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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S1E12 – Kimmy Goes to Court!

Previously on UKS, Kimmy Rides a Bike!

Kimmy and Titus take off on a bus for Durnsville, which is past the third water park, in case you’re thinking of visiting. Kimmy stil doesn’t want to go, but she’s determined to make waffles out of Reverend Jon Hamm.

UKS S1E12 – Kimmy and Titus on a Bus

When Kimmy and Titus arrive at the courthouse, she is bombarded by reporters. Titus clears them out by pretending to be a Greenpeace volunteer and asking everyone if they have a minute to talk about the environment. They don’t. So they move out of the way. Titus chastises the reporter for hounding Kimmy during this difficult time, but then realizes he can just take all the attention for her, he starts singing the National Anthem, which isn’t the National Anthem at all, but rather America’s Funniest Home Videos theme song.

UKS S1E12 – Titus Sings

Kimmy’s legal team has prepared for the trial by watching a movie called Legal Eagle. They are still not prepared. The only evidence they have is a dictionary with a definition of the word “kidnapping” in it.

The Reverend still has everyone in the courtroom under his spell as he grills Kimmy on the witness stand. He even takes a moment to hang out in the jury box and convince them that if it wasn’t for Kimmy, they would all be millionaires. He also convinces every one Kimmy could have left the bunker at any time, specifically mentioning the time he told her to go ahead and let Cyndee leave the bunker. If Kimmy was right, Cyndee would be fine, prove the world still existed, and they could all leave and go to the water park of their choice. If she was wrong, Cyndee would just burn up in the apocalyptic world. Cyndee is so mad finding out she could have been rescued 7 years ago that her Hulk-a-mania comes back and she runs out of the courtroom.

UKS S1E12 – Reverend in the Jury Box

Kimmy is so disheartened by everyone hating her. Even the Tina Fey half of her legal team calls her a jag weed. While feeling sorry for herself in their hotel room with no roof, Kimmy realizes she was only strong when she had the other girls with her, so she interrupts Cyndee’s bachelorette party to recruit them to help her get back into the bunker to find some evidence against the Reverend. She gets Randy to open the bunker for them, but he chases after a cat while they’re in there and accidentally shuts the bunker door.

UKS S1E12 - Back to the Bunker

While the mole women are back in the bunker, Titus is preparing for another interview and quickly ends his 15 minutes of fame when he embarrasses himself during an interview and then cries, loses his pants, and farts on camera. A video of it quickly goes viral.UKS S1E12 – Titus Interview Fail

Once in the bunker, the girls set Gretchen to crank the mystery crank, so she doesn’t stop them from breaking into the Reverend’s private quarters. He has guitars, a jukebox, a tv, a pinball machine. They realize all the electricity for it is coming from the crank and that’s why he had them turning the crank all the time. Kimmy finds a safe in the wall, correctly guesses the code to open it, and finds…. we’ll have to wait until next week.

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