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True Blood – S6E4 – At Last

Previously on True Blood, ‘You’re No Good’

This week’s episode was titled “At Last”.

I think I speak for every Truebie when I say….GODDAMN RIGHT. I mean, Eric got half naked. Andy’s halfling teenage daughters might be dead at the hands….err, fangs of Jessica. We found out who Warlow is. Eric got half naked. Shit doesn’t end well for Niall or Jason. Nora is screwed. Pam too. Willa gets turned. Oh, and ERIC GOT HALF NAKED. It was easily the best episode so far this season.

Let’s recap all the big events from this week’s episode in GIFs, shall we?

At Last…

We find out that Ben is really a vampire/fairy hybrid when he revives Jason with his blood after the showdown from last week.

Miley gif


And then we find out that he’s Warlow.



Sookie figures that shit out though and comes up with a plan to kill his ass by lacing a home cooked meal with silver poison.

Slow Clap


Since Jason now has Warlow’s blood pumping through his veins he has some sort of wet dream about the two of them shaving each other’s faces while Miguel’s, “Adorn” is playing in the background.

Honey Boo Boo


Warlow defeats Jason and Niall by glamouring Jason and draining, but not drinking, Niall’s blood and throws the fairy king back through his portal on the bridge.

Sam gif


Eric also made a game changing decision when he stumbled upon Willa wearing an, “Interview with a Vampire” nightgown: he turned her into a vampire….AND GOT HALF NAKED.

Honey Boo Boo Mama


Willa’s overhyped dreams of vampdom are short-lived when Eric sends her back to her Governor daddy in hopes she changes his mind about hating vampires. Willa tries briefly, but is unable to resist the smell of her father’s blood from his injured hand and attacks him. Sarah Newlin, who is bumpin’ uglies with the Governor, is the one to shoot her down. Sarah convinces the Governor to take Willa to the vampire camp. Nora and Ginger end up there, too.

Friday gif


Bill and Jessica have a stakeout at Andy’s house and lure his, now teenage, halfling daughters (who by the way, still have no names) back to Bill’s house where he takes some of their blood in order to have the Professor(and inventor of True Blood) synthesis it. He has difficulty because their blood is so strange and Bill has to keep getting samples from them but when he goes upstairs he finds that Jessica couldn’t resist the sweet fey blood and all four of Andy’s daughters are bloodied and lifeless on the floor.

Oh My gif


Sam took off with Emma and Nicole. Sam drops trough and shifts into a magnificent horse for them to escape with the wolf pack hot on their tails. When they reach a hotel and put Emma to sleep, things heat up between Sam and Nicole.

Adam Levine gif


Pam gets shot, while Tara looks on, and presumably is sent to the vamp-camp.



As our Truebie hour comes to a close, Sookie’s dinner/kill plan is not going exactly as she expected; the silver doesn’t seem to affect Warlow as it would a normal vampire. Fortunately, Sookie ain’t buyin’ what Warlow/Ben/Whoever-the-fuck-he-is, is sellin’ and she channels her inner slut for a makeout session on the couch  to prepare her ball of fairy light and the episode ends with her saying, “Get the FUCK off me or die, Warlow.”

Sue Sylvester gif

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5 Comments on True Blood – S6E4 – At Last

  1. This is so fantastic!

  2. That last GIF says it all.

  3. Completely appropriate review of a wacky, sexy episode. Vampires are all about sex, in one way or the other, and we got a lot of it last night. Nina called the Ben = Warlow thing. I think every fan guessed that Ben was not who or what he seemed. I guess grandaddy Niall is gone from the show for good? My only ??? is Sookie with Ben/Warlow on top of her; why not blast him first while he’s preoccupied? Telling him to get off is going to piss him off, and he’ll see her ball of light and expect an attack.

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