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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – S1E13 – Kimmy Makes Waffles!

Previously on UKS, Kimmy Goes To Court!

The safe the girls found inside the bunker contains a video tape. For all you young people, that’s what we used to use to record and watch things before DVDs and digital stuff.

The video tape is a homemade commercial for the Reverend’s DJ side gig, some footage of him doing Karate moves, and an audition for The Apprentice. Kimmy’s disappointed at the find, until she realizes the Reverend couldn’t have thought the world was going to end if he recorded an audition tape for the next season of The Apprentice.

UKS S1E13 – DJ Wayne

I trusted you, TV. You’ve seen me naked. And yet, you’ve betrayed me. – Titus

Randy, who was supposed to be standing guard outside the bunker, has ended up half naked in a tree trying to rescue a cat and the bunker door falls shut. Everyone is angry at Kimmy until Donna admits she can speak English and that she had actually learned it two years in. Everybody switches their anger from Kimmy to her because she could have testified in English and maybe ended the trail already, but she kept lying so she could sell more of her hot sauce. They climb up the air shaft and are eventually rescued by the same fireman who has to rescue Randy from the tree.

While these shenanigans are going on in Indiana, Lillian becomes concerned that Kimmy hasn’t been home for days so she storms over to Jacqueline’s and demands to know what she did to Kimmy. Jacqueline is thrilled when Lillian calls her a “skinny blonde bitch”. They decide to go to Indiana together. It’s rough getting going because Lillian has never driven or been out of New York and Jacqueline hasn’t driven since back when she was still a Native American. Jacqueline tries to use the GPS but gets mad when it tells her where to go. She breaks it when it gives her directions to the nearest tampon store.

Almost offensive, but hilarious.

Back in Indiana, the mole women head to the court house and Kimmy plays the tape for everyone. The jury immediately finds the Reverend guilty and the bailiff takes him away while he asks if he can be sent to an all women prison.

UKS S1E13 - Guilty Reverend

Jacqueline and Lillian arrive as soon as the trial ends. Jacqueline decides she needs to head back to where she grew up in order to find herself again. She thanks Kimmy and leaves. Kimmy sees she has 9 missed calls from Dong. She returns his call and he’s in the middle of his wedding to an old lady, which he had to do right away not to be deported.

UKS S1E13 – Dong is Married

Then Titus’s wife shows up and… The end.

Come back next season!


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