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True Blood – S5E7 – In the Beginning

Right after Russell stakes Roman, the other vamps drop to their knees for some kind of emergency procedure. Kinda like kid nuclear drills in classrooms back in the ’50s except here, the lights go out, there’s loud horns, and a strobe light that almost gave me a migraine. In the confusion, Russell tries to eat Eric. Bill constantly calls out for Eric ’cause they’re buddies now. The Authority swat team busts in with night vision goggles and secure Russell with silver. When the lights come back on, Eric is hanging by his neck from the ceiling, but he’s alive.


At the Fairy Disco, the other fairies are testing Sookie’s Fairy Power Levels while she is knocked out. When she wakes up, they warn her that her powers are finite and that if she uses them all up, she’ll be human.

The weapons shop is now a crime scene. Andy is answering questions about what happened while Sam sniffs around, looking for evidence. He finds a box of Obama masks.

The Redneck Rescue Squad convene in their trailer with Hoyt. They convince him that he hates Jessica and that she had him under some kind of spell. They threw in a brother just to keep it from being really racist. Hoyt is so desperate to belong somewhere, he joins their merry band of hate. When they get the call that Junior (guy in the weapons shop) is dead, shit gets real.


In cells, Eric tells Bill that Nora must have bust out Russell. They realize that she had to have an accomplice because Russell was too strong and fast to have had pure silver pumped into his veins prior to coming into the room. He is proven right when Salome summons them and Russell and Nora are there. Salome admits to digging up Russell and says she wants to share the power with all vampires. Eric and Bill tell them to go fuck themselves. Salome gives them till the next night’s ceremony to change their minds.

Alcide trains with his second and tries to sleep with her. She offers him some V, just this once, to help him fight J.D. He refuses. I’m just happy his shirt is off. Martha shows up and says that J.D. has denied all accusations. She says J.D. has earned his right to be pack leader and she doesn’t believe that he’s on V.


Arlene watches her wedding video and misses Terry. Zzzzzz.

Jason makes Sookie breakfast and tells her it’s not her fault what happened to their parents. Andy visits the old sheriff who tells him that he can’t help him with the latest case. Andy is on his own. Lafayette shows up at Jesus’ crazy uncle’s house. It’s creepy as hell, but he goes in anyway, breaking Black People Rule #6. The uncle and a pregnant woman pull a gun on Lafayette and he tells him that he’ll take back the family powers that Jesus gave Lafayette. Sookie visits Luna in the hospital and talks to Sam about giving away his power to shift to be regular. He says he wouldn’t do it.

Tara is a vampire go-go dancer and here come Lettie Mae in her bad wig, Sunday white gloves, walking like her feet hurt. She tells Tara that she is dead to her. Tara throws up deuces and gets back on the pole. Pam watches, pleased.

Salome and company explain that all the vampires will drink Lilith’s blood. The master Interrogator calls it blaspheme and before he can say another word, Russell rips his head off. After that, everyone is pretty much down for drinking. Bill whispers to Eric, asking if they’re really going to drink it. Eric says they’re vampires and it’s vampire blood. It won’t do anything to them. And then…


The vampire posse walk the streets of New Orleans acting a fool, but they blend in just fine with the other people walking the streets of New Orleans.


Tara is in Pam’s office, upset over what happened with her mother. Pam tells her that in 100 years, she won’t even remember her mother. Tara hugs her and Pam is all…


Lafayette is about to be filleted by Jesus’ crazy ass uncle when his pregnant wife turns on him and stabs him to death. She uses the knife to break the threads used to sew up Lafayette’s mouth.

J.D. tells the wolves that his vampire friend told him the vampire End of Days is near, but if they drink his blood, they will join him and he’ll know they can be trusted. He offers Emma some V. Martha rushes in before she can drink it. At the hospital, Sam sniffs out one of their attackers and beats him up.

There’s some really bad karaoke going on and just when I tell my husband I hope the vampires bust in and kill people to make it stop, that’s EXACTLY what happens.

In a field, Terry and Patrick sit in the grass, freezing. The fire demon shows up, taunts them, and leaves. Terry is all, fuck this shit. I agreed to be killed, not fucked with it. He grabs Patrick’s gun and threatens to kill himself, but… zzzzzz.

Jason goes to see Jessica and tells her that his parents were killed by a vamp, and he’s going to find out who. When Jessica kisses Jason, he tastes the guy’s blood she was just sucking on. They fight, she bites his neck, and he shoots her in the head. Her vampire SWAT team of protection rush in, but Jason leaves.

Sookie walks home in the dark, remembering all the times supernaturals asked her what she was. She starts shooting her Fairy Stream up in the air, hoping to get rid of it to be human.  Jason sees the lights in the sky from the distance and runs in that direction. Yes, taking the car would have been faster, but it’s Jason, so, you know…

The vampires feast on the people in the bar when the image of Lilith appears before them, naked.


This makes them feed harder. Godric appears to Eric and tells him he knows what he is doing is wrong, but Nora does not. He must intervene and save her.

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4 Comments on True Blood – S5E7 – In the Beginning

  1. I really, really wanted to include the shot of naked Lilith with her perfectly-groomed vagina, which bothered me, but I thought that might be a bit much.

    • glad i’m not the only one that thought it was groomed a bit much…i mean, if she’s thousands of years old, wouldnt it be expected for some hippie action going on?

  2. My favorite moment of the entire episode is when I noticed Eric giving Bill a piggback ride! I laughed so hard over it. My boyfriend, who I forced to begin watching this season (never watched previously), had no idea why that was so particularly funny. It seriously gave me the giggles, given their history.

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