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Tokyo Ghoul – S1E6 – Cloudburst

Previously on Tokyo Ghoul, ‘‘Scars’

After the action Tokyo Ghoul has given us the last couple of episodes, I was fully expecting this show to slow down. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Tsukiyama learns Toka hasn’t lost a step, but there is no downtime in the 20th Ward. Jason, Amon, and Mado do their best to tear a family apart.

Toka Time

In the chapel, Toka is powered up and on the attack. She lands a solid hit on The Gourmet’s kagune, and lights him up with crystal shards that leave him cut up with a cracked kagune. Tsukiyama is still laughing though. He heals up and forms a big sword on the end of his kagune. The move does little good and Toka beats him around the church. Tsukiyama needs to feed, so he runs for Kimi but is grabbed by Nishio. As he stomps on Nishio, Toka slashes through Tsukiyama, taking his right eye and arm. The Gourmet makes one last dash at Kaneki before Toka puts him down.

Hold Up

Nishio starts to free Kimi, but Toka won’t allow it. Kimi knows too much and must be killed. Kaneki pleads that it is no different than he is with Hide, and she is with Yuriko. Nishio still has to take a crystal shower protecting Kimi, which cuts off her blindfold. Wide-eyed, Kimi says Toka’s kagune is pretty and Toka speeds out of the chapel, wondering how anyone could think she was pretty.

Family Affairs

Back at Anteiku, Nishio is now part of the staff . So he doesn’t have to kill humans, he will work there for food. Hide is shocked when he finds out, but Nishio won’t give him a reason why he’s working there. As Hide leaves, Hinami gets into a fight with her mom, Ryoko, and storms out. Ryoko explains that Hinami insists on seeing her dad but they haven’t heard from Dr. Fueguchi in a long time. Until Hinami was born, he was mixed up in dangerous business and it has come back to bite them. So Ryoko decides to cheer Hinami up. During a Hinami fit, Ryoko explains that they can’t get in his way and apologizes. She feels the same way. They make up and Hinami has to think about what gift she wants.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fueguchi is alone in his office when Yamori comes for his special pliers. Fueguchi asks for Yamori to never come back so he could live in peace. Yamori asks how long he’s been a flunky for the humans before stabbing him through the chest. Fueguchi flies through the wall, outside, to Amon and Mado’s feet. They quickly realize that Yamori is the S-rated Jason of the 13th ward. Both of their cases popped open to release their quinques, kagune like weapons. Mado leads the charge and he can’t contain himself over reaching Yamori, who is impressed. He easily dodges all of their attacks but grants them 2 minutes of his time. Yamori is so fast that he knocks Amon outside and kicks him again before he can finish his skid. Mado makes the save and goes on the offensive. He baits Yamori in close before his quinque opens up to wrap around him.

Kagune Block

Before it can close, Yamori blocks it with his kagune and shatters the quinque. Times up and Yamori leaves Fueguchi in the hands of Amon and Mado. Fueguchi is too weak but lashes out with his kagune. He dies the same time that Hinami and Ryoko make up.

As Tokyo Turns

Back at Anteiku, Kaneki goes to check in on Toka, but she won’t open the door. Toka is still brooding over not killing Kimi. She feels better after Kaneki says the couple could be the blueprint for how ghouls and humans can live together. To himself, Kaneki knows that if a ghoul reveals them self and are rejected, there’s no turning back. Kaneki then haves a quick tutoring session with Hinami that gives her the idea of getting a book for her gift. She wants to be as smart as possible for when she gets to see her dad again.

Ryoko and Hinami are leaving the store when Ryoko spots doves questioning people on the street. She quickly reverses direction but the CCG saw her and hop on their call it in. Ryoko is rushing Hinami through the streets when Hinami catches Fueguchi’s scent. She breaks away from Ryoko and chases the scent to an alley where, you guessed it, Amon and Mado are waiting. They already know who Ryoko is, and she knows it’s over. Ryoko fires up her Kagune and buys them enough space for her to cover her daughter.

Good Bye

She calmly tells Hinami to run before clearing her a path. Mado is sickened by the mother/daughter love as he and Amon draw their quinque. Meanwhile, Hinami runs through the streets and seems to knock into, or be tripped by, every other person of the horrible people walking down the street. She hits the ground one more time before Kaneki sees her.

Tokyo Ghoul S1E6
  • 9.5/10
    Plot - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Action - 10/10


I loved this episode. I was surprised chapel battle was done before the opening credits, but it works. I will always choose story movement over a bloated action sequence. Nishio going full Piccolo was a nice touch, but is he really any good in a fight? The true losers here were the Fueguchis. Losing two thirds of your family will always be a tough day at the office. That being said, I could have done with a little less of Hinami. They could have stuck to just one fit and still got the point across. Yamori is obviously a force and I can’t wait to see where he’s going. But, most importantly, they didn’t kill off The Gourmet! He lives, and if we’re lucky, he’ll be back. A great episode when I was expecting something more along the lines of the third.

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