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Tokyo Ghoul – S1E5 – Scars

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul, ‘‘Supper’

Last episode, it was all about Tsukiyama, The Gourmet Ghoul, and nothing has changed with this one. The Gourmet hatches his plan to keep Kaneki for himself, but Nishiki gets sucked in along with Toka.


A couple of days have passed since Kaneki was almost eaten by Tsukiyama’s club. Kaneki is still haunted by that night, but the other ghouls in the ward are worried about the appearance of more doves. After getting off of work, Kaneki goes upstairs to visit Toka who is sick. She’s babysitting Hinami, but it doesn’t take long before Yuriko shows up. She’s jealous that Kaneki is there, but still leaves the food she brought for Toka. Kaneki is shocked when Toka insists on eating it. Meanwhile, The Gourmet Ghoul has finally figured out the best way to eat Kaneki: “with third party intervention.” Tsukiyama celebrates by inhaling the napkin with Kaneki’s blood.


Walking past an alley, Kaneki catches sight of Nishiki being kicked around by a couple of ghouls. Nishio is still weak from the fight with Kaneki. They plan on eating Nishiki but Kaneki saves him, thanks to Yomo’s training. Kaneki helps him home, where he is surprised to meet Nishio’s human girlfriend, Kimi. She knows Nishiki is a ghoul, but she is willing to deal with it as long as he doesn’t kill anyone she knows, or cares for. Kaneki agrees to help Nishiki get the food he needs to survive. After Kaneki leaves, Kimi is kidnapped off the street by a masked Tsukiyama. Back at Anteiku, Kaneki gets back to find a note under a rose outside. Kaneki is to meet the Gourmet and Kimi at midnight. Thanks to Kimi not making it home, Nishiki shows up. He insists on going along when he finds out Kimi is in danger.

Dinner For Three

Nishio and Kaneki arrive at a chapel to find Kimi tied up on the altar. Tsukiyama wants to eat Kaneki while he feeds on Kimi. Nishiki attacks first but is casually tossed aside. Kaneki is up next, and even though he has improved, he is not on The Gourmet’s level. Toka suddenly appears from above and slashes through Tsukiyama’s eyes, but she’s weak and he knows it.


He’s known her since she was 14 and he was 18. Toka and Kaneki try to work together, but before they can capitalize, Tsukiyama counters, and puts them both down. The Gourmet stabs his hand into Kaneki for another taste of his blood and revels in it. Toka tries to attack again but is blocked and stabbed with Tsukiyama’s Kagune. Everyone is down except for The Gourmet, so he takes this chance to bring Kimi in on the action. He starts to remove her shit but notices a scar.

The Tide Turns?

In flashback, we see Nishiki as a little boy who didn’t want to feed on humans. Orphaned with his sister, she got a normal job and supported them through the years. After her manager gets her killed by reporting that she’s a ghoul, Nishio kills him and vows to never trust anyone again. Everything changes when he falls in love Kimi. After his fight with Kaneki, Nishio must feed and Kimi offers him her shoulder freely. The day they met, she lost her whole family and he had given her a reason to live.

Back in the present, Nishio mounts a couple of last-ditch efforts but is on the brink of death. The last 2 times, he can only crawl and grab Tsukiyama’s leg. Nishio is repeatedly Kagune-shanked but still alive. The Gourmet talks about how flesh is like gasoline for ghouls, which gives Kaneki an idea. Kaneki calls out Tsukiyama before letting Toka take a bite out of his shoulder. Enraged, The Gourmet lashes out with his Kagune, but it is easily blocked by Toka. She’s at full power now, and her Kagune emerges.

Toka Face

Tokyo Ghoul S1E5
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My one and only knock on this episode is the detour the flashback took. I understand the importance of why it was placed there, but it was still a weird pace change that brought me out of the episode for a minute. That being said, the rest was stellar. I appreciate that we had a quick check in on Hinami and her mom. The seeds are being watered for whatever horrible thing happens to them from Amon and Mado, or Jason. Kaneki continues to show improvement, and Toka had her chance to shine, but where would we be without The Gourmet? He’s, hands down, my favorite character so far, and I’m going to be a little butt-hurt if he is gone after next episode. Even in an episode that was mostly action after the first 10 minutes, his dialogue carried the show.

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