spoiler answers to any questions I may ask in the review. If you are interested in following along, here’s the reading order I’ll be following.

Thunderbolts #104

Who’s In It:

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Thunderbolts, Hank Pym

What Happens: 

While the government acknowledges that using The Thunderbolts to run up super villains has been working, there’s still the question of what they’re going to do with all the villains who refuse to work for the government? Also, can they trust the Thunderbolts’ leader, Baron Helmut Zemo?

Probably not, but they don’t really have a choice.

Villain Precision

Zemo’s motives are made a bit clearer when he reveals to his crew that their new super villain army will be used to help them defeat their enemy, The Grandmaster and his Squadron Sinister. His team is skeptical that the government would allow them to just keep the super villains for their own use. Zemo cryptically mentions a special ally who will hold a lot of sway when the time comes.

Later, he meets with this ally – Captain America – with an offer (redemption in the eyes of the American people and freedom) he can’t refuse. In exchange: Zemo will facilitate the escape of the renegade Avengers the government has arrested.

Captain America

Score | 8/10Overall Thoughts:
  • I don’t know squat about The Thunderbolts, but I find this arrangement fascinating and it’s sign of how well thought-out the event was. What do you do with the villains that are now running amok because the heroes are busy chasing and running from each other?
  • Zemo isn’t trust worthy by any means, but I like that his reason for hoarding this army is about survival and not just being mustache-twirling evil.
  • As much as Civil War has been about heroes turning on one another, it’s refreshing that they’ve added the extra layer of heroes forced to trust their enemies. Unfortunately, I doubt the film next year will go this deep… but I hope so.
  • A laugh-out-loud funny part was when the government admitted that if the superheroes on the reality show was half as efficient as Zemo’s villains in cleaning up the streets, they wouldn’t be in this position to begin with. True dat.
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