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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S1E11 – Kimmy Rides a Bike!

Previously on UKS, Kimmy is in a Love Triangle!

Kimmy’s been served to appear in court as a witness in a trial against the Reverend. She doesn’t want to go and doesn’t want to see him or any of the mole women again. Titus tries to be supportive, but all he can do is repeatedly ask what channel the trial is being broadcast on. It turns out, it’s only streaming on the internet, so he goes to the library to watch it even though he’s afraid of being cyber-bullied.

UKS S1E11 The Reverend Jon Hamm

At the trial, the Reverend has cleaned up nicely. He’s in a suit, tie, and glasses, beard shaved, kind of looking like Jon Hamm. The reporter and the bailiff are both mesmerized by his new handsomeness. In fact, the entire courtroom is enamored. He’s representing himself and even the mole women’s attorneys – the incompetent duo of Tina Fey and Jerry Minor – are continuously impressed by him and applaud him. Sticking the comedic stylings of Fey, Minor, and Hamm in the same room was a genius idea. He plays guitar and sings songs and pretty much everybody but Cyndee and Donna are on his side. Even Gretchen is sitting on his side of the courtroom, still dressed like a Duggar.

UKS S1E11 Tina Fey Jerry Minor

While the trial goes on, back in New York Jacqueline convinces Kimmy to join Spirit Cycle, an intense spin class led by Tristafé, played by The Douche from Parks and Rec, who is also Amy Poehler’s boyfriend. Amy Poehler is Tina Fey’s BFF. It’s all 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon around here. Kimmy pours herself into the class and instantly becomes the teacher’s favorite. To Jacqueline’s horror, Kimmy is moved to the front row of bicycles. She even gets a stationary bike to ride feverishly at home.

UKS S1E11 Tristafé

She doesn’t even realize the cult-like similarities of Spirit Cycle or Tristafé’s manipulative and controlling behavior until Titus points it out. With the help of Titus, she realizes Tristafé is really just some pimply dweeb named Christopher. She reveals to the class that he is just a poser pronouncing his name weird. She turns the light on during class and it turns out “Tristafé” isn’t even peddling at all. He’s sitting on a toilet behind a screen of someone else peddling.

UKS S1E11 Christopher Revealed

After freeing herself and the rest of her classmates from his cult, Kimmy decides she does need to go to Indiana and testify in the trial. Titus goes with her so for support… and so he can watch the trial without ads.

Notable Quotables:
  • “I can’t even sleep at night. I tried counting sheep but then I started thinking why are all those sheep jumping over that fence? What are they so afraid of? What’s chasing them?” – Kimmy
  • “The Reverend only has to answer to Gosh himself. And that online quiz that tells him which 90210- character he is. He’s Andrea.” – Gretchen
  • “I prefer my students in ponytails so I can imagine them as ponies.” – Tristafé
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