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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

College kids.  Hey, college kids! Don’t you just hate when you plan a little camping get together with your pals and all of a sudden, people start dying all around you? I mean, even if you happen to choose the location where a mass murder occurred, on the anniversary of the bloodfest, you and your friends should be able to let your hair down without any thought to that significant event in local history.  Right?

Tucker vs. Dale

Wrong. You’ve had your day. You’ve had many days. Nobody cares about the college kids anymore! So what if your party rocking is interrupted by your own stupid, self indulgant choices.

We demand new victims we can actually root for!

Enter Tucker and Dale. Two working class Joes just trying to live their dream of a vacation home in the woods.  Until a bunch of dumbass college kids bring trouble to their door.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Hillbillies! Hey, hillbillies!

No good deed goes unpunished. When Tucker and Dale reach out to assist the painfully clutzy Alison, they unleash a wave of blood and mayhem that leaves them the focal point of an investigation.

Tucker and Dale Movie

Will anyone survive? Will Tucker and Dale avoid jail time? Could a hillbilly stand a chance with Ali?


Tucker and Dale vs Evil is such a fun take on the classic, told-too-many-times horror tale of friends gathering for a weekend of fun on the lake. I am certain that one viewing will enter this movie into your Halloween Must See movie list from this season on.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil [Blu-ray] is currently streaming on Netflix.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil Cover


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