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True Blood – S5E11 – Sunset

Bill is walking through the halls of The Authoriry’s HQ when he hears a voice calling his name. It leads him to the vial of Lilith’s blood. She appears, naked and bloody, and tells him, “Only one can lead us. I choose you. Drink the blood. Drink it all.” He looks tempted, but starts to run. When he looks back, the case with the vial is open and bloody fingerprints are on the glass.

Jessica wants to use Bill’s phone to warn Jason that Steve Newlin are on the loose. Bill says no. He says that until Lilith he’d grown tired of worrying about humans and their problems. They are food and nothing more. Jessica offers to make Jason a vampire. Bill calls her bluff, saying she can’t manipulate him. He sends her with two guards and says that she needs to turn Jason immediately. Ruh roh.

As Nora walks past where Eric is being kept, she has a moment of … clarity? She busts into his room, they rip each other clothes off, and start having sex. She begs forgiveness and asks what they’re going to do.



Eric says he’ll get them out of there.

At the fairy club, it’s decided that Sookie will stay there where it’s safe. A U.S. general arrives at The Authority HQ and wants to see Roman, the chancellors tell him that Roman is unavailable. He accuses them of bombing the True Blood factories. They finally admit that Roman is dead and that they’re led by Lilith, who says “We eat humans now. Mmmm human.” The general busts out a flash drive and says they have video of Steve Newlin and Russell eating a houseful of frat boys. He says that if anything happens to him or if that video gets out, the US will attack vampires with weapons they never even heard of.



When he turns to go, Eric breaks his neck.

Jessica and her guards arrive to turn Jason. She tells Jason to trust her before biting his neck.

The chancellors are all freaking out over what Eric did. Eric offers to fix it. He said he’ll go on a glamouring campaign to erase all memory of the video. Nora offers to go as well since she knows the general’s chief of staff. Suspicious, Eric instructs them to take a security detail.

As the guards are burying Jessica and Jason, Jason suddenly shoots them and they explode. Jessica explains about Russel and Jason rushes off to warn Sookie.

Tara assures Pam that the office is clean of all evidence of Elijah’s death. She demands that Tara never speak of it again. Jessica arrives, covered in blood, and begging to be hidden. Pam refuses, but when Jessica says she knows where Eric is, Pam tells Tara to get Jessica a coffin out of storage.

Eric and Nora are on their way to the airport when Eric kills the vamp driving and the one in the front seat. Nora says they’ll be coming for them and rips off her Authority necklace. Then she and Eric fly into the sky.

Luna and Sam turn into their human form inside The Authority HQ. Sam tells her that Emma is there and they’ll find her. They turn back into mice.

Sookie is introduced to a Fairy Elder with the hopes that she’ll know about Warlow and the pact that her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather made. She dances around (probably cause she used to be on Fame) while telling Sookie that her fate is intertwined with Warlow’s and that’s the reason she sluts her heart out to every vampire she meets.



She’s about to tell Sookie more about Warlow when Jason arrives, warning Sookie about Russell. The Elder is not happy to hear that Russell is still alive.

Andy tries to make amends with Holly’s sons after one apologizes for putting his ass on Facebook.

Some guy shows up at Alcide’s Dad’s trailer to warn them that baby vamps are out there turning folks and forming pacts. His Dad kicks the guy off his property after informing him that the silver fence around his trailer will protect him from baby vamps.  All I know is,




Alcide confronts his father about stealing money from the pact and getting kicked out the pact because of it.

Sookie rallies the Fairies to fight Russell since SHE’S tired of running. All the Fairies are like, “This sounds like a personal problem.” That is until the Elder says they will. The pregnant fairy that seduced Andy and read the scroll for Sookie side-eyes the fuck out of the elder. Jason says goodbye to Sookie as he leaves to fight/find Russell.

Pregnant Fairy, Merella, shows up at Merlotte’s and tries to warn Andy about Russell. She tells him the baby is his despite the fact that they last had sex a week ago. He doesn’t want to mess up things with Holly. She informs him that they made a light pact and that if he dishonors it, it’s an act of war.

Jessica tells Pam and Tara everything that’s going on with The Authority. Pam explains that what’s going on with them is crazy nest behavior, but since they’re drinking Lilith’s blood, it’s nest behavior times a billionty. When she leaves, Jessica and Tara talk. Jessica wants to know if Tara has feelings for Pam and Tara is all, “Ewwwww.”

The southern broad chancellor shows up at Fangtasia, looking for her progeny, Elijah. Pam takes the fall for Tara and admits she killed him. Pam is arrested. Before the chancellor leaves, she smells Jessica who was supposed to be hiding. She tells her that Bill is looking for her.



At the HQ, Bill hears Lilith call to him again. This time there is blood on his lips after she touches them and disappears. That night, baby vamps show up at the Herveaux trailer and Alcide rushes out to fight them off. His Dad stays inside.

Russell and Steve show up at Sookie’s where Jason has been patrolling the porch with a shotgun. Steve glamours him into telling them where the fairies are. He leads them there.

Alcide kicks baby vamp ass, and his Dad shows up to help, all badass with a crossbow.

Luna and Sam shift outside the cells where naked humans are kept to feed the chancellors. Luna sees wolf Emma in a cage and warns her not to shift. When guards arrive, Luna refuses to shift to flee without Emma. The guards need breakfast for Bill and Sam volunteers.

Bill kills the black chancellor when he finds him kneeling before the sacred vial, claiming that Lilith chose him. Sam is being taken to Bill when he sees Pam being brought in. He begs her to help Luna. Pam is all, “Who the fuck is Luna?”

Bill confronts Jessica, hitting her for disobeying. Salome sees Lilith who tells her SHE is the chosen one and that she should drink ALL.THE.BLOOD. That Lilith is a fickle bitch.

Jason takes Russell and Steve to the field where the Fairy Club is and they lose their shit because they can smell the fairies. The Elder won’t release the fairies to fight, even though the plan was for Jason to bring Russell there. The Elder goes out to fight herself. She knocks out Steve, but Russel uses Jason as a shield and then eventually drains the Elder. Now he’s all high and shit and the fairies freak out when they realize he can see them.


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  1. Eric kills the general…

  2. you were probably just distracted looking at pictures of Alcide… and for that I can’t blame you

  3. Just when I think I am done with the show…I marathon a few episodes and last night’s makes me beg for more! I also think I found a new back up red neck with a crossbow for the Z.A.!!

  4. Was pretty bummed that the Fairy elder didn’t bring a better fight.

  5. Doesn’t that Lillith realize she needs to get a Brazilian before she appears bloody and naked? She looks like her monthlies have gone amuck and she desperately needs a HUGE tampon. DISGUSTING….is it just me?

  6. Every time I read the word “Authority” I read it in Bill’s voice: The Aww-thor-uh-tee. Also, you and I would get along just fine, since Eric is my True Blood husband and Alcide is yours! Haha!

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