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Tokyo Ghoul √A – S2E11 – Deluge of Flowers

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul √A, “Last Rain”

The battle in the 20th Ward explodes into a war when the One Eyed Owl and Aogiri Tree come stopping though. Shinohara puts it all on the line for Suzuya, paving the way for their ace to join in. The One Eyed Owl finds the men it was looking for, but not Tatara. Also, Amon and Kaneki have their rubber match.

Shook Ones

In a move only The Walking Dead writers could love, the circumstances of the closing seconds of last episode get tweaked. Instead of only Shinohara being attacked, and at least critically injured, the whole group is down but alive. Juzo is the only man left standing, but the shock and horror of this new giant, demonic Owl has him paralyzed. For the first time, Juzo knows fear. Not one to waste an opportunity, The One Eyed Owl moves to take out Suzuya but Shinohara shields him and takes the hit. With Shinohara’s back completely opened up, and spitting blood, Juzo doesn’t have a moment to react or grieve before he’s swatted into a stack of steel pipes, and given a new direction for his leg.

TG S2E11 - Juzo Broken Leg

He gets a few steps before falling to his face, failing to stop Shinohara’s killing blow, and the One Eyed Owl revels in it. Refocused with his newfound hatred, Juzo props himself up using his scythe and lets out a barrage of knifes. Switching to using the scythe as a walking stick, he runs and slices the Owl before falling flat on his face again and catching another swat.

This cycle goes on while down below, the rest of the CCG is reeling. After debris and whole chunks of buildings rain from above, they’re treated to a sky full of Aogiri dropping down. The Aogiri Tree marches steadily through the streets as they mow down the ground forces. Rather than counter, CCG Jesus, Chief Washu, orders Akira to have her division back up Amon, who they’ve lost contact with. The move let’s Aogiri move through the center of their defenses, but Akira obeys anyway.

I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

Kaneki and Amon have to deal with the debris, but not the Aogiri, when they begin their fight. Their battle is an even one, but Amon is back to using his old quinque and Kaneki is only using two kagune. After the first flurry of attacks, both step back for a break and Kaneki saves a group of investigators from falling debris. Amon notices and can’t help but wonder what Kaneki is truly up to. Nevertheless, Amon has a job to do, and tells Kaneki as much when Kaneki explains he doesn’t want to fight. Kaneki has no other options, so he uses the dust as his cover to land a critical uppercut that even Akira is somehow able to feel. Her division is caught up with a group of Aogiri, so Seido sends her alone to help Amon. Amon, however, isn’t down yet, and activates Akira’s new upgrade for his old quinque. After the transformation light show, we get a spear-axe-Klingon blade.

TG S2E11 - Amon and Dojima Upgrade

Meanwhile, the One Eyed Owl is having a good chuckle as Suzuya is down to weak, pathetic, marshmallow soft punches, but still catching full powered slaps, and the streets are littered with dead investigators. Tatara has slaughtered his way to Seido, decimating the division. Tatara has a special kind of hate for the man who’s friend is his quinque, but he wants Hoji more. Seido tries to be tough through his tears and ends up eaten by Noro’s kagune. From the alley, Hide sees, but Noro quickly notices him too.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Amon’s new upgrade is doing serious damage to Kaneki, in chunks. The first chance he gets to regroup, Kaneki upgrades himself to 4 kagunes, but holds short of going full power to the armored centipede action with the kung fu grip.

TG S2E11 - Amon vs Kaneki

The scales are once again even, but they both are taking major punishment. Blood loss and fatigue force another break, and Kaneki unmasks, in a show of respect, asking Amon for his name. Amon obliges and openly laments not meeting under better circumstances. But the time for chat is done, leading to one last charge between the two. Again, Akira feels it, but both Amon and Kaneki are down in their own pools of blood, and his quinque broken.

Back on the rooftops, Juzo is caught from collapsing by the man the One Eyed Owl was really waiting for, the CCG’s ace, special investigator Arima. On the ground, the few key living investigators are surrounded by Aogiri until they get word Arima has arrived. They begin to hold their own against the flood of Aogiri, and more men plow their way to them in a pincer attack. Oblivious to the tide turning below, the Owl begins its bid for revenge on the man who took his arms. Armed with a quinque sword, that also opens to shoot what we’ll call holy electric blasts, Arima picks up where he left off years ago.

TG S2E11 - Arima And The One Eyed Owl

Unlike most weapons, ole One Eye feels the pain every time it gets electrocuted from a shot. When the Owl adjusts, Arima arms his second quinque: a black spear that seems to have unlimited reach, attacking from underground with huge black pillars, and also happens to double as a shield. In tandem, Arima is able to keep the Owl off balance but the Owl is a quick study. A few attacks into going on the offensive, and the One Eyed Owl manages to break the black quinque. Whether it be cockiness or greed, the Owl makes its first mistake, charging in, and pays with an arm making the score three arms to none for Arima. In response, the Owl, retreats to Yoshimura’s body, swallows him whole, and flees down the side of the building. Arima gives chase, but only manages to get in a few parting shots as the One Eyed Owl gets away.

Welcome Back

In the alleyways, a heavily damaged Kaneki crawls and collapses, trying to make his way to Anteiku. Toka is seen by Ayato running through the streets, and a pigeon-toed Akira finds Amon’s broken quinque, but no Amon. Later, Kaneki wakes up on the floor of Anteiku and is greeted with coffee by Hide. Then the credits roll, but hopefully you stayed past them. In Tokyo Ghoul‘s first post credit scene, the One Eyed Owl finds a nice secluded spot to regurgitate Yoshimura. As the Owl powers down to its human form, Yoshimura confirms what he already knew:  The One Eyed Owl is his daughter, Eto, aka Sen Takatsuki the bestselling author.

TG S2E11 - One Eyed Takatsuki Sen

Tokyo Ghoul √A - S2E11
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The reconfigured opening sticks in my craw, but it’s a minor gripe. We took a few extra steps to get to the same result (R.I.P. Shinohara.) Kaneki vs Amon 3 didn’t disappoint. I loved the action, and the flashbacks to tie their feud together, but they spent so much time trying to make them physically equal, mirroring their philosophies, which they’re not. The fight was a draw with Kaneki sandbagging it and their philosophies aren’t that different. Amon is on one extreme while Kaneki is a moderate. It’s not that big of a leap. Of course, they were overshadowed by the often teased, and hinted at, Arima, and he did not disappoint (R.I.P. Arima’s Black Quinque.) We can also pull Yoshimura’s name from the dead pile, or at least for an episode. The meeting of the Owls we’ll get in the finale makes me think it will be another cerebral outing, like last season, but there’s too much that needs to be wrapped up to only go that route. I’m not sure what the finale holds, but I’m excited for it.

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