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Tokyo Ghoul √A – S2E10 – Last Rain

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul √A, “City in Waiting”

It’s wall-to-wall action at Anteiku. This week is a bittersweet episode as the remaining Lame Gang get the battle taken to them. Yoshimura, Irimi, and Koma make their last stands as Kaneki enters the battlefield.

Tough Scrubs

Tatara and Eto watch the battles from a rooftop in the distance as Toka is still racing to get in on the action. Akira, Seido, and Misato’s group is busy taking out the remaining Devil-Apes while Koma has his hands full with Mogan. Mogan has a few tricks up his sleeve with his gun, but Koma is able to dodge his attacks and get in close. Koma manages to cut Mogan’s gun from its power supply, but Mogan still has one trick left. Koma learns too late that Mogan’s gun is still functioning when he gets his back blown out by a powerful blast. Before Mogan can give the finishing blow, Kaneki beats him in a flash to make the save.

TG S2E10 - Kaneki

Irimi is faring better until her new nature kicks in. Against Not-Vash the Stampede, Hachikawa, and two other special investigators, she is managing to hold her own. However, Irimi falls back to an apartment ledge near the roof for a breather, only to find out there is still a civilian in the apartment. Hachikawa doesn’t hesitate to fire on them, and Irimi is forced to shield the old woman, knocking her off the balcony. Wounded, she’s still able to recover and mount one last charge. After the past she’s had, she’s just happy that she’s making a sacrifice for someone else. It’s not long before she falls prey to the numbers game and is down. As Hachikawa aims to take the kill shot, Kaneki darts in, knocking him out. Watching Kaneki skillfully take down the group without killing them, Irimi realizes that Kaneki joined Aogiri Tree to get stronger to protect Anteiku, something he could never have done under Yoshimura’s thumb in the quiet 20th Ward. Now that Koma and Irimi are safely tucked away, Kaneki runs back out for Yoshimura, disarming and beating investigators in his path without killing.

Old Dog, New Trick

Shinohara, Iwa, Hoji, and Ui give One Eyed Yoshimura everything they have, but it still isn’t enough. The group is hitting him from all sides, yet are still being pushed back. A gleeful Juzo is called in and, by himself, is able to battle Yoshimura evenly. Suzuya’s erratic movements not only confuse Yoshimura, but Shinohara also. When Shinohara starts to try micromanaging Suzuya, Shinohara gets one last lesson from Kureo Mado. As usual, Shinohara is over thinking it, pay attention to Suzuya and work with what he’s doing. The new game plan works immediately, even pushing the One Eyed Yoshimura back. The rest of the squad takes a moment to marvel before jumping back in. Yoshimura is surrounded and on the ropes, but Shinohara wants at least one more man. Once Yoshimura hears the report of Kaneki taking down two divisions with no loss of life, he retreats to the rooftops.

The End Of The Road

CCG Jesus, Chief Washu, gets the news about his two divisions being taken out and decides to send in the 4th Division. They run to get into position, passing an alleyway with a worried Toka in the shadows. A few buildings over, they pass an alley with Hide in disguise as an investigator.

TG S2E10 - Hide Alley

Back on Yoshimura’s rooftop, he doesn’t have long to reflect on Kaneki before Juzo has already slashed through him. Knocked from his perch, Yoshimura is again surrounded, and there’s no getting away. The team works off of Juzo’s pace and begins cutting off Yoshimura’s kagune arms, along with other chunks of him. Yoshimura’s time with his staff flashes before his eyes before Shinohara lands the final blow. The investigators hold back while Yoshimura crawls to a vision of his wife, Ukina, and dies. Shinohara makes the call and the celebration begins for most. CCG Jesus seems more focused than ever, and Marude apologizes to Kureo for taking so long. Elsewhere, as the victorious roars grow louder, Toka is broken, Hide quietly sinks into the shadows, and Kaneki stops in his tracks. He’s too late and all he can do is think of their last conversation. Kaneki is a part of both worlds, and Yoshimura believed Kaneki could use that as a way to help people who are alone, and also his daughter. Lost in thought, Kaneki doesn’t notice the doves until the floodlights fire up. Backed by a line of investigators, Amon awaits, armed with his quinque. His only mission in this raid was to take down Eyepatch.

TG S2E10 - Amon and Kaneki Standoff

At Yoshimura’s body, the celebration is cut short before a red streak blasts onto the rooftop. Through the dust, they see a much larger One Eyed Owl emerge. Iwa suspected as much, but now isn’t the time to gloat. This One Eyed Owl begins to morph, growing larger and with a demonic look.

TG S2E10 - One Eyed Owl

It stops short of a roar and smiles at Shinohara. It rushes at Shinohara and the screen fades to black before a sickening crunch.

Tokyo Ghoul √A - S2E10
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 10/10


As much as I loved this episode, I hated Toka. She ran, for almost an episode, to hide in alleys and cry. All that tough talk for nothing, again. Please give this poor child something to do. In the beginning, she was  a tough talking bad ass who was saltier than a pirate captain. Ever since Kimi called her beautiful in the chapel, Toka has been broken, and this needs to get where it’s going quick. I miss my old Toka. The runner-up to the worse person this week goes to Kaneki. He spent all that time watching the fireworks that he was too late to save Yoshimura, the most important person at Anteiku. He was a horrible father, but Kaneki could have started this Superman shtick a little earlier and saved the guy who’s only the best leader on the show. It cost us one One Eyed Owl, but at least that triggered a couple minutes of Mado time. I’m not happy there won’t be a meeting between The Owls, but the way they play fast and loose with ghoul injuries, he could still be barely alive like Koma and Irimi, but I doubt it.

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