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Tokyo Ghoul √A – S2E9 – City in Waiting

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul √A, “Old Nines”

If you played a game as bad as last week’s episode was, you would hit the reset button and tell yourself the computer was cheating (It always does, doesn’t it?). Coaches throw away the game film and are quick to put it in the past. Whatever the makers of Tokyo Ghoul had to do, thankfully, they did it. The show gets back on track as the CCG finally begins the raid on Anteiku. 


Emotions, for some, are high at the CCG on the eve of attacking Anteiku. Everyone is required to leave a testamentary note that acts as their will or last words. Some rookies like Seido, and even some veterans, take it hard as they face their possible death. For others like Juzo and Shinohara, it’s just another day at the office. Over at the graveyard, Akira runs into Amon reporting to the grave of Harima Toka about upgrading his original quinque. Harima was a classmate of his who died in the 24th Ward. His original quinque, Dojima, was originally hers. Akira can relate because her parents were agents, under Marude’s command, in the 24th until the One Eyed Owl showed up. After losing much of his force, Marude ordered everyone to retreat, but Akira’s mom, Kasuka, hung back. She was the most skilled, so she sacrificed herself for everyone else to get away. Since that day, Kureo was obsessed with the One Eyed Owl, and with him dead, it’s now her mission. When Amon tries to show concern, she cuts him off, grabs his tie, and gets on her toes for a kiss, but…

TG S2E9 - Akira and Amon Blocked Kiss

Akira is visibly hurt but not surprised, and she lets him know “That’s so you” before leaving him alone with the graves.

Knock, Knock

That night in the 20th Ward, Juzo is all suited up on a rooftop, killing time. He floats a paper airplane that Kaneki notices from the street below. Past that, he spots a news report that fills him with horror. The CCG has cut off all traffic in and out of the 20th Ward. Civilians have already been evacuated from the area of a coffee that shop will be attacked. Anteiku is surrounded by the task force, led by CCG Jesus, Chief Washu. His forces are in formation and, in a bizarre turn, he orders to begin the attack with a Nazi salute. Yes, I know it’s another symbolic image of how the CCG use fascist tactics, but it wasn’t needed. Instead it was one of those weird moments that takes you out of the show for a few minutes. None of the CCG bats an eye at it, though, and begin marching towards Anteiku. At the entrance, they’re met by the masked Devil-Ape, Koma, and the Black Dog, Irimi.

TG S2E9 - Koma And Irimi

Irimi and Koma slice through dozens of men before one investigator realizes who they are. Irimi’s Black Dobers and Koma’s Devil-Apes are also highly skilled, and proceed to tear through the CCG without using their kagunes. Expecting Aogiri, the CCG instead found two rival crews that now have an alliance. In response, Washu calls for 2 more divisions led by Marude. Not-Vash The Stampede, Hachikawa, calls dibs on the Black Dog who, years ago, apparently took his lips. For those keeping score, Not-Vash The Stampede is now a Marvel Zombie variant.

TG S2E9 - Hachikawa

The other division leader, Mogan, targets the Devil-Apes with his quinque blaster. The Devil-Apes are all down except for Koma, who manages to hold his own. Irimi finds herself with the same problem when Hachikawa takes down her group. Down in front of CCG Jesus and his remaining forces, Yoshimura appears. As he slowly changes into his One Eyed Owl form, he proclaims himself, the world, and the CCG evil before telling them to kill him.

Across town, Toka can’t watch the news anymore. As Hinami sleeps, she tries to slip away until Yoma cuts her off at the door. Koma and Irimi had only realized the level of dirt they had done when they met Yoshimura. Even though they had changed their lives, they had sins to atone for through this fight, along with their crews. When Toka counters with the fact that she hand dirty hands too, Yoma lets her go, but she doesn’t truly believe it. Toka can’t bear to lose anyone else and she’ll say and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Don’t Mind Me

On the rooftops of the 20th, Nishiki finds Kaneki suited up but only watching the battle. Nishiki lets him know Hinami and Toka are safe with Yomo, but he’s not going to help in the fight. From his point of view, if he gets killed, it would waste Yoshimura, Koma, and Irimi’s sacrifices. Instead, the plan is to meet Kimi for some break-up lovin’ and disappear. The Gourmet interrupts, trying keep Kaneki from going. Since Kaneki won’t listen to him, he attacks, but he is easily dodged and beaten with one hit.

On the ground, One Eyed Yoshimura is effortlessly shredding the CCG until Shinohara and Iwa slash through his arms , clad in their Aratas. Shinohara knows exactly who he’s facing, and even in his anger and focus, he still compliments Yoshimura’s coffee. Above them, Kaneki apologizes to a crying Gourmet. He just can’t stay on the sidelines anymore.

TG S2E9 - Kaneki

Tokyo Ghoul √A – S2E9
  • 9/10
    Plot - 9/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 9/10


A great rebound episode. Last week, for the first time in this series, I had to fight myself not to hop on my phone. This week had my full attention, but I’ll admit, the opening testamentary note scenes had me worried we were in for another filler episode. Thankfully, we actually got some things to chew on. A few more bricks were laid in the house that Amon and Akira’s ship built, albeit in an alternate direction. I’m not sure if he blocked her because of his focus on the mission, or he’s still weirded out from being called Dad, but this has to happen. He has feelings for her, but let’s not forget, Amon does have some issues. Not Nazi salute in public issues, but issues nonetheless. The Lame Gang didn’t come out too shabby this go around. Irimi and Koma finally showed something my old jaded heart could latch onto. Up to this point, they were basically  the NPCs (non-playable characters) who would be the plucky comic relief or the walking, talking plot device in a RPG. Barely enough personality to exist, but largely pointless. They were finally gifted a personality, but sadly, they’ll probably be dead soon. Unless they’re saved by Kaneki who is coming home with a bang next episode. There’s only three left, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of that is at Anteiku.

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