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Toys For Tots in Honor of Meghan

We lost our dear friend, Meghan Lawrence, a few weeks ago. Many of you know Meghan as someone who made you laugh on our podcasts, or while live-tweeting a show like The Walking Dead or Scandal. A few of you were fortunate enough to be her friend online, and read her daily posts about her life as a nanny in Boston and her hilarious observations about life in general. John and I were honored to call her a best friend, and we will always treasure the hundreds of podcasts we recorded with her.

We’ve been asked what can be done to honor Meghan, and we came up with this:

You can make a $15 donation to Toys For Tots in honor or remembrance of Meghan Lawrence. When you choose the $15 greeting card option, you can pick the card’s design and include a special message. Have the card sent to the P.O. Box listed below and we will gather all of the cards and send them to Meghan’s parents in Michigan.

We believe this is the perfect solution for many reasons:

  • You’ll help children in need have a Christmas. Meghan dedicated her life to caring for children and spent many hours of her free time helping those less fortunate.
  • You can choose to have your donation help any Toys For Tots organization in the country. You can choose one in the Boston area or one in Lansing, Michigan, which is where Meghan was from. Or pick one in your area.
  • When you donate via the provided link, your donation goes directly to the organization. Project Fandom will not handle any of the funds.
  • When speaking to Meghan’s parents, I don’t feel like I adequately conveyed to them how much she was loved or how many people she touched. The cards will be one small way to show them. I already told her mother this is what we wanted to do and she gave her blessing. The cards won’t be unexpected.

You can donate here. And make sure you have the card sent to this address:

John Elrod II
P.O. Box 72
Cleveland, GA 30528


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