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Tokyo Ghoul – S1E11 – High Spirits

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul, ‘Aogiri’

Now that the Aogiri Tree has made their moves, the CCG attack their base with everything they have. Anteiku must avoid the crossfire as they try to rescue Kaneki, who is being relentlessly tortured.

All Roads Lead To A Shopping Mall

Toka is still protesting Tsukiyama helping with the rescue mission, but she is overruled. It doesn’t help when The Gourmet tells her that he took her advice, and was pleased with his taste, when he ate himself to heal. Toka leaves it alone after Yomo steps up to watch The Gourmet. The plan is to use the CCG’s attack as cover and grab Kaneki. They leave once Yomo returns with Uta.

Jason Syringe

Back at the Aogiri Tree, Kaneki is chained to a chair in Yamori’s room. Tatara decided they didn’t need Kaneki after all, so Yamori claimed him. He can’t hide his glee for the torture he is about to put Kaneki through. Ghoul skin is too thick for normal tools to work, so Yamori injects RC Inhibition fluid in his eye. Kaneki’s kagune is not only suppressed, but his skin is as weak as normal humans now. Yamori is doing almost anything imaginable because they never actually show the violence. We get glimpses of a bloody Kaneki’s arms or legs, paired with tortured screams, but the rest is left to be filled in. When Kaneki’s count gets to the 530 range, Yamori takes a break, and leaves lower-level masked ghouls to clean up. The first is Banjo and he is on Kaneki’s side. Banjo promises to help him escape when he finds an opening.

The 11th Ward has finished being evacuated, and the CCG is moving in. The Aogiri Tree base is an abandoned shopping mall, and they will being sending everyone on the attack. Combined with the police, they outnumber the Aogiri Tree two to one. On the way, Shinohara shares Jason’s file with Amon. Before Yamori started using the name Jason, he was a young ghoul who got arrested by the CCG. He was sent to the Cochlea Ghoul Internment Center where a particularly disturbed investigator was in power. Yamori was tortured the exact same way Kaneki is now, complete with the counting. Yamori had a psychotic break, created the brutal persona of Jason, and escaped.

In The Belly of The Beast

At the Aogiri Tree’s base, Tatara and the rest of the top ghouls see the CCG going. None are happy that Yamori is neglecting this for Kaneki, but none of them do anything about it either. They split up and set up the defenses. After a short stand off on the front lines, the CCG are getting hit hard. The ghouls have the high ground, scopes, and kagunes they can use as shields. Marude storms out of the command center and shows them how it’s done, but Suzuya quickly upstages him. Stealing Marude’s bike, he storms the ghouls, shooting and slashing his way through.

Suzuya Jump

The CCG are in and begin their death march easily getting deep into the base. The Anteiku crew see their opening and slip in dressed as Aogiri Tree ghouls. Meanwhile, Shu and Haru are on Kaneki clean-up duty. They’re disgusted, but they try to keep Kaneki’s spirits up with messages from Banjo. Kaneki is weak, but alive.

Outside, Yoshimura and Hinami are monitoring movements through Kaya, the least seen employee of Anteiku. After hearing the CCG have the upper hand, Yoshimura leaves Hinami with Kaya. He is going to enter the fray to buy the group time. Meanwhile, the Aogiri Tree’s heavies are beginning to even out the odds. The CCG has broken up into groups, making them easier to deal with.

Armed with the quinque Mado left him, Amon is tearing through ghouls. When he catches a glimpse of Toka leaving in the distance, he instantly knows it’s his “rabbit”. Amon drops everything and charges her. Toka is amazed at how strong his attacks are until she realizes he’s out for revenge over Mado. She barely gets away when the Aogiri Tree’s Bin Brothers attack Amon. Amon quickly realizes that he has to take on two S-Rated ghouls and has his doubts. The Bin Brothers quickly realize that Amon is strong since he was able to handle one of their combo moves. They take no chances, and Amon takes a beating.

Amon Hit

Amon’s mind flashes back to a conversation with Mado. He is reminded that he can’t overpower ghouls, he has to fight dirty. In true Mado fashion, fighting dirty for the right reasons can be forgiven. Also, the quinque, Kura, was personally chosen by Mado just for him. A reinvigorated Amon splits his quinque in two and kills the Bin Brothers. Before he can rest, a huge dark figure flies past the windows.

Playtime is Over

Each of the initial Anteiku group begins to run into the top Aogiri Tree ghouls. Toka is running out in the open when Nishiki has to block her from being hit from her brother’s 100 crystal shard attack. Elsewhere, Yomo, Tsukiyama, and Uta end up at the same ghoul. They were tracking the strongest scent they could find and each of them are surprised to find Noro.

On the roof, Shinohara and his group are surprised to find no ghouls. They can feel something is wrong as Amon runs up. Before Amon can tell them about the dark figure he saw, it lands in front of them. As it unfurls itself, the group is horrified to realize it is The One-Eyed Owl, the Aogiri Tree leader. Seeing this, Marude calmly comes on the radio and tells Shinohara to challenge him with as few men as possible. Keep only the men who are distinguished and he doesn’t mind dying. Dying for no reason won’t buy any time, but if he can’t handle The One-Eyed Owl, then nobody can. The last shot is of Kaneki’s new white hair.

One Eyed Back

Tokyo Ghoul S1E11
  • 9.5/10
    Plot - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Dialogue - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10


This episode was almost perfect. Almost. My problem isn’t a deal breaker, but there were too many characters I was supposed to be paying attention to that I had little clue about. Two of the Anteiku crew have maybe had five lines of dialogue to this point. I barely know Kaya, and, for other guy, all I have is that he was once called the Devil Ape? Then you add in the elite Aogiri Tree ghouls and the problem is a little worse. I know that no all of the Aogiri Tree crew are supposed to be known, but it wasn’t until the second time around that I realized that Tatara was someone we were seeing on screen. That issue aside, we got action, plot, character development, and promises that next episode we will see Yoshimura and The One-Eyed Ghoul in action. I can’t wait for the finale.

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