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True Blood – S6E7 – In The Evening

Previously on True BloodDon’t You Feel Me?’


Eric promises Willa he’ll come back for her, but he has to get Nora out of the facility. She’s a badass baby vamp though and assures him that she’s got this. He tells her to make sure Pam doesn’t drink the contaminated True Blood. He then sneaks through the Laverne & Shirley bottling plant and hides under a truck of T.B. headed for the exit. A last minute security check reveals that vampires can be seen in mirrors (did I not know that?) as a guard sticks one under the truck. Eric breaks his neck and manages to escape with Nora.

He takes her to Bill’s and demands that he heals Nora with his blood, which she refuses. Eric wants Bill to do it anyway, but Bill says they need to honor her dying wish. Bill leaves them alone.

Downward Pam

Willa gets to Pam’s cell to find her doing yoga. She gives her the warning and offers to help Pam escape. Pam says they will, but not yet. She tells Willa to warn Tara and Jessica about the V, but no one else. Will questions whether or not it’s not their duty to save their kind, but Pam says it will draw too much attention if they’re all avoiding the True Blood.

Honey, I’m Home

Sarah Newlin arrives at the governor’s mansion and finds Truman’s head and the other dead guards.

Bill Compton True Blood

‘member this?

She vows that his death will not be in vain. She calls a senator (I THINK it’s the one Lafayette used to mess with) and tells him that he needs to call the fixers he uses to cover his seedy lifestyle and use them to cover the fact that the governor is dead. He’ll say that the governor is ruling from an undisclosed location and she’ll handle everything at the facility. They just need to do this until the contaminated blood hits the shelves in a day or so.

True Blood S6E7

The Mourning After

Sookie and Warlow wake up all naked on the ground. They have some grassy pillow talk, but Sookie hears Arlene crying in the cemetary. Warlow tells her to use her light to get out. Because, you know, that light does EVERYTHING. Sookie finds Arlene and learns about Terry. She comforts her and walks her home.

True Blood Sookie and Arlene

Sam calls Lafayette and hears the news about Terry. Despite what Alcide told him, Sam decides to go home. Arlene gets back to the house and blames Lafayette. She wants to know what was in the box and what was up with the phone call between him and Terry. You know, the shit he didn’t have to tell her about, but I’m gonna give Arlene a pass for calling him “A VooDoo Queer,” cause she’s in mourning.

Jason and Jessica talk and she tells him he doesn’t have to rescue her. Then some other stuff happens, which I completely tune about because the next thing you know, Sam and Nicole are having sex in the shower of the motel!

What’s in the Box?!

Lafayette and Sookie retrieve the safety deposit box and find that Terry took out a lot of life insurance just three days prior to his death. They realize that Terry had planned his death all along.

Nicole and Sam say goodbye, but she gives him her number to call sometime.

Oh, James

Jessica gets Jason to bring James to her and then asks for some privacy with him, which is good cause there are too many J names for one scene. Turns out, they took his fangs because he wouldn’t have sex with her. She tells him not to drink the tainted True Blood. Then they have hot vampire sex because they’re gonna die anyway so, why not?


True Blood Jessica and James

Speaking of hot vampire sex, Eric once again pleads with Bill to give Nora his blood. Bill tells Eric about his vision of them dying. He says they need to get Warlow because his blood will help them stop whatever the hell is going to happen in the facility. Eric agrees to go with Bill if he feeds Nora. Bill does, but it doesn’t work. Eric sends Bill off to get Warlow so they can try his blood.

Oh, Bill

Sookie and Lafayette return to Arlene’s and Andy’s to find Arlene to’ up from the flo’ up. The talk with her kids went as expected, and now Arlene is drunk. They decide to hold off telling her about the insurance. Sookie has some fairy mind reading conversation with Andy’s daughter ABCD, and is surprised to learn that Andy has a daughter.

Then Bill shows up, sauntering in the house about fifteen kinds of sexy. Everyone is shocked as shit that he’s walking in the daylight. He expressing his condolences to Arlene, who at first thinks she’s hallucinating him, then he tells Andy that he’s sorry about this daughters, but lays down a sly threat that nothing better happen to Jessica. Finally, he asks for Sookie’s help finding Warlow so that he may help Bill save Pam, Tara, etc.

Jason Goes to Gen-Pop

Now that the governor is dead, Jason no longer has leverage over Sarah so she has the guards cut his arm and toss him into the female vampire gen-pop. Before they can feast on him, Tara jumps between them and Jason and orders the bitches to back off. The bitchy vamp who’s been side-eye’ing Tara since she got there says that Jason is hers.

Alcide returns to his pack and tells them that Sam and Nicole are dead. Ricky surprises him by pulling Nicole and her mother out of a trailer. They’re bound and gagged. The whole pack starts snarling and calling Alcide a liar.

Pam agrees to have sex with the facility’s therapist if he’ll get her into gen-pop.

The Beginning and the End

Eric prays to Godric to save Nora and we see how they met in the 1600s. He saved her from dying of the plague. She says that they’re back to the same situation, but this time with no Godric to cure her. She tells him he must take comfort in Pam and Willa, and then dies in his arms, completely melting into a steaming pile of blood and flesh. Eric screams and cries, and then glares at Bill, who is standing in the doorway.

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  1. I loved the 1600s flash back scene. Eric looks good as an Isaac Newton lookalike. Sookie was back to being flat and uninteresting (almost useless) in this episode; I thought it was funny (being that she’s now Queen of the Fairies or something like that) she didn’t know anything about Andy’s daughters. The stuff with the werewolves at the end was so obvious; I guess we’re going to get a growly, bloody wolf-fight next week. Nice recap, although I miss the more personal commentary, b/c a lot of True Blood is so bad (plotting, writing, acting) that it’s funny.

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